How Do We Make Ourselves Celebrated When All Is Now

So I can at present mention that I am a couple of days behind in writing up my notes to my blog within the private archives though I have of course as mentioned previously reduced public publishing’s. The reason is of course only so many hours in any given day and of course how many other “Life” hooks and so on are required to be responded to and so on.

What else-well like many a person when Disney announced they were releasing the brand new edition Star Wars selection of movies and that the Original Cast were to be involved I like many a person was beset with mixed feelings. Whilst it may be suggested that the years have been kind to Harrison Ford we can typically see that Carrie Fisher and indeed Mark Hammill have suffered in many ways-perhaps unable to escape the links and associations of characters and so on.

So was I impressed with the NEW clip of the forthcoming “The Force Awakens”; of course the first trailer typically somewhat vague beyond MUSIC and SOUND recognition perhaps acting as triggers to fans of the Franchise and also of course, I have to say I was disappointed with the more recent year’s trilogy of releases. So can Fans of either grouping of Trilogy’s be brought back into the fold?

Well the 2nd Clip as probably now seen by many a person has a voice-over (I think) from Mark Hammill though perhaps typically gone is the more youthful tones associated with earlier works and a younger cast. Likewise the clip shows an action sequence that brought to mind the Original Trilogy.

Interviews read in recent days suggest that Mr JJ Abrams (also responsible for the rebooting or reworking of the Star Trek Franchise) has stated that he returned to physical sets and models and so on to give the film a more authentic feeling of reality. So big criticism of 2nd Trilogy was too much over reliance on computer generated effects and he has reverted to a mix and blend of both. Likewise of course many a fan stayed in the Franchise zone via the various Games that have appeared over the years for Consoles and PC’s and Disney being Masters of Image and so on will probably (In my opinion) already be gearing up for the Largest Choreographed and Coordinated Sales campaign the World is ever likely to see.

Good or Bad?

Well whilst George Lucas maintained ownership of the Original Image rights and so on-he did not really cash in until the 2nd and 3rd instalments of the Original Trilogy by which time you could get a Star Wars (insert best and worst choice of product). So Disney also masters of the merchandise cash-in will be boasting a HYBRID PRODUCT FRANCHISE with a History and a license to make money. Likewise both Companies have long term issues with Piracy and indeed some cash-in merchandising products failing to capture or sell as much as anticipated. Can they turn it around one wonders?

We can say well look the clip had favourites and the Company Stock Market share took a Massive Billion Dollar Value leap on the clip release with Han Solo & Chewbacca. So like all build ups they are seemingly walking that fine line between Success and Disaster and likewise given each and every generations often REJECTION of previous generational favourites it will be interesting to see how well the blend of story and action and History will show up on this occasion.

Anyway I watched the clip this morning and it did bring a SENTIMENTAL kind of thought and feeling to mind and “sentimentality” is often said to be a DISASTER waiting to happen. Yes I know it is not something that is said to be spoken upon, populist music in recent years had that Jessie J woman singing it’s not about the money and whilst Bayern Munich lost in a recent Football Match suggesting some truth to her words. The Road to Utopia is paved with peoples and persons claiming that money is not important to themselves. I recall as a teenager saying to a then girlfriend that I enjoyed the making or creation of money more than having it and shortly thereafter my life took several turns for the worse and I have had no money or indeed even ability to make money for some 20 years.

I say this because I was invited to listen and watch a Marie Diamond interview in relation to Feng Shui and I did just that some chap on a show entitled “The Big Life”, I have previously watched similar interview with Paul Scheele. Whilst I have nothing against the broadcaster or his personality and business I did typically find his style as not being to my taste, I can happily listen to interviews though watching is painful he seemingly somewhat constantly twitchy and that perhaps a difficult topic to BRIDGE. Why well-we many of us of course grew up with Broadcasters using popular DJ’s to host TV shows and likewise some DJ’s always demonstrated that whilst fantastic as RADIO VOICE they do not necessarily translate well to VISUALS. Some of course later go through Broad casting courses to understand how to stay still in front of cameras and hold poses and so on. This chap perhaps a good looking lad for the Ladies who would forgive such things though typical of a working bloke’s attitude I would probably give him a clip round the ear and tell him to sit still and stop twitching about and so on.

So many people think that such comments are unhelpful-I say you have to watch and learn from what those who are successful generally do and in front of camera & presenting you need more poise and SLOWNESS, everything often seemingly accelerated and exaggerated by camera and indeed a FOCUSSED audience means that such things get HIGH-LIGHTED even further. So top tip for any one in front of a show hosting camera is relax & slow down.

Some of course say well we all get nervous when giving a speech in front of audience and so on-I think the Theatre and Stage demonstrates that you can find a PERFORMING focus ZONE without even necessarily requiring thinking about such things-find that super auto-pilot place where you are operating “in the zone”.

So what else-well I of course said I would be reducing public posts due to the mentioned time issues-though likewise making time to carry out such activities is down to your own intent and focus. It is not always easy to write and write blogs articles and likewise I have found myself thinking in terms of CURRICULUM after listening to the Marie Diamond Interview.

So what can be done-well if you want to take notes you can of course get a free blog and just write and then witness and improve over the course of your life (In theory). Likewise you can go to Amazon or indeed a stationary shop and pick-up some basic utensils such-as writing pads and pens. I myself whilst having a selection do generally return to favourite purchases.

So typically I have Pukka Pads ready to be re-ordered when I run out and some Coloured Inkjoy Papermate Pens that are provided in a selection of colours. Having used many differing pens over the years I have settled on that particular brand at present excellent for both writing and drawing.

Likewise that set of basic utensils perhaps great for post walk through notes though likewise in action I would likely be better with some post-it notes and a regular (all weather) pencil. So lots of things can be taken into consideration, how good are post-it’s going to be in a muddy field (if you are a farmer for instance).

So seek out products that are best suited to how you are already living and so on and then make that time and take that time to just write and become aware.

What else-well I went to the shop after watching the Star Wars Trailer and reading some interviews and feeling SENTIMENTAL I found myself then thinking on “CLASSIC” PHIL COLLINS song (or Genesis) unsure “IN THE AIR” that perhaps again down to that interview and Air Jordan trainer (Sneakers) being mentioned. I think I saw a clip elsewhere of some guy talking modern day basketball hero Lbronze or something like that recently so anyway we can all choose a sport familiarise ourselves with timetable schedules and then relate all that is going on to such sports until we become attuned.

Likewise the best method is often to TRANSLATE everything into a differing format. Words become pictures and pictures become words or indeed languages or any other number of ways and means to regaining some attuning to REALITY.

So we all get suckered in multiple ways whether into playing victim roles or indeed otherwise if you are superhero supreme and have not yet had any falls from Grace and so on. We all can of course be motivated away from and toward many a presented IDEA of how and who we should be though likewise many of us struggle simply through having behaved in particular fashion and then getting away with it until some SHIFT OCCURS that makes us realise that some other area or aspect of life may be more important. We cannot necessarily control EXTERNALS though we can be more MEASURED and SELF-ASSURED and RELAXED as to placing a sensible distance between being within and without a story.

Does knowing an outcome change the outcome-well it has been demonstrated over and again though likewise many a genius in understanding such things have crafted ways and means to CIRCUMNAVIGATE such IDEAS & BELIEFS. Clearly if we have a belief that all is NOW it is more beneficial than some belief in the past or future. Likewise all wordings and symbols and speech is there to be QUESTIONED.

How can I at present level of awareness remove the CONSCIOUS WINDOW FILTERS that are impairing my ability to make sensible AWARENESS KNOWLEDGE and CHOICE’S and so forth.

Well it has of course been suggested that laughter is beneficial though likewise difficult to laugh if you are the one who is chosen to suffer for this that or the other. Karma seemingly one of those greater untruth’s in many ways as to debates in fact versus fiction.

So upwardly mobile and positive and reinforcement motivators of I want one of those super cars or larger house or whatever more prosperous attitude than jealousy and lashing out and being horrible to people. Threshold seems to make the difference and Feng Shui is also suggested to make a difference though likewise any belief likely comes with its own set of OMG’S.

Anyway early to work this evening and as suggested previously plenty to think on and consider as to Direction whether spiritual or otherwise. How can I create an Original Curriculum that is in alignment with various modalities and courses that I have taken in an integrative fashion and manner and how can I impart such system of enlightenment with my own FLAVOUR or SPIN on what for many a person has been done before.

SHOW ME THE MONEY springs to mind though of course the Altruism Debate is one that I have to think on some more. Those who have earned a great deal can of course feel free to adopt such approach-though it does seem another mental bottleneck or blockage for those of us without a pot to piss in-excuse my gutter tramp like language.

I am also of course thinking that this ending line has run out of fashion and steam so am thinking of coming up with some new more interesting and exciting GOODBYE. 😉

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