How Can I Demonstrate That Institutionalised Bias Exists

How can I demonstrate that institutionalised bias exists even among those commissioned to investigate such matters & affairs on behalf of the larger audience within any given cross-realm that one turns ones attention to. Typically of course we can demonstrate people within particular realms who are better geared toward independent thought simply via regular training and teaching within some realms.

How many People of Establishment for instance have backgrounds within the realm Law & Order for instance as a pre-requisite to what they are espousing and promoting for the good of the Constituents. Typically during Election campaigns for instance we see former Front-Line Politicians coming to the fore as Experienced Party Overlords and Grandees wanting to perhaps not see the present generation “lose track” as it were to where they themselves AIMED or GEARED Society toward.

Typically Tony Blair has appeared in recent days and I would not say he is a distraction so much as demonstration of times changing and Society having moved on from those Thatcher year debates that I sometimes bring up within this blog.

So typically The Conservatives were held responsible for many of Society’s ills and likewise Tony Blair and his Cohorts perhaps demonstrated a level of “Getting away with it” hence we at present or recently having a Hung Party Government dissolved in order for this present election to occur. So whilst the Conservatives were run down over several elections they still retained enough ongoing support to with the assistance of the Liberals to “Form Government”. You then of course get into the Debate as to who is genuinely the Official Opposition. So a sitting Cabinet has for several years had what might be regarded as an “Enemy Within” whilst at the same time in terms of Parliamentary Debates you have a 2nd Larger Minority declared the Official Opposition.

These I think quite interesting from the inside-outside debate and why I personally think Britain is at some Major Junction POINT as to the direction that society is going to take. I can typically predict one of the Major Party’s having the desired outcome though I think in reality Britain is much like that Successful Business that has lost is way like those poor little lambs that Bing Crosby and Bob Hope once sang about.

Yes so we can point at many a successful business model that without the Original Founding Force’s input has lost its way, typically Apple was cited for many years and we can also say that Disney was said to have lost its way. I was recently thinking about this issue of how a DISNEY JEDI would be like in comparison with a Lucas Jedi. That perhaps typically what may or may not be thrown up as REASON for forthcoming film not appealing to any given sector of the FANBASE.

So a Country adrift and no-one rushing or stepping forward to say “I’ll save you” and of course most or many of us have been somewhat pre-occupied with simply seeking ways and means to support or save ourselves.

That one of life’s deeper truths perhaps in knowing who is operating from genuine open and honest intention as I know or am sure many of my original followers do and who is still operating from corrupt or more Questionable position or motive. I think we most of us understand and realise the futility of extremism wherever it becomes apparent.

Clearly we can for instance say or ask is there a bias within my title giving a pre-requisite impression or speculation that bias cannot be done away with THEREFORE whilst I am alive and breathing and so on I simply need to walk the path wherever possible of least resistance as to how I know the World to be and how I can best deliver the teachings and learning that I myself have paid for over and over again in as good a quality fashion and manner as the confines of LANGUAGE allow.

Clearly we can say that this TEACHER over here has lifted himself above and beyond the FRAY or BATTLE in many ways as has this other TEACHER over there. Likewise we can say well many of these teaching and books and so on and film and media are all TEACHING and LEARNING MECHANISMS whether I recognise them as such or otherwise. It really does require a couple of years of regular meditative practice to seemingly become decluttered as to who we want to follow and-or listen to versus otherwise.

I personally have found it interesting over and over again for instance that SAM HORN has repeatedly said that a favoured award winning DIRECTOR had lost his “Common” Touch in his ability to connect with his audience and I think that one of the sad truths is that Meditation can cause a similar issue-or likewise BRINGS OUT SO MUCH OPPOSITION when you go out and about speaking truth that maintaining your own dignitary and self-respect when being bombarded with attack upon attack can be troublesome.

So any of us can think of ourselves as having a Common Touch though not of the Wombles of course. Likewise it was suggested that in regular Newspaper readings that after the Cartoon’s the most populist ARTICLES were the so-called CLASSIC REALM of DEAR…

That suggests that ADVICE is the number one thing that people claim to want though likewise it can seem to myself that CONFIRMATION is often what people are asking for. I have this belief please can you tell me whether it is a Popular belief or otherwise. Likewise we can then suggest that Letters pages whether in local rags or national rags or international rags are supporting the same kind of system.

I joked of course as to my Bongo and Mona letters though can well imagine many a person getting upset as to content though I personally wrote such things as tongue in cheek rather than absolutes. We can be the person ASKING or we can be the person ADVICING and it does seem that for every one person who follows the invest in yourself and your friends and family and so on that some are so intransigent that you can look on in DISBELIEF as to continuing some debates. Hence my suggestion that we all of us who have found some progression can be better maintaining any given level of awareness than “going backwards”.

So yes have a common touch and learn to ask what learning can be found within this debate though do not remain in ignorance to some of the harsher truths that many a PROFESSIONAL EXPERT avoids. We can look to an OPRAH who did not avoid many a topic of debate in her classic TV show formats or we can look to some of these other teachers and experts who seemingly simply only operate within particular spans of topic and refuse point blank to be drawn into some areas. Clearly I have found following chains and threads highly useful and likewise in getting some of those FEARS SHIFT you do perhaps require going into some arena’s that come across as undesirable though again I have repeated that even if you do not want to write publically on some issues you can be better to write them anyway privately and then WITNESS.

Clearly Learning Strategies can say we write applets and programmes for people that bring them to varying degrees of awareness though likewise developing IDEAS as to how best to become a more integrated and harmonised system of such programmes is of course where many of us struggle. Do I still think women have it easier than men-well again anything said would bring BIAS to the fore or likewise suggest I am anti women when in reality I would say I am more PRO-TRUTH and that statement is more of an all-encompassing position to operate from that does not impinge upon others peoples own intuitive level of awareness and the choices of lifestyle taken from anybody within any cross-realm. So that to my mind means being a person without SIDES. I can say and tell you this today or react in this fashion and manner because of this experience there and likewise having followed many a given clue trail and so on can see or know that to not reward yourself is akin to saying that others should not reward yourself also. So whether an opinion is asked for or otherwise we can always question as to EGO MATURITY and where we ourselves might place ourselves within any given scale and measure within such topics.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

PS I am thinking of using that Alcoholics Anonymous SERENITY Prayer? as a regular mantra though it could of course give the wrong impression I generally being a non-drinker.

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