On This Day the 2nd May 2015

So typical of course when you raise a flag you might imagine An Englishman’s Home is His Castle and then of course plump for home win’s as an option or many a sporting bet. What typically happened in the Football? Yes all home win’s in the Premiership bar 1 game, that of Manchester United whom you would expect with no disrespect to West Bromwich to have won. So that of course typically of those little Nuances as to greed.

Something I have not necessarily mentioned though time and time again I have come to see exact results within my writings (in hindsight) and very often during the early period of my studies I would rush for those exact results in the belief that I would win more. Typically after a sequence of continuous losses I soon stepped back and opted for more basic options such-as Win, lose, Draw. So that perhaps an example of inherent bias and greed working to disadvantage oneself.

So that is of course another tip for anyone who is exploring such things, yes you have to speculate to get those even bigger wins though many a winning streak is said to come to an end at the loss of too much money. Far better to take percentages of your increasing investment stake and spend such money elsewhere than go all out for staying in the zone and then being blindsided by some external event or option that you had not even considered.

What might those be?

Well over the years we have seen Matches in many sports having to have been abandoned (for instance) and then some “Panel Result” is given that disagrees with your choice and very often those options are taken or written on within the small print of bookmaker like company information. We will abide by the decision of the panel in the event of acts of God. Yes acts of God an interesting phrase though I think still used within many a realm such as insurers as a ways and means to describe events that may or may not be regarded as unexplainable.

So what else, well news is now reaching us that a high flurry of bets were placed on the name Charlotte and that of course would potentially delight the Grandfather though all is perhaps speculation. I did at one point after my mentioning Goodies generation type materials think Florence from Magic Roundabout and then of course such things are perhaps seeking to avoid tradition. I think more likely a balance can be found that is representative of both older and younger generations at the same time.

So the Big Fight Night Boxing countdown begins if we have not got enough already and will Pink Floyd show his dark side of the moon or will the Pacman eat the ghost of XBOX past.

Elsewhere of course more regular news is still coming in that a General Election is taking place in the United Kingdom and of course a Royal Name believe it or not might just influence the Voting in some regions and quarters. Such things are not of course down to the Royal Family so much as to the BELIEF System that is operating within any given individual voters head. So what might occur if a name is included that is believed to be of Irish or Gaelic or Welsh or Scottish heritage? I have actually within my own studies of such things as sources again found many a commonly believed source or origin to be wrong in where the EXPERTS have claimed about such things.

So elsewhere the American’s news are still informing us of The Freddie Grey materials and the race debate is neutered perhaps as a couple of the officers involved are indeed themselves of ethnic origin. Clearly then some will think of the famed Chris Rock stand-up routine that has also been similarly done previously by Richard Pryor and I think Eddie Murphy in which he sort to explain black differences among blacks. Why they themselves as Community regard others within same community as this less than savoury label and so on. So the REDUCTIONIST approach then can be applied wherever you go. Prince Harry I think is still down-under in Australia and he may well be typically being referred in various Slang Terms for us Brits that the Aussie’s have or indeed otherwise. Clearly then whatever your realm or belief system you can often simply disregard many an external and raise threshold and understand that you have the choice to not be affected by any negative or indeed positive linkage trail.

Another famed Author Ruth Rendell is today being reported as having Died, I think I wrote just before or after Christmas as to many a famed Author being taken ill around that time period and she is perhaps another example of that number.

So I have scanned some World news and find it somewhat dour at present beyond our Royal Stories. State of Emergency in Iowa for bird flu. What else well the Royal Pictures of them leaving the Hospital are quite interesting. Catherine in Yellow (Sun) William in Blue (Sky) and baby in cream/white (Clouds).

Such leaps of imaginings are of course something that comes with practice though clearly any such detail can give you more and more of those little ah-ha’s and so on.

Yes he news is actually that very little news is being reported. Unsure as to reasoning though clearly as someone who has spent much time within Hereford Region it could well be simply this localised Distribution or Demographic type patterns and cycles that any of us can non-consciously fall into. This Historically at least for locals as suggested a time of Fair build-up and circus Build-up and I believe some other pre-arranged Carnival type Events have also been taking place so we can all of course turn attention to all and everything or nothing at all.

Where ever we do turn our attention we can (given the World-wide population of 7 Billion) people likely find that many a presumed of believed to be Original IDEA is likely to potentially have already been explored somewhere, if not within our own nation state then potentially abroad. Yes we can speculate as to how realms such as espionage and intelligence came into being, though clearly again what worked within the War era and indeed film and TV media for many a person also of course works within Business and that perhaps akin to why once many a business is up and running they can often seemingly mange to run themselves, especially given today’s many an automated system and database like retrieval operations. I decided recently to have a clear out within one of my email accounts going through and unsubscribing from a number of regularly received service providers. Probably better for them and myself in the sense that apart from appearing within you have mail listings and statistics I was not actually reading such thing.

So I having trimmed the incoming information will likely find greater accuracy and attuning though the fact that in continued use of the so-called 80:20 ratio or rule I will be resorting the percentiles on those services that I still pay some attention too.

Anyway no news or inspiration at present should demonstrate that you really can turn off and tune out and then come back somewhat more refreshed than previously and so on.

I can of course wonder as to the next most appropriate steps to take and how can I reinvigorate various processes that I studied and adopted as my own and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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