So Today Has So Far Not Gone To Plan

Awoken in the early hours whilst checking the time on one clock and then realising later that another clock where I had relocated too had not been corrected to British Summer Time elsewhere within the house. Meanwhile I also receive an email from a Mastermind Group member with regard to an organised mini-conference we had arranged. Whilst I made a note of the agreed time and date-I clearly am not someone who uses schedule reminders as efficiently as they can be utilised-and indeed another Group member was going on a long haulage trip and no confirmation of return had been given. Though clearly that perhaps part and parcel of the BOUNDARIES issue. We can HELP and ENCOURAGE one another without necessarily having to know all and every detail about someone else’s life. Though likewise I have found with the Meditation especially that in the realm of REFLECTIVITY such questioning can provide dividends in one raising your own THRESHOLD and two understanding that any such CURIOSITY about the lives and so on of others can provide ANSWERS as to where we ourselves may at present require giving some FOCUS, one of the repeated teachings is this IDEA that you are only perhaps as good as your Highest 5 regular or immediate contacts and resources and so on. I having been given experienced Mastermind Group members perhaps the one who is most in need of being “SAVED” or “RAISED” up in some fashion or perhaps that is something I can just keep on telling myself.

That perhaps not necessarily true at Higher developmental model levels when you have progressed in letting go of many a Historical Trauma and so on-though in the early learning levels where fear after fear can be somewhat haphazardly stumbled through when gaining new realizations knowing that other people are living through similar Experience or likewise able to give COMPARATIVE CROSS-REALM INTERPRETATION and differing perspectives can make all the difference in providing one with further personal progress.

So that issue still outstanding I feel, and I wrote on a Course Feedback form for the course that I did feel that the Facebook Group was perhaps in requirement of experienced contributors rather than any given individual such-as myself appearing to potentially be HI-JACKING the group or indeed belittling others and so on. I did contribute though feel a little somewhat less enthusiastic given the large group numbers shown as given and the small number of Contributors whose writings and contributions I CAN SEE. So I potentially OVER-INVESTED in the Course via the very many differing realms such-as the Facebook Group and so on-though still have HIGH HOPES that the Smaller Mastermind grouping will “Hold it Together” so to speak in getting each of us and our respective Projects on-line and up and running with the desired results and outcomes that each of us has specified within the WS form and indeed through maintaining DEADLINES-I was thinking about the issue of FLEXIBIILTY and as someone versed in ENGINEERING Technologies and so on that perhaps brings us into the REAM of so-called Tolerance. Not people and persons tolerance so much as INDUSTRIAL SPECIFICATION like tolerance. We often of course be told that you can go between 5% and 10% or even 20% variance as to an expected Threshold (what does that mean) well an industrial threshold might be the amount of WEIGHT that a scale can hold (for example) likewise many a manufacturing methodology has the variance of DEGREES from the “NORM” specification because RAW MATERIALS even when processed through manufacturing modalities can sometimes come up with unexpected results.

The next on-line Teleseminar day is 22nd April and again one of the SIMPLEST EXERCISES is to find CROSS-REALM comparable “SPECIALS”. For instance April 22nd is listed as “EARTH DAY”, April 22nd is also the World Wide Release day for the next Marvel Avengers film probably called people in “TIGHT” leotards or some such-I high-light the word TIGHT of course because that is in fact the TOPIC HEADER for that next ON-LINE course and may give someone somewhere an AH-HA. Likewise the most recent contribution that I made within the Facebook Group seemed to coincide with the World-wide TENNIS TOUR in Miami with Serena Williams and Djokovic coming out tops within that particular tour (unsure as to spelling) so Dave does DRACULA VOICE.

So I have conducted huge amounts of writing and research and am still seemingly behind the game so to speak when it comes to many awareness. That perhaps why I feel it is still in my own best interest to check-out new modalities and indeed course levels when they appear.

Typically I could of course do a review as I often have done Previously though feel that having advertised various Modalities eventually most people with or without my repetition will make up their own choice as to Progress.

I can say that I was very reluctant initially with Feng Shui (for instance) though did eventually succumb to the la-di-da LURE and then WISHED I had done so earlier. On this occasion I have perhaps become more used to the IDEA that many a Modularity with enough peoples and persons in alignment and involved can “PAY FOR ITSELF”. So the next level up given my original reluctance I wanted to get in on quite early on and do indeed hope that investment pays for itself. Too early to tell though likewise nothing ventured nothing gained perhaps the MOTTO of the FOOL that I used to speak on during my TAROT research days.

Yes I have generally avoided many a HORROR or negative area of discourse because of my own having done them early on within my research. David sharing Birthday with Hypnotist Paul Mckenna and Dracula Creator Bram Stoker and indeed Vlad The Impaler whom the stories were said to be based upon. Clearly in Raising Threshold and clearing out many a childhood fear there can be little to be gained apart from perhaps realising that gripping to TIGHTLY to such long lost childhood FEARS can be the CAUSE not the EFFECT. The UNIVERSE drives itself and we the Human Race spend an awful lot of time seeking to control many aspects about the World that we cannot control-beyond of course our own body and choices we make as to our own body.

So the brand new course level of Feng Shui has been added to my on-line library and perhaps a demonstration of progress for that modality of ever deeper understandings and awareness.

Likewise elsewhere we also of course have the FUTURE MAPPING and I have also looked at that (in a fashion). Again too early to tell (as to personal direction or thoughts on the Modality) though it is exceptionally simple to understand and that is surely an EXCEPTIONALLY HIGH-CALIBRE ACHEIVEMENT.

I spoke on this idea of writing and speaking to the LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR and that perhaps what some of those Tools such-as READING-SCORE can bring you too. Likewise Future Mapping most definitely comes across as appealing to all age sectors and indeed cross-realm sectors.

The one area that I thought was not covered was of course The Market Place-many a teacher simply to quote recommends following the various INTERNATIONAL MONEY MARKETS and shares going up and down.

The Future Mapping System actually brings about some comparable like thoughts and feelings whilst making it potentially far more PERSONALISED. So you can do a personal Future Mapping or indeed a Future Mapping for the Course or SYSTEM you are developing.

This David typically speaks on INTEGRATION of the various Modalities and Paul Scheele actually includes wordings and phrases and so on that I feel “Fortuitously” to have written here upon this blog myself, that is not to say I had any involvement beyond perhaps having it demonstrated to myself that I am far more ABLE and-or CAPABLE than I may have previously believed.

I think that perhaps one of the CORE TEACHINGS being that-When we personally KNOW and EXPERIENCE that time does not exist beyond being a CREATED or IMAGINED format for how we organise our day-to-day lives-we can return to the imaginary realm and formulate BRIDGING SYSTEMS and the development and transference of any given sequence or otherwise of IDEAS into another FORMAT.

I have repeated the IDEA over and over again though likewise another thing that I like about Future Mapping is that when you do your own personal TIMELINE you can often be Honest as to events that have taken place within your life. The peak here resulted in this kind of feeling, this low here was a result of this and so on. I perhaps in speaking on INTEGRATION and CONGRUENCE am POTENTIALLY being a “CONTROL FREAK” though I do like the very simplicity of the Course.

So I have effectively carried out PRELIMINARY viewing of those courses and again can see how they may or may not give oneself further progressive AH-HA as to how I myself can proceed within my own inner and outer World of Personal Development.

So are IDEAS such as INTEGRATION and CONGRUENCE compatible with the IDEA of one’s own personal freedom and right to live in accordance with some of the oft repeated Fundamental Principles of existence.

I have the ambition to write a book and-or teaching modality that plays a positive and rewarding and effective means of enlightenment within many a person’s life. Likewise whilst it is easy to procrastinate in some areas it is not so easy when you are working as a group or family or part of a larger Umbrella like organisation. So can Individual identity remain as a central theme whilst understanding or bridging the many pitfalls and traps and distractions that are seemingly presented by the External World-Universe-Galaxy as part and parcel of experts and what they say to you-that you would not necessarily repeat back in the fashion intended.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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