And The Lady At The Next Table Said

“I want what she is having!” that is of course a famous quote from a café scene within the comedy movie “WHEN HARRY MET SALLY”. The Sally in question demonstrating her “faking it” abilities whilst in discussion with her long term friend Harry as to the courses that their respective lives had taken and so on. Clearly the next flippant remark then shifts to “DID THE EARTH MOVE FOR YOU” type questions and as we all know given the World Population of 7 Billion people seeking to single out any one given individual for all World Wide Events and so on is highly unlikely to be of a benefit. Those kinds of seeking to apportion BLAME RECIPES have generally failed most folks that I know or have discussed such matters with.

Clearly of course this another reason why we are better once within the enlightenment movement type realms to explore further afield and find like-minded souls and so on and so forth that have also decided that the life up until this point in time has not worked, what steps and methodologies can be integrated or found or discovered or utilised that are genuinely going to move my life forward away from present stuck states or indeed toward a more centred and level headed approach to Life the Universe and anything or everything in between.

Clearly another popular movement is that of Hay House Publishing and a member of the Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now Facebook page provided a link to a candid interview with Reid Tracy who is apparently the CEO of that Organisation. I have of course read some Louise Hay and Esther Hicks and Wayne Dyer and perhaps one or two other individuals published by that grouping and again they are all generally quite happy smiley people with glistening teeth and adoring public followers and so on. I actually first read some Wayne Dyer and again much of his suggestions and workings are similar to some of those of other leading lights within such realms. Esther Hicks I think I spoke on as being a little more “out there” though again on purchasing and reading her various PROCESSES within a particular book I was impressed with how simple she kept things. She is entertaining and clearly has established herself a market niche as someone who speaks to the Cosmic Entity or being entitled Abraham (I think) it was some time ago when I researched Hay House.

So I have a look at this video and it included a woman known as Doreen Virtue whose name has cropped up within various areas that I have followed and she is said to be one of the biggest sellers or writers within Hay House. I typically of course do not generally buy into some of the so-called “Angel” Areas of Debate because it is generally firmly established within my own mind that we have coin sides and I have of course spoken on the fact that all peoples and persons are in effect if not described as Angels then at least some form of Spirituality or otherwise. We must remember that the word Atheist as used by those who claim other than a belief in Angels are saying we are AT HEIST, or in other words thieves robbers and any other kind of negative connotation in between. We can of course come up with POSITIVE versions for At Heist perhaps in the sense of the Power of the Individual to be CREATIVE and so on and that of course again is interesting as to this other recent course of Future Mapping and Altruism.

Are Scientists Altruistic? Clearly I have read works by many science like people who genuinely have invested lives in improving or making a positive impact on the World and some claim to have Religious beliefs that do not prevent themselves from interacting and seeking to understand the Universe and so on in which we live, likewise we then have the Scientist who categorically state within very often INTRANSIGENT positions that they have no belief in the UNEXPLAINABLE.

What does that mean? Well generally quite simply if something does not make sense we will develop a Scientific Hypothesis and System dedicated to the Study of what does not currently make sense until we can give reasonable or well understood sense to our Hypotheses. Yes that was a struggle of a sentence to write or give vocabulary too. So those of us who feel stuck or victim or however within any life role or realm can of course seek to further forward our life by taking particular actions.

Clearly some things are cheaper and easier than others. I typically suggested folks start with the very simply methodology of some form of EFT Tapping. So when I promote these free Fests for instance as well as listening in or viewing a Fest you could be carrying out a bodily tapping routine that again perhaps uses MULTIPLE SENSES and possibly provides greater recall of any learnings and teachings that are being provided.

Likewise experts always seem to say take advantage of the so-called Freebies when you are offered them. Clearly for any of us there is only so much learning that can take place within any given period of time and I typically in purchasing a number of courses do find I have to later return and go over them again in greater depth or detail than an earlier investigation. Likewise Fast Finish Sessions I think within Learning Strategy Courses are a fantastic option given the opportunity to use such things.

Elsewhere I having spoken on the Witnessing of the Winter Theme Thought AH-HA perhaps now time to Listen in to the Summer section of my Sonic Access Four Seasons and again it might be suggested that we do not necessarily need such things though I do think that the routine of listening to each session within your own personal Calendric Zone and Season at the appropriate times can help in giving greater balance to your life and intuitions and so on and so forth. I stated previously that for the busy individual or someone who wants a flavour or taster of multiple modalities could do no worse given that the Sonic Access is akin to a Best Of Compendium in many ways (I personally think).

So I will leave this one here for now of course though I did hear reference to some Hawaii related Lava Flow and of course I know that Sam Horn spoke on her relational link to Hawaii. Likewise for myself I have to mention SCOOBY DOO. One of the big cartoon collections that has accumulated through daughter visits to Hereford over the last 10+ years has been a Scooby Doo Movie Collection and I noted that they seemingly follow similar destinations to those being reported upon about the World. So look up the Scooby Doo Cartoon Movie Collection and where they have VISITED and you may just be surprised everywhere from the Himalayas to Hawaii and Mexico and Cruise Liners and so on have been covered. So I spoke on Disney seemingly releasing movies following particular cycles and Hanna Barbara and other cartoon establishments can perhaps possibly or potentially be demonstrated to have followed similar system of Process Development.

That perhaps where the IDEA that the sum of the parts is greater than the sum of the whole, whereby the entire World Populace may be thought of in terms of being part of an Ecosystem or Environment and I do not think any grouping has yet been uncovered or identified that is singularly responsible for not being able to have some equivalent explanation for the term “One cannot not Communicate”. Another interesting IDEA was that of the 3 Monkey’s Speak No Evil, See No Evil, Hear No Evil. I was thinking about this in relation to Mastermind Grouping’s and wondering perhaps if each person within a given grouping may or otherwise fit one of those 3 parameters. Clearly some interesting DYNAMICS would occur through such tactics though even Learning Strategies would not be that fiendish in the recipe for the course.

Elsewhere a smaller news article was of course the Statue of Liberty (SOL) bomb scare story and of course given the timing and NEPAL or LAPEN backwards story’s I could not help to once again be thinking that France is somehow inadvertently in the mix at present. Is there not a Far Right movement in France that is based on the Doctrines and teaching of the La Pen family? Likewise France of course gave the Statue of Liberty as a Present to America. Yes again international History is full of politicking and who did what to whom for what reason. Typically us Brits are often portrayed as the Colonial Bad Guys though when you look at some of the former French colonies you perhaps find areas that you would not be so quick to apportion blame and so on to. So we often seemingly have to investigate differing dynamics and knowledge bases to find some CLARITY as to why becoming your own personalised compass and teacher and likewise finding like-minded souls and peoples to work in alignment with can be a blessing even if it does not feel that way early on in some Enlightenment Circles.  Yes people turn to Alcohol and drugs and all sorts of escape from or escape too Solutions though perhaps being able to experience HIGHS without having to take any illegal substances or take up wild out there theories is perhaps where many of the Assisted Meditational Approaches seem to stand head and shoulders above other options.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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