Where Did I Leave My?

Most of us can probably list many other words that fall into that end position of the sentence than some of the more obvious. Words such-as brains, dreams, hopes, motivations and we can of course go on and on dependent of course on where we ourselves are FOCUSSED as to possible life regrets or inspirations, motivations and incentives and so on.

Unsure as to why I am writing this though I did catch-up with my Future Mapping Course and an example was demonstrated as to some of the questions being asked, in particular most or many of us seeming have issues as to BLINDSPOTS.

I think I wrote on this topic or issue before as to those imaginative leaps of faith into the unknown that many a Hero or Media Personality takes and clearly such Strategies are often copied in day-to-day life by those watching the very many shows and media’s available to us all.

So clearly we can demonstrate that just about every level of show whether regarded as a lowest common denominator or indeed a maximum common denominator is catered for in some fashion. However we also know that many of us once aware, often go through various changes as to how we may have historically behaved to how we behaviour now and again many of these things are akin to that peeling of layers of a life time’s worth of build-up or influences and psychologies and TACTICAL STRATEGIES.

I use the word TACTICAL of course because I see a headline this morning suggesting that a particular football manager falls under that classification or labelling, clearly a topic of debate to be had by any related experts on that subject matter.

My own interest returning to Learning Strategies coaching and teaching and the Future Mapping Course was actually again related to the example chart.

So those areas designated as BLINDSPOTS were typically matrixed regions either side of our seemingly non-dominant hand drawn squiggly line. Within the example they were clearly marked with a kind of circular blue shading or transparency layer or film, all those sorts of levels can of course be phased in and out as to strength and depth and so on.

Anyway my point is that I was thinking again in relation to this course and the Natural Brilliance model found within the Natural Brilliance Book that was given away for many of us with the Photo reading Course, was this one of imagining each of those highlighted blue sectors as a STRATEGY.

The other part was this idea that you have above the line positive and negative polarity and below the line positive and negative polarity and of course the path of our squiggly line weaves its way back down to the starting point from the so-called final result.

So I typical Dave labelled those Strategies as BAUBLES during a visualization exercise that I performed not long afterwards within the 24hr period, I was effectively seeking to bridge some of those circular mental realm debates as to removing cause and effect.

So I have not fully worked out the detailing, those thought well clearly Paul Scheel set up his Business “LEARNING” Strategies, so that might be one bauble, likewise many of the TLC (Transformational Leadership Council) may also be considered as being peoples and persons who are “PERFORMING” Strategies.

Any room for another Strategy?

So the one bauble that I visualised (so to speak) was not within the Future Mapping, again I had quite an in depth visualization on this one, though am unlikely to detail everything beyond so brief highlights giving the general outline for folks to think upon.

Ok first of all imagine that your Future Mapping has actually been created or drawn on the ground, like how those pavement artists draw art on the paving stones, making you see differing perspectives and some hae been quite amazing as a digression, I recall walking along a path in Hereford Eign Gate and suddenly finding myself with an exceptionally believable ABYSS beneath my feet like I was walking on air.

Anyway so Future Map beneath your feet and you have a xmas tree bauble in your hand this is within its own gravitation field and all the various related physics (whether you want to believe this is some alternate paradox or parallel reality of Earth Physics or indeed Off-World Physics.

So imagine if you will that those highlighted blindspots are cosmically interacting with each other and whilst we regard them as blindspots a form of physics and gravity and pull is going on between them. You however are this third UNKOWN bauble blindspot that is also having as much effect upon the other 2 as they are on each other AH-HA.

So the CHOICE point is the BAUBLE that you are holding in your hands to stop the other baubles crashing in on each other (potentially), or you could imagine and test the theory that the point at which all the baubles crash and collide and so on is once again the POINT that you need or require to identify in some fashion. So you have spent your life Learning Strategies and you have spent your life Performing Strategies and now we want to come up with some Solution Strategy for all these interacting blindspot baubles. Not having any effect what so ever on how we now want or desire our life strategy to be.

This perhaps clearly where the INTEGRATIVE RECOGNISING THE SOLUTION STRATEGY comes to the for, in a kind of be your own Solution to the demonstrated problem.

All these things are of course down to awareness and whether we regard ourselves as operating from a place of emotions or a place of thought or a place of logic or a place or freedom and so on. Confusion and Conflict can clearly be demonstrated as to so-called GREAT UNKNOWNS of placing yourself within any particular doctrine or sphere of influence and manipulation, even so-called Pure and Holiest of Designated individuals are often given such rapturous applause when they admit to having experienced some of those less than desirable things happening or occurring within their lives.

So we can remove the blindspots via the very simple mechanism or exercise of carrying out some visualization exercise and then perhaps saying well I can neither make bauble A happy or Bauble B happy at the same time so I am going to go of with my bauble C and craft my own Model Solution explanation for all that is wrong with the World, or likewise imagine that with our bauble C in hand we are at that APEX position of a TRIANGLE whereby for either A or B to get some movement or shift from being a blindspot, then the C-POINT of sharing knowledge and insight and so on comes into play, we might also suggest this might also be regarded as a COMPARE point, not to be confused with compere (show host).

So for instance with some Future Maps I have noted wave like cliff overhang patterns and if you were a guy climbing a mountain would you not want some point of being able to dive under some small cliff face whilst an avalanche or descending bad guy or villain unaware of the cave continues in the downward slope trend. So some plateaus on such diagrams and charts can be thought of in positive fashions that we are unaware of. This having to go an alternate route via friends or family house or something caused myself to not be involved in this great big car pile-up that just occurred on my regular route and so on.

So we can result and reshape and recraft how the World has operated about ourselves, when we consider alternate realities and dimensions and of course look for the positive attributes from given sequence of events (irrespective of whether that is a linear or non-linear model we are operating from, rather than constantly being locked in with Thoughts and Feelings and Actions that are placed within one side of the scales of judgment we might say that We are Collective Strategies.

So some speculated upon third bauble exists that has a direct hire wire circuit link to your end point that feeds back down through the system tree of the existence that got us to 120 % happy and so on.

Yes more meandering though always worth noting down and speculating as to Learning/Performing/Juggling/Creating/Innovating Strategies.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 😉

So I Took Some Time Out To Carry Out A Recent Homework

So I took some time out to carry out a recent homework for the course module, Write Well, Write fast, Write Now and in truth by the time I had finished going through the variants of the same questions it came to a grand total of some 24 pages.

So whilst it is perhaps somewhat easy for some of us to sit and say we have this block or that block in reality when presented with appropriate PROMPTS we can find ourselves “in the zone” so to speak as to our outpourings or otherwise.

For myself of course the prompts were somewhat annoying, the sheet that the Questions were on was an American English format and each and every word that I wrote with a U in it came under the red-line correction facilities of the editor. Typically such things are about how you yourself communicate and have been taught and so on and I being English British write Behaviour not behavor and colour not color.

Clearly beyond those small pet annoyances the Proust Questionnaire is actually highly beneficial in many ways and I very much enjoyed carrying out that activity-anyone can of course carry out the Proust Questionnaire or indeed come to understand that a quick visit to Amazon and you can come up with complete selections of Inspirational Writing Prompt Books and so on.

So yes I was very pleased as to ignoring the spellchecker and just going and going and suddenly finding myself with a rather large completed homework document.

The other aspect of course is this dilemma of separating wheat from chaff in the sense that I can only ever answer to the best of my abilities at any given level of awareness that I have and I think more recent times, perhaps the last year or two has demonstrated that I am potentially “beyond any stage of suffering” though seemingly still cling to such ideas and so on within the day to day confines of my life.

The other issue of course with any writing prompts is that IDEA that I do not necessarily want my own life to be front and centre of a given course that I am carrying out. I like many of the Modalities I have taken because I do like the IDEA of having a fundamental foundation that is shared and in alignment with greater truths and so on.

So I can perhaps state honestly and openly that whilst it is interesting as to what may or may not come up with regard to personal thoughts feelings and actions taken, those things were not at the forefront of my thoughts in taking up more recent modules, I really was and am and have been seeking to develop skills and craft and so on to a point whereby I can have confidence in how I go about life the universe and everything, likewise I can of course use the IDEAS presented as a springboard to other things.

So I took the writing course with what I believed to be the intention to create a fictional realm and then write stories about characters within that realm, from what I have seen many an author within the course is actually more about their own personal REAL WORLD life and developing cures for this that and the other remedy for some affliction they are suffering or indeed simply having found some words of wisdom and enlightenment that they want to share with other peoples and persons.

The last listening in session was very much about the IDEA of finding your own voice among all the competing thoughts and correction that can come up within your mind. I typically having meditated for several years do not suffer in that fashion so much through having worked various mental reorganisation courses, however I can relate to such things from the position of having historically experienced such dilemmas.

So the idea with many a questioning prompt is again to bring those honest thoughts and feelings to the surface without Editing. Very often people will read a question think of an answer and then go into some auto-correction editor mode whereby the first fleeting thought and so on was very likely what you want to allow and enable to be given a voice.

These things are of course part and parcel of that IDEA of the LAYERS and brain as an ONION issues.

I cannot tell people who or how or why they should choose to be this that or the other way, though likewise if you find a remedy for particular ailments or cause and effect issues or indeed bigger windows upon the World how many of us want to tell friends and families and those simple little actions can of course lead to further sequences of events and knock-on effects as others come to the same awareness and realisations and so on as we feel that we have.

So some have suggested for instance, that you just keep on going, hell yeah, look at me, super personality within this market sector and so on. I of course have rejected many of the self-promotion aspects of the teachings quite simply because I was unable to get any rewarding and uplifting messages out in terms of being under mental stress and duress and siege and so on.

Now of course whilst I do not necessarily still have those feelings or indeed people targeting myself with many a nonsense or falsehood, we do come to see that some of the modalities are potentially worth far more in value that what we may or may not be paying for them.

A typical phrase that I often repeat is of course swings and roundabouts and come to think of it we do of course have SLIDES at playgrounds as well, so perhaps I need or require coming up with a “& slides” or “slides &” though the reason I actually mention that is because of course I remember when little that I use to like many a person, run up the slide, and that is perhaps akin to seeking or trying to run up a slippery slope, we usually all finding ourselves have to use our hands to grip the edges or indeed hang over the edge whilst someone is sliding down in appropriate fashion, yes lots of fun can be had with the playground slide.

Another kind of slide is of course the photograph slide and many years ago I found myself having to database a rather large collection of slides that some folks I was working for had accumulated, they of course worked as professionals within their realm and whilst I am sure the slides were very interesting for they themselves, for myself I was effectively taking information and material in on a non-conscious basis that I perhaps would not have chosen to have any interest in beyond of course the income and or self-worth that having a job perhaps gave me.

So slides are of course not all that differing from photographic plates and negatives and that of course is akin to what I have described previously as being like an overhead projector sheet or laminate. A clear sheet sheet with some words of wisdom scrawled upon them by an expert, clearly once you begin going through some of the clearing remedies available you come to see this idea that if you are taking information in and out non-consciously then we ourselves and our internalised systems are very much like those clear or transparent sheets and it is the layers of data and information and accumulated knowledge that we either have a desire to retain and reorganise or indeed simply let go, how often do we want or like to hang on for dear life with this belief coin side whilst clearing out or letting go beliefs on this other variable. Cleary coins are perhaps “old fashioned” given the way in which Worldwide society is moving away from physical currency and cash in your pocket, though again cleary we can say just like my umbrella example or indeed a pie chart that you can have this many segmentations within this kind of fruit, and each segmentation may well be another aspect or variable choice as to beliefs and what serves or does not serve you and so on.

So yes I spent an hour or two going through the most recent homework project and found myself a couple of hours later having written some 24 pages. Likewise that was in quite minimalist fashion hence these things being about how we take the time or make the time to fit in such homework activities within day-to-day life and projects and so on.

I can of course still feel or experience so called triggers, though clearly the further and deeper you go along some of the outlined technologies the more you often release and at some point of course you are going to want to feel centred and calm and relaxed and confident in your knowledge and outlook on life and so on.

Anyway this had turned into meanderings somewhat again, so I will leave it here with a final “Pesky Americans, fancy not including U in the language, how many letters are in the Alphabet and can we learn anything from what the former colonies choose or otherwise to omit, something to think about clearly given how many variants of English are used about the Wider World and indeed how we are often told that we are multiculturalist Society, even though such things rarely happen outside some of the larger Cities and Metropolis’ etc.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

What Market Place Do I Envision Myself Operating Within

This is typically of course not how many a youth is geared toward being a grown up and how they intend the course of their life to operate and of course when you go through various learnings and teachings you very often come to see that old mantra “All Life Is Suffering”, however that does not mean you cannot still carve out your own options and choices and life course should you be of a mind to do so.

I think it interesting of course that we very often on leaving school/college/university and so on very often come to see that many a person goes through the further education system for the wrong reasons, I really do think that whilst many may say and state that they are carrying out this study in order to be within this service or industry at this level, that in fact many are simply putting off or procrastinating with next level of life progressions and so on. Clearly we can say in coin side terms that if you want to be working as a professional within particular industries you have little option than to go through the schooling system unless that is you are of course able to find Apprenticeships or inbuilt career options within some big business.

Strange? Not at all, many an industry has established their own in-house training mechanisms and systems because quite simply that is often the very best way to get candidates and students to excel within the given industry, far too often is has been demonstrated that candidates have been brought in from University graduate levels and have failed to transition into physical on the job success stories. Yes choice is choice, do I want to be this kind of a jigsaw piece within this industry or profession or indeed do I want to be this other kind of jigsaw piece and so on. I did note an exceptionally high profile Company recently stating that they were changing and moving away from the “classical” recruitment criteria with their own system of identifying best candidates for the business irrespective of qualification, by that it was suggested that they have their own internalised system whether through entrance exams and interview and so on of identifying people that matched what had been regarded or identified as the characteristic or typical profile of successful workers in the industry at any given specification level.

So I of course not a typical application candidate in terms of knowing that irrespective of having left school with X qualifications and having returned in Later life and gained Y qualifications and indeed worked in particular realms where I achieved Z qualifications that I always find myself on the wrong side of many a company’s bog standard recruitment optioning’s. I also know that I am not the only one to have experienced such things though given any black marks for having being in trouble 10, 20, 30 years + ago is somewhat annoying and I have often been amazed at how many good quality people and persons find themselves on the scrapheap for life simply through nonsense business Psychology of Leopards not changing Spots even though no repeat occurrences or incidences can be demonstrated within the intervening years.

Clearly remedy such-as Meditation Learning Strategies enable myself to clear and let go of any residual or remnant beliefs surrounding such things, though that is still not going to get myself into a level of employment or financial security that are very often the difference between having options and choices or not having options and choices.

Yes we can typically state that so and so is rejecting themselves by not applying for jobs they could be doing because after so many interviews and negative outcomes they cannot “take it anymore” etc. so cause and effect when left to the external peoples and persons is always going to go through what many of us elder peoples regard as undesirable Societal wide pattern hoops and comply with this and you will get this. I spoke on the housing for instance previously whereby each and every compliance where I met a criteria, a new criteria was created that I then had to meet, wasting my life away and making zero progress.

So we have a million and one courses saying learn these lessons and learnings and the secrets of the Universe, when the number one secret of the Universe is to simply set up for YOURSELF.

Identify a field of interest that you can envision spending your life doing and do anything and everything to make that come into being as your own Business or Model of Life and Existence and so on.

Yes you can of course say well is that not the same as applying for jobs though I would hope anyone can see that by setting up for Yourself you are effectively changing the PARADIGM, that you exist within.

This is Yourself, and yes a million and one peoples within a wide field and range of activities can demonstrate shortcuts for any want to be entrepreneur. Do I want to go through and make all the mistakes and learnings for myself (I think can actually work well for people if they are willing and able to use reframes and any given identify a lesson or learning from a given scene and scenario) or do I want to fast track myself, again swings and roundabouts especially when it comes to finding appropriate fast track methodologies.

So I can typically repeat from my own life experience and the lessons and learnings that I am not necessarily a people person, yes I can be a people person, though generally do have a lifelong identity with simple ideas as to truth and honesty (when I look at my own longer term lifetime averages, I would generally say that where I might be identified as being less than forthcoming with operating in a truthful and honest fashion, I can usually identify other cause and effect issues & psychologies at play).

Having meditated heavily and unplugged greatly from many of the so-called delusional matrixes that Society operates within, I have settled into patterns of wanting to work behind the scenes or focus on particular craft and skills and lessons and learnings and teachings whereby I can earn a good respectable income and have reward whilst others are perhaps the FIGUREHEAD characters within given realm that I find myself.

So how can you set up for yourself and not be the front man? This is of course potentially a pit fall region, I when returning to Hereford said I want a job that enables myself to maintain my own childcare functioning and whilst still earning an income and so on. I thought ah-ha, I can work nights and family will assist with bedtimes and night care and so on whereby I was optimizing the time spent with daughter upon her visits. However it is typically easy for myself to demonstrate that others within the realm were operating from alternate psychologies (for whatever reason) we can only be honest and truthful as to our own mental patterns and psychology as to what is taking place at any period or time within our lives, and likewise things such as awareness and enlightenment can also change the paradigm when you can get something of a momentum going as to transitioning people in numbers and crossing for many people what are considers no-mans’ Lands and so on.

I spoke on this issue of coin tossing, whereby people will often say best of three, best of five, and those are all delusions positions to operate from, they might be good from a SPECULATIVE position, though the truth and honesty calculation is always BEST OF ONE, BEST OF ONE, BEST OF ONE, drumming such a simple IDEA into people is hard work without them having investigated such things for themselves as to getting those realisations.

So each and every person whilst having a right to existence and so on in calculating terms generally needs to transition themselves into ideas as to understanding BEST OF ONENESS.

Anyway non of this was what I intentioned to speak upon so I may write another article, three in a day is quite a large number though I wanted to speak on the so called Story Boarding and Mapping or indeed Ideas such as Visioning Holography, why? Well if you had to create a Holographic World what are the basic requirements and structure and frameworks that you need in place?

So you might come up with a list of categories again, characters, props, locations, when you have your lists of such things (category heading wide) you can then reasons and rational as to sort through them for which should be at the so-called TOP of the tree and which ones are sub-components within a given area.

This is again what I spoke on in relation to Engineering and Encapsulation within programming. When you have clearly established ideas as to an MODEL

Typically when I was carrying out programming I had to work out the basic model and then create an instance of that model and it was the instance’s that could be imbued with further characteristics.

So typically we can say this is a Human, two arms, two legs, a head,

It is only (for instance) when you want to specify Man Woman Child that other attributes come to the fore so you would have an INSTANCE of HUMAN that is Man, an instance of Human that is Woman, An instance of Human that is child,

You can then see how the respective tier levels of design and so-on come to the fore. Because further attribute can then be given at those lower tier levels, this instance of this instance of Man has blue eyes, this instance of this instance of Man has brown eyes and so on.

So whilst I have used the human example, we can in fact apply the same process to cars, clothes houses and mappings etc. it is simply always a matter of sorting or deciding as to which characteristics are shared across all instances of a label and what characteristics are more appropriately designated as attributes and values that exist within some lower tier of the creative process.

Once you have your basic structure tiers identified, you can then perhaps decide as to physics between organic and inorganic and so on. This instance of human designated man with green eyes and light brown hair and white teeth picks up this coffee mug (prop) and drinks liquid (fluids) from the mug whilst sat on this sofa (prop).

Clearly a similar design process and tier structure is at work for each and every single element hence the choice options coming to the fore in how you have any environmental ecosystem best demonstrated and so on.

So that is a typical writing example of breaking things down into a shape or form or structure framework that can then give an ah-ha as to how can I reorganise these things into my Envisioned Holographic Environment or whatever realm and World you are seeking to create.

Yes I know you do not need any of the theory, though theory itself can be just as rewarding when you look at the success of the How too Book Industry.

I think I may not need to write another article after all, I do have my scribble pad available so will perhaps focus and concentrate on my own concurrently running projects, yes stepping into envisioning alternate Worlds is where I want to be at and that can be differing again to redeveloping your own life story and model, strange though true, yes some of these Modular Component things seem to gear many people to obsessions with intransigent Real World issues that they are going to solve as STARRING PERSONALITIES where I personally want to perhaps express personalities and so on in the fashion of Author, whereby my own life improvement model comes into being via people relating to fictional world models and creations and so on.

I spoke on this with a colleague recently as to why would anyone want to write about my work environment, in fact the place has all the major components for a TV series hit or even a film, though I generally think it would appeal more to people not suffering the various traumas.

What would some Fictional World Character do when presented with living within this particular paradigm, what would Superman, Yoda, James Bond, and so on be like if they worked and existed within this profession and so on.

Yes surely anything that is a change from your standard normality can be greeted with enthusiasm and lifting of pressures and stresses, I think the distance model works for all peoples at all levels of society all of the time. So whilst we can speculate as to how we might cope with success and fame and fortune, those within such positions can reverse the idea and wonder as to how they might be within some other than normal realm for themselves. I guess actors and artists get to experience such things far more often than those of us that have fallen into regular groove or otherwise that we have a desire to remove ourselves or shift from.

Yes I am blah blah’ing again.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Here Is One I Did Earlier

Dear Sam

Do Not Forget Your Biohazard Suite

Did You know how many World Stage International Tourists and Business people fail to pack a Hazmat suite for their expeditions? You are probably unaware of reports that Anthrax (the deadly virus not metal band) has arrived on South Korean Shores courtesy of the United States Government at the present time, or just how easy it can be to source yourself a suite before it is too late.


However Not to be outdone and in case you do find yourself catching a bad dose of any internationally reported upon condition, my friends at Learning Strategies may be able to provide you with a Solution in the form of the most excellent and amazing Spring Forest Qigong Programme Starring Chunyi Lin later this month.


If you would like to take the opportunity to become a Learning Strategies Fest Ambassador (as well as Teacher/Coach) you can do so by filling in the form at the following link address www.LearningStrategies.com/FestAffiliates4.aspx?aff=23383. Thank you, and as always, I await hearing your Postcard’s From South Korea course Module: Be Authentic, Find Your Voice, Facilitate Flow. David, Hereford, England, United Kingdom 🙂

How Can I Zoom In On An Unknown Quantifiable Continuum

How can I zoom in on an unknown quantifiable continuum that whilst demonstrated can only ever be pointed at or sculpted around, what are the markers and stumbling points and so on…

So we all of course can claim to have potentially struggled and stuttered and stumbled as to finding methods as to circumnavigating our own self sabotage mechanism or indeed identifying so-called intersecting points that do not really genuinely exist beyond the realm of thought, how can I overcome or go through an obstacle that is said to be the way when navigating or getting the ah-ha as to a given issue cannot necessarily be view directly in manner and fashion that we typically presume to know that it should be seen and so on.

Well typically how many of us sign up for a course such as photoreading and carrying out the first part and perhaps the second and third stages and so on and by the time we get to perhaps physically draw a mind mapping of a given work we are procrastinating and going to make a nice cup of tea instead or however.

What I like about present course Future Mapping is that you are typically encouraged or told to draw right up front as the first part of the process.

So it might be suggested that the one course turns the other course on its head, whereby in identifying blocks or sticking points within a course you can say ah-ha I stumble at this juncture on this course and this other course I stumble at this juncture so typically in integrative fashion it might be suggested that the overlapping points of intersection where any given person stumbles within a given course is that place you have a desire to IDENTIFY in order to get those breakthroughs and so on.

Clearly we can also speculate as to beginning and ending, one course might in process terms physically turn the alternate course upon its head.

Typically when we go to the imaginary realms we can project and imagine ourselves as some future beings wanting to look back through history and perhaps in order to study “the history of mankind” create some holographic simulation of any given point along the history thread of the human race and so on.

So what might become different about your life and World if you knew you were simply some holographic projection from the distant future playing out some study of a given life, of course most people place themselves front and central as to being the most important person within their own life, though that is not what future mapping asks-future mapping asks how can I make this other third party person smile and so on.

So hardball self-interest has typically been potentially identified as one of those markers of intransigence as to seeing with greater vision and the potential in all things and moving peoples away from difficult models of reality that they may be experiencing.

I use the word potentially in quite a flexible fashion in this instance because I have of course gone through various learnings and lessons as to levels of ego maturity and-or otherwise and it can of course be demonstrated as to stages of growth and personal development and so on that maturity or lack thereof can be the difference between many miscommunications and misinterpretations and so on.

So I was thinking about the idea of how can you; given the premise that your conscious window is infantesimal in size, to corresponding incoming data get an alignment of exceptionally worthy stars or indeed that winning combination on an arcade machine (metaphorical allegorical etc).

So typically we can say that each and every moment that any given sensory data is coming into our conscious window of awareness is in fact “A TIP OF THE ICEBERG POINT” and what we want to occur or happen is in fact to gain constant trust and faith and so on that our conscious window alignments of information’s are thread points perhaps to what lies beneath.

Clearly we can follow the chain or thread down on any given arcade machine analysis, though that was not what I was gearing toward. I was thinking that you could have a sensory arcade machine whereby each spinning or rolling drum or barrel is in fact a particular sensory realm.

So for instance we can say that reel 1 is sight and reel 2 is sound and reel 3 is touch and reel 4 is taste and reel 5 is smell and reel 6 is your cry of HOUSE (in bingo terms).

Likewise we then have to device a methodology or sorting process in order for those alignments to be the best momentary reel 1 and best momentary reel 2 and best momentary reel 3 and best momentary reel 4 and best momentary reel 5 and of course best momentary reel 6.

This is of course speculative-though typically it has been demonstrated of course that you do not require knowing “what lies beneath” in non-conscious terms as long as you are following or becoming ever greater attuned to some guiding principles and functional understanding as to what is occurring.

Do we want muddy water to come up in reel 1 and muddy water to come up in reel 2 and so on, what purpose do those things serve. Clearly we can come to see that many an INTRANSIGENT or hardball position, is often simply a lack of realisation as to following threads to well judged and understood conclusions.

So anyway I of course recently spoke on the idea of Continuum and Data and Filters and Awareness and clearly we can see that such speculations can be carried out in horizontal fashion and in vertical fashion and likewise we can refer to differing terminologies such as linear and non-linear though again one man’s linear can clearly be demonstrated to be another man’s non-linear, how so?

Well typically I spoke on my now deceased Grandmother being left-handed and my father being left-handed and for them they would be unlikely to claim that they were necessarily geared toward being other than some societal norm, because many such a functioning is clearly going to happen at such a young age that such things are taken for granted as “NORMAL” at very young ages, where the do-called maps are most blurred perhaps.

So I was thinking on these topics because I have been thinking greatly about cellular frameworks and architectures and so on, the ever increasing science industry has of course been gradually studying realms such-as nanotechnology and in fact all the building block requirements for self-organising principles and so on can be suggested to pre-exist within our physical bodily being and make-up so to speak whether we regard such things in Scientific terms or indeed in Religious terms-I know many dismiss religion though typically the scientific models are what allow most extremisms in terms of anything goes.

I think I spoke previously on this topic whereby deceased and therefore unable to defend themselves Celebratory are often found hardball guilty of crimes, when uncovered than are present or currently existing stars, yes we have seen more recently some going to prison, though still with many defenders claiming they are other than what they are accused of.

So is it really all down to Presentation and PR or are other factors at work, have these celebratory for instance carried out some of the speculations as to processes of what I am speaking upon and fallen into alignment with some future mapping sent back through time or is that simply another way of excusing ourselves from given presumed responsibility.

Can cellular courses of least resistance processes be developed that work for all peoples all of the time and how do we remove so-called blindfolds that IDEAS such as a window of NOW are again merely a sequence of transition states or stages that you can pass through.

Why well even when you can demonstrate the interconnectness of all things, most are still operating from frustration of ever moving targets, what good is this remedy that someone has demonstrated when a calculable reset point exists for every single beginning and ending inbetween.

Yes difficult to describe probability mathematics, though I did try recently with a colleague discussing lottery.

We know for instance that each and every time you flip a coin you might get several heads and several tails in seeming random nature. However we also know from study of winning lottery results and so on that particular balls even when falling into the recalculate and start again zone of statistical analysis can be zoned in upon. I joked as to how I had joined a bonus ball group for a couple of years a few years ago and typically particular peoples and persons with certain numbers consistently won throughout the time that I was doing that. Despite claims as to genuine randomness.

So how do I explain that?

So I know from personal experience that I had more success when I chose my own numbers regularly on lottery than when I would get lucky dips-however the Lotto company claims the truth is otherwise and more winners have come about from lucky dips, so what possible reason do I have to believe what they are saying when I have genuine inbuilt knowledge (whether held or appearing conscious or non-conscious) of my own winning statistics and so on.

Clearly that is potentially an ALTRIUSM on their part whereby they say the random number generator systems that they are using benefit more peoples and we all say hell yeah, when in fact on an individual basis if you already have a reliable system in place of favourite number XX or however you are genuinely better off staying with those numbers than being convinced otherwise.

This was typically demonstrated as the case within sports also for particular time periods. Manchester United may be losing now, though in consistency terms they won the premier league for many years and so on, so for any given UNIT IDENTITY and period of time measure and scale whether for man woman or child or sport or acting and so on, all you need to know is that someone or something is consistent enough for you yourself to bring yourself into alignment with and benefit from and indeed learn lessons from and so on.

So you do not need randomness you need favourites and to know that favourites will perform consistently given a particular period of time. How many sports demonstrably have favourites that you know will typically get through early rounds of competition, why are you seeking to defeat something that you are better of being in alignment with?

I think again it is in identifying the reasoning as to cause and effect, is it inherent greed for a bigger win, or calculated based upon cycles and patterns and reasoned thought processes. Yes all are moving targets though with enough study and dedicated practice and perhaps mediation and learning improved strategies you can come to understand best practise for being attuned to having a rewarding and uplifting life and so on.

Yes I am somewhat adrift at present-I strangely have 2 courses teleseminars tomorrow on the same day and of course all meanings and so on as to cause, effect and scheduling conflict are my own to reason through unless I turn the IDEA or thought on its head and say AH-HA an alignment of something is now occurring, although I think I am personally more likely to catch up with those online conferences at a more convenient time-thankfully such recordings are added to my on-line library enabling the listening and learning to take place at more fruitful moments within my own life schedule and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

The Joke Of A Beautiful Mind?

So before I continue in explaining some of the theoretical realms that I was delving into in yesterday’s post I thought I would briefly mention a mathematician by the name of John Nash, this chap was famously portrayed in the Film “A Beautiful Mind” by Actor Russell Crowe whilst the reality judging by the wiki picture is perhaps more kindred to our own United Kingdom’s Stephen Hawking.

Many of us whether we are aware of it or otherwise cannot underestimate the effects that this chaps work has had on very many areas of life the universe and everything, he specifically or appropriately famed for his work within the so-called realm of game theory, even having a particular branch dedicated to his mathematical work and so on.

I have mentioned a couple of his studies results perhaps indirectly during the course of this blog issues and topics such-as the 2 prisoners debate are part of the scientific models that he worked upon. Likewise much of the Artificial Intelligence and indeed associated modelling and search algorithms and so on that I spend several years studying within the Halls of University were developed along several of the models and theories that this chap and accomplices came up with.

Clearly we can state that mathematicians and so on were similar to those within the realm of NLP Study and Hypnosis in seeking to identify the best and most appropriate success models and so on.

Some may wonder why when you have spent do much time dedicated to mental cleansing would you go through many of the Learning Strategies Modules and Courses and I think the best answer is perhaps one of understanding that we all have whether we regard these things as mental or physical or spiritual, Architectures that are constantly running through our beings and so on based on what we learnt when growing up and the lives we have lived up to the present date and time and so on and clearly LS are firmly in the position of self enhancement and seeking to create more choice and options for people of all stripes and all levels of society and so on.

So anyway I enjoy the courses and surely anything you enjoy is worth pursuing in some fashion, I think it interesting of course that we many of us who have followed or joined The Holosync Solution and The Inner Circle and Learning Strategies and so on, very often have come to find that many choices and options and events within our lives can very much contribute and enhance our abilities now in many ways. Part of that chicken and egg debate as to need or requirement perhaps though I have come to see that much of my life in terms of study and courses and wanting answers have demonstrated that in many ways I was perhaps collating a wealth of knowledge and data and so on that can only contribute in positive and rewarding fashion now especially in what I perhaps share from those realms that I perhaps ventured into that many a person would shudder and shake at considering.

Yes whilst Computer Science perhaps has become an exceptionally popular Degree Level pursuit and so on it can be said that some of the associated courses such-as Artificial Intelligence do generally scare many a person off who could well benefit from taking some of the modules.

So yesterday I spoke on this IDEA that we have a CONTINUUM and most folks of course are not that bothered about considering such things in day-to-day life, it again typically one of those taken for granted I studied History, I learnt about the past and I see speculated upon futures on telly, is it going to put money on my table and food in my belly?

I of course seemingly have excelled in seeking to break the MONEY MODEL in many ways (simply because it is usually fear based, and typically generic fear within any realm whilst often thought to be good is often bad, when it comes to longer term issues such-as Health and so on, typically many a fear simply exists through not following theoretical chains to linear and indeed non-linear conclusions (we will get to that in a minute)) and in fact you might say that John Nash within his mathematical game theory claimed kindred spirit with Hayek more so than Keynes (I think-if I understand what I have read correctly.).

Those unsure as to the various debates can say well Keynes won out or that is what is generally accepted in many quarters as to how the Global Markets took shape and so on, though I think the Hayek and other models all actually contributed in carrying the debate forward and so on and creating some level or degree in awareness for those within the realms that those characters were known within.

So The continuum exists and is generally taken for granted.

Likewise many of the courses I recommend and have taken are about so-called awareness and awakening and typically we can all say that we are great big bundles of DATA, whether we like that non feeling term or otherwise. So clearly we can say well I am this big bundle of data and I am unsure as to what to do with it, and then Learning Strategies steps in and say well actually we can help you reformulate that which you already are and have and so on in to methods and practices and so on that improve your live and the results that you get within various areas and regions of your life and so on, by creating or providing you with a framework or ARCHITECTURE to work within. Hanging pegs on the line for some folks perhaps, though I do find that whilst we all of us perhaps had some negative reactions early on to the courses and so on that over the longer haul you do very often start to find whatever areas of life you focus upon improving, if you follow the most simple and basic of guidelines that you are only responsible for how you feel and how you act and how you think.

So DATA is again typically like the Universe NEUTRAL, it is how we INTERPRET data that makes all the difference in the World to our respective thoughts and feelings and actions and so on. The meditation quite early on I personally found slowed down all mental conflict and confusions and enabled me to see that more was going on in the Greater Wider World than just the exceptionally detrimental and circular negativity traps and nonsenses that I was getting sucked into through lack of awareness.

So I suggested that I had said a typical model may look or list under these typical category headings, CONTINUUM DATA FILTER AWARENESS

So The continuum is an ever present that exists and many a person blinded to or indeed caught in unhelpful patterns and cycles wondering how they can remove the blindfolds and so on.

About the continnum is all the variations of data and all is data, musical notes and colours and smell associations and touch associations and feelings and names and labels and patterns and cycles, they are all just DATA.

So the continuum is there already and for most of us who are long in the tooth, the data is there in many ways, you then get to the issue of FILTERS.

Filters again are neutral, however we all require filters as we go about our lives because to not have them could mean applying the wrong criteria to your realm, and that is the point where we come to believe that a FILTER is good or bad.

So the AWARENESS or BELIEF that we have is linked very much to our FILTERS and our REPORTING mechanism’s.

So why do I say that, well typically you might say well I work in this realm and my colleague works in this same realm so a report from this colleague to myself has the appropriate FILTERS.


All the filters that I am speaking upon are your own individual filters and you cannot however long you have worked in any environment presume to truly know the workings and mind of colleagues and others about yourself, you can often gauge such things, though I have generally found that with continued meditation many a belief in other people’s reasons and behaviours and so on can come into question, clearly that once again why many a business has looked for ways and means to make everything super impersonal, I have spoken on ideas such-as objective versus subjective previously and many a person who seeks and obsesses with being super objective is typically like the Vulcan Character Spock in Star Trek full of repressed thoughts and feelings and emotions and so on that they are very often better off without, what you resist persists and typically we see folks falling ill and or behavioural issues and psychologies becoming apparent because on non-conscious issues they perhaps are not aware they are operating upon, mediation when you go through the levels generally leaves you in no doubt as to many of the truths of these things. The coin side topic is of course this one of being overly personal, I think Marie Diamond spoke on this topic within one of her courses where an obsessive fan seemingly wanted to take over her life and typically I think we had Eminem famously write “STAN” that was very much about this topic.

Again typically very many stalking like issues revolve around the I RELATE TO YOU MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE ON EARTH, you are my one true love etc. or indeed simply other CONTROL FREAK ISSUES, or quite simply CURIOSITY, I wonder what this colleague or person gets up to outside of work and so on. So we can see that levels exist as to enquiry and thought processes and so on, very many harmless, other borderline lock them up and so on. Again we can often see direct attitudes and behaviours and indirect attitudes and behaviours, though in meditation you very often get to see that you can LAUGH AT YOURSELF to a certain extent if you have ever behaved in such fashion, few people can claim to have not had some IDOL or FANTASY GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND within their life at some point or other, clearly debate then as to being open and honest in friendship and relationships in general (I think) over the longer term most folks come to see that many an ill thought or feeling originating in some historical life drama can be let go as very often we have great long lists of having been victimised or not treated in appropriate fashion or manner, again we do not necessarily want to get sucked into drama when we are clearing though typically if you have carried out some ASK BELIEVE RECEIVE like practices and then someone you might like shows up who knows, we are often our own worst enemies, so choice is of course important to all parties not just our own.

Clearly coin sides exist on such matters, though I would hope that anyone who has come across my writings here on this blog has sought to use the Assisted Meditation as they can very much again help you to break free from some of the stupidities that are no longer relevant to your life, I can typically list many thoughts and feelings from when I was growing up that I can think wow was I really holding onto that nonsense for so long, clearly we many of us have lived lives of “OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND” when clearly we like to think we have put things behind us they can creep up on us in many ways shapes and forms, just as the Spock example I spoke upon above.

So anyway FILTERS with awareness can become your best friend as to knowing that whatever your self-reporting mechanism you can trust and intuit in ever improving fashion where you personally place your focus upon.

I think the filters issue is very much like the classical biblical quotes of threading through the eye of a needle and so on found in Matthew 19:24.

So yes you are your own data and you are part of the continuum and the filters-reporting sector is perhaps the equivalent of where you want to get you spinning 0-9 faces etc. into the most appropriate alignment for the activity and focus that you have at any given present moment in time.

Clearly there is more to it than that as many of the leading thought masters and so on can demonstrate, though I have typically been trying to follow my own KEEP IT SIMPLE SWEETHEART (KISS) message.

Once you have a better understanding of filter and the reporting mechanisms by which you live and operate and an understanding of how the link chains run through the various knowledge bases, in theory you can simply flick a switch into upward mobility and reward and all the rest of those things.

Yes sounds so easy though typically again we all come to see that a certain level of personal work and dedicated practice is required to not only simplify things, believe it or not creating simplifications is often made to look easy simply because people have been repetitiously carrying out similar teachings and practices for so long that it is second nature to them, though again in simplification terms, we take ourselves off the auto-pilot filter and reporting strategies that are not effectively working for ourselves and then put in place new learnings and teachings and processes geared toward more rewarding attributes and values and then with some constant reminding we enable and allow the new practices to become our new autopilot.

I typically have found the emptying the cup to fill it up again the preference of myself, though others who have not had such a troubled life and existence may well simply be able to put new knowledge and awareness’s on top of what is already there. It is not for myself to say which method is best and I am of course known to have been somewhat using the combination of both methods at the same time. Does that mean super awakening processes are headed your way-well I can only ever operate at the present level of understanding and awareness and so on that I have and typically I do genuinely find myself surprised at how some synchronicities and awareness become apparent that some may think I am aware of that I am completely oblivious to.

So yes, whilst it may seem to myself that much of my present lifetime has been wasted I do feel that I am a great big bundle of data simply waiting for someone to say Dave, can we buy your diaries of you and pay you for your blog writings, you are so dry and I did not know you could be so hilarious and funny.

Yes of course, some of the tears triggered by the technologies perhaps require being wiped away though many of us have come to perhaps see the funnier side a little way down the line so to speak.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Whose Mind Mapping Is It Anyway

This of course one of those questions that can be asked on many a topic and a question that literally just popped into my head as I sat down to type. I had just prior to that been thinking on the differences between jellyfish and mushrooms. Yes a strange comparison to perhaps be carrying out though we must remember that many a childhood relic of story contained stories of Mushrooms and Toadstools and so on, they typically as we many of us know far lighter than expected and they have a kind of fin like fibre when viewed from the alternate way up. I had of course been looking for the origin or umbrella, I speaking on Umbrella Organisation quite a lot in recent times thought well you do need to demonstrate the underpinning links somewhat as to how language was originally crafted by those in more officious positions and so on.

So Jelly Fish of course look like living mushrooms and I had also I have to admit been thinking about flying saucers in particular the so-called classic model. Whereby typically many a sighting or indeed classic movie shape was that of the upturned cup of tea saucer that you might find at a Mad Hatter’s Party.

Strange though true one can of course if not to careful disappear in a dream cloud of smoke and molecules and never be sure where chains of thought lead and so on. I have actually as many know been seeking to carry out mental thought processes and actioning that makes some of the chains and linkages as to inspirations and patterns and cycles more visible to all-comers. Such thinking is of course generally placed within the realm of fantasy fiction and la-di-da cults and so on though we do have to be honest and state that much Science came about through the study of the interlinking of the patterns and cycles and so on. As you progress with meditation you do of course very often wonder as to those IDEAS and thoughts of multiple intelligences and indeed multiple intransigent’s.

Yes I know I joined them into the idea of intelligent intransigent’s though very often the given for the intelligent manoeuvre or position is not necessarily obvious to all-comers, that ability to understand that in being with alignment with greater truths is effectively the equivalent of having a pause or delay point before embarking on a wrong trajectory of ideas as to right and wrong.

We can demonstrate that people and populations from throughout the World and of all stripes can be attuned to greater realities without necessarily be of any one given grouping. Those who fail to make that distinction typically the ones most suffering and potentially those who have placed themselves at the most extreme of preferences or indeed have quite simply continuously carried out burning bridges attitudes and so on toward personal growth and development.

Clearly the ability to manoeuvre or otherwise very often comes about through understand that you are not necessarily right or wrong you just may not be in alignment with the most appropriate sequence of themes and attuning at any given particular stage of your life.

I have of course been working on my course work for multiple modalities and with that in mind set about creating sketches of some World points of views and so on and typically when you do this you then find that seeking to QUESTION how best to describe and put words to such things comes into question.

This perhaps goes back to that story board idea that may come up for some folks. I mentioned storyboards in relation to my cartoon and television and film production writings and investigations because typically the Future Mapping course gives quite a flat representation of life the universe and everything, even though it explains very well some of the Teachings, Lessons and Learnings of Paul Scheele and Learning Strategies and indeed some of the associates and other leading lights.

So for anyone who is taking the Future Mapping Course and is struggling I thought I might put together some other mental model or pictures to bring extra processes and so on to bear within the teaching, and guess what Umbrella were included within that System.

So typically when being asked to think about Future Things we typically go to pre-existing models that we may or may not hold within our respective heads, those features within Futuristic Film and so on, and likewise because this is a family oriented blog (I like to think), I generally like to keep some la-di-da type things going within that greater scheme of things.

So what if you draw your squiggly line from end point to start point, then close your eyes and imagine that someone else is at the top with an umbrella and that person is going to hook the handle of the umbrella on the line and slide down the line, or indeed open the umbrella and hook the roof over the line and slide down the line.

Clearly some say what is the point, though I like to think that you then have to introduce alternate visual perspective or angles such-as those I mentioned previously from within engineering, the side-view the top-down view, the sliced view the front view and so on.

I was typically seeking to find ways and means to describe that line as the so-called space-time continuum.

Now it might be suggested that the intersecting point of the umbrella roof or hook handle is always what I described as The Infantesimal Decimal Decibel Point.

Yes I combined 2 slightly differing label and meaning thoughts into one and am sure further study could make such a thought more precise.

So that point whether we like it or otherwise is the optimal path to that smiling face at the top right hand side of the chart.

Likewise in our imaginings we could when thinking of someone sliding back through time to the rescue, think that various events along the way are what cause the divergence from a straight line, this point here was strong wind, this point here a South Westerly Rain and this point here was a Fascist Dictator taking pot shots and so on. So we do not need or require those “reasons” though typically throw them in anyway as page fillers, when the LINE ITSELF of the space-time continuum is our nearest approximation to the cause-effect RESULT (even though we know cause and effect is a fantasy delusion that even with vastly greatly reduced suffering-we commonly share to some degree or bearing).

Likewise as was suggested within the course itself you could in fact spin your person about that line a little bit through 360 rotations about that line and so on-be sure to not have them letting go.

Anyway instead of having a person within my paper drawing I actually had a FLOW CHART DIAGRAM hanging beneath the UMBRELLA, which is effectively a decision making process, and clearly we all have decision making processes though typically awakening and awareness or getting to an understanding of the optimum alignment path can be troublesome.

I typically went through various modality thought processes to see what combination I could come up with to best explain such things as understanding DATA and understanding FILTERS and understanding AWARENESS whereby typically for optimum performance at any INFANTESIMAL DECIMAL DECIBEL POINT along the line you have to be most attuned to current moment best established levels or layers of awareness. Typically you could probably place a ARCHITECTURAL THEME or group of listed themes and then see which is most apparent within your World at any given moment.

Yes I typically went quite in depth on this one as to getting myself some genuine long lasting improvements, this is excessively filtered to give report highlights.

My other Course Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now of course has the So-called W5 form to fill out and not wanting to leave those processes out because I have been seeking INTEGRATIVE AWAKENING PROTOCOLS AND PROCESSES and so on I typically thought through what meaning may best explain those things.

Typically of course W can mean WAVE and 5 might be a sample of S (so in real world terms (this is a DIRECT TRANSLATION MODEL as opposed to speculative, 5 looks like S. So DIGITAL 5 and ANALOGUE S.

Clearly when we look to World History Models, Speculated and Otherwise and GOOD AND EVIL we might think that we are talking in terms of SNAKE RHETORICS, by that I quite simply mean that Rhetorical questioning methodologies are often used within many a progressive system development and typically snake because of the STEREOTYPE associations of HOW a snake might behave, I typically first experienced an impression from Watching The Disney Jungle Book at a young age, and I think Negative Impression Snakes feature in many World Realms, though typically I think the Chinese and ASIAN REGION typically seeks to countermeasure such things. You live in a zone with particular beast and creatures you tend to develop understandings of both good and bad features and attributes and values of such things.

So I also considered that the List of known Designated Most popular within Scientific research realms WAVES are GAMMA, ALPHA, BETA, THETA, DELTA and we can typically say that we all of us feature some level of component whether awareness of otherwise of levels of those popular wave formats.

So we typically can visualise out continuum line and anything along it as also traversing the most dominant WAVE at any given point on the line and our susceptibility to the wave is perhaps That INFANTESIMAL DECIBEL DECIMAL POINT INTERSECTION.

Yes much of this is of course conjecture and many a person does not want speculative understandings of modelling and sampling, they just want to know that such things are going to have a beneficial desired effect and so on.

Some folks may have typically heard that the British Military Famously has 7 a P’s and I typically came up with mine own list of P’s that many a person perhaps requires knowing within some shape or form, words such as process, performance, practice, physics, principles, protocols, peers, perfection and yes I can pull out a dictionary though those typically contain some of the words most prominent within particular areas of research.

So we can of course say David please can you photograph your sketches and drawing’s so that we can see them for ourselves.

However I am seeking or trying to introduce or return to that Library at the end of the Universe Model, of Events, whereby you are rescuing yourself by simply writing your thoughts and feelings and life down. The NOW THEN WHEN model, we are often encouraged to think that all is now though staying within such a mental place takes and requires dedicated practice. Likewise comparable is always given to the THEN and the WHEN is often the RESULT of the Comparable. Therefore we can see that improvement must be given to our NOW and THEN ZONE in order to fashion improved comparable and RESULT WHEN.

When this event occurs carry out this that was done THEN and I will get the same result NOW, how often has this model failed because the parameters are all wrong and we fail to note changes in the detail and depth of such things as concurrent real time practice versus model based practice, I think I wrote previously about how particular chips and processors are preferred for particular generation of inflight aircraft physics and so on over chips holding database models the search and return model typically can delay those instances of point to point answers to such a degree that you do not want to run through a database searching if you can have the collective answer stored somewhere far closer, typically in home PC’s they came up with cache facilities to create and hold immediate mini-database like functionality.

That perhaps why DYNAMIC STEERING comes to the fore in understanding that your real world and real life ability can become in theory at least somewhat supercharged within the NOW, likewise for any given benefit listed we can potentially find alternate coin side issues. I typically mentioned my lack of quality imagination ability having wiped much out with Meditation, however I have thought about it and in combination with the present courses I can of course seek to use Meditations that typically stimulate at the best Hertz and Frequency cycles to make those stimulations happen, rebuilding my cellular rhetoric abilities a fresh and anew and so on. Yes I just said CELL and of course I have to admit that CELL like drawings are a mainstay of Photo reading and of course when we look through microscopes at cells and how they interact and so on, we can see the beneficial effects of encouraging CELL COMMUNICATION in order to facility improved mental facilities and functioning and ever greater accuracy as to prediction though being able to see the links between the very many captures data’s that we very often filter and report through.

Typically I came up with a spacetime continuum-data-filter-awareness model and sought to translate such things into cellular communication models that may or may not accelerate things.

Yes imagine if you were on a sunny hill top and you hooked your umbrella over a wire and slid down to the local classroom and then took the register of your pupils all seemingly coming from the Wave family, you have Gamma Wave, Alpha Wave, Beta Wave, Theta Wave, Delta Wave.

What characteristics does each of the waves have within your classroom how are they dressed and what are the architectural stereotypes most associated with each family member, are they acting as the wave should or are they behaving as some other dominant factor that has not been considered.

Quite interesting thought processes and IDEAS can come about through taking INANIMATE concepts and IDEAS and seeking to imbue them with character and personality and so on. When your imaginings take you away from a so-called given you have to follow the THREAD and seek to improve your FEEDBACK RETURN MODEL OF NAVIGATION and so on.

Yes far greater things than its seems written here will someday hopefully be found within my note pads and sketch books, though I continue in seeking to develop processes that will awaken all and anyone to greater realities and so on, than they may currently be experiencing. I do of course find it interesting as to how much and how many things written here over the last couple of years have strangely appeared in more recent Learning Strategy courses, perhaps a demonstration of Mutually assured growth (I believe and hope and like to think), though typically also perhaps a demonstration that for all the acceleration I have sought to use in whizzing through courses and making best use of any formal education I have, that typically bringing all the knowledge and knowhow teachings and so on into a formal course or work with my own name upon it does seem to be more troubling to myself at present. I think perhaps some self sabotage along the lightning bolt, perhaps demonstrating that we all of us can be own our best testament and indeed our own worst enemy.

So tuning wise it does seem that the NATURE MODELS really can be highly beneficial and inspirational as can the many classical realm of development, I really do think many a more recent model (typically TV personalities and wannabees etc.) whilst having a write to exist is perhaps going to disappear far more quickly in the greater scheme of things.

We have all of us perhaps experienced highs and lows and peaks and troughs within our lives though likewise maintaining some discipline as to being resourceful in the face of hostility and false witness and bullying really does take some support and team effort and people being in alignment with some of those greater lessons and teachings. If you are someone who has provided support and taken up any of the teachings and courses I recommend then you have some level of gratitude and appreciation even if I do not always write upon such things.

Woe is me said the David

Thankyou for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

So I Spoke On The Idea Of Teleportation and Transportation

And Universal Translation and it may well be suggested as I said previously that you often have some requirement as to knowing what the comparable dataset that any other person or individual or grouping may be using, so for instance, photo reading is great from the perspective that you can often come to see the so-called Bibliography Chain whereby you would likely find it difficult within any mental World to claim that you have not got comparable sources with other peoples and persons in Society.

Likewise many simply point to the idea of monitoring and watching the so-called markets and again over the longer term you come to see that for all the worry and concern that can be induced by short term monitoring the markets pretty much always continue in an upward trend. Interesting for instance I heard that one particular sector was now above the so-called crash of 2007/2008 time period and that is a typical example where an adjustment has occurred or taken place and the market has once again continued to rise and so on.

We can of course suggest when we look at the typical line chart of the Market places that it is akin to a lightning bolt pattern perhaps and some clever folks or individuals of course are well versed in the art of market prediction and what happens next.

So what is the issue with compatibilities and Universal translation, well typically when computers were developed they very often wanted to improve the size and number of so-called registry addresses and so on and typically many a REFERENCE cheat or hack was created. I spoke on the IDEA of simple mathematical 0-9 though anyone who goes to the wiki numbers pages (for instance) will see a long line of differing base mathematical formulations. You could for instance have base 16 which was used in some computers a few years ago, that is 0-9 then also A-F.

Typically the programming language C eventually came about and most or many World Wide computer based systems operated with that programming language, prior to a guy coming up with so-called C+ and C++ and many of the newer programming languages were based in a desire to overcome the apparent flaws found within some of the earlier models.

Typically for instance I spoke on doing and Artificial Intelligence course and particular languages have historically (at least) been used and developed within that field that are often unknown beyond the confines of Laboratories and so on. Likewise that can be found to be a similar state of affairs for other areas of study that had specific languages and systems designed “FOR PURPOSE” for the given field whether Physics or Biology or indeed Mathematics itself. Eventually of course various international bodies came into being that said well we need to make our systems operate in the form of information interchange and that requires translation and plugs and sockets and the creation of many things that already typically exist within other formats within other World Trades and so on.

You might think that ports and sockets and plug-in translation type systems are typically geared toward being that extra layer in the system, much like a bridge is designed to cross a river between two Countries. Interesting of course that some people understand or have natural relay and intuitive capabilities for differing things such-as languages whilst others struggle. Typically my own study of speech languages suggest that much like us British being alone in driving on the left side of the road, many a language has differing process statement positions. So we typically have grammar for English, and Grammar for French and German and all the many languages available to us, we can of course come to see that most languages operate as to having or being identified via IDEAS such as NOUNS and VERBS and so on, so the surrounding constructs can be done away with if you can directly say brief sound groupings that can be easily recognizable even if in other than expected format for the base language.

Anyway what else, well I see that I have another Future Mapping teleseminar coming up and I really do want to perhaps operate in thinking of a new chart for some particular project that I can ask questions about and so on-even if I do not send a given chart in I can perhaps in creating such a chart following the basic line of enquiry as to the way in which the project is to run or occur or happen and so on. Getting those other than conscious processes into the light of day is an ongoing exercise I think and clearly I still have to consider other courses that I am running concurrently with. Typically I think the next instalment of Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now is about Authenticity.

This is a typically potentially hazardous topic to BREACH in terms of manners and politeness due of course to something I wrote upon within my private thoughts earlier, the given level of awareness that any one possesses perhaps dictates as to how they think and feel and act to any given knowledge set of information.

So I typically because I like the IDEA of being able to write on any topic generally think that writers should also be able to do such things, in the fashion of an ART student who is perhaps annoyed or embarrassed at wanting or being expected to do nudes and finds that the truth is differing from the expectation, the young man or woman who wants some sexy model and finds themselves drawing some wrinkled elder person of the same sex and so on, so of course such topics for debate can demonstrate at what level of maturity or otherwise any given individual’s experience is. I can typically say having done First Aid at various points within my life that you generally get to a zone whereby you are pretty neutral to the lump of flesh and bone that is in front of you, however anyone who has potentially spent a lifetime with Hang-ups about such things as body and beauty and so on may struggle.

Clearly in being a regular meditator and so on I have moved through many of the various stages as to releasing on many areas and topics and being overly concerned with body functions and all the rest of such things is one of those areas though likewise I can historically at least claim to be able to relate to such insecurities and things.

So what is Authenticity?

Clearly I can say that I have studied and meditated and released and hope or believe that I am being authentic in the way I conduct myself and the information that I write and coach upon and so on. Likewise does that mean that I will not experience CONFLICT & CONFUSION when presented with someone or something that is above or below or simply previously not considered within my Sphere of thought?

So because of the Beginners Mind IDEA and one idea is that each and every day that you awaken you treat as now a new day, and so on is of course all well and good if you are on the up and up though more difficult if you have had to carry out some “OUTRUNNING” or out manoeuvring of EDITORS. Clearly mental editors are said to be a good thing within day to day life though in terms of thinking of WRITING in terms of an ART PROCESS I think you again have to consider the ASPECT of ME and NOT ME.

Typically when I began writing regular notes and indeed blogging huge quantities of resistance materialised within my World. Colleagues would constantly ask and question what I was writing upon and so on, I would explain some of the witnessing and meditative processes, some of those folks fell away and likewise others continued in more dogmatic resistance and attitudes and so on, perhaps or potentially in a more circumspect fashion of PRETENCE that the actions they were carrying out were not related to my meanderings and blogging and note taking, so again just as we can use the LEARNING PROCESS in DIRECT and INDIRECT fashion and so on-you can also of course experience the WITNESSING REALMS and the ME and NOT ME realm OF Resistances in the same FORMAT as your own teachings and writings and so on.

Difficult for some folks to grasp-though clearly it can be demonstrated that we perhaps become our own best friend in releasing and letting go and finding that path to Health and wealth and prosperity or indeed we “potentially” in some misguided fashion foolishly think that this aspect or IDEA must be protected at all costs and so on, I have typically in all honesty found that most IDEAS that people defend to the hilt fall away with the assisted meditations, though again do not expect to not experience some of the so-called NEGATIVE SYNCHRONCITIES early on.

I think the sorting algorithm presented within the Online Holosync courses were often very good in bringing some topics and issues to light, the write out a list of importance to yourself those things that you want and desire within your World and ORDER-OF-MERIT.

Typically we most of us might write superlatives such-as family friends, career, home and holidays and so on and then we are asked to compare each one against the rest of the list and such comparison makes you understand where you may or may not have previously made choices that were not in your own best interest, typically IS HAVING THIS CHOICE at this position on the list better or worse than having this ALTERNATE CHOICE at this other position on the list and so on.

Clearly I think that you come to see how the differing things are all inter correlated with each other anyway and likewise that as you raise yourself up or go to higher levels of The Holosync Solution that some level of equilibrium may actually occur, the difference perhaps between feeling as though you are constantly swapping one ball and chain around your neck for another ball and chain around your neck. You may come to see that you might be swapping a floating device around your neck for another floating device around your neck and so on. Clearly when pulled under currents we do in theory drown though that is not the case with a new born (I think) hence the swimming baby on the front of the famed Nirvana Album.

So we can of course say because I saw an article on Meditation that some meditation retreats have been given a bad reputation through the actions of one or to highlighted meditative users. Typically I think some chap called Aeron Alexis who carried out an attack on a US Base was highlighted as someone for whom meditation had gone wrong. I think again that such things come down to many a person within Society’s obsession with not understanding or being able to get the head around the NUMBERS GAME. Whereby we see one incidence highlighted as a GENERIC broad sweeping truth for all things. The ability to understand that each realm and indeed any modularity perhaps highlights particular aspects of either good or bad is the ABILITY to DISCERN.

So an authentic writer must be able to contemplate writing and speaking on any given topic, though likewise I think any remedy solution that is introduced as part and parcel of a course, might be best explaining that to write upon a given subject is not the same as giving opinion on the subject.

So I might within the course of my writing give particular views and characteristics coming from a particular AGENT within the Story and I know historically and within my own STUDIES that many an ANALYSIS of given writers works often suggests that particular HUMAN THEMES and IDEAS come through in the AUTHORS works.

Typically modern times has seen many a smaller grouping REINTERPRET some classic dispositions of writers works simply to support the CLAIMS that the group is making, clearly we all want to be able to THINK and I know that some potentially regarded as negative influence teachers have at least caused myself to THINK.

So the Write well Write Fast, Write Now course has typically introduced concepts and ideas rom Feng Shui (for example) links to other courses, as might be expected-given that you utilise the tools and facilities that you already posess.

However I would like a MEDITIATVE PROCESS for writing that perhaps asks those “AM I EDITING” questions, yes it has been approached from the alternate viewpoint of doing away with clutter within your work and writing, though I genuinely think many a writer is Historically at least said to have expressed or expelled inner demons and turmoil’s of “The Human Condition” through Soul churning and writing on what may or may not be regarded as other than versions of what may or may not be related to.

So editing can potentially lead to what was described by more advanced meditators than myself as DELETION, DISTORTION and EXAGGERATION.

Clearly anyone who purchases some of the cartoon like books I have mentioned historically can see how those expression’s used by animators STRETCH and WARP and so on and so forth whilst being applied to describe visual FX (EFFECTS) can also DESCRIBE MENTAL PROCESSES that are being used within the crafting of any given body of work.

So am I being AUTHENTIC or am I combining one of any given grouping of effects to carry out some plausible deniability of deletion, distortion and-or exaggeration.

I like the IDEA that you find and ESTABLISH a FOUNDATIONAL or FUNDAMENTAL position from which to speak and lecture from that is established within your desired realm and craft. That then can be used to go into the more imaginative realms.

In understanding what a deletion, distortion or exaggeration is and the possibility of potential cause and effect attributes we can perhaps then have confidence that our IMAGINATIVE WORKS are originating from firm and strong groundings rather than the sandy shore and so on.

I will leave this article here for now and hopefully once again note that I am repeating on myself in many ways though typically of course that all part and parcel of wondering as to whether a process solution can be designed and created whereby fantasy realms and works can be established from understandings of the various TRICKS and CHEATS and ILLUSIONS and MIRRORS and SMOKESCREENS and so on.

Yes all things can be suggested to be about choice though clearly in establish yourself from a more real and centred grounding and understanding of templates and themes and associated combinations of “THE SAME THING” we can perhaps come to find it easier to categorise things through the very many realms of life the universe and everything that the repetitions occur and happen.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

The Return Of Orange Nemo

Okay so as some of you I am sure aware, I went through a phase of writing on the IDEA of The Hunt For Orange Nemo and also the idea of imagining what the World might be like if you think of it in terms of being a deep sea diver always walking through water. Far more recently we have seen Sam Horn release a book with a Goldfish in a bowl on the cover. Wow what synchronicity and so on and so forth.

Further to those writing’s they were very much about seeking to get and or give IDEAS going in as Keep It Simple Sweetheart (K.I.S.S) terms as possible. So whilst I left those ideas behind within might writings (It was just a stage I was going through) I would like to return to a particular aspect that is repeated over and over again in terms of where the Hypothesis and Testing Model either fits or leads to further AH-HA.

So I in recent days have very much ben thinking in terms of Technologies such-as FOAM, CAVITY WALL INSULATION and GEL’S.

Why, well they are all about the developing of so called cheap and cheerful ways and means to fill gaps and so on.

So you rip open any bog standard 3 piece suite and you will likely find a foam filler of some description that are simply glued or however to the furnishing in order to give greater seating comfort. The same can of course be found within car seating and indeed pillows and beds and pretty much anywhere where some level of GAP is desired between hard rigid wooden frameworks and ones derriere or body.

So I was thinking of course on the so called combination model. Many modern people who own bikes are perhaps familiar with those 3 spinning number combination locks that can be purchased from bike shops and I am unsure when such locks first became popular, though I do recall that when a schoolkid and first encountering such a lock I wanted something with one on. At that time I think they had become all the rage within briefcases, and I think I had purchased some case with such a combinatorial lock on it. The easiest other version of such a system is of course the One-armed Bandit or coin or slot machine that can be found in many a seaside or otherwise arcade about the United Kingdom and famed Gambling resorts such-as Las Vegas and Monte Carlo and so on.

So clearly I generally think that many Model Schools at that time were simply thinking in terms of Geometry in terms of X, Y and Z and of course we in studying Compass Usage for such things come to understand that in fact you might be thinking in terms of XXX, YYY and ZZZ and that in reality in terms of thought and patterns and so on you can have an infinity number of X and an infinite number of Y and an infinite number of Z and of course I think in some official mathematical terms that can be where the IDEA of too the Nth comes from.

So you want to develop a Universal Translator System whilst being attuned to what has already gone before, hence modalities reacquainting people with the idea of colours to music and the Newton Model and then going on to perhaps the Einstein Model that is perhaps a Numbers based model.

Many of course say numbers are neutral and therefore the best model’s to use and etc. though very often in simulated heavy number crunching many a mathematical model came to be demonstrated as being floored when carried out to some of those “to the nth” number down the line.

So what am I wittering on about. Well in more recent years we have of course seen so-called DNA unravelling ideas take place in terms of the human Genome Project and indeed such sampling has occurred for not just humans but many test examples on animal and plant and other organic and inorganic species about the World. It might be suggested that in fact in being mixed up mash-ups of all that we have been influenced or come into contact with and so on that when we think in terms of turning a key within a door that a combinatorial sequence occurs that creates the beginning and end point.

Why do I say this, well those suitcases (for example) and bike locks have to be given a “WINNING” or “OPENING” combination, before or prior to being mixed up, and in computer terms you may or may not have heard of key encryption, huge debates taking place as to whether you can use 32 bit or 64 bit or 128 bit and beyond key encryption, that is typically thinking of having a bike lock or arcade machine with that many rolling 0-9 faces that have to come into alignment in order to get the winning combination.

Yes computers can typically do such work within finites of milliseconds and so can of course the human brain, though in physical space terms we would not choose to work along a line of physical spinning combinatorial keys or Abacus in order to create the calculation, we all typically create mental cheats and shortcuts encourage by rounding up and rounding down, where floating point calculation’s typically used within modelling simulators are far more accurate to the Nth.

So we see in SCI-FI and futuristic settings for TV and Film and Game that they often have IDEAS as to teleportation from one point to another point and back again and for any such technology to come into being you do of course probably require a sampling of a genome sequence, whereby every particle combination is gone through in order to empty the space and indeed fill the space, typically of course in “REAL SPACE” terms we are often given the Horror Story versioning whereby the combination fails to capture all the data in a rush and a human turns into a monster, or indeed a Superhero when you look to The Amazing Spiderman type characters.

The point however is that in reality even if you are thinking in terms of 0.034553435353453453534 and super-long chains of numbers or indeed in terms of a space being filled by a human or a beast or alien or whatever, when you follow the respective train of thought as to where such things lead, the only real genuine conclusions that you often find yourself not wanting to face is that you require a measure or a scale and indeed comparable measure and-or scale held by other peoples and persons or machines or however and likewise that some SINGULAR UNIT for each and every point or cell must exist. That point must of course be able to be used in combination with all other SINGULAR UNIT points is some mass grouping in order for us to appear whole and flesh and blood and so on.

That is the basis perhaps for IDEAS such as Holography, whereby you can typically choose non-physical models to be held within a physical space time dimension. Hence the idea of a cloud, you could in theory have a ghost cloud that can become any given shape and form combination that is known and likewise always seek to benefit from such mental meanderings by thinking in terms of the positive benefits, hence all those superhero’s who in taking on a known feature of some other animal or beast have become “more than” so to speak of the standard average Mr or Miss Human.

The other interesting IDEA in relation to that is of course wondering as to whether your SINGULAR UNIT can be rotated or spun around or altered in any way shape or form and again becoming fixated on such things is not necessarily where you want to be at.


Well we come or return back to the IDEA of CARTOONS, whereby some famed and named ARTIST would typically draw a beginning shot and middle shot and end point shot and other lesser known artists would have to draw all the so-called BETWEEN SHOTS, likewise I spoke on such things being typically crafted by computers these days where so-called TOOLS have been developed purely to deal with a particular feature or aspects. So a tool for bones and a tool for inner flesh and a tool for outer flesh and a tool for skin and a tool for hair and so on and likewise each tool is usually one of a grouping of tools that can act dependent or independent of other events occurring. So that typically demonstrated where you can see a head spin around and note that the hair stayed fixed ad rock solid in the cartoon physics or indeed was animated. You will often find that many a NEW cartoon feature is a testing ground for the very latest TOOL Models and so on, very little cannot be done though you will still find complaint from viewers as to being too perfect and indeed some modellers have sought to craft tools with varying degrees of success that give more realistic human real time PHYSICS and so on.

So the reason I like the cartoon and animation models are that they very much hold all the basic human studies that have been carried out and indeed the terminologies that have either been built upon or otherwise.

As more real World tools have been created such-as MRI scanners and X-Rays and so on, the more boundaries have been pushed back as to what might be regarded as the so-called optimum peak conditions that any of us can seek to select for ourselves. Typically for instance one of the great complaints we see in the modern age is the worry and concern about the EFFECTS of RADIATION and ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES and so on from environmental conditions, likewise we can point to course such-as Diamond Dowsing that can help improve such concerns and worries for folks, knowing what areas people are or otherwise not interested in is of course ongoing.

How can a singular point unit that if Holographic can have all and every other combinatorial point in space and time or presumed knowledge GAP pass through it, become electrified or polarised or nuclearized or energised and does that one unit act as part of a cellular herd or alone, this where the benefits or otherwise of sampling perhaps come in handy.

So I began speaking on the Nemo issue and topic and went more into the mainstream of MODEL TOOL COMPONENTS and how they can be used in SINGULAR EFFECT or part of a Chain sequence, and in theory of course both the SINGULAR and CHAIN EVENT can happen and occur at the same time and within the same space and as likewise all the other effects, when you go deep enough within the theoretical realms as to where many a study leads.

We are of course repeatedly by some experts told that the body can heal itself and such things must of course be possible because we have seen evidence to that effect though likewise separating or moving either deeper within a modelling dimension or indeed extracting ourselves from a failed modelling dimension with new learnings is perhaps what anyone seeker or finder desires to do.

How can I turn any knowledge base or idea on its head to test this theory as to cause and effect or effect and cause which came first the egg or the chicken.

Why do I ask such questions?

Well I of course went off too Wales and then studied Electronics Engineering and then Artificial Intelligence and such things were of course about EXTERNAL MACHINES to do the things that we could not ourselves presumably do, though likewise we do always return to factors and ideas that anything we build cannot match what the human mind and species is already capable of. Clearly cause and effect and the reasoning that went into my own decision making tree is an ongoing mental mind blower or TRIP SWITCH because the number of calculated events that must occur for any given time line to occur is also in the order of magnitudes of ranges and scopes that cannot be thought of beyond in terms of DREAMS and IMAGINATION that takes us out of the SCIENTIFICALLY NUMBERED MODEL.

So what does that mean?

Well we are seeing or have seen in recent years spiritual teachers such-as Deepak Chopra debate over the Spiritual and Scientific Thought Integrative Model whereby much and many from both realms have CONCLUDED that both MODELS can of course be right because they are effectively both subset tools of greater realities and we are not always aware of what the next tool that is going to occur is those can often when looking to MEDIA and SCI-FI realms have ah-ha’s as to where an inspiration though has been typically thought up that can once again re-sequence boundaries and processes in a questioning manner as to what next?

Yes this typically simply letting whatever comes to mind reach the fingers and that is differing of course from being all up tight and paranoid and so on and so forth, typically we speak in terms of resistance and it can of course be demonstrated that until other peoples and persons tried some of the Technologies that I recommended and then advanced themselves with such technologies that overcoming obstacles and present Societal Attitudes that have not been questioned enough or however is ongoing.

The Keep It Simple Sweetheart model does of course require peoples believing they have the capabilities to get the head around some of the mind-blowing IDEAS and typically some things are best thought of with one model than another hence switching from sound to sight and colours to numbers and back again and to taste and smell and touch and then understanding as to what communication skill is most appropriate for any given hypothesis or understanding and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be well 😉

Well Gang Looks Like We’ve Got Another Mystery On Our Hands

Those famed words of course often uttered from Fred of Scooby Doo gang fame and the reason I mention it is because in looking at some headlines this morning I see the Sweeney (Flying Squad) Police have arrested a group of men in connection with the Hatton Jewellery Heist. Clearly given the reported ages of those involved and the fact that abseiling and so on was involved you begin to think it all somewhat bizzare, people over 20 who abseil. Likewise of course the Police Federation is involved in an annual conference so timing is somewhat suspicious as to politicking (in my opinion) given the coughs that will no doubt be here for more coppers in the coffers. Of course they say that funding is being cut and likewise we can see the same across pretty much the entire nation, you cannot have AUSTERITY as the government has operated in recent years and intends to continue and not find the axe falling across great swathes of so-called public services.

Having said that of course, I can claim to have worked in both public and private sector and think that the debates always of course come down to requirements. Typically we have seen some new services fed out to contractors that used to be carried out by particular branches of the public sector and of course those private sector companies are in it for the profit so that is why some debate can be had as to whom is most appropriate in providing a given service. We have all seen highlighted debates over the years as to prisoner transfer services being carried out by Group 4 Security (I think).

So I once again digressed greatly from my topic though the title was in fact related to the bank vault heist, why are the Police now publishing what I would call a red herring or dead donkey picture of a van seen within the vicinity of the raid. I think we can all state categorically having seen a million and one gangster type movies and tv’s shows that knowing CCTV is going to occur, you use something typically used by wide numbers of peoples The white van, (hidden in plain sight, so to speak) then you TRANSFER your ill-gotten gains at the earliest possible opportunity in order to cover your heels and so on, clearly you are unlikely to risk another of similar appearance vehicle in case a call goes out for all vehicles of that description.

So who is kidding who, clearly the Police have gathered information and then have made piece-meal the identity of a number of those involved judging by the claims as to finding items from the so-called loot or haul. So the other interesting snippet of information is of course the mentioning of a district of London and an outer London County, it might be suggested as all navigators know that when you have two compass points and bearings you can generally calculate and triangulate the third, however as we all know finding the points along a sequence of intersecting lines can be more troublesome, I typically just speculated that an early transfer took place though given the lack of response to alarm call they may have been satisfied as to going uncovered and therefore safe to remain within the same vehicle.

Yes thank God I am not a Policeman or criminal because I can typically speculate until the cows come home without giving exact coordinates or indeed longitude and latitude and altitude and all the rest of it. Within my own note taking in recent days I do have to state that I have been note taking other than what I may regularly note, so this morning for instance I typically noted freshly mown grass along my route and you might be surprised at how some things go in cycles whilst others are more random, so I found myself noting 16V, I pass hundreds and hundreds of cars day in and day out and rarely pick out an engine. Likewise my gadget front page news screen has seemingly frozen up and keeps reloading a page article about the Texas Biker Gang war that broke out, I typically do not see bikers a great deal, though did recently see a small group head into the Hospital as I was going about my walks.

So everything is what we ourselves pay or disregard attention to. I recently noted a donkey garden ornament and likewise a van Labelled BRISTOL heading to the fire station. Yes again I see a lot of Transit vans and mini-vans and cars and to list them all can often be done though I typically pick out a feature and then see how that triggers feedback. Likewise quite random things can be noted on regular routes so something such as a WET PAINT sign occurred recently and I thought ah something different to note, likewise Hereford I actually quite tidy so whilst I see debris and litter in the street I often fail to note it though have recently seen an increase in abandoned vehicle mud flaps of all things, perhaps too many hot hatches have been racing around and the mud flaps have come loose. Yes thrown away fries has also been noted and a Macdonald’s like carton cup-holder for take-outs, all the sorts of things that typically go un-noted though in writing terms add all those little feeling and thoughts of reality, much like the game Cluedo or indeed Monopoly, where the pieces are typically what might be regarded as random items that get listed no I have not seen any old boots or abandoned Irons though have on occasion seen an ironing board at a waste bin and I did for instance find myself being given some oversize new wellies at work a day after joking with a colleague that an oversized jacket made him look slimmer, so we all have a million and one things that we can pay attention or otherwise to, and typically as suggested you can one list them and then see what catches the same Focus within the wider World or indeed think in terms of HIT N MISS.

Yes one can often perhaps speculate as to what you are going to do with your own section of the loot-buy yourself a personalised throne or indeed a nice sports car such-as an Aston Martin. Clearly I perhaps benefit greatly in my note taking through generally walking routes at particular times that are very often less busy than your average commuter, though I do find in doing that, that when I go to such locations at later or differing time points I can still often note things as being the same or differing in some fashion. Some new bicycle racks have appeared within a new school project building recently and I have seen wagons with tractors upon them and so on so we can reduce and reduce and so on and then rebuild our metal patterns and pathways in a more organised fashion or manner or way. I read an article on the Queen this morning and typically listed were things that her prerogative allowed or enabled her to do that others cannot such-as driving without a license or travelling without a passport, likewise I have walked at one section of a journey and seen vehicles moving North or South and then moved to another moajor junction point and speculated as to whether an earlier seen vehicle changed direction in accordance with a vehicle I am now seeing traversing at a differing angle and so on. They are quite interesting curiosities to carry out and I think such things can become triggered perhaps by seeing cut hedgerows and twigs and so on and then thinking what a tracker might make of it, a graveyard I pass through I recently noted for a grave seemingly been damaged some masonry was freshly upturned and I thought about those films where graves have typically been escaped from, Professors Moriarty within a Sherlock Holmes Movie portrayed by Robert Downey Junior. Likewise of course we had the classical Voodoo Witch Doctor within James Bond LIVE AND LET DIE (I think) rising up out of a Grave.

So what is it with tombstones, I did of course at a young age upset my Aunt MONA, yes indeed I playing football in her back garden somehow managed to dislodge a gravestone she had propped up against a wall and managed to break it in two, how is a child to know someone is morbid enough to purchase themselves a gravestone and prop it in the garden until required for usage, especially given that she probably lived at least another 10 years beyond that time period, and not really forgiving myself for that incident until close to her demise within a hospital bed, again where she survived beyond expectation and so on.

Anyway that is all TRIVIA for those interested in the pursuit of TRIVIA

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉