So What Cross-Realm Interpretations Am I Blind Too

Well typically of course knowing that time does not exist beyond the confines and circulation of imagination and likewise that lack of time means no cause and effect can have occurred is always difficult to get across.

I typically in day-to-day fashion wrote commentating on the fact we were seeing Predicted Atmospherics in and around London due to Saharan Dust and likewise wrote on water and oversaturation. Likewise I posted pictures of the daughter visit to a Saint Peter’s Square Hairdressers.

Clue wise or interpretation wise I could of though AH-HA Humorous Joke Dave S Perkins is at the Gates of St Peters typically pictured by surrounding bubbly clouds-I also wrote of course I think on sheep in preceding days-again in the World of imagination and cartoon we are often seen depicting sheep as floating in clouds and so on. So some mental symmetry or parallels can be seen within all those sorts of associative IDEAS.

A horse called “Many Clouds” wins the Grand National. Likewise of course Oxford won the Boat race and I can demonstrate clues and pointers within my writings to that event also. At present this morning Justin Rose has appeared from know where to charge up the Leader board of the Golf Masters in Augusta (where daughter ROSE strangely both her elder brother and sister were born in August). Likewise we see reports that ROSBERG was 2nd within the Grand Prix Motor racing.

So time and again when it comes to reflectivity-many such linkages and chains of associations or indeed SYNCHRONICITIES can be found about us in the World demonstrating over and over again that topics such-as The Map Is Not The Territory will never seemingly go out of fashion.

So what may have led to my own clues as to Justin Rose or Rosberg Performance-well Gwanwyn (the given name that is predominantly unused) was due to return to her mother this weekend though typically having not checked transport topics in advance we discovered that she could not make that return trip until Tuesday-effectively extending her stay within the Hereford region into the School Term by a day-her own schooling region having an inset day on the Monday.

So some of course say well why do you not want to discuss or get drawn into this that or the other topic and in many ways when you FOLLOW clue trails for long enough and understand many a generational hand-down then the MOST obvious of SEPARATION ISSUES occurred with the so-called cutting of the umbilical cord way back within most people’s non-conscious experience of the World.

We can of course suggest that that was for everyone the so-called separation though likewise it seems to myself that the areas of CELLULAR WOMB DEVELOPMENT and so on that effectively go OFF-LINE when the cord is cut can in fact of course (given that time does not exist) be REACTIVATED. So whilst it is easy initially or early on with meditative experience to live in denial of such concepts it might be suggested that we have many of the sub-conscious or non-conscious programs available to us through a kind of (Nature vs Nurture debate) BIRTHRIGHT within our cellular structure at those so-called deeper levels.

So that cord for the technology junkie might perhaps be regarded as being akin to a modern day FIBRE OPTIC CABLE (unsure as to the most advanced technologies in existence) though I simply put forward IDEAS as to substitutions of concepts.

So I wrote at one time that Silvertoevelocity came about through sounding out wordings and could be potentially understood as seal photo or seal vote oh, likewise when you think about it Future Mapping also shares a SIMILAR sounding out Futu when said slowly or in whispered fashion might sound again like a photo variant. So clearly as we go out and about in the World it is perhaps easy to understand why those who are operating from multilingual knowledge bases potentially have advantage though likewise in understanding that you do not necessarily require or need every absolute detail of the SCIENCE to have rewarding and uplifting experience can also play its part.

So no matter how intransigent a belief is we can come to points of new awareness and direction and indeed interpretation as to why some debates are futile. Clearly I like modalities that give or create a LEVEL OR GAP OR SEPARATION of some DISTANCE perhaps.

Psychologically for instance it has been demonstrated over and over again that when something appears distant and from Hollywood we are more likely to buy into it than something from London or indeed more immediate such-as the Family Home. These INHERENT psychological kinds of thoughts and feelings and issues have been again tested over and again and of course that perhaps an awareness of topics such-as Familiarity Breeds Contempt. You only appreciate things when they are no longer available for you to appreciate and so on.

Clearly such things can work both ways-given how many a parent has driven away the children or family arguments or quarrels have led to other members of family not communicating and so on.

So again that perhaps part of this idea that no matter how low or miserable or whatever that you may be feeling about any given circumstance-you can still CHOOSE to find other areas of your life that you are happy with. I am happy this plant I planted is growing successfully or that I can be more discerning as to whom I choose or otherwise to interact with and so on.

So we can take any given belief whether it logically leads to an outcome we like or indeed dislike and carry out mental reframe lie exercises of looking for potential benefits-yes it might be suggested that many a person is so intransigent in guarding a REALITY they believe to be true though we do not necessarily have to join them especially when we can often come to see where some debating topics lead.

We often see this minority claiming that others are this that and the other and strangely we also see majorities making similar such claims though clearly those who have generally prospered are those who have asked some of the greater reality of life fundamental questions and set out to trail blaze their own paths and maintain the deeper truths they very often potentially are operating from without realising it.

So clearly we can very often not avoid some forms and shapes of extremism though we can also acknowledge and let go of many such debates-I have said on many occasions I personally have little interest in taking away someone else’s right to live as they see fit. Strangely though of course such thinking is not necessarily being reciprocated when brandings occur that are out of alignment with some of the greater truths.

So I of course in one of those Beatles Know where Man Zone’s where even though I want life progress most or many a choice that was taken previously simply requires repeating again. The TEST perhaps in that where once some of the more la-di-da “out there” teachings and learnings were met with some level of hostility I do think and feel that those issues and topics of debate have also fallen away for many other peoples also.

The IDEA that you are surrounded by you, is one that is exceptionally helpful in finding more MODERATE like realm thoughts and feelings to operate from though likewise that is not to say that others who are within realms that you have no experience of or desire to experience cannot also be operating from a differing dynamic that understands that the sum of the parts truly can be greater than the sum of the whole.

Many an intransigent institutionalised protection of a fear-when put through either subjective or indeed objective criteria checks often seemingly demonstrates that it has more perforations that your average tea leaf holding tea-bag.

So progress often has to occur because of course when we have had great falls from grace or had the rug pulled from beneath us as to systems of belief and indeed generational inheritance-we can sometimes still have potentially have been right all along though perhaps now have demonstrable reasons as answers to many of those questions.

Typically some topics are simply considered as not being POLITE to discuss or as RUDE when some folks bring them up though likewise given that we each and all of us have choice we can surely understand that there are plenty of things that can be focussed on that are not infringing other people’s rights as to the strange beliefs that they have about themselves and relations and so on with other peoples and persons within the World about them.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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