At Least That Is What I Thought They Said

So one of the most simplest techniques that I encouraged and indeed used was quite simply to take a given voice or sequence of noise and mimic it and play with it and sound it out differently and so on. When we enter the World we do not generally of course come with a set of Gnasher’s (teeth) and likewise we very often in later years lose teeth. These things are of course down to individual personal maintenance though we can curl our lips over our teeth and then speak as though we have no teeth.

This simple and what many regard as stupid technique demonstrates how quickly any one of us can alter the noise that emanates from our lips and indeed how things can sound very differing to the written or spoken script.

A classic usage of such technique was of course the Oasis song Don’t Look Back In Anger and we can also point to a Classic Scotch (either video or cassette tape advert) that used some classic Reggae type number as an example.

Wake up in d morning slepping for bed sa, we got every monk and beef head oo ooh my ears are alight.

Yes I think part of the joke being that even with quality playback the song is somewhat haphazard in trying to work out what the lyric actually is. Of course whilst I am sure some Reggae folks are quite snobby about that particular music sector (believe me I have yet to meet anyone from any music sector that does not have some kind of established ego snobbery attachment) we can of course say the same when going to the Opera of however, I don’t understand it-it is all in B***** Italian. Of course that is one of the strange things in life as to how some Languages sound appealing and flowing and other languages are quite stilted and broken and the speed differential is also an interesting dynamic.

So I know for instance that we all typically develop our own speech and rhythmic speed and many a language has a version of “just nod your head and smile”. So we of course gradually come to see that learning alternate languages can be beneficial and whilst that is in terms of spoken form we can come to see the benefit of understanding that we are already communicators of multiple languages.

I think one of the tricks of several modalities is bringing such awareness and knowledge back on-line in conscious windows of reality so to speak. So we have potentially created many auto-pilot mental processes from young ages and whilst many are harmless-we can demonstrate that an improved quality of internalised processes can be brought into being whereby you can systematically become increasingly better organised as to how you are going about any given task.

So many peoples and persons of course have many choices as to how they want or wish or desire to take advantage of the very many learnings and teachings available. I being at the lower end of Societal spectrum of course said something along the lines of “Well if time does not really exist, then I can simply begin monitoring Sports and then applying feedback information to sports and then places bets on where the feedback is directing myself as to most likely winners”.

Yes I then of course discovered or found that many an inherent misdirection or BIAS can exist within our non-conscious causing all sorts or debate as to who is pointing at what sport at any given time and likewise who is operating from a so called higher place on the hill.

So we have many options and all seemingly come with one or other level of “how could I have been so stupid” like thoughts and feelings and aspects as to interpretation.

Anyway I am quite sure I have repeatedly said begin small. Take a given sport such as tennis or So typically Soldiers during training might use Compasses and Feng Shui encourages the regular usage of Compass. Over a prolonged period of time such usage can become like a 2nd nature-however it does no-one any harm to return to such simple practices, if or instance you are 20 years down the line from when you left the Forces or however. All too easy as we know to claim a “IDENTITY” for life that when looked upon in retrospect was for a relatively small length of our lives. Yes some folks may be fortunate in only knowing and having lived one career or life realm though a number of us have shifted and moved around jobs and so on.

So we can also of course be somewhat Walter Mitty like in identity simply through regular high viewing or reading of particular realms materials. I of course spoke on how as a resident of “HEREFORD, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM” I tended to keep an eye on local Military type books and interests. Likewise we can show folks who act as though favourite soap characters and so on. So crafting an identity for yourself is of course quite beneficial as to how you yourself want to see and envision the World and so on. Likewise it can be all too easy to have fallen down at early life hurdles though some bounce back easier than others. We have (those who took up Meditation) all perhaps come to understand that some aspects of life the Universe and so on come with aspects such as Resistance and confusion and conflict as to personalised topics of debate.

So we can read materials from alternate life realms without being those realms and likewise we over the years of course have heard how this Vocation is full of peoples and persons who could not pass muster in this realm over there. Typically such things are said of Fire and Police service like personnel that they are failed Soldiers. I disagree though am sure like many a vocation we can find percentages that make such claims true. I mention those service’s because of recent news articles more than anything else.

I think some rescue team that has gone out to Nepal from the Hereford Region is in fact related to the local West Midlands fire Service and likewise I found myself whistling “The Sweeney” theme music, at least that is what I thought it was, many years since the 1970’s and my infant viewing of such a show. Likewise “Chelsea For the Cup” is strangely close to returning to haunt myself in the Premiership title race.

I see that the Snooker is presently popular though have been hoping to gauge some feedback and return as to Boxing this weekend. We of course have the Pacman about to take on the Mayweather chap and both have what might be regarded as reputations to uphold. Manny versus Floyd who will take home the title. Most likely a disputed decision and a rematch is what springs to my own thoughts. However I am of course often known to be incorrect in my assessments, hence always seemingly wanting ever greater levels of CLARITY.

Having a questioning mind is of course differing to having a non-questioning mind and in fact one does at times wonder as to the benefits of either-or in terms of who benefits most when it comes to some kinds of interactions.

Think of Basil Faulty and his interaction with Spanish waiter Manuel and you will likely catch my drift. Manuel typical of many a cross-language difficulty in nodding head and saying yes, yes and then going and doing something completely different. Such debates of course can be dissected. I use to think or put such events down to someone else’s language, though can clearly demonstrate that it is very often simply someone being THICK to the point of gaining promotion.

What ?

Yes so a whisper reaches myself that a completely useless IMBECILE has applied for a job elsewhere and my initial thoughts were “I wish such folks would ask me for a reference”, so you might think that in calling someone an imbecile they would get a bad reference, though the truth is I would likely give such an individual the VERY BEST REFERENCE they have ever had.

So you want to know how you wound up with X moron further up a given management chain than yourself, very often the GOOD REFERENCE to GET RID OF strategy is applied within many a realm. Many mistake imbecility with someone being “THICK SKINNED”. They are not thick skinned they are too short of a full deck to GET anything that is not drummed in repeatedly with assistance of beating device.

Okay so kernal’s of truth can be found within many realms and information’s though we can of course carry out reframe or coin flip and discover that some folks really have what it takes to fulfil those roles in life that very often few would necessarily choose for themselves. Likewise my use of words and phrases such as IMBECILE are in no way a reflection on peoples and persons with disabilities, very often the least deserving of negative connotations of such terminologies (in my opinion).

So what else well I saw a baby child being pulled from the Nepal Rubble and thought ah-ha, nice of you to show up Budha. Likewise we are apparently still awaiting THE ROYAL DELIVERY and I am working tonight when I have a teleseminar for another course that I want to listen in on. I shall do so when I arrive home in the morning as I now have a short long weekend coming up. Hopefully I can better utilise the time to reorganise, coordinate and choreograph my life in a fashion and manner more deserving of the Riches and Wealth and Health and so on that I deserve.

Yes so take courses, learn from Masters then repeat from Masters perhaps becoming Affiliate and likewise learning improved methods and writing skills and interactions with other people. Another headline I noted today was that the elections are now in final countdown, Mr Cameron noted for his recent Delboy impression as to VAT and TAXES. I of course can point at many an adopted Strategy that has failed and very often such things simply demonstrate this IDEA as to putting good recipes and ideas on top of what is already a full cup (for many a person) far better when you have an over hot drink to pour some of the water out and add a little cold or indeed add some milk or other coolant to the mixture.

So I have taken notes within my writing pad though have not transferred them online and likewise am sure others now do the same, the truth with things such as Compass and colours and noise and sound of course that whatever our Cross Realm Interpretative capabilities we still require getting some foundational or fundamental basics down as building blocks towards improved dynamic steering as we progress within our respective areas of life the Universe and Everything.

I am intending to find a state of Flow and Rush out lots of Book Manuscript this forthcoming weekend though as we all know the World is full of hooks and distractions and demands that also have to be taken into consideration.

So what else, well I saw the headline as to a serial liar being sent to prison for the murder of child and thought such things of course relate to what I said quite recently as to finding truth and staying with truth. Once you have found the benefit of emptying the INTRANSIGENT EGO CUP and replacing it with a more mature or dynamic integrative interpretative capability the World becomes perhaps a better place to play or not the choice as always is too take any feedback and ask how can I improve upon what has gone before. Is this information relevant to my own mental World and how can I shift through the mental pain into a winning formula.

Yes the rush to be part of a collective does not occur within the higher realms of some sports such-as Boxing Legend and Golf Legend and Tennis Legend and anyone who screams “You cannot be serious” is potentially misleading themselves into the realm of “The Map is Not The Territory” and all those ah-ha’s that can come about through sticking rigidly with some master teacher or grand master for a year or two. At least until some of the better or improvements you set out to experience begin to happen.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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