Now That Is Interesting

So I having watched Guardians of The Galaxy am now aware of just how lowest common denominator society can be reduced to-I having heard that it was an okay film had suggested watching it to the bairn whom put it on now TV for myself before excusing herself from viewing having already seen it apparently. So I quite enjoyed it though accept such Entertainment at the level that it is delivered, does this film or associated literature just as many an entertainment claim anything other than what it is.

So after that I return to the NEWS Debates seeing what the latest headlines are from the various media outlets and typically we are seeing various once again THEOLOGICAL or PHILOSOPHICAL debates taking place as to where do you stand on this particular debate.

So I for instance see an article related to ROBOTS and so-called designing of pre-emptive systems that prevent harm and all those sorts of cause and effect debates. We can go through the annals of time to understand some of the debate as many a classic SC-FI Author attempted to give an idea as to the so-called relational Ethics and so on. Both Isaac Asimov and Arthur C Clarke wrote fictional works that brought the debate into the foreground of peoples thinking.

Likewise we are also hearing another debate as to Land based Oil Recovery-the region about Gatwick airport apparently containing a rather large amount of estimated barrels of oil. We can all perhaps imagine fuel leaks from the years and years of planes at that location seeping through the soils and collecting in some underground basin though clearly we are being told that this is a completely differing oil that is a natural resource or product formed through your standard Geological Survey. Elsewhere we are also hearing that Oil is being disputed within the Falkland Islands region and that of course involved “Do not cry for me Argentina” topics and debates.

Likewise we are now hearing it suggested that a DISTRACTION tactic was potentially used by the Hatton Garden Gem Heisters-they potentially having taken advantage of the Fire just round the Corner in previous days or indeed created the Fire in order to hide their own activities. Again you have tools and so on that make some noise and a noise elsewhere or in close proximity can likely give peoples within any given region a DISTRACTION or SLIGHT OF HAND as we are told such manoeuvres are called. We have also seen such activity in many a Prison Escape Drama of course. Prisoners in WWII camps often carrying out Marching and exercise drills to DISTRACT from noise elsewhere.

Clearly we can perhaps imagine that such a tactic whether BELIEVED DELIBERATE or otherwise is debatable given what many of us who took up Meditation know now as to what we believed previously. We are also of course seeing HUGE debate on Nuclear Weapons and Submarines. I personally think that we can maintain the Nuclear Fleet and furthermore develop ever more and more safe Nuclear Power Systems. I think and actually believe safe Nuclear Power could be created within this lifetime though again we do see the same repetitions of debate occurring whereby the Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) is counter-argued as to whether it is or is not a DETERRENT.

I personally think that IMMIGRATION is likely to once again raise its head though we can all perhaps ask at what level of debate, can anyone of us, take part. Many of those making the fore and against argument are not GENUINELY affected beyond some pandering to a given Societal Grouping and so on, who do believe themselves affected.

Elsewhere we are hearing that The Young Royal Couple are unaware of the sex of the unborn baby and that is perhaps one of those choices that you can take in the sense that whilst gadgets are available to be able to find out such detail most couples want a healthy child and a safe birth for the child irrespective of other BELLS & WHISTLES like information. I think in fact that despite the DESIRE and ESPIONAGE mentality that SEEKING can bring about in most of us. That if you are a well-rounded person then getting caught up in some of those topics of debate can become something of a DISTRACTION.

Likewise I am sure that those closer such as family and friends or people and persons who deal with the couple in day to day life are likely to guestimate such things anyway-what are the INTELLIGENCE OR INTUITIVE TELLS that show irrespective of genuine knowing. Again I repeat that many a GENERATIONAL “old wives tale” exists because many a person has some intrinsic built in intuitive device mechanism. ~Clearly ways and means are demonstrated to be able to improve such systems though likewise how far any one given individual chooses to advance or otherwise is of course CHOICE.

So most of us have of course become more and more familiar with the IDEA of NOW and likewise that when we place ourselves through various modalities of questioning strategies and techniques we can generally align ourselves in such a manner as to not be constantly TRIGGERED by incoming information. So where once someone PUSHES or PRESSES your buttons knowing that you are TOUCHY about a given topic-when you have been through some of the AWARENESS type teachings and so on you can come to see that you can take your own focus to where you personally want your focus. Clearly it can be demonstrated that in many ways TURNING THE OTHER CHEEK is not going to work hence we have Armed Service Personnel and The Various Constabularies and so on.

Does speculating on any given NEWS ARTICLE add or detract from my own personal life. Can I develop systems and sub-systems whereby I can genuinely extract the most useful information from incoming data whether regarded or INTERPRETED appropriately and approximately as right or wrong good or bad or neutral.

Clearly one area I have hedged around are perhaps the issue of SAMPLES. Clearly when we look to the Music industry we see SAMPLING as being regarded as part and parcel of the Industry now and likewise the same is said for Computer Graphics and so on-we STORE SAMPLES and then use SAMPLES to build up this image or indeed otherwise. Clearly when we look at the growth of CELLS it might be suggested then that our bodies are very much like HUGE sampling devices. We all as suggested recently perhaps want remedies that enable or allow REGENERATION. We all in coming to understanding of issues such-as aging and so come to see that many a TEACHING is QUESTIONABLE. What is TRUE at my present level of awareness and what is FALSE at my present level of awareness.

How can I explain the topic or issue of sampling for this SENSORY REALM and this sensory sub-realm and the link between these other areas or inputs and outputs in an organised and structured fashion beyond the conflict and confusion that lack of awareness can instil within many a person. So we can demonstrate that we can again for each and every realm in theory separate out what are regarded as good and bad components perhaps bringing some individualised level of STABILITY where none may have existed previously. How can I enable and or allow greater and greater tiers of structure that operates in a flowing fashion.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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