So I Was Wondering As To How

So I was wondering as to how some potentially regarded as la-di-da “out there” teachings may be brought into the realm of fiction and a typical example of this is in fact the idea of self-inquiry that you can find within multiple Far Eastern Meditative Modalities. The IDEA being that you perhaps sit down and find a meditative position and relax and then carry out some “I want to speak to the part of myself that represents (insert topic or label)” Anyway the idea is often that in choosing to speak to differing aspects contained within that you can then further enquire as to what you may or may not learn from a given internal voice. Very often many peoples have internal voices that are layered and indeed multi-faceted so we can ask the voice of (insert label) as to the purpose that it is serving in causing this seeming personal failure or however. Very often such techniques enable or are part and parcel of releasing and letting go strategies and so on.

Anyway traditional books very often have conversation between dropped in at the deep end Hero/Heroine and some teaching Master or however. The following whilst demonstrating my lack of literary skill does demonstrate the idea quite simply because in WRITING, you clearly have to be able to embody each character in some fashion, and are perhaps potentially stepping into that self-inquiry model, where you ask the question and then answer the question. Yes sounds potentially to fall into the realm of Psychiatrist and Patient though clearly many a person who often has such locked up thoughts and feelings and so on can find writings in this kind of style and fashion to be Therapeutic without ever leaving the confines of your typewriter and so on. So a Meditative Self Inquiry method used within the storyline of your tales of espionage and adventure or however.

Hybrid Enlightenment Academy

Is Now recruiting, the sign on the gate of the Large mansion house set back from the road and hidden behind a rather large Grove of tree’s was somewhat appealing to young Samuel Hamster, he walked the same route day after day into town and often found himself rubbernecking one or 2 of the larger properties along the way, quite simply seeking to imagine who might own a property like that.

The visits to the job centre had been unsuccessful and friends whilst perhaps meaning well had begun to have a more detrimental effect on his wellbeing as they afforded party and clothing and lifestyle options that seemingly drifted further and further away from what his own income enabled him to participate in.

He had heard story’s as to how other unemployed youths had turned to crime and simply trashing the estates upon which they lived through boredom and he was not of a mind to follow that particular path for himself, though he knew within his heart of hearts that he had energies within that required expressing in some fashion less they drive him into some personalised realm of insanity as to all the pressure seemingly being applied to find a job and fit in and go with the Societal like herd of his own particular generation.

What is a hybrid enlightenment academy?

He had not intentioned to press the gate buzzer and speak to anyone within though suddenly found himself asking the question as though jumping from a moment before to a moment afterwards.

A Hybrid Enlightenment Academy is one in which Enlightenment is achieved through the learning of multiple modalities and processes and techniques, combining into an integrative model of reality, where the sum of the parts is greater than the seeming sum of the whole.

Sounds to myself like regular school said Samuel whilst contemplating the answer he had received.

School indeed does cover many of the fundamental or foundational base requirements however they fail to address the needs of the individual and how any given individual once in possession of some of those learnings can be better directed into more empowering and life enhancing skills.

So you are like a college then? Said Samuel

College does indeed cover subcategorised fundamental or foundational base requirements however they fail to address the needs of the individual and how any given individual once in possession of some of these learnings can be better directed into more empowering and life enhancing skills.

So you are like a University then and why are you repeating yourself?

University is once again a further narrowing down into further subcategorised fundamental or foundational base requirements however they fail to address the needs of the individual and how any given individual once in possession of some of these learnings can be better directed into more empowering and life enhancing skills, repetition is often used within the realm of teaching and whilst you may prefer that I grab a thesaurus and use differing wording that could very well misdirect you into some belief that you are being told something different.

So what are these life empowering and life enhancing skills? Samuel seemingly finding himself being drawn ever deeper into some enjoyment as to the way in which the conversation was turning.

The life empowering skills and life enhancing skills that you will develop and possess are broad and varied and you may be surprised to know that you already possess them.

If I already possess the life empowering skills and life enhancing skills why would I need You or anyone else to teach them to myself?

The World and indeed Society in which we live has become straightjacketed and high jacked in many ways shapes and forms as to how such things are best achieved. Our teachings are further explorations as to the opening up of deeper realities that exist within each and everyone of us should we so desire to make clear the expressive nature and power inherent within all.

Now you are sounding all mystical and la-di-da said Samuel, and my friends family and teachers all say that returning to religious like beliefs when society has developed and moved forward into the more enlightened World of Science is a backward step.

If a backward step can be considered to accelerate and propel you forward of such limited vision and strategies would you take it?

I guess so said Samuel, now somewhat unsure as to what he may find himself discussing next.

So you have rejected all and anything you might regard as religious and la-di-da, do you have a list of those particular remedies so we can strike them from your personalised improvement plan

Well I do not specifically have a list so much as finding myself kind of knowing said Samuel.

So you are presented with a word, a badge or label and then you react in accordance with how your family or friends or Society and schooling has taught and entrained you to behave.

I guess so said Samuel

What if you were given a beginners home study pack of some description, that guides you toward a system of hybrid enlightenment through some very basic teachings, and you get to carry out the study and actions all for yourself without myself or anyone else standing over you or seeking to direct you beyond what are regarded as some core teachings.

Well how much time do home study courses take to complete, are they marked, are they like traditional schooling only I have not really accomplished the results that I would have liked through traditional schooling and teachings and that is why I am unemployed.

Ah-ha so you understand that a one size fits all remedy that Society seeks to impose on its children via present schooling systems can very often throw out those students who may possess other skills and abilities that traditional schooling neglects.

Well that is all a bit of a mouthful though I think I know what you mean yes said Samuel.

You are saying that I may have skills that are not included within the curriculum.

Yes, that is as simple as some beginning teachings may enable and allow you to demonstrate to you yourself.

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