And Then It All Went Freddie Mercury

So Headlines Scan and what we any of us pay attention to can of course seem to become easier as you progress with meditation and release “them there hooks” however one does come to see that many a programme can actually potentially be of value to yourself-the question then as to knowing what is what and I generally think those that encourage the adapting of knowledge and awareness and integration of ideas are likely going to serve better than those that perhaps cause deep seated mental health topics and issues and debates.

Clearly present headlines made the above headline quite easy for myself to come up with. I having seen reports that a satellite or orbiter probe sent to the Planet Mercury recently ended its mission via the flying into the Mercurian planet. Unsure as to what images are to be conjured up though we can all of course know that planets all seem to have atmospheres of gases and various degrees of Sun light reaching them and so on. We of course used to in this day and age seeing computer generated effects of craft entering the atmosphere some burning up on entry and others making it all the way to a given surface. So when they say the Mercury Probe crash landed one does wonder as to specifics. Was it all tracked to crashing within some Alien Household crater or simply burned up in the atmosphere as many a satellite and other space debris is known to do about our own Water Planet known as Earth or Terra as they say in LATIN.

So Mercury Probe combined with Freddie Grey shooting or murder (have not read the reports fully) some chap in America who died at the hands of American Police officers that is suggested to have been racially motivated. That of course a GREY area of debate indeed.

So that a typical 1 & 1 equals this in the way the thought process occurred as to how can I use such information to stunning an audience effect. Okay so stunned is an exaggeration though clearly lots of little other things coming to the fore for oneself that I will endeavour to note here and now.

So I as a young child read DC Thompson of Dundee Comics known as The Beano and The Dandy, we here in Hereford actually have a place named Dandy and Gibbs along Widemarsh street not far from being opposite to the Glass Factory place that sits on the Edgar Street car parking lot. Okay so that is a somewhat obvious comparable people constantly seek to reinvent and come up with original names for children though some names become somewhat more Classical as time passes. My names at the top of this blog for instance are said to have long established histories running through ancient times, though clearly such things might be said for all folks to be somewhat personalised and not necessarily as true as once imagined. So as well as the Dandy place I actually work with a chap called Gibbons and of course the Goodies were top of the charts at some point during my very young childhood with some song called The Monkey Gibbons. Mr Gibbons in this instance a fan of that Chelsea Football club, I asked him what the likelihood was that they could not take any points from the next 4 games and he is still less than forgiving about my Chelsea for the Cup tip in which he lost money on the FA CUP.

So yes I returning to themes from young age and Freddie Mercury of course famed lead singer with Rock Band Queen and also a famed victim of HIV/AIDS. Likewise I mentioned those comics because I recently mentioned or used the word Gnashers for teeth and of course that was also the given name for Dennis the Menace’s dog and Dennis trucks or wagons are driven by the Fire Brigade (here within the United Kingdom). So those again simply getting some of those linkages going that we often put to the back of our thoughts that could serve us in the forefront of our thoughts were we to allow them.

So what else well you can of course follow links and chains of thoughts in some never ending 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon fashion though I wanted to simply get a few demonstrations or examples down on the page. Likewise the Freddie Grey like stories that have been appearing are of course akin to some of the issues long held within the US as to race relations and cry wolf minorities.

Just because you are paranoid does not mean they are not out to get you. Of course I spoke on Convoy being a favourite film from childhood and that film typically exampled red neck Police Officer giving a coloured wagon driver the good news. However we must also know that however much any industry cleans up its act whether Armed Services or Police and Fire Brigade and Ambulance Services that you are always going to find CRY WOLF occurring from people seeking to MANIPULATE and INFLUENCE the SYSTEM.

That perhaps what is being said of recent Australian Executee’s within the realm of Indonesia-they did not scream and Shout “IS IT BECAUSE I AM WHITE” loudly enough. In truth of course every region and area about the planet can be viewed as safe or dangerous depending on your own attitude and behaviours and so on and how much you seek to stay on the appropriate side of the Local Community. Some travellers to some regions are well known to ABUSE locals and so on and then cry wolf when they fall fowl of such things.

Where else well we have an interesting high-lighted sequence of articles related to BATTERIES and another Elon Musk Company TESLA has come up with the personalised Powergrid platform that I think from initial review looks to become a major booster for renewable energy supplies. Whilst we here in the United Kingdom will probably not feel that such things are going to be of benefit with our many a clouded city. Many a region about the Globe does indeed have enough Sunlight to make such system exceptionally feasible. The issue then one perhaps of cost. Renewables are not good for Accountants or indeed CONTROL FREAKS. Interestingly such Technologies do seem to favour those Countries that have traditionally been behind in terms of Growth and Industry and so on.

We here in Hereford are expecting a Fair’s arrival in the coming days and indeed a traditional Circus at the same time and such things whilst seemingly rare as to Synchronicities now were not so rare during my younger years, far more Circus’ existed than perhaps now. So I bring that up of course because many a TRAVELLING like community has POWER REQUIREMENTS. Whether we are looking to the so-called continuance of The Space Race or Electricity Generators (often powered by traditional burning of Fuel resources) the IDEA of being anywhere about the Globe and being able to power your Gadgets and so on from Locally supplied natural resources does become of value.

So Power Supplies and ways of tapping into local resources-well typically of course early electrical generation came about through water wheels and likewise we see modern Power Turbine Windmills replacing traditional old style wheat crushing windmills. I of course watched shows such-as Trumpton and Camberwick Green as a child and those again (stop motion) whilst great as a seemingly disappearing format also were known for GOD-LIKE narrator voice peoples and persons. Brian Cant is listed for many a show of that generation though I know we can look to many a children show over the years and find VOICE OF NARRATOR.

Where else well TALL TOWERS perhaps again another related topic. We can of course show that Windmills and Light Houses were not all that differing in Generational like design system decisions and the History Books perhaps show such things better than I myself can explain them. Elsewhere of course news has come through that Drifters singer and also famed soloist Ben E King has departed. Whilst I know the STAND BY ME song was a classic and favourite of many generations of us that I in fact actually liked another of his written works entitled I (Who Have Nothing), I think I saw an American Idol contestant winning through with a version of that song a few years back when Pop Idol had discontinued in the United Kingdom and I was looking for my continued FIX, the replacement shows in the UK were simply becoming more and more lowest common denominator shows. Yes so it can be demonstrated that the path to choice is broad and varied and however much any given TENT whether the BBC or any other STATE LIKE MONOPOLY seeks to accommodate all-comers you will find peoples and persons seeking to “take over” or indeed run a mile from those who are trying to take over.

Big Brother sprang to mind as an example whereby the original series had peoples from all differing backgrounds who were genuinely quite interesting, the show rapidly descended into stereotype self-publicist’s.

Nothing wrong with that perhaps though I think whist many can criticise my writings and this blog for being Boring and dull and tedious and blah-blah-blah one does have to remind oneself that the blog serves a purpose for oneself and all can be invited to go and write a blog for themselves. The difference perhaps between being a follower and a producer and so on.

This is the testing ground for my writings and learning systems and feedback and likewise I can now in some confidence perhaps gauge where best to next direct my own efforts and energies having established what people do and do not like and all the rest of it. I is actually quite interesting that many actually like those things that are COMPLAINED ABOUT MOST, though strangely only now that they have raised THRESHOLD to be able to deal with such things. Choice is of course choice though it is interesting as to personal growth and development and awareness as to styling your own course through all the various available options that can present themselves.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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