So Why Would You Give Up Saying A Sign-off

So I suggested that I was bored with typing,

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well

And of course when you separate out such things as to reasoning’s you can come to see where you yourself may differ in opinion than other people’s interpretation. So typically thank you for reading is generally harmless and unlikely to provoke undesirable debates and topics. However it is of course known that HERD LIKE societal beliefs tend to label people who bring up topics such-as God as this that and the other. Very often with what may or may not be insulting labels that the individual concerned does not understand. So we are still of course considered a “Christian Country” though likewise most people who go near a Church are either classical regular church goers or indeed your Births Weddings and Funerals Brigade, that perhaps where the vast majority of people encounter any kind of “Church” experience.

So I typically of course promote Technologies that can bring everyone into a zone where with the provided awareness you can come to see that everyone perhaps really is God or The Force or Universal Energy or indeed everyone has Spirituality irrespective of whether they regard themselves as operating from such IDEAS or otherwise.

So I sign of with the word God probably more in the mould of a Spiritual Person rather than someone who believes some external god and judgment occurs upon your death as to your position within the Hereafter. The Heaven versus Hell debate can be just as interesting given vast swathes within societies preference for choosing Hell, very often simply through a desire or wish to distinguish themselves from those Classical Church followers in some fashion (it appears).

So further to that whilst speaking on the topic I can of course bring up Be Well.

How Harmless or otherwise is Be Well?

Well I live in a City called Hereford within England that is part of the United Kingdom. However some of my teachings are of course inclusive of IDEAS such-as the Witch map whereby you can take the location of the City of Hereford within the UK map and gain some further understanding as to why some folks within this region may suffer more than others. Anyway further to that I spoke on the fact that I died aged 17 (this is of course my own person life History and not to be confused and brought into conflict with anyone else’s personal life history. We all of course understand that whilst I might WRITE with my voie in a first person fashion, that a 2nd or 3rd or other reader can REFRAME any information provided from their own Spiritual World Bubble (so to speak).

So my death occurred whilst working for a major supermarket retailer located at a pretty central location within High-town of the City and the street address for that retailer is BEWELL STREET.

So clearly I might be considered to have failed with that intention. More interestingly however is that the general area or district according to my own Historical research was that the Land belongs to The Crown. Unsure as to how much property about Hereford belongs to the Crown though they have a number of subsidiary type Companies that operate as LEASING AGENTS and so on.

So yes I met my Maker at Bewell Street, it may not make sense to some though anyone who understands that words and alphabets and symbols can be brought together and separated out and so on would get the IDEA. Our thought typically operating whether consciously or otherwise far more rapidly than we can either type such things or indeed DRAW such things or any number of methodologies that we aspire to take advantage of. The human body then something of a limited operator to the Universal THOUGHT or Infinite Intelligence that we all began life as.

So separating out who owns what and belongs to whom is of course the biggest or largest of debates though likewise anyone who takes up assisted meditation and-or some of the attuning technologies can come to see how we can better separate out all the very many factors that are often all going on within our own noggins.

So yes BE WELL sounds great and Harmless though clearly is not for anyone who suffered a traumatic event or effect through such things, I effectively perhaps whether consciously or otherwise probably better choosing a sign-off of some description that I am genuinely in alignment with that lessens or is not a constant reminder of traumatic events.

So another ASPECT that is spoken on within the Future Mapping Course is Dynamic Steering. So even with awareness getting really into an ABSOLUTIST position of this is the Control Freak aspect ratio of how I see myself and the World and so on is of course where many of us go wrong.

So we support sport’s teams for instance and REMOVING our SENTIMENTALITY is perhaps where many a gambler wants or wishes to operate from. If all indicators show your team is going to lose then place money on the winning team, how difficult is that. I have spoken and many a longer term follower now knows that such IDEAS as Dynamic Steering and Favourites are Favourites for a reason can often serve you when you want to make those small success’ increase your own monetary income and so on. Far too many of us want that Big Reward that walking in the footsteps of Homer Simpson might bring with classic dog track episode “SANTA’S LITTLE HELPER” episode.

So many ways and means are available and I of course recommended that using Meditation and adopting the Sherlock Holmes approach to INVESTIGATION as to how the World really is can provided dividends. That method of remove all possibilities until whatever remains however weird and whacked out and bizarre must be the Answer or Result or Solution.

Further to that I am unsure as to whether I published privately or publically I mentioned recently the IDEA of Uniformity versus otherwise and clearly it might be suggested that a Meditative Process that stabilizes you mentally and physically is bringing about a form or Uniformity. However within that Uniformity you still have choice as to how you operate with the new brought about awareness and so on. Likewise you can probably as many do make a very good income stream simply from following some particular sport regularly and then watching the respective NOW feedback that you are receiving from any given cross-realm.

I joked of course that DSP being my initials might be regarded as Digital Signal Processing as well as any other number of labels and the same can be said for any given persons long-held name and initial’s and IDEAS that they may or may not have about themselves. Likewise I then followed that DSP IDEA a little further again to see what the steps might be to bring about an all new process or modality that is in keeping with those that have gone before though likewise covers another aspect or GAP that is not currently being best served by some of the other Modalities about the World. Clearly it can be demonstrated that many similar IDEAS and so on occur to differing peoples at the same time and the difference is often said to be that one follows through with an IDEA and produces processes and products whilst the other gives up or turns attention to something they themselves believe to be a more prosperous IDEA.

Typically coming from a background of Musical Family it might be suggested that I grew up rejecting that family type option deciding “I want to work for a living” however that has not really worked out all that well because most people in society have a non-conscious “get out of jail free card” (get out of work) mentality. I can say this for many areas that I have had a working life within, when I separate all the various details, I can identify staff at all levels of Organisations who despite having level of seniority or indeed grunt position are still NON-CONSCIOUSLY often operating from a “get out of” attitude and behaviour. Are some such behaviours worse than others to come to terms with?

Well the problem for many is of course that you go through life LOOKING and SEARCHING for more excitement or improvements and so on, then you find a modality that seems like “PAY DIRT” and you are all excited and yes I can do this. Then of course you realise you have to come to terms with the HOOKS you already have little option about. Family relations and so on. So I have generally found that the ZERO TOLERANCE approach to hooks despite potentially seeming to be HOSTILE to many an innocent person can best accelerate where you personally want your awareness to be at. So typically the Religious Model whether a belief in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ or the return of the 13th Prophet Mohammed or any number of IDEAS are just that and they always come with COINSIDES. We typically of course can say that is what the Dynamic Steering is about.

So someone comes along and says HEY YOU GUYZ according to the Bible and my present awareness level I am this Legendary Figure Returning. How quickly do people rush to the FIGHT or FLIGHT option at this juncture of the RETURNING HERO ALLEGORY or fail to understand all the potential VARIANCES as to understanding of VERSIONINGS and so on.

Anyway I have of course covered pretty much every variation and theme that can be included over resent years and clearly Dynamic Steering is akin to having that internal Feng Shui like compass that informs yourself whether INTUITIVELY or physically (through looking at a compass) as to whether you are progressing as you would like or prefer and so on.

Yes so I digressed a large amount again. The IDEA that I thought about in relation to the Digital Signal Processing was of course CROSS REALM INTERPRETATION.

So I have of course spoken on this IDEA that each and every one of us is a CROSS-REALM and each and every one of us is an INTERPRETER. These things often occurring and happening at HIGH-SPEED non-consciously through practice and training that very often gives us INTRANSIGENT or CONTROL FREAK like behaviours and so on.

So when we also take into consideration IDEAS such as within and without and switch mapping and indeed more modern swish mapping we can come to see that every sense can be translated or reinterpreted or brought under the light of scrutiny for further evaluation.

Does meeting EXTREMISM with EXTREMISM work? Yes it does in many ways though unfortunately many of us do not have a license or training to operate in such fashion therefore such extremism of our own is likely to find ourselves on the wrong side of the law. I have repeated an many occasion that a number of these teachings and IDEAS and so on are used across many realms both consciously and non-consciously, hence we can all follow a training within some MANUAL within a working life, though then at some later point happen upon a Modality that changes the INTERPRETATION through the awareness that is brought about.

So all is apparently now and likewise operating from a CROSS REALM INTERPRETATIVE capacity can provide more dividends than otherwise. The problem of course that you cannot necessarily KNOW that someone else is or has any level of awareness. So someone calls you this that or the other label and you respond in kind or lash out and end up behind bars. When a cleverer approach might be to walk away (if outnumbered for instance) and then carry out some quick CLUE analysis. I have spoken on the numerology aspect for instance and typically particular days and dates bring out the more extremist labels and brandings. Instead of GETTING SUCKED IN by the HOOK. We can have an AH-HA and then go and place money on Arsenal to win the FA cup semi-final for instance. So externals then especially among men wanting to own all women as their personal property is potentially a major hazard for any third party male. Likewise many a female operates both consciously and non-consciously from wanting to be fought over. When you are aware of just how many interplays and nonsense behaviours are involved in some folk’s psychology you come to see why zero tolerance and cross-realm interpretation is the way forward.

So I know for instance that requiring any external person to be other than who and how and why they say they are is generally not a good option unless some lesson or feedback is there to be excavated in some fashion from the incoming data. Far better in many an instance to let people damn themselves with their own words, though likewise of course we can CONTRIBUTE to someone success with our own teachings and so on-if other folks are willing to LISTEN. Many of course an intransigent because most folks upon the most simplistic of investigations come to the WRONG CONCLUSION that this other model rejected by myself is the ONLY THIRD way or option available.

Many a model or indeed modality of course is there to be investigated and then decided upon as to how much you as an individual are able to operate along the GUIDELINES of a given Modality.

So the idea that all is you only works when others are operating from similar model and likewise we each and every one of us probably desires to be congruent within the body we are in. Failure can of course lead to many examples of fucked up individuals, though likewise they too can be viewed as models of reality we can find some lesson truth within or otherwise.

Clearly for every person willing and able to operate within acceptable BOUNDARIES you get extremists who think they are cleverer than they potentially are, yes I can include myself within such analysis though again that perhaps part of losing of the common touch-if I ever had such a common touch in the first place.

I have on occasion suggested that everyone adopt their own theme tune and am of course known to wonder the corridors of some locations belting out the odd song lyric or indeed whistling particular famed theme tunes. This of course can again be good and bad though clearly we can often IDENTIFY the most extreme individuals in the reaction they have to someone possibly being happy within the walls of hell or however you personally feel to describe a given location.

So again the Future Mapping course provides an idea that extremities exist within the basic model those points that are perhaps furthest away from your squiggly line and likewise whilst we can opt for a view of the squiggly line as a form of dynamic steering, those extremities are often where it is perhaps said ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD. How true? Well whatever your realm you are likely to encounter peoples and persons coming in to your arena or playground who have NO IDEA as to who you are and how you are and so on. That is why returning to foundation IDEAS such-as beginners mind is so invaluable. Whilst I might think a row with a colleague I often have rows with is “NORMAL” or “teasing and baiting” is normal for a given environment, it may not be regarded as such by third party individuals who have no contact with such ideas.

Aliens were recently spoken upon within that course as being examples of OUT THERE kind of thoughts and feelings and behaviours. Everyone of course may like such shows and so on that included Alien IDEAS though reality is that an ALIEN REALITY would like come with a whole new set of fears and extremist actions and so on.

So ALIEN materials were regarded as NEGATIVE. However WHAT-IF

We treat the World as though we ourselves are an Alien when writing and then commenting on such behaviours. What does this supreme-being at the end of space and time think of the present day Earth Population and the behaviours they are demonstrating and showing and how can they be dynamically steered toward Progress should such interference be regarded as acceptable or desirable.

So you do not require any belief in Aliens or Angels or any other possibilities written here so much as understanding that a perspective exists that you can operate from by stepping into the shoes of creature and then accepting that you may or may not be operating in a fashion that is a borderless or boundless normality.

The Theme from Cheers has gone unsung for quite some time.

Making your way in the World Today takes everything you’ve got 😉

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