So I Spoke On The Holiday Squeeze

So I spoke on this IDEA of a Holiday Squeeze and whilst it is easy to SPECULATE that I booked these days of because it is part of the Easter Holiday-the truth is in fact that the “not so little one” now being 16 was due to attend a “College Interview”. Well Whoopee perhaps springs to mind from many a parent our kids have had to do that as well. So I book Holiday because I work nights and wanted to ensure I was fresh on Thursday (today). Daughter living as she does in West Wales was intending to travel to my old stomping ground in Aberystwyth for the interview. Whilst I myself attended the University she was due to attend part of College Ceredigion campus-typical of many a County the UNIFIED CAMPUS or LABEL is spread across differing Towns and Cities throughout the Region.

So all set then until Wednesday evening time and daughter happens to go upstairs and then a great thud and crash sound is heard from beneath where the bathroom is. Hark what is occurring (going on) one asks oneself. So anyway daughter had decided to have a major epileptic seizure and is now only partially conscious and in midst fitting. All you can often do when peoples are fitting is clear the surrounding area so that they do not harm themselves whilst having such seizures.

Likewise her position inferred that she could not have possibly have landed in the position she was in without having bashed herself in some fashion. So clock is ticking and the seizure and fitting continues so I eventually decide that I have to give her a dosage of Buccolam (a given name for a group of drugs called Midazolam).

So typical of many drugs the side-effects list is longer than the cure list hence my writing up on articles as to REAL WORLD versus ILLNESS issues and so on. Buccolam typically can send most people to sleep quite rapidly though it is not to be swallowed so much as administered in such as fashion as to be ABSORBED. On this occasion the recommendation is between cheek and gums within either side of the mouth. Typically we perhaps have “common law” knowledge that the mouth is said to be the fastest healing part of the body, though likewise it is also one of the most sensitive areas. Anyone who has ever read a survival specialist kind of book such as those of Lofty Wiseman knows of course that such a tactic is often used within bush tucker taste tests.

So the fitting is typically reduced and Rose affected by the Buccolam now has to be monitored whilst becoming sleepy and drousy as to the effects of the drug. So I get her moved to somewhere more comfortable and the waiting begins. So she opts to sleep and I require ensuring that her breathing continues and indeed check her over to ensure that nothing more serious is apparent.

Typical instructions for many a drug is of course call ambulance in this event or that event though I and indeed her other family have experience of such scenes and scenario’s and can ignore such instruction unless it becomes apparent that some other issue is apparent that we do not have necessary experience of.

Likewise having previously experienced her having fitting on trains and so on, I decide that it is perhaps better to cancel any travel arrangements the following day. So a day or 2 off work and no interviews at present either though hopefully her mother can rearrange those given the circumstance. That of course one of those issues where people with their own transport do not relate particularly well to those of us who have little option than to use public transport and so on.

Her mother once dislocated her knee years ago when getting on a train at London Paddington and we had to leave the train, go to Hospital and stay the night in a Hotel provided by the Train Network. Other family members who remained on the train reported that at each and every single station from London Paddington all the way across Central England and into South Wales it was announced that the lateness was due to this event at London Paddington and the family members said they felt like cringing at each and every occasion that the announcement was made. From what I can recall that was actually a Trip to Great Ormond Street Hospital for an event organised for families who had children that had survived through treatments provided at that Children’s Hospital location.

So David thinks what an I do now and has a look at the usual news and yawns and then notices that on some Sporting Pages we have some rather Major Sporting Fixtures occurring this weekend in the Sporting Calendar. First up and probably LOCAL to the United Kingdom Populace is The Grande National Horse Racing Fixture Meeting beginning today at Aintree up in Liverpool, the big event of course on Saturday. Elsewhere and perhaps more internationally regarded we have The MASTERS GOLF taking place somewhere beginning today and again paralleling the Horseracing Fixture.

We can of course wonder as to being good at this sport and a fan of that sport can we not?


Well clearly if you are a quality golfer and attending a Major Golfing Fixture within your Calendar Year then you are unlikely to be able to attend a Horse Racing Fixture and likewise if you are a Champion Jockey in The Big Race at Aintree you are unlikely to be able to attend the Golfing Tournament.

So clearly it can be demonstrated and indeed is by many a Sporting Hero that much respect is demonstrated among differing Sport’s though likewise each one has become a Hero within a particular Cross-Realm through dedication to that given activity or passion or however one is to diagnose such behaviours.

I recall David Beckham for instance admitting to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD and that is of course perhaps what can be the difference between success and failure (to my mind) within any given area or aspect of life.

We hear of poverty stricken tramps on the street potentially being called MAD for some of the weird and wonderful mental health issues and problems they can display. Likewise when such behaviours and so on are displayed from Wealthier sectors of Society it can become referenced as ECCENTRIC.

I myself of course have been referred to in many ways though very often the only labels I have genuinely deep down rejected are those that make no sense.

Some folks of course make great lives for themselves by promoting and teaching particular IDEAS repetitiously though I have come to find that some things really can be almost ALIEN to some of us. Typically for instance if you feel you are being bullied or coerced or groomed and such language disagrees with you in some deeper level fashion then each and every person has a right to disagree with some terminology that has been claimed by this group or that group and so on.

Likewise such battling can become like OCD. So some folks teach that we many of us fall into line or align ourselves with various ideas as to how the World is given our present level of awareness and likewise some things are easier to change than others. I have generally found as repeated on multiple occasions that you can be better completely clearing out many a garbage that causes you incongruence.

Yes recent days has again seen myself speak and talk on related like issues though I have failed to use the words congruence and-or incongruence. We hear of people declaring themselves as being this that or the other until some new proof comes along that some higher level of Enlightenment exists that invalidates particular cause and effect beliefs. So personal or individual choice whatever the label is or can be in and of itself a level of Freedom.

So you can bottle up this thought and that feeling and some other behaviour or simply get such things out of your system and then practice those modalities and interactions that are most rewarding for yourself.

We each take information and translate or change the shape and form and detail into something that can be utilised within our own greater experience of life.

I will leave this one here as I am thinking of writing on some other topic-I having now purchased one or two new books to read and likewise learn from in some fashion.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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