And Then It All Went ‘74


Exactly, I mean that is just a reference to a news article suggesting that a failed first General Election may lead to another general election later in the year (the last time such things occurred was in 1974). Unfortunately of course the populous was given a choice on proportional representation and rejected it in favour of first past the post smallest minority rule and I cannot see the likelihood of any changes to that. I myself of course have little to no recall of that year because whilst I existed I was perhaps operating from an eat sleep feed repeat styled life that many a baby takes up during the 1st couple of year of life.

Elsewhere the announcement is awaited as to baby names. My own thoughts are perhaps more in alignment with the Victoria’s and Elizabeth’s after seeing pictures though clearly I still think it interesting that quite a broad and varied selection of names exist that have not been picked up on by either bookmakers or pundits and commentators. I guess that perhaps where some history knowledge can come in quite useful as being able to speculate upon such things. I know typically when you look at Royal Family Tree’s you get to see some quite broad and varied linkages as to The Aristocracy of several Centuries of European Culture.

Elsewhere of course we as perhaps expected saw Floyd Mayweather remain undefeated, though Manny Pacquiao will likely remain a champion of sorts within boxing Halls of Fame and indeed across the broad and varied fan base that he developed throughout his career. Clearly anyone who watched the bout can probably be in no doubt that Mayweather’s superior height and reach and so on served him well as it has seemingly done throughout his own career.

Elsewhere of course I think the Chelsea vs Crystal Palace match is presently in play and the whilst I am sure that Crystal Palace can give any team a game on their day that Chelsea will probably continue to grind out results until the end of the season.

Yes strange though true I could not on multiple occasions think upon what to write about to day in particular. I looked at news and of course commentating upon commentating does seem to in many ways be the name of the game though clearly as you develop your own interests and areas of focus you tend to pay more attention to specific areas of life than some of the more, broad sweeping style that larger organisations are able to produce.

So this an exceptionally short post that has been written after starting multiple write-ups and running out of inspiration. Clearly in having meditated for several years and having had a vast mental clear out of hooks and triggers and so-on I can perhaps better choose where I personally prefer to give my own attention and I think that is sensible.

So until next time…

Thank you for reading, God bless and be well 😉

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