There Is Something Called Water

So I have of course spoken upon this issue of water on multiple occasions and the reasoning is quite obvious as to why when you progress with some of the Technologies I recommend. Typically whilst I have always enjoyed drinking plain tap water supplied by the infrastructural companies we can whether we study the realm of Geology or the realm of Geography generally constantly be supplied with information that The Earth or most species upon the Earth have originated from water. Typically we are told that two thirds of the Surface of the Earth is made from water and whilst we are generally regarded as carbon based life-forms we do more often than not when going into detail discover that water based life-forms is closer to the truth.

You might in fact say that early on in my studies of topics such-as Hypnosis that I went through a stage where I suddenly became somewhat addicted to drinking water much like some folks are addicted to other beverages. The reason I bring this up is of course because whilst no cures are promised and disclaimers are given for many of the Technologies I have typically advertised that drinking a regular quantity of plain clear or clean water can make huge differences to your bodily functions in combination (I think) with the Meditation. Typically it has of course been suggested that if we are recording like devices taking all about us in whether consciously or non-consciously aware or otherwise that in human development terms many of us for whatever reason have become oversaturated with what we may or may not regard as detrimental or negative or indeed positive WAVES and WAVEFORMS.

Clearly a regular glass or drink of water with a meal can perhaps act as a possible accelerator to flushing toxins and so on from our being. We are typically told that when hydrated or indeed dehydrated that we can expect this kind of colouration to occur. Likewise such things are used within medical circles to diagnose particular issues with differing body parts.

Strange though true of course I have never tried things such as acupuncture where they say all the body is connected through the sole of your foot though in language terms I can fully understand such thinking when it comes to topics such-as awareness knowledge. Clearly again many of us perhaps feel that awareness or knowledge can in many a case be the booby prize unless you can find a ways and means to use such information as a progressive system of personal growth and development.

So anyway today I am thinking water and I did in fact see weather report suggesting that London is expecting Blood Rain-apparently Saharan Dust and sand carried up into the atmospherics have travelled in clouds all the way to London and are partially responsible for City Smog like conditions usually seen in places such as Spain and Mainland Europe-such weather rarely reaching the shores of Great Britain though probably seen within some of those more exotic former Empire Realms about the Globe.

So I think I wrote previously that we have music scales and they are within given octave ranges and then of course we have ranges typically untouched by Human Sensory abilities though many a technology can emulate such things on our behalf.

That perhaps why I suggest and so on that people do continue with Meditation up through the various Levels provided by Centerpointe Research Institute. Likewise I think I reported on various internal like sensory experiences as I was going through the levels at one point seemingly having AIR CAPTIVITY pockets within my brain popped and that of course makes one think of Jules Verne like stories such-as Journey to the Centre of the Earth, where we are given the impression of great underground hollows or caves where lost Worlds exist and so on. Clearly those brain pockets or whatever they were-were potentially simply part of normal physiological development though likewise in understanding that you can be better internally wired and therefore better externally wired does seem to do one good.

I can well imagine folks say MWAHAHAHA HA look at me-this remedy is perfectly harmless and so on though I think that whilst we all perhaps share a certain level of common ancestry whether through believe in Higher Powers or DNA or whatever once you have ascertained a certain level of awareness the Motivation to proceed or continue seemingly comes on-line of its own accord and then of course we perhaps better able to choose our own paths with greater Threshold and indeed continued clearing out of toxins or however we regard accumulated over-saturations of particular noise or sound or sensory information.

This just a mini-filler and I will perhaps write more detail later.


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