As The Royal Hospital Watch News Blackout Continues We Ask

Did you recognise any of those shadows in the Hatton Gardens Jewellery Hiest Video and pictures, well we did of course note one chap as being GINGER though Prince Harry did reappear and Fly out to Down Under soon after he is now returning his week to get a confirmation on the amount offered for some of the rarer artifacts with his other family members. Okay so again I exaggerate as to who was involved although we all know that in Classic war time movies Ginger always asked someone to look after his dog shortly prior to not returning and lots of good ol’ gingy eulogies.

So of course we also often now that such events DO happen, though clearly I am not accusing the Royal family so much as pointing out that at some point if the group concerned had established living in the UK for a period of time the likelihood then becomes that some “NORMALITY” may exist that one or other among the grouping has desire to return to. This is all speculation of course though is akin to Pulp fiction and the runaway boxer returning to get his Grandfather’s Watch and girlfriend and so on.

Clearly we have seen speculation that the Heist was carried out by an international grouping and that they have History with another bank raid in Berlin-however that is not of concern and I would dismiss such things as side issues or not being of importance beyond establishing that some experience might be involved or prior form. Clearly such things are irrelevant because it is the sort of lifestyle perhaps where you need to have practiced and drilled and worked through a plan of action.

What else well the title says it all really, I went to multiple news websites and indeed saw a brief exert from a news channel HEADLINES REVIEW and the story was NOTED by myself by its ABSENSE. We have long awaited the NEW ARIVAL in the Royal Household and one might think that some outlets have reports though those within my gadgets remit all appear to be carrying out a REPORTING RESTRICTIONS ACTION. This of course a sensible approach when you think about it because were we in a time of war or indeed a possible TARGET for attack then clearly being stationed in SITU in some fashion potentially RAMPS up the likelihood of some attack or act of terrorism. Likewise whilst many a person man woman and child has experienced Child birth from a given perspective-it might be suggested that a certain amount of lack of DIGNITY can be experienced and clearly given HUMANS being HUMAN we cannot expect anyone from any level of Society rich man or poor man or beggar man or thief to be any different, I use the word man as in mankind rather than some sexist denial of the possibility of using woman. Clearly in many a Historical writing fashion the word MAN was used as a kind of PLURAL for both sex’s and whilst we can say times have changed or moved on-I do think in fact that in getting some of those mental breakthroughs and so on it can actually be quite useful to potentially practice writing in the fashion or manner of ye olde generation from Victorian times or however far back you choose to go.

That is not being sexist so much as understanding or realising that in order to understand (if you have any such desire to understand) you have to have some possible ah-ha in relation to ORIGIN OF THE SYMBOLOGY.

Clearly say well the establishment came up with a language and then as it expanded Society continued with filling in the GAPS, though clearly that has not truly worked out for many of us anyway has it.

So I once again found myself thinking as to Sam Horn and the writing course and clearly we are at present via the NEWS BLACK-OUT and rubbernecking experiencing a level of INTRIGUE as mentioned within her most recently published work. Likewise I found myself wondering as to the working PRINCIPLES involved in some of these courses. Clearly I have suggested that ALTRUSM does not work though clearly such things are depending upon many a swept under the carpet like topic for some folks. Clearly if no experience is written upon by some individual in-order for OTHERS to relate in some fashion-it might be suggested then that one is all alone in the World as to guidance.

It does then fall into the Category of why has no-one written on this topic previously, I shall check, and then of course ah-ha maybe this is a GAP or REGION of expertise that I can develop for myself and then EXPLOIT as a NEW MARKET NICHE.

Yes cleary that is the quite simply developing of ROI like thinking strategy though likewise we each of us perhaps live and work in particular town with or without a given history and for every history within or about a Region we can dissociate somewhat or invest somewhat. Clearly I spoke on Comparison with the Garrison and that clearly a demonstration (if nothing else) that comparison only ever WORKS from an inspiration point of view (I want to be like that) or questioning as to, what lesson can I take from this comparable data or information and use within a CROSS REALM INTERPRETATIVE CAPACITY.

So someone mentioned of course reworking from the W5 form though I myself wish or desire to seek to do that-I also recall having recently mentioned RECURRSIVE like algorithms that exist within Artificial Intelligence. The IDEA that you can teach a Learning System to continue in this direction until you encounter a wall. Likewise you can also use that algorithm with a CRITERIA weighting, carry out this action for X amount of recursions. So for instance within the realm of Astrology and STAR-MAPPING you have 100,000 million miles of square space to cover within your algorithmic search and whilst you could make it all one direction-it does not make much sense to carry out that algorithm in that fashion. Far better to have a weighted algorithm that jumps from spot to spot within your GRID RANGE and high-lights particular areas of interest prior to moving on. Once you have established a table of AREAS of INTEREST or INTRIGUE you can then return to those locations that the system believes are most likely to give further results as to research.

This does of course also depend upon the SCANNING INSTRUMENTATION being USED. So typically I spoke of those Five waveforms and Frequencies that are typically known to affect the Human Body and likewise we can also show that whilst we have optimum for human capabilities we also can go to the realm of animals and emulators. So that is what has occurred for many a sensory array and likewise SPACIAL MAPPING is not differing. So what if instead of thinking that some large massive COLD SPOT exists within the present recently released data-that in fact whatever is within that location does not RESPOND to presently used SENSORY DEVICES.

That again typical of issues and topics such-as DARK MATTER. How can we map and record a THEORETICAL SUBSTANCE when we at present are not advanced enough to have the necessarily required equipment to be able to IDENTIFY or TEST for such things.

Clearly CERN was recently reactivated and is going through preliminary test runs and building up a data collection for the various particle interactions and so on taking place within that establishment and whilst it was claimed that the Higgs-Bosun had been identified and they were moving on too researching SUPERSYMMETRY I do not genuinely think you can simply say “There you go that’s it, now were moving on” this seemingly what is occurring. Surely what they actually mean is that having established the lower level research data as having provided some interesting or valid data results they are now moving forward with other random dotted endeavours as to how I explained the Algorithm above. So this generation of researchers perhaps saying I only need to identify that something akin to this named substance or whatever exists and I will move on to demonstrating the existence of this other area of interest whilst SPECIALISTS can develop and broaden the NEW FIELD we have created in identifying this area as worthy of further evaluation. Cleary it is a little bit more difficult because few researchers can afford to build a CERN like site within their backyard beyond of course it being interesting as being akin to a giant TORUS CIRCULAR DONUT which is something else mentioned within another course review that I recently found myself returning to. So CERN interesting is where the WORLD WIDE WEB began and one does wonder as to whether that being some CHOSEN POINT of special interest to those studying TIME DYNAMICS and indeed MODELLING and of course Dimensional Mapping and Spacial Mapping and INTELLIGENCES MAPPING. Yes the list is endless though likewise it can perhaps be suggested that some of those recursive like actions have been carried out and of course rules and regulations such-as Moors Law followed and clearly many a non-standard THEORETICAL MOVIE and TV REALM is already happening and occurring for some folks (In my opinion). Yes hard to gauge fully given the vast array of areas that any of us can change attention and focus to though likewise perhaps the real reason why some UNEXPLAINED EVENTS genuinely do occur and are not IDENTIFIED until many years later. Okay I know they did the WEATHER BALLOONS testing for ROSWELL ALIEN LANDINGS, though likewise we do seem to have mass witnessing of unexplainable events occurring from time to time and you either roll with them or indeed grow red in fury and anger at other peoples inability to COMPREHEND what the hell you are trying to explain or put across to them.

So outlandish claims are not always futile because many a minute seed of truth can be found within some of the more outlandish claims that folks make about this Earth. Likewise it is only following through with research that we come to find either something to be regarded as TRUE within the hemispheres between our ears or indeed FALSE. Clearly lowest common denominator at the lowest level of society gets done to DEATH in my opinion though likewise the OBSTACLE is the way is how many a person can expose or otherwise the WRONG CONCLUSION.

So typically I say with the Space mapping issue that we simply have not got equipment that is within that empty regions frequency range ah-ha (possibly) though that is more realistic than simply claiming Black holes exist sucking in all and everything about themselves into the never ending realm of the event Horizon and so on. Yes that again a speculation as to the gravitation effect on the spin of WATER. We in the UK used to clockwise rotation when we pull a plug out of the bath whilst in the Southern Hemisphere I think the water runs ANTI-CLOCKWISE though require someone who has been down under to confirm such findings in as true and honest as fashion as possible. Yes clearly being able to trust one’s limited body functioning in the face of far superior mental or imaginative realm functioning is a dilemma without having a step-by-step investigative process or methodology of some fashion.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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