Does This Not Mean I Am Now Trend Junkie Supreme

Well yes it does in many ways-though likewise Trend is again one of those words that people often experience Hidden locked door syndrome with-typically feeling embarrassed for the childhood snapshot still displayed by parents however many years down the line when you were spotty or had big hair or any number of things that you did not care about at that time though somehow feel triggered by now. Again when we raise our Threshold and indeed awareness we can let go of the so-called importance and ill thoughts and feelings of many a taken for granted conformity.

That is not to say that conformity is not good though as I have often repeated you can often within any grouping find that your perspective on given actions and thoughts and feelings change when you question as to why am I doing this action repeatedly.

That perhaps or potentially comes back to something that Sam Horn has repeatedly stated within the Writing Course as to “Return on Investment” or ROI. I actually like that phrase though may well have struggled a little more with it had I not spent a few years Meditating regularly and it also perhaps goes hand-in-hand with another similar proposition that I noted as a standout or Highlight from the Future Mapping Course where the word used was ALTRUISM.

Clearly ROI is more directly associated with your typical accountancy and business studies level course whilst Altruism is perhaps more discussed within the cross-realm of many a Spirituality. I these days do have a tendency to wisely or otherwise think of most Religions as being to varying degrees forms of Spirituality.

I am sure many within a given Worship base may well disagree though likewise I think that-if I am enabled or allowed to explain examples in terms of brotherhood and sisterhood then most people can gain a sought of familiarisation with such concepts. I can typically for instance say that when growing up I perhaps felt greater Spiritual connection with peoples and persons with the same name. Again HUGE debates can be had on that topic alone-especially when it comes to coin sides. Typically of course it may well be suggested that a liking of a personality within one realm does not mean you are going to genuinely like a person face-to-face or indeed namesakes and so on.

So that perhaps typical of the feedback and return system where you may think or be trusting of peoples and persons until you have reason as to believe otherwise and likewise of course it is well documented as to my “Hey You Guys” approach typically getting something of a hostile reception.

Likewise and quite strangely in many ways the top down and bottom up approach created new dilemmas of its own in a respect. Quite simply I charged through multiple levels to get clear headed and then at some point others adopted a more ALTRUISTIC approach to myself and I in some respects then found myself experiencing Triggers to a certain extent-though likewise can say that I am perhaps better for having taken the time to document and record and recognise a feedback and return type attuning occurring. So I was benefitting and readers were benefitting given the so-called classical Model of walking in so-and-so’s shoes and so on.

So clearly the seek to do right by those that seek to do right by you works though likewise Threshold and indeed people who already know to a certain extent what they are doing also helps.

I think the so-called gambling issue is of course an issue for myself though wonder as to whether such a thing can be overcome. Clearly I can demonstrate the odd occasion where I have made a perfect selection though more often than not have suffered via the TOPICAL issue of BLIND SPOTS.

Clearly being DSP or however I write name and initials can return to Haunt myself when looked at in alphabetical fashion perhaps why I often or originally opted for the Dave S Perkins and ESP in the middle (suggesting Extra Sensory Perception), likewise getting any turnaround on long held patterns and mental geography and so on is an ongoing learning experience. That perhaps also why I explained in one interaction on the Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now face book group that whilst I personally may not benefit and the other individual in that particular conversation may not benefit-us both having or POTENTIALLY HAVING “vested interest!” a third party reading our conversation may or may not become aware of clues and so on that we ourselves were blinded to. That is not ARROGANCE or suggesting that “I Am the only one who has become aware through Learning Strategy Courses” just more understanding of this area of how some folks beat around and around the bush without talking directly on a given topic, and whilst some folks think they are being CLEVER and SUBTLE and POLITE and so on as to clues and pointers I generally got fed up of such things years ago.

I could perhaps be asking-What must be the ROI for that. Okay I understand that peoples come in all shapes and sizes and having someone come along who can turn your World-view upside down is not necessarily the shock that folks want though again the further I have progressed and come to understand many of the Higher Realm logics and debates the less I feel any sense of GUILT or RESPONSIBILTY, the reason of course because in taking up these courses there is surely an undercurrent that somewhere within

When you understand that time does not exist and it is all an inside job, you have or are most likely fulfilling some predestined event or wish or desire from some other point in your life that you are perhaps now not conscious off. I have spoken on us all typically drawing that sunny yellow blob over the green mountains with a road or stream and a house and so on. It has been STUDIED and demonstrated to be one of those WORLD WIDE occurrences that happens when young children are first encouraged to draw and so on, so WHERE DID THAT BUILT IN INSTINCTIVE DRAWING ORIGINATE.

Likewise we can go on-line and find many a CONSPIRACY THEORY for Alien Landings and so on. Whooaa Slow down there boy. Of course the PRESENTED EVIDENCE is very often simply seeking to link WORLD WIDE simultaneous evolutionary developments. How did this ancient tribe in South America come to develop these same identical skills and abilities and so on as this other tribe in the Scandinavian Countries or China and so on-no-one able to think that such Evolution when you think about it must surely be an inside job. We all of course taking our generational attitude toward Religion and Now indeed Science in many ways that something Greater is OUT THERE than the answers that anyone has so far presented us.

So I like the inside job and indeed the IDEA that even though we truly do have some incredible genius’ such-as Paul Scheele about the globe that even those guys are still in some fashion or ways potentially limited as to knowledge and awareness and the continuing discovery of SHIFT-SHAPERS.

What is a shift-shaper well many of course are likely to think of some ghostly apparition coming down and taking over your being and body or indeed something like that super-morphed Terminator from those films though I am simply thinking in terms of Those DISCOVERIES that when found or dug up by Archaeologists or indeed Space Scientist type discoveries that change the PRE-EXISTING MODEL of how we believe things to be.

So Future Mapping of course is interesting as I suggested when you go straight to Market comparison in the sense that you get to see that the Market always rises. Yes some big companies have fails from time to time though I am talking more the Overall Market data and likewise when we are able to pattern match our own life with the ups and downs of the external we can (if we have raised awareness and knowledge and threshold and so on) come to see how we can reinterpret the events of our lives.

I again likely require further more detailed analysis because I of course spoke on Spatial Mapping and indeed my computer knowledge and so on tends to take myself toward raising the area or IDEA of Proximity Mapping. That typically what creators of the physics engine might regard as ERROR detection or collision detection when your character appears to walk through walls or over water instead of sinking or however one wishes to describe some of the CHEAT facilities that are available.

So Science tells us over and over again that no matter what level we are currently at within scanning devices and equipment that can monitor the movement of atoms and sub-atomic particles and so on that all is in various levels of FLUX we think of ourselves as being SOLID and MASS and so on when reality at the deepest levels of our being are that we are not.

So then we of course go into the realm of IDEAS such-as Futuristic TRANSPORTER Technology where we want to keep the good stuff and let go the bad though likewise we are often told that we all carry CANCER CELLS and those stories that we hear about are typically where the cell (if you like) has become malignant in some fashion. So how quickly can change be effective and long lasting for any given individual, I have spoken of course I think on the odd dream recall where it was like lots of shadows appearing out of one character-much perhaps like those super computer effects that we see again in the realm of TV/Movies where some creature has the ability to create multiple copies of itself.

Anyway clearly all any of us wants when it comes to Health is perhaps the ability to take a good subatomic cell or however such things are described and be regenerated within our 7-year cellular cycle from the best pattern mapping available to us. (We are said to be a whole new person roughly each and every 7 years) so these fingers (in theory) are not the fingers that David was writing with 7 years ago, though clearly as a cellular collective of thought in a body, the collective regards itself as whole and gives name to that whole and so on.

So I have heard a great deal and read a great deal on Neuroplasticity though likewise would have disregarded it until I was carrying out some quite heavy breathing practice whilst using assisted meditation and that got myself thinking that at some level neuroplasticity can no longer occur because at some level that space of connections does not exist beyond the confines of present technology and what our senses have been created or developed to inform us of-likewise neuroplasticity is perhaps a stepping stone to informing us or gearing us toward the IDEA that SOLIDITY does not really exist EITHER.

Clearly we have all perhaps potentially seen those futuristic movie weapons that disintegrate or turn you to vapour and clearly we are all like compilations of ghosts (to put such things into an everyday kind of terminology).

So does the better you-better me of Altruism work? Well I think the debate is still open as to how soon anyone individual’s ability to be altruistic is open more than shut-likewise after going through these recent courses and the reason for my speaking on the cellular issues was that I once again found myself thinking about Spring Forest Qigong. Unsure as to the differing cycles of all the very many courses and modalities though clearly again when we know that a STATIONARY UNIVERSE that is not really Stationary or a Universe or Greater going on of it all exists that we somehow merely exist within then explanations such-as Budha disappearing in a rainbow and so on kind of make sense. Though likewise I find it an interesting comparison with a Jonah and the Whale story. Again we have many a story of someone or group of someone’s surviving within the belly of the beast.

So I drifted and wondered and here I am still dumbfounded as to The Origin of SELF-FULLFILLING PROPHECY. Likewise if we were an all-powerful thought at some distant point in time without voice and sensory abilities how how how how how HOW?

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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