As The Royal’s Retreat To Windsor We Wonder When Mildred Will Drop

Okay that somewhat tongue in cheek given the now distant sitcom comedy of George and Mildred and of course when you think about it-Prince Harry might be considered as a Mild red, he often of course spoken in terms of being ginger.

So moving on we can of course all 1-2-3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUR MAJESTY.

Yes so it can of course be difficult to follow Establishment Birthday’s even for the person at the pinnacle of Empire and Royalty and so on and of course we do have this other coinside of “actual” versus “official”. So today is in fact Elizabeth Windsor’s actual birthday and perhaps where possible she and her family probably seeking to celebrate such events in as normal a fashion as being Head-of-state and so on allows. News articles suggest that the week is clear of public engagements and so on. So like many a person a Holiday from the day-to-day normality of the job if a Royal Position can be regarded in that fashion.

Elsewhere I found myself noting a couple of differing stories one related to some Organisation known as the National Crime Agency that has been carrying out swooping in operations on long wanted Britain’s most wanted Criminals and likewise the infrastructures and mafia operations that such groupings exist within. What is interesting for myself is that they very much seemingly appeared from know where over the last couple of years and have effectively become the United Kingdom equivalent to the American FBI in many ways. I am still unsure as to how they operate or indeed came into being though clearly given the “International” aspect they are perhaps filling a gap or need that was IDENTIFIED within UK Policing. So we seemingly for years and years had Officers carrying out private investigations and tracking down criminals for fun during their holidays and now we are seemingly seeing funding being given for more official operations for such practice.

One would of course given the British History have thought that the Empire has a Police force though of course many such CROSS REALM capability came about via the Use in many a location of the Military and Armed Forces. So typically we can perhaps suggest that in Empirical Terms The NAVY was the means by which we travelled and the Sailors and so on then had to carry out Military Service Duties on the land’s that they were taking over and so on-hence we having military forces such-as the Royal Marine Commando’s who are still listed as a Naval Force with Naval Oriented operations. So anyway yes it does appear that the National Crime Agency is perhaps operating from a HIGHER LEVEL or TIER of operations than your standard day-to-day Police Force Does. That perhaps goes hand-in-hand with our Standard counter terrorist forces returning to more Military Service like duties and Realms in the various war zones dotted about that we as a nation are contributing trainers to and so on.

So yes The NCA perhaps quickly developing a level of Mysticism within the realms of Policing that Special Forces perhaps have done over the years in the realms of Military Operations. Likewise according to wiki they are actually going to be taking over the role of counter-terrorism operations. Unsure as to the WISDOM of such things though clearly those within the various roles are all perhaps operating at Higher Levels of Various GCHQ and MI5 and MI6 Mandates and so on. How well such things do change is of course debatable given that any long serving Police Officers are likely going to be operating from the Policing perspective BIAS rather than say a Military Perspective BIAS. I in writing these meandering down am finding one or two possible issues and debates to be had as to the INTEGRATION of differing style of “THIS IS HOW WE OPERATE WITHIN THIS SCENARIO”. Whilst the PRESSURE from public (or indeed more truthfully MASS MEDIA) is often against collateral damage and all the rest of such things-it might be suggested we are headed for a POLICE STATE via the backdoor.

In all honesty given the very many Policing and Detective type shows and so on I have watched and viewed as to Policing and so on over the years and indeed having read one or two of the MANUALS I do in fact prefer the FORENSICS and ESPIONAGE kind of dynamic above and beyond some of the other areas. Howe well any given individual can choose the components they are skilled within is of course debatable. Clearly if someone is GOOD at a particular aspect of the work it can lead to over reliance or indeed petty jealousies and being overloaded to fail and so on.

So given that aspect I generally think some of those QUANGO HYBRID TEAM (QHT) like operations are quite useful. I have noted perhaps over the years that many a CROSS REALM has taken a DISCIPLINE and then within that DISCIPLINE brought in an individual who specialises in a particular aspect. So within many a schooling and college for instance you get a FIRST YEAR that is a year of doing a little of everything and then later years more SPECIALIST and likewise similar can be said for some Degree like activities.

Clearly we all as we progress find that we wish we were better at this aspect of our work or job or day-to-day life and whilst I have heard it criticized in some ways as to not giving up, I do have a stop throwing good money after bad if something you want to do or carry out is not happening for you. So typical example is where your ability to carry out a given task is regarded as falling within the SUBJECTIVE versus OBJECTIVE realm. I typically perhaps like giving name to this operation and that operation and that is perhaps all part of that inventiveness and FLAIR that we are seeking to bring out in exploring some of the of-line non-compassed regions within our noggins.

Anyway I have wittered on and on and not moved on to the next part of my interesting news articles area-so speaking on this non-compassed areas, we are hearing and seeing news from some Hawaii based observatory that SPACE as we know it is not going according to Present Day Current Models.

What do you mean?

Well the 3D mapping that has come out a particular aspects of research is now suggesting that we have a rather large COLD SPOT within SPACE an area of region that is like a giant kind of BLACK HOLE or BLIND SPOT within the data-mapping systems that the very many computer operations are carrying out. Typically we are told that you have to GO TO DISTANCE and then work your way back to present day Earth Location. Light emitted XXXXX years ago from this location reaches us NOW and likewise either we have this HUGE GAP in ASTROLOGICAL CALCULATIONS or the present MODEL that we are working from is incorrect, oh yippee something new to throw some money at then 😉

Yes of course in viewing the panoramic picture that was released of the spacial mapping I came to the CONCLUSION that the dominant EYE could not see the non-dominant eye. Clearly that is my idea of HUMOUR we cannot of course given our PHYSICAL BODY SHAPE and so on see what the alternate eye looks like so in fact My right eye is blind to my left eye and my left eye is blind to my right eye. Yes many a meditative REMEDY is about shutting both EYES and some ASPECTS and TEACHINGS are about imagining a THIRD EYE said to be related to the PINEAL GLAND position with our heads. I think that interesting of course because in CENTERING IDEAS and this point of FOCUS behind our Crown of our heads if you were to take a measuring device I think you again would find unusual ANGLE GEOMETRY comes into play between the CROWN and PINEAL GLAND and likewise when we also add our REGULAR potentially confused and conflicted eyesight on top of that you again get a differing GEOMETRY ANGLE and DYNAMIC.

Clearly those who have developed various POPULAR viewing angles within various types of GAMES have often opted for playable viewing modes rather than necessarily real angular dynamics. A bit like how Disney Pixar and other cartoonists are famed for EXAGERATIONS of the Human Bodily Physics. Clearly if we shut our eyes we can VISUALIZE ourselves in any shape and form that we prefer though likewise such things come with opening the eyes again to function in standard day-to-day modes, that is not to say such practice should not be carried out because all and any means to stretch your present day mental model can help in creating new thought channels and so on.

What else grabbed my attention after The Queen and the NCA and the Deep Space articles were done reading. Well we are once again having IMMIGRATION HIGHLIGHTED and I perhaps potentially do not like a million and one starving peoples and persons arriving on the United Kingdom doorstep and claiming all and everything free at my expense though likewise short of throwing a decent budget at Organising a Joint Task force Royal Navy Customs and Excise operation you once again get bogged down in the same old same old. Such arguments of course REQUIRE REFRAMES and very often many a person within the PUBLIC LIFE roles and realms REFUSES to offer acceptable Language Reframes, the language of populist argument and appealing to LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR usually ends up taking precedence over well-crafted and thought through language that leaves no room for argument.

That perhaps akin to saying that the GAME OVER position that could be played is the same as the no-win situation that many a clever soul can create to challenge candidates for this that or the other role in life. What is a no-win situation? Well we can go to some TV and Movie realms I think James T Kirk was said to have cheated the NO-WIN scenario within his Captaincy training (In the Star Trek Universe) and very many Schoolings and Doctrines offer such CHALLENGES not so much as to DEFEAT candidates as to see or measure and gauge how well someone is going to REACT to a particular presented aspect of life they may come up against. So that is also perhaps where IDEAS such-as SHOOT-THE-HOSTAGE come from within those kinds of realms also, a heavy dead weight or panicking hostage that has to be carried along by the hostage taker is likely more troublesome than otherwise.

Yes so you have IDEAS that you can take control of any given scene and situation by being more dastardly or otherwise than opponent and clearly immigration is typically an EMOTIVE issue. So again when many a topic is brought back into this realm of the various INTELLIGENCES, we are typically suggested to have IQ, EQ and so on then you can see that SENTIMENTALITY keeps on being perhaps the one aspect that trips us all up potentially if it is not SENTIMENTALITY for ourselves then it may be sentimentality for others (for instance).

Clearly the IDEA of NOW might be regarded as a CHEAT and likewise bringing non-conscious brain activity on line might be regarded as a cheat and likewise DAVID living in Hereford and having an Mickey Mouse FANTASIA avatar on Facebook might be a cheat, though likewise such things were not necessarily happening on a conscious basis when the various decisions were made as to those things.

I typically years ago on a Visit to Euro Disney bought a physical Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Mouse and it was more an ornamental fluffy toy than perhaps a play thing, though years later I clearly had some sentimentality for that. It was only later that I though further and realised that wordings such as FANTASTIC and FANTASIA and so on were backwards short form for sat-nav, or satellite navigation and clearly some such things are going to serve some folks better than others.

Clearly some folks accept a particular level whilst others among us are still looking for that “This time next year Rodney we’ll be millionaires” Delboy like quotes.

That perhaps part of the “you have to be in it to win it” that goes along with many a Lottery like option. Having said that if particular life aspects are clearly not working out and you are throwing good money after bad, why not turn your attention to other areas that you may genuinely be better at., this perhaps that shaded area whereby many a person whether consciously or otherwise requires other to SUFFER and likewise when you have raised THRESHOLD and can see just how inhuman many a human claims to be you can think well I shall cut my losses. You can travel to most areas and regions of the UK and despite all the “Localised” banter and varying degrees of “not one of us” PREJUDICE’S that the underlying dynamics are very often the same everywhere.

That perhaps part and parcel of investigating various modalities until you find one that is JUST RIGHT FOR YOU and so on. Why did I go to meditation and then later the other modalities, I might be suggested that in pecking orders we can find no higher level than that of King or Queen though likewise being chosen to be suffer no1 or however we any of us sometimes feels can be difficult to get one’s head around, clearly some topic of debate are not worth debating unless you are within a realm that forces such debate and if that is the case then we can always seek to change the outcome by changing the story.

Anyway some family members are on flight to the Trinidad and Tobago region of the Caribbean or West Indies and will not be taking in the Cricket as they prefer Scuba diving and so on. Interesting of course given the History of that region for Officially Government Sanctioned Piracy, they will likely get to see some classical wrecks in those waters.

What, what do you mean officially sanctioned piracy. Well typically many an earlier explorer had to find ways and means to fund expeditions and piracy was said to be part and parcel of the Sea Fairing Trade and options. Of course LEVELS of what were acceptable were generally introduced where whilst it was regarded as acceptable to carry out acts of Piracy on other Country’s vessels you were not supposed to do it to your own. So English and Spanish and Portuguese and the Dutch were all often Hi-jacking each other’s cargo’s whilst staying within the LAW of a Given NATION in order to have safe passage within a given shipping and trading and so on environment.

So no matter what we comment and witness we can generally find ways and means to transfer information to more interesting topics and realms and likewise know that any given direction is down to our own personal DISCERNMENT and of course TRUSTING that we ourselves may now have better judgment than we may have done when we were first introduced to many of the lessons and teachings as to aspects and windows upon the World known as NOW.

Thank you for reading, I’ve been Dave S Perkins, Who the Heaven Are You 😉

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