So Why Would I Post Pictures Of My Daughters Haircut

Well Hair is in fact one of those expenses that some folks build into the life budget as part of the image and so on and I typically through the years have had all sorts of cuts though generally go through periods where I have DIY’D it or likewise gone through phases of going the local Hairdressers.

So we also have debates as to Straight Hair versus Curly Hair and I think when we look about the World that most Women opt for the straight hair though very often loving or liking curly or frizzed or Afro-Caribbean hair stylings. So typically when you have a child with such hair issues you can come to see just how much extra expenditure can be involved. Anything that is not straight or short generally can become high maintenance-not a biggie for people who have not known anything different perhaps though Hair itself does or can be seen in light of the very many comparable cross realm costs that you do not necessarily think about.

Rose has for several years typically asked for a trip to the Hair Salon as part of her visiting routine and I generally do not mind though as suggested you can come to see or become aware of just how much difference can exist just for the extra work that might be required for a quality result with non-standard natural hair and so on.

So it cost’s money out of my pocket and having paid for it I take a photo as a record given that another truth is very often such hair styling irrespective of cost or quality does not necessarily last that long. Yes she can extend the time via continuing to use straighteners and so on herself though her hair is the sort that seemingly has its own patterning and in built structure ensuring that it will likely rapidly revert to anger inducing frazzle at the touch of WATER.

So what else well we are of course continuing with the electioneering news and typically see Labour take an early POLL lead-oh dear poor bastards got suckered punched and now we are going to see a Tory Liberal Government returning. Easy for myself to say and I am sure that previous election details will be brought forward much like they are within football where old wives tales say the Leader at X point within the Season will probably go on to win the Trophy Outright.

So that of course has been demonstrated by some top clubs and indeed sportsmen throughout many sports-though likewise some sports always throw up surprise contenders and GUESS WHAT-YES that is correct The Masters Golf taking place at Augusta has a History of the common “old wives tales” being broken and likewise a similar statement can be said for The Grand National. We all very often want outsiders to win as long as they are one we have backed though likewise can sometimes feel we want favourites to win also if they are favourites we have backed so the decision then perhaps has to come as to how well you can interpret incoming sources of information or indeed if you are still within the so-called IF I CAN JUST GET THIS WIN.

Yes I think I have repeated many times that on DECIPHERING or BACKWARDS ENGINEERING some of the technologies I found myself having this kind of break through and that kind of break through some pleasant some otherwise. Likewise I kept telling myself that if I could just get to a STAGE or POINT where I could TRUST my intuition and prediction skills I would then be enabled to free myself from very many psychological hooks and-or indeed the accompanying debts.

So many a teacher say well the World is out there to go and be lived within and so on and likewise some have seemingly better cornered the Marketplace as to what can be achieved than others. I typically have stated many times I am not interested in this particular area of debate-though likewise do wonder as to how I can move forward without a successful financial model that is not based in gambling. Likewise I have stated on occasion of course that all decision making models are forms of gambling whether called that or not. I have over the years for instance studied multiple courses that have demonstrated LOGIC and likewise many a person has likely seen Flow Chart demonstrations of such SYSTEMS, the flow chart when you think about it is in reality a process that is operating in a concurrent or ongoing fashion within most of our HEADS-given the Thought before the Technology IDEA.

So anyway I recently found myself watching another Adam Sandler Movie Grownups again and indeed the Grownups 2 film and they are incomparable (in my opinion). I do generally like many an Adam Sandler film and whilst the first with Coach telling them to have lived when he upstairs presses that BUZZER does leave you feeling that you can RELATE to many of the issues or humour within that movie. Likewise the 2nd Installation was somewhat surprising in the manner it had perhaps descended to a level of Police Academy 6 or 7 without the intervening films. So 1 a classic and the other well deserving of any RASBERRY award (in my opinion).

Elsewhere I found myself reading an article on SCIENTOLOGY and how some new exposure documentary had been created from former celebratory members crying wolf as to Scientologists and the methods and practices they use. Typically of course when you sort of know that all religions have been pretty much invented you cannot really complain too loudly as to such debates unless you are somehow front and central to some such debate. Typically I also read that Hilary Clinton is soon to be throwing her hat into the ring for the Democratic Nomination in the next US presidential Election. Interesting of course that I (with all the respect in the World) think it unlikely that very few populations are likely to REPLACE one DESIGNATED 1st (such-as Coloured President) with another such-as Women President. Though clearly irrespective of those potentially LOADED topics many other topics of debate are there to be debated without necessarily affecting what each candidate perhaps regards as a CORE DEMOGRAPHIC.

That perhaps an ongoing issue for some of us who have taken courses and followed various teachings and so on and then strangely failed to necessarily IDENTIFY any given core demographic that we can make appeal to or indeed bring ourselves into greater alignment with. So perhaps the INDEPENDENCE issue is one that each generation seeks for itself and perhaps DESIGNS for itself and then CHARGES for itself.

Clearly we live in a World that costs money to buy food and clothes and housing and the very many distractions that cause us to not consider that whilst we are still breathing and thinking and learning we can potentially hit a jackpot that we had not realised as such through having lost our way or however such things are described.

They say there is no such thing as bad publicity-I personally think such statements require ever greater levels of clarification as I personally think that when enough mud sticks whether true or false-why would we call it mud if it were true.

So would writing a book genuinely be as rewarding for myself as I thought it was when I signed up for the course. What area of being a “control freak” have I yet to have some level of enlightenment about that all other remedies and IDEAS have yet to have addressed.

How can I improve on what has gone before whilst staying true to the teachings and learnings and awareness knowledge that many of the integrated model of modalities brings us to.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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