Winter Is An Associative Link

So this week I have taken some notes in my pad though have not transferred them online and likewise have had a mini-break from writing this blog though just as it does for all folks-the World does not stop turning and I have still carried out some Witnessing type activities.

So the general overall link and theme that cropped up for myself was seemingly Winter we have a huge volcanic eruption in the Country of CHILE and likewise scientists tell us of a large COLD SPOT in space and now we have seen a rather large earth quake in the region of the HIMALAYAS also now as a favoured wintry destination. Clearly Chile borders Argentina and other South American Countries and is generally a somewhat hotter climate zone than the name suggests and likewise we are told that all space is cold so really it is perhaps only at the superficial kind of level that any level of linkage can be seen.

Likewise I think I said happy birthday to the Queen earlier in the week and of course we are told that the Riddle of the Sphynx relates to the Ages of man and without appearing to be rude or impertinent it may be suggested that the Queen is in the so-called “Winter” zone of those life stages. Having said that clearly the ability to distinguish age zones becomes harder as we get older. I can look at a picture of the Queen and think she looks 30 years younger than she is and likewise am sure the same can be said for many a person within any of the various aging zones.

I know from my note taking exercises that anyone who appears younger than myself, might get a young label even though typically anyone of my daughter’s generation will label myself as OLD. So no matter how much research you carry out you find that some IDEAS are more specific than others. I can typically think well that group are school age teens whilst these others are perhaps college aged teens and twenties, and then of course we get the humour as to differing peoples having had a hard life. Those folks who look permanently as though they are a particular age, even if they looked that age at twenty and thirty and forty and so on.

I think I wrote previously how many of us whether we admit to such things or otherwise generally often adopt particular patterns and behaviours that become somewhat set-in-stone in many ways until events occur that change the playing field or aspect and perspective that we see the World from.

Typically I having had major trauma as a teen went from a somewhat warmongering attitude to a more thoughtful or caring perspective, however it might be suggested that various events over the years have demonstrated that no matter your own desire to not be involved in other peoples wars when they bring such things to yourself you have little issue than to respond in kind or indeed box-clever and try some alternate strategies as to circumnavigating some of the very worst nonsenses.

Another area I have found myself thinking about is of course this one of the afterlife and PARALLEL WORLDS. Typically when we look through any History books such concepts have been documented both in ancient times and indeed in modern times when we look to the present day movies and TV and so on. This idea that you have a god of this aspect of reality and that aspect of reality and so on. The God’s of Olympus were effectively when you look upon it more of a coordinated and choreographed TEAM than anything else. All the wars between the differing realms perhaps akin to those lower level wars that can be seen within many an industry each grouping fighting and squabbling to be first among equals. That perhaps again why IDEAS such-as Communism is said to have failed. The World within the mind of the beholder.

So I return to that because a recent course lecture I listened in-on suggested the idea of Hooks and Hinges. Clearly that “LEAVE THEM WANTING MORE” idea falls into such a bracket at the end of a favoured TV show episode or the chapter of a book and of course particular lines that characters are quoted as saying. Most or Many a “Superhero” has some punchline that is repetitiously repeated. Some clearly perhaps preferable to others.

Dave S Perkins does not run around stretching his arm forward and giving a SILVERTOEVELOCITY superpower transformation command that you might see from a superman or he-man or Buzz Lightyear.

So clearly hooks might be akin to reversed or upside down “????” question marks in image though likewise again I generally prefer getting some other than intransigent position or thought going in relation to such things. Why?

Well clearly some folks claim that such manoeuvring is wishy-washy though I have come to think that many a debate requires a NEW THOUGHT or NEW LOOK angle or perspective to move forward with or from. Some areas will always remain grey and likewise we always seem to have a new level of awareness that can be studied that previously went under the radar or passed through the conscious window senses unobserved.

Typical example is that Swiss Alps Airplane crash and Football team wearing the same colours. No natural or indeed unnatural link exists though both events can be stated as having been FACTUAL. I have this fact over here that you cannot DENY and I have this fact over here that you cannot DENY.

I can of course ask would any of my NOTES within my note pad or indeed conscious windows of awareness informed myself of any of these events and generally I am perhaps not advanced enough within my studies to make such PREDICTION. I could probably write a book teaching HOW to BROADEN and OPEN up awareness’ so others do not fall for some of the more obvious TRAPS though likewise the unknown is the unknown to this David in many ways it being all to easy to fall into the FAMED HINDSIGHT position.

Hind sight of course akin to witnessing in that I could for instance say I witnessed and noted an increase in vehicles of white and grey about my travels and in non-linear fashion could have thought STONE and SNOW though I did not personally make such links consciously in any form of premeditation. Likewise I am not responsible for any CONSPIRACY theories brought up by others with awareness. I am sure we will once again being hearing that the ILLUMINATI is responsible or that the US Government with some HARP project is responsible. Some people seemingly prefer to have some US and THEM that can be tapped into in some fashion.

Clearly that being one of the internal-external topics of debate in that I went through many levels quite rapidly as to meditation and whilst some synchronicities occurred that I could have become PARANOID about I followed instruction as to “Let Whatever Happens be okay” and gradually came to see particular kinds of Synchronicities FALL AWAY. Clearly I think I wrote recently on the cause and effect topic and how whilst we are brought up believing such things occur in linear or indeed other than linear sequences they are all what might be regarded as “JEDI MIND TRICKS”. We often aligning ourselves with the motivational direction whether toward or away from where we ourselves need or desire something to be true or otherwise. I in constantly writing and note taking have perhaps become truer and truer in what I have witnessed and experienced, again something I wrote upon recently. Why would you desire or want to return to thoughts and feelings and incongruence’s that do not serve you. The model of reality debate is clearly ongoing though I have come to think that most are guidance’s toward a more personalised Experience of your own truths and alignments and so on. Yes we can say well that Cross Realm Interpretation over there is one that is long established and worthy of being in alignment with, though likewise some aspects of human behaviour never seemingly go out of fashion and nor do particularly detrimental associations and so on.

Clearly in raising Threshold and developing greater usage and understanding of our senses we can step back and acknowledge that some aspects of life whilst undesirable are going to happen and turn our attention elsewhere to more prosperous areas such as our own Health and Wealth and Happiness and so on.

I can write notes and others can monitor such things and apply any linkages to their own subset knowledge or working database though that is not the same as being responsible for any third parties life choices and so on.

I wrote some questions on my Velocity website along the lines of life as a book and how can I improve such fashioning’s and likewise some folks can say well look here we already have this Model that you can work toward or otherwise. Likewise I also suggested that some books such-as those written by Historian had greater effect than others I had tried. One aspect is of course that many a teacher carries out Meditation along the lines of listen to my voice on this call in or indeed play back this article you can see in written form in the listening form. I perhaps not as advanced as to necessarily enjoy listening to AUDIO BOOKS. Though I do know for instance that my daughter enjoyed them when younger and likewise my mother listens to such things, so is it simply a case of advancing toward compatible techniques and so on.

Clearly beyond these written words my spoken voice is unknown to many a person though likewise it does seem that just about everything whether male or female or fast or slow can be converted into alternate format and many a person’s issue is seemingly OVERSATURATION of sensory data. I suggested that Meditation can stabilise such things within your being and likewise help in the removal of less than helpful aspects of such things-though again that seems to come with accompanying “must do’s” it does seem that whether we like it or otherwise a step-up in level of meditation can open up long closed inner doorways within our being and it is only in being open and so on that we are able to release any given trauma. Likewise that perhaps comes into alignment with whatever does not serve you will fall away. All meaning is within the interpretative capability of the individual and I recently found myself returning to that Solution’s Focus IDEA of asking oneself questions as to how far do you think your velocity Website Questions have been advanced, given on a scale between 1 and 10. I can of course perhaps say 3 and can then ask “WHY SO HIGH?” and clearly we can say well I have meditated and have written some teachings and taken notes and followed various advanced course makers and so on. I can then of course ask what might be the steps required to increase my answer of 3 to a 4. I think that I personally have opened up to IDEAS such-as Lifelong Learning and likewise need perhaps to drop into the INCOME GENERATOR areas of enlightenment and so on.

I recently suggested that given only 26 letter in the alphabet a lot of repetition occurs and likewise we can learn to interpret differing aspects between differing sensory capabilities presuming we have of course opened up any given sensory capability. Anyway I typically published a particular article from this blog elsewhere and am of the belief that folks may or may not have inspected other articles within the blog that was not publically published. So I perhaps demonstrating that whilst everything written here is 1st DRAFT the need to EDIT does occur and likewise you cannot TRUST that all who read any given article are not going to be nosy as to what else is written and exists within your blogosphere. People can of course go forward and backward through the blog and see that I wrote positive and uplifting witnessing like articles as well as somewhat negative articles when it came to discussion of some realms. I have generally not returned to some of the more negative aspects over more recent times because as other peoples aware has increased they themselves have come to see the benefits of being in alignment with the Technologies and likewise that none of us at whatever level of society we regard ourselves has to suffer more than necessary as to beliefs we had then and beliefs we have now.

So how can I bring why curiosity into alignment with understanding that introducing CHOICE can be carried out at any point along the various time-lines because we are akin to that central cog overlooking the wheel that spins about us rather than on the roundabout edge ready to fly of when we let go of the bar. Yes I use to go round and round on the roundabout with friends and then jump of when travelling at fastest speed and that was in the days before they introduced all these HEALTH & SAFELY soft tarmac type things in playgrounds. Have we progressed or regressed? I think society has regressed in many ways and the dumbing down of populations seems to continue unabated in many ways.

Clearly once the doorway was opened for some aspects and minority groupings or indeed majority groupings to seize power they did so without consulting those already in power. Typically we have seen the South African black population majority take the reins of power in that distant land and likewise we can say the female majority has taken the reins of power within the Western Hemisphere World since WWII. Where countries such as the United Kingdom were once stay at home housewives and men going to war and work things have changed to the degree that returning to fictional realms of what either sex actually wants compared with what they have is an interesting topic that folks could be writing upon. I know that Woody Allen years ago wrote and starred in a film where women had taken over and likewise the Two Ronnies had a similar long running sketch show.

People wonder as to why we are going to war with Arab Countries to stop the spread of so-called Extremist Islam and it might be suggested that the men and women of the Armed Forces who are carrying out those wars and activities may not very much like the Homeland that they return to upon being demobbed or having to reintegrate into so-called “Modern Society”. Many a person whether they admit to such things publically or otherwise seems to have more in common (when witnessed from a behaviour perspective) with some of the Arab World States than they do what are supposed to be Western beliefs and doctrines.

How many women list men they would like as being this that and the other and when you look about the World for comparable peoples you tend to find such things more in those male dominated Countries and populations.

Of course that is just one perspective and we must remember that we any of us within any faction or grouping has CHOICE as to how we go about our personal progress and life courses.

Strange though true the oldest debating methods are still as valid now as they have perhaps ever been, I think one was listed as the STRAW MAN debate strategy and clearly one can perhaps be said to have stayed within a particular role or strategy way beyond the time period that was necessary to make any given point valid.

That perhaps why I have suggested that intransigent stick-in-mud type tourette’s sufferers as much as we may sympathise have little to complain about when they could have self-invested along with the rest of us and likewise learnt to better navigate some of the topics so that they could see that many a proffered 3rd way belief falls away or is DEFERRED to personal choice where we often become SHRUGGERS as to how other people choose to live there life. I do not need to convert those people living that lifestyle over there to change in order for myself to live this kind of lifestyle over here (and so on).

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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