Amazing Grace How Sweet The Sound

Okay so many people wonder as to the childhood references and in all honesty the further you progress with meditation the more they can help you in Cross Realm Interpretative abilities and indeed getting those internalised Compass Bearings going and so on.

Most of us of course have many layers of fears to perhaps work through growing up as we often do in The Land of Giants. Anyway whilst I have been working through such systematic processes I have also come to see the benefit of writing and writing and hopefully any other cross realm interpreters “In Need Of Assistance” may find shared Stories and HISTORICAL RESOURCES of USE in some fashion.

Whilst we here in the United Kingdom had Beano and Dandy, and a number of other newspaper styled cartoon papers we also started to get to see Glossy American Style Superhero Comics. Those often had shiny glossy covers and were slightly more expensive. However rather than go into great deal about those one of the ARCHETYPAL Story lines was of someone going far away to some distant land and Monastery and Learning the ways of some local religious sect.

Typically the Americans also had competing comic industries, DC Comics and Marvel Comic’s hence they seemingly having differing groups of Hero’s Fantastic Four for instance had arch NEMESIS Dr Doom and he was as I recall often portrayed as having snowy Mountain range Himalayas like hideaways. Likewise we have seen such things portrayed in the more recent Movie Versioning’s of some of these classic adventure stories. I think Batman also went off to some distant Temple on an unclimbable hill within the Himalayas region. Likewise I think we also had the French or Belgian Tintin and again he was often again disappearing into such distant land hideaways.

So given the passing down of knowledge and resources and indeed reinvention of such stories, we come to see the basic formula and plots that have occurred. It might be suggested that the shift of Tectonic Plate movement about the Earth and responsible for these Avalanches and Volcanoes and so on are all also likely to continue as the World Population grows and how much any person chooses to contribute to the handing down and passing down of knowledge is always choice.

Clearly I know that I sometimes sit down and write and write and then kapow some internal long lost shift occurs within the hemispheres between ones noggin. I can of course rant and rage on paper and indeed choose to publically publish or indeed otherwise any given train of thought and feelings and mental conditions. Likewise I often find that once written and saved without publishing at all I can often simply let go of any given topic as it occurs.

So many techniques constantly take us back to this idea that we underutilise our brains and that many parts that may have been in use at previous times within our life history may be reactivated or indeed simply vented in some fashion. That perhaps part and parcel of letting go and releasing strategies and indeed some tapping strategies.

Clearly finding ways and means to best move forward with one’s life in a given style and fashion does have to work through many layers of potentially misleading information. I was thinking about Compass for instance and how we have Truth North and Magnetic North and of course we can also demonstrate that many an environment has lots of signals going of all over the shop hence meditation enabling you to stabilise yourself as you go about your job or live within any environment can be highly beneficial. Traditional Compass teachings of course suggest that you have ATTRACTOR POLARITIES and indeed REPELLANT POLARTIES though again when you go deeper into the study of such things you again find that the Classical Model is only part of the Story, in the sense that you can demagnetize things or indeed control such states through the addition of differing metals and other substances. Typically we here in the UK have a ground or earth wire within our utility cables and so on that is often neglected on the Continent and many folks know of course to take so-called travel PLUGS with themselves when going abroad simply to fit in with International Electrical Systems.

Anyway all sorts of weird and wonderful effects have been demonstrated as to being possible with an appropriate electrical or wiring system in place and likewise cause and effect IDEAS are often invalidated by some strange combinations that have been researched over the years. Typically for instance we all have these often intransigent beliefs as to why this event occurred and I have found as I have progressed that there is nearly always another angle or perspective that can be brought into any given sequence or subset of parameters.

So anyway generations of folks have within the brain the idea that they would like to go out and about into the wider and broader world and travel and see places such-as the Himalayas and indeed the Tropics and any number of the various continents.

They say of course that Space is the last unexplored realm when in truth many of us have failed to travel very far beyond our own Countries Shores. We often simply having relied on news and media and James Bond like stories and The Bourne Identity type stories always with supervillains and arch nemesis that forces so-called warring nations into peach pacts and so on. The THREAT from this third party Alien Invasion Fleet is greater than the threat from this rival. Clearly again positions that are appointed for decision making such as referee’s often come with greater influence than may necessarily be best appropriate to the idea of fair competition.

Likewise we see that once many an individual has established themselves at some high level of responsibility they often seemingly become bullet proof to all and any criticism, the blind refusal to acknowledge that mistakes have been made and or that they themselves may be responsible for the results that are happening. Of course the problem can be that you become so accustomed to Cry Wolf mentalities from those further down chains of responsibility that when genuine issues are brought to the fore and corruption is identified among entire jobs for the boy’s gangs you do come to see that staying true to ideas such-as dynamic steering and broader and wider ideas such as patterns and cycles of time and all is now can improve your own life without having to resort to responding to extremism with extremism and the very often negative brain entroublement that goes hand-in-hand with some such populations.

Thank you for reading, god bless and be well 😉

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