The Most Appealing Story?

So typically I review some of the various World-wide news items that come in on my internet connected gadget and from among all the stories the one that appeals to oneself the most was an article on being a Voice Actor or Actress. Typically the article was labelled something to do with Lady Mary (apparently one of the characters in some Abbey show that is popular World-wide.).

Likewise of course I was typically following link trails-I had within my mind the IDEA that the new born Royal may have been named with some Mary like generic Maria and Marissa and so on, though I actually came to disregard those thoughts and feelings, I think the Hospital was actually of that name though anyway the link was still present at the forefront of my mind and I clicked on the story to have a quick scan. Apparently the actress’ voice is a popular wish list for Voice-Over Actresses in America and other International locations about the planet and lists were given as to most popular “FIT” or “MATCH” voice requirements.

Anyway on reading that article I thought wow a job or career, where you get to travel and see the World and very often simply have to sound like yourself, how cool would that be. Yes of course the perfect job for myself and a match made in Heaven (In my own opinion) would actually be a voice role within a Disney Pixar movie. I like many a person perhaps have caught up with lack of seeing such films within my own childhood though have viewed and seen many with the not so little one upon her visits. So yes, I should actually return to the article and see how to go about applying for such a career, not that any call exists for voice-over from David, Hereford, England, United Kingdom. Though typically many of the stories I have read from luminaries and so on within various realms have often stated that jobs or careers and so on came to them via accident. Who knows maybe I will walk down the Street and a Disney representative will thrust a microphone in my face and ask myself to read out the following script Item.

Elsewhere I noted news on some Events within a place entitled Garland Texas. One presumes or assumes that it may or may not have been named after famed Actress Singer Judy Garland of course, though on this occasion the article was related to some making fun of the Prophet Mohammed Cartoonist group within America. We can also note that Texas of course is famed for also having a Paris. I mention that because we always of course think France whenever Paris is mentioned and in wanting to develop ah-ha links and so on being aware that many original place names and indeed people names have been utilised by various groups and organisations and so on can again give you further ah-ha’s.

What else?

Well apparently the Duchess of Cambridge (according to Russian Housewives and-or media) has not just given birth at all and it has all been faked to fool us male population and children. Apparently you’re not allowed to look so good after child birth, and the baby looked several days old, though we must state of course that even if things are not as they appear, expectancy of the waiting Public and the demand of an insatiable empire and so on still requires meeting in some fashion, and I think those requirements have surely been met. Today another Tradition is taking place within various Royal parks with Military Gun Salutes.

Elsewhere we are still hearing from the Rivals for Parliamentary election and in all honesty whilst my vote is likely to be blue, I think that Labour are likely going to be forming a Government with the likes of UKIP and the SNP and other suspicious groupings who will do anything to seize some form of power over the Country.

Of course most folks think that they can safely vote for some of the smaller groupings because they will never achieve power, though the problem is of course that whilst I like the idea of a broader and more evenly spread demographic, some of the decent and rewarding policies are accompanied by some exceptionally dangerous and extremist policies.

Yes the pick n mix option proffered does come with dangers though we can see that the last Parliament with the Liberals assisting the Conservatives actually worked quite well for the most part.

Elsewhere I have said we are in May have I not? Yes I have already published in the earlier hours today so perhaps do not require publishing absolutely every detail within my meanderings though again, if any representatives of Disney Pixar or any other company requires a good English voice over and also of course giving someone an ah-ha then do get in touch, I really can do quite a wide variety and range of accents though typically rarely get to put such skills to usage as much as one would desire or wish.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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