William, Catherine, George and


So like many an other person I have of course wondered as to what the new child may be named and of course we have seen lots of quotes as to Royal Family History and indeed bookmakers favourites, though typically some suggested options have not really been that well thought through quite simply from how such things flow given how they attend so many a function and indeed carry out duties that us lesser mortals would likely blow many a fuse at or indeed otherwise, clearly again everything about the Future of the Monarchy tends to get High-lighted far more than your typical average family down the street and clearly they themselves can choose names that they feel are best suited to the child they have sat in front of them.  Does she have x persons eyes or y persons nose or z persons smile and so on.  Yes I know many of us think that baby’s all often look the same though when they are yours you do have a tendency to strangely pick up on one or two of those finer or sharper details that less aware third party individuals may notice and so on.

Anyway I have written all of that and have not even said Congratulations to the young Royals so will do so now.  CONGRATULATIONS on your new arrival and family member.

Yes I know that they have immediate friends and family who can send them good wishes though in the spiritual sense of wanting such things for other peoples and persons these are all part of that greater learning and lessons of life. We are all of course part of the greater scheme of things and circle of life even if we lack the awareness of just how interconnected the World really is.

All the best wishes upon your Birthday young lady. 😉

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