Yes I Am Once Again Thinking Taxes and VAT

So typically many a person has a VAGUE understanding of the difference between Analogue and Digital and the simplest explanation is that analogue might be regarded as a CONTINOUS line across a page whilst a digital might be represented by a DOTTED line across a page. Were you to bring all the dots together to make them appear as a CONTINUOUS line you will see that you have reduced the SIZE of the given SAMPLE effectively enabling you to reproduce that line (whether the continuous line is REPRESENTATION of a Sound WAVE or whatever else it may be labelled).

So the problem created when you bring such dots together is that everything is seemingly speeded up when you play back whatever your continuous line is an example of. That then led to experts introducing extra steps and “INFORMATION” within the data as to how fast or slow it should be played back. This typically all part of that teaching as to how we put information IN and HOW we take information OUT.

So the extra steps can be found across pretty much all information processing type realms and COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS and indeed we can think of course that if such things ORIGINATED in THOUGHT then such activities are also being carried out within one’s own Heart, Mind and Body.

What else?

Well typically of course I am continuing within my efforts for the Write Well, Write fast, Write Now modality and we have a form that was provided with that course known as the W5 form and again it acts as a guidance template as to a WORKING MODEL or indeed PROCESS, and likewise we are all of course FREE to make INTERPRETATION as we see fit.

In keeping with the expansive World idea and so on I have generally sought to reinterpret such things in positive fashion in alignment with whatever other courses I am taking and indeed with my varied assorted Meditative Modalities and so on.

So most of those who are further advanced than myself have declared that we have 5 Waveforms that are pretty much responsible for all incoming and outgoing information within the sphere of the Human Body. Those 5 Waveforms are listed as Gamma, Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta.

So clearly when I look across to another modality such-as Future Mapping I might have another of those AH-HA within my noggin as to how I can REORGANISE such information to my own physical wellbeing and wellness and so on.

We are given 6 squares to draw our squiggly line down and likewise the ALTRUISM IDEA of “Who can I make Happy Today” is also akin to myself thinking “How can I profit the prophet?” yes that one is still a “Work-in-progress” in process as to how best to organise a statement along those lines though we can see that all is waveforms and all is translated through waveforms into what may or may not be described as a NEUTRAL DATASET. We then always have CHOICE as to how we respond, though clearly those who started out investigating Meditative Technologies at the same original time as myself are fully aware that many a NON-CONSCIOUS automated system is often potentially highly damaging to us as individuals, we are better without many of them and the STIMULUS given generally helps with that process. Likewise we are in many ways replacing Analogue like systems with Digital like systems even if we are not necessarily aware that is what we are carrying out and likewise of course those are simply MODERN or CONCURRENT wordings to describe type of process functioning and we could of course think “let us ditch this model in favour of some futuristic model from this TV or Movie Show” and so on.

So clearly we have long lost INTRANSIGENT like thoughts within our noggin that says “I can’t” when in reality as you progress you generally find that “I can” will often serve you better. However many a person is often still locked up of course in the Physical Body Model-this is the model of course that we all exist within up to a point though clearly LANGUAGE and TERMINOLGY is our own to choose and also of course DISMISS. Some IDEAS such as Controlling the Language and actions thoughts and feelings of others are outside of any given persons MANDATE even though some Organisations and Corporations and so on give them the DELUDED IDEA that they are within the mandate.

So we are also told that we are going to make our chosen MIRROR Personality 120% Happy. So clearly each square it might be suggested is representative of 20% and likewise each square may or may not represent a conscious or otherwise SENSORY SYSTEM, we generally of course said to have 5 dominant sensory systems that give us our more whole and integrated-whole mind 6th SENSE.

Likewise sub-factors within the model also suggest we have a somewhat vast spectrum and array of non-conscious INTELLIGENCES at our disposal, the model given within the Genius Mind Module for instance listed 8 typical Intelligences and I think they potentially came from the Howard Gardener Books. However clearly given the IDEA of moving and shifting targets whilst we can improve ourselves bringing others along with such THEORETICAL IDEAS and TEACHINGS is somewhat haphazard.

The underlying teaching is that as young infants we were akin to Sensory Vacuum Cleaners taking all and any information in and exploring and creating IDEAS as to how the World is. Then we went to school where such systems were switched of in favour or compartmentalised systems and ideas. Likewise the Control Freak CONSCIOUS system we often leave school with is said to be a very small percentage of our Brains overall capabilities. The problem then is how to get the non-conscious parts within our heads operational again. The non-conscious does not have DIRECT VOCAL CONTROL for instance and generally only shows up via learning processes to bring them into consideration within our day-to-day reality. These things might be akin to those more LA-DI-DA type realms and teachings though they all serve to demonstrate the Greater TRUTHS. If you can find and align yourself with TRUTH upon TRUTH upon TRUTH what is the INCENTIVE or MOTIVE to CRUSH and DAMAGE and ATTACK those truths. Very often they are demonstrated to be PROTECTION OF FEAR.

Clearly again MOTIVE is either AWAY from or TOWARD and likewise when younger we were often presented with models that we either wanted to align ourselves with or against. In QUESTIONING and carrying out self-inquiry we can clear out many a long-held detrimental belief that is often not serving us as well as we think.

Yesterday I typically made a Broad Sweeping Claim that everyone is trying or operating toward a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE mentality though in reality we can of course go through “IS IT TRUE” type questioning as to whether that is true, generally we find that STORY after STORY layer upon layer as to REASONINGS come up. Very often through trained or otherwise thinking and thought processes that are simply more geared toward a particular system of processes. I need this to be true in order for this over here to be true or indeed I need this to be false in order for this to be false over here.

So those of us who have suffered health conditions-it might be suggested that we potentially really do require the Stronger Meditative Modalities in order to explore those “Where Angels Fear To Tread” areas within our noggins, you cannot clear out some HEALTH ailment if you are hiding and defending having that ailment to the hilt in some fashion.

Likewise another interesting pointer (yes I recently re watched the Genius Mind Modality that I have within my Library) was this issue of CAPS and HATS and so on. It has been demonstrated over and over again down through CENTURIES of STUDY whether through RELIGION or indeed SCHOLARS or WIZARDRY and WITCHCRAFT that maintaining an EXTERNAL FOCAL POINT just behind your Head Above your CROWN can help you not only improve your CENTERING ability and CROSS-HEMISPHERIC communication within your brain-it is a place where we can genuinely feel attached to something greater and bigger than ourselves and likewise come to those realizations that we live NOW because we are alive NOW and we step-by-step moment-by-moment present-by-present window-by-window can bring all and any awareness and sensory capability on-line in either a fashion that is uplifting and rewarding or indeed simply to LET GO of long held very-often misguided thoughts and feelings and so on that we have about the World.

So we have multiple intelligences that are sat within our under-utilised brains that when brought into the internalised system of communications can make all the difference to our Health, Wealth and prosperity and indeed how we interact and exist with those that we find ourselves among on a day-to-day basis.

Yes I have not so far mentioned TAXES OR VAT though clearly I would not have written that title had I not intended to say something upon that subject matter in some fashion. Clearly the best option for myself is perhaps to WITNESS the EXTERNAL WORLD whether through the CROSS REALM INTERPRETATION of Politics or sport or anywhere that I turn my attention to and see what is said. I suspect that it is related to the present Political Campaigns Continuing within the United Kingdom though likewise given the long drawn out process of American Presidential Nominations and Candidacy and so on-may well find that those Campaigns are also likely to included talk on TAXES and VAT or some other similarly DESIGNED TAX.

VAT is of course a VOCAL impressionists Foreign or European English Voice for WHAT, as well as short-form for Value Added Tax. Taxidermists of course are said to stuff dead animals and I have in fact seen some very much alive animals on my various travelogues in recent days. Suggesting that some ownerships never go out of fashion.

What else well I was thinking about this Meditation and indeed the fact that I have of course not really progressed beyond the Purification Level-is that because I am making up for rushing through lower levels earlier-quite possibly though likewise you do come to see that you have to let whatever happens be okay and that you really cannot genuinely know the mind and thoughts and feelings of those about yourself when they do not give voice to things, or indeed if voice is given though clearly operating from IDEAS and Thoughts and feelings and actions that you yourself have long since moved on from.

Clearly another aspect of NOW is understanding that whether we regard ourselves as part of a TREND or otherwise TREND does exist and we can either stay concurrent with trend or indeed revert to some NURTURE “when I were lad” PREACHING.

Clearly everyone wants what is best for themselves and loved ones though likewise thinking that we can control externals beyond being or having an awareness of where people are likely operating from is an ongoing. So we have many intelligences and likewise within many a working life we have to balance the books as to what is best practice and what is simply some given individuals “POTENTIALLY” misguided belief system.

What is a misguided belief system? Well typically for both sex’s it usually revolves around being other than those singled out as being other than the Herd like norm. Likewise when you think about it many of those top achievers within many a cross realm are actually standing out from a given norm of some description. Either through training and drilling and practice or through courage and bravery or simply making a positive contribution to the lives and peoples that they are dealing with and interacting with and so on. The descriptive capabilities list is perhaps endless though likewise it is always good to remind ourselves that for whatever we want in life there is likely a ways and means to achieve it and likewise such things are also likely to have some associated COST.

No matter what any of us tell ourselves within our noggin’s very often they are simple repetition of story and story can be positive and uplifting and rewarding or likewise we can think to let go of undesirable stories and thoughts and feelings and actions that are not in alignment with greater truths.

Yes I am strangely thinking and considering aspects as to MAP of REALITY EXPANSION once again though likewise that is akin to perhaps ORIGAMI.

The World of paper folding is often strangely said to have concluded that you cannot fold any given piece of paper more than 7 times. Though given that many of the doctrines and teachings lead to ideas as to gaps within gaps and spaces within spaces one does wonder as to where we can begin and end.

Yes the number one idea is perhaps that no matter how well we think we know the World and are fully capable of making predictions that someone somewhere can say well actually the Universe is a Simulation running backwards and given that all is amplitude and frequency within the 5 known waveforms all within a time zone know as NOW we can actually unwind the pre-existing samples within each area and within each sub-area that already pre-exists within our noggins and God’s your Uncle.

Yes I know I said I would stop writing the following though likewise have strangely found it appealing in many ways so

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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