Now That Is Potentially A Way Forward

Okay so I have studied recently the future mapping modality and likewise we are told to draw a squiggly line with our non-dominant hand and typically one of the EARLIEST parts of that process is to carry out that process for YOURSELF and your life. So typically at the beginning of this particular chart the bottom left hand side might be zero (0) when you were born and then the bottom right hand side might be where you are at present within your life age. Mine being 43 I drew this chard and then calculated the 2 intervening age points to the nearest whole number one being 14 and the next being 28, so anyway I carried out that process and then gave some pointy arrow like indicators along the line and then SPECULATED as to life events within that area of my life. It is quite amazing how it open you up to the various ups and downs within your life and likewise gives you greater perspective-most people when doing such activity for themselves can feel they are being HONEST within any given present level of awareness. So an incentive exists to be honest with yourself. Anyway I thought about this and wrote down some of the “LIFE EVENTS” that occurred that I have given random points to on the chart, I left that chart for a week or 2 and am now having an AH-HA kind of thought in relation to that chart.

What-if in having photo-read various Cartoon like drawing books and so on I use those particular COLOURS for my personal GRAPH and what-if I use those which are classically said to represent 3D with the respective FILTERS. In effect I can establish communication links with those non-conscious aspects that I was earlier within my life not aware of.

So this is just meanderings at present though clearly the non-dominant squiggle might be a representation of the WHOLE AVERAGE and then that WHOLE AVERAGE must have been made up from COMBINATION of other SENSORY interactions and related thoughts feelings and behavioural actions.

So clearly I could do with a MAGIC pen that instead of having a 1 COLOUR is rolling through multiple colours for which ever intelligence (whether conscious of otherwise) was dominant at any given point along the line.

So I typically gave an honest at present level of awareness account of the life events that I marked as SIGNIFICANT points along the line-this idea that you could go either left or right at a T-Junction or indeed take this numbered exit at a Roundabout. Clearly the difficult aspect is once again because when we take apart a typical classically made WATCH we will find lots of differing shaped cogs and wheels and springs and so on. America not having all that long a History in larger Cityscape domains opted for grid designs doing away with taken for granted in Europe circular cogging like patterns. I did see an article a year or two back where some American towns and Cities and regions and areas were actually seeking to introduce some of the more Classical styled things such-as roundabouts, though am unsure as to progress and success.

Anyway clearly when we carry out BODY SCANS we come to see that differing types of Bodily Tissues and Structure have differing Densities and more modern scanning devices are generally able to be adjusted to enable the ability to FINE-TUNE toward differing physiological aspects. I want to carry out a bone scan is differing to wanting to carry out a Cardiovascular Scan or any number of scans that can be created with present day FINE-TUNING capabilities within these devices.

So clearly anyone who has studied Maths at any given point within their life knows whether consciously or otherwise about AVERAGES and the squiggly line might represent that average. So clearly in knowing such fine-tuning detail we can come up with ever greater fine-tuning magic bullet recipes as to how we ourselves can improve our overall bodily functions and communication systems. That clearly perhaps what many a Learning Strategy Course and Teaching is about.

The problem as always for many a person is of course potentially BYPASSING or CIRCUMNAVIGATING or indeed RELEASING TRAUMAS. So typically it can be suggested that particular EVENTS such as being wounded or experiencing broken bones or any number of physical ailments can lead to shutting down of internal communications between those conscious and other than conscious parts of the brain and body and so on and likewise such things can potentially lead to other malady’s later in life and so on. So we whether keen to do so or otherwise of course can re-bridge those areas in-order to enable a new perspective or Dynamic to occur.

So whilst the benefit in particular environments and so on may not be OBVIOUSLY advantageous we can come to see that having a Threshold for the people that you encounter and indeed being able to maintain those internal conscious and other than conscious communications under duress or stress can make all the difference in the World.

Far too many a simple analysis claims that there is only this model or this other model and if you are not this you must be this when reality can clearly demonstrate that most of us who have ADOPTED any given model at any given point within our life were likely operating from a less than position of what we know NOW. Likewise the ability to fine-tune and understand that AVERAGES exist and likewise that we can carry out an analysis for each intelligence at a given point within our life at a given point might make a greater DIFFERENCE.

So I could of course have drawn my 2×6 Grid and then the squiggly line and then PHOTOCOPIED the sheet at that point.

I could then as an example, write my story at those given “points of interest” in relation to one sensory realm. This is my life story from TASTE at this point. This is my life story from TOUCH at this point. This is my life Story from SMELL at this point. This is my life story from SIGHT at this point. This is my life story from HEARING at this point. So clearly my original story sequence was in fact whether I like it or otherwise a combination of those senses anyway and of course we know that each and every one can be developed and enhanced with appropriate practice and so on.

Likewise I could wonder as to what the STORY may have been to this other than conscious INTELLIGENCE. So we say that we want to bring the other than conscious aspects of our brains back on-line in some fashion improving the communication between hemispheres and clearly in turning our attention to our own life history in as honest a fashion as we are able could be a way forward. Though again that is always SPECULATION.

What was the perspective from this INTELLIGENCE and this INTELLIGENCE and so on, typically the INTELLIGENCES are described as a list of other than conscious processes that we are all found to have within our human bodies. So we typically become somewhat HARDWIRED in particular ways establishing some potentially good thoughts and feelings and associated actions and likewise some HARDWIRINGS are potentially misrepresented or indeed given the WRONG INTERPRETATION because we are GENUINELY not dealing with a FULL DECK and when we know that the FULL DECK has been scanned via SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY and various issues identified we can bring ourselves into greater alignment to realising how empowered we can each and every one of us become through the rebuilding of those internal bridging like systems.

I typically of course said we are more water than anything else and likewise then our cellular structures at those water based levels are probably the most malleable substance on earth. Yes we can heat water and change its form to STEAM or likewise freeze water and change its form to ICE though generally when we study such patterns we know that a cycle exists whereby a process can occur for a return to one or other of the alternate STATES. Cooled steam becomes water and melted ice becomes water. Likewise such system are akin to that FINE-TUNING whereby systems are developed and fine-tuned to typically remove IMPURITIES in various processes. Likewise some processes that have carried out that process have discovered or uncovered that the IDEA was not so great after all.

Why well typical examples exist of course where we can demonstrate that we as bodies are teeming with bacteria and likewise many of those bacteria are designed and created to defend against various ailments and so on and likewise it has been demonstrated that BROAD SWEEPING like catch-all’s are often destroying both good and bad cellular like functioning’s within our bodies. Typical example of course is for Radiation Treatments for particular cancers and so on. That why so much monitoring occurs because for every survivor of a treatment there is likely someone elsewhere whom the treatment potentially failed.

So much of this write up was all digression as to where I began from in thinking about the Future Mapping course though likewise that perhaps a good thing because it demonstrates that I am perhaps thinking along similar lines as to POTENTIAL and POSSBILITY of what may be achieved through the various teachings and disciplines and so on.

Yes for every creative thought and idea we can of course ask ourselves as to benefits and otherwise from particular courses of action.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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