So Typical Of Holiday Entitlement Squeezes

I once again find myself squeezing in another couple of days earlier into the Holiday allotment calendar for the Summer Season and whilst I could of course do as everyone has been told to do within Write Well, Write fast, Write Now and take notes and Commentate on Worldly affairs and see where you can CROSS-REALM attention seek and so on to better improve your all round awareness.

So of course most people and persons in day-to-day life regard Electioneering an Politicians with a general distain above and beyond what they themselves might sling and arrow at each other-so in seeking to AVOID getting drawn into that Arena I keep thinking FOCUS ELSEWHERE, how hard can it be after all given the broad and wide World we live in.

Continuing on from yesterday of course-it can in fact be quite difficult in the sense of differing aspects of life having differing concentration requirements. So anyway recent NEWS I thought of interest was of course that Prince Harry is seemingly coming toward the end of his Active Service Military Career though I suspect will maintain Ranks and all the rest of such things even after leaving just as many a so-called demobbed individual after various wars has done. You are not one of thos for XMAS you are it for life-so to speak and of course given his Royal Standing of course he perhaps far more aware than many of us regular folks as to the potential thoughts and feelings of Having no way out etc. typically of course he is now a grown man though I am sure we all recall some of the so-called DISPUTES with regard to MEDIA during his childhood and of course whilst some PRIVACY was agreed following on from some issues typically from UK MEDIA the same cannot be guaranteed from MEDIA based elsewhere about the World-he of course recently receiving (I thought) a great welcome from Australia. I mention that of course because in Enlightenment terms it can sometimes seemingly send you into DEBATES as to the CAUSE and Effect of REALITY and CHICKEN and EGG realm of who said what first.

Anyway throwing my own HAT into the ring I can of course say that my PREDICTIVE CAPABILITES are absolutely LOUSY and the NEAREST I came was this article written way back in the September of 2013

Yes the British Public of course well used to not only Classic Prisoner Cell Block H Soap operas and Sons and daughters and Neighbours-we have of course seen the so-called “I am A CELEBRATORY” kinds of shows and the famed BUSHTUCKER TRIALS.

So Harry of course according to present reports is spending time with the very SPECIAL FORCES that those eating habits probably originated and to my mind a VIRAL video of a Prince of The Realm EATING some of those foods and so on would very likely Get some of the Largest Youtube Hits in living memory. If anyone can I reckon the Dare Can though of course such viral’s would likely require being followed by Beheadings. Of course I am sure the Prison Colonists would not do that to him anyway, not even for a SCOOBY SNACK. 😉

So elsewhere I am seeing reports of some major GEM HEIST down London way and of course the Flying Squad Reports are giving Suggestion that it was a professional Operation of Organised Criminality. The strange though true thing is of course-when I were little we often saw GLAMORISED ESTABLISHMENT CRIMINALITY the Lady Jewel Thief and CAT BURGLAR.

Likewise one has to wonder why certain types are caught whilst others Get Away With IT. Typically of course The Great Train Robbers despite being locked up were glamorised in some London East End Fashion. Though most when caught Criminals often seem to be hardened Criminals already operating from that side of the coin. Where very often FILM & MOVIE often portrays such things as Former Special Forces-The A-TEAM and so on.

I of course deserve a beating for my once publicizing a TAKE IT AWAY JUNIOR Hudson Hawk Song. Though likewise most folks are far more interested in the espionage and so on that I one wrote publically and then switched to privately anyway.

Quite simply you do find that as you progress the top-down and bottom-up sort of do a CROSS&ASWITCHBLADE ACTION. So where we normal folks find difficulty in explaining such things many have been worked out via flight simulations and so on. That is where things such as pitch and Yaw came to the fore in Piloting and so on. I of course still struggle explaining some concepts because we are generally TRAINED to read slowly line after line sequence whilst Photoreading suggesting taking a snapshot of each and every page all at the same TIME, we take that functioning for granted in day-to-day life hence so much of what I teach being about the breaking down of COMPONENTS so you can bring them back into a SUPERIOR OPERATING SYSTEM.

Elsewhere I see SAM HORN has a new book out and I will of course seek to purchase said book as the quick scan I carried out suggests that my present course is Featuring much information therein contained. So extra repetitions-though simply and honestly getting your point across potentially after a lifetime of confusion and conflict is not necessarily going to occur all at once.

So we diassemble in order to reassemble and likewise ask ourselves What is the LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR FOR THIS SENSORY REALM or indeed MODALITY.

We typically can reduce all to numbers, or all to Frequency and associated waves and transpose frequencies and colour references and much like all those things have been done in the realm of TECHNOLOGY with Lasers and High Density or Definition Television and Digital Communications and so on all we any of us perhaps really require are placing into a ZONE whereby whatever our TRUE or REAL PASSION that you become somewhat a ZONE of ZONES, we hear of course of King of Kings though I think even that can be questioned as to PERSPECTIVE.

We of course have 1st person, and 2nd person, and on and I of course spoke on sub-contexts so those might be sub-zones or sub-frequencies or sub-waves differing to microwaves perhaps. We can of course demonstrate that most system have SEND and RECEIVE and BROADCAST and likewise it is the INTERPRETIVE capability that makes all the difference for anyone operating within any given particular realm.

I have drifted into Meandering a little though do wonder as to whether some Genuine Gem Heists are truly VICTIMLESS or whether again all such lifelong intransigent type positions require some Solution Focus-especially when operating from the IDEA that it is all down to any given individuals Focus and translating capabilities and so on and so forth.

I speak on this topic because no matter the realm we all of us seemingly come up again and again against personal bottlenecks and such things do of course show up in real World terms also in terms of Technology-is there a Solution that has not been delivered via not having a bottleneck remedy?

We dropping into the Political Hemisphere a moment hear that it is all Labour versus Conservative and some of us might Question whether Labour might change its name to something more fashionable such-as CAESAREAN party and-or EPIDURAL PARTY and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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