The Rain In Hereford Falls Mainly On The Terribly Bored

So as the madness of Politicians increases we the good people of Hereford, England, United Kingdom find ourselves seemingly under siege from large intermittent rain showers. Oh what to do on a wet weather weekday.

Well of course choice is choice though harking back to one’s own childhood I really do think some classic musicals such-as “Singing in The Rain” and “My Fayre Lady” are well worth watching for anyone at any time any place and anywhere.

Yes strange though true one does tend to find that all the madness of extremism to demonstrate that you are other than a member of this grouping or that grouping can of course very often return to haunt many an individual.

However in terms of teaching’s and so on of course the stimulus provided by the assisted meditation does indeed enable anyone from any walk of life to see some of those greater truths as to how one may really view the wider and broader World in which we live.

I see today that The Queen has taken the opportunity within her very busy diary and calendar to visit her new Great Grand-daughter Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Cambridge, and likewise I am sure has spent time with the entire family and not just the new born. That of course a typically directed Headline, suggesting that the visit is only serving one purpose when in fact when you look to accepted Tradition, it is usually a requirement of being the other way around. So it can perhaps have been stated or reported that Grandmother visits a new family member. What else? Well we are also seeing reports that the new born has now been entered on a Register, oh Lordy I hope they have they ticked not to have details sold on to third party database companies.

Yes strange though true I generally give many a flashing click me, click me headline on websites a broad berth. However I recently visited a site and up popped a YOU HAVE WON, complete statement of fact and the prize appeared to be worthy of having. However the link was a complete FRAUD and that company should have all such advertisements removed and they should be banned from such activities. I provided them with details to claim prize and have since been inundated with third party callers demanding that I buy or purchase a million and one kinds of special insurance. It would not be so bad though they do have a tendency to hang-up before you can complete the sentence “Please can you remove oneself from one’s database, Thank you awfully”.

Yes the May Fair is now resident in Hereford and typically for every decent and respectable fairground attraction we will know doubt be hearing reports of more unsavoury characters having been noted about the Fair. Yes whenever a large gathering of any kind occurs you will find hawkers and sellers of other than officially accepted behaviours or indeed merchandise.

Some National news headlines have over the last couple of days referred to some new Diet Pills as being dangerous, though when we look to traditional fairground food substances one wonders as to what the real problem is. Yes Candy Floss and Toffee Apples are usually accompanied by Horse Burgers and Horse Hotdogs and notice the reduction in the local cat population.

Yes so I will be unlikely to visit the Fair though do of course have memory of such activities when younger and thoroughly good testing ground for your constitution indeed. Lots of flashing bizarre lights and spinning about mechanical machines and hustle and bustle kinds of noise drowned out by more traditional fairground music intermingled with all the latest hits in some warp speed mash-up that can leave you feeling exceptionally pleased to have left behind when you later find yourself sat in relative peace and quiet with immediate family or friends etc.

Some folks of course love constant noise and have a fear of SILENCE and many a classic movie whether horror or otherwise has played upon such things. I am someone who personally favours quietness and clearly when you perhaps try out some of the Technologies I recommend whichever way is your own orientation toward the various aspects of Silence or Noise at present you may well come to see the benefit of the alternate.

Elsewhere of course I joked with a colleague at work with regard to Walt Disney and then thought AH-HA what if I placed a W as a prefix on words and names that begin ALT and that of course returned myself to ALTRUSIM. Is altruism the new waltruism.

Yes okay so such wordings do not exist though it is interesting in seeing how you can change angles and perspectives simply through writings words and noises as they actually are instead of how a dictionary may have you saying and writing such things. Clearly the REPETITION given from young ages within schools has positive and negative merits for those taking part and I know I myself was somewhat disheartened when they removed having to be able to spell correctly and so on from the school curriculum. Yes how can any Country boast of best ever results when it is constantly also reporting the downgrading of the apparatus or MEASURES and SCALES by which the comparison is being made. We constantly hear from experts that Society and Each new generation is becoming more intelligent and to put it bluntly I disagree wholeheartedly with those assessments.

Of course there are more important things in life than being able to do some of those things correctly and we have it demonstrated time and again via populist fiction such as J K Rowling and Dan Brown type authors that the more your work is criticised as being substandard and all the rest of such things the more likely you are going to achieve Ultimate Success and Greatness. Many of the said debates of course propelling unlikely works to some super level of sales and leaving the sane wondering how such a thing came about, 50 shades of Grey perhaps the most recent example that springs to one’s own thoughts. Typical of that area of debate is of course Russell Brand, he once again appearing in some headlines urging people to vote Labour. I will actually probably decide who I will vote for when I am staring at the card within the booth. That is not the impression I perhaps gave recently though I do often find that I go with intuition irrespective of the pressure that the broader World is demanding. Typically Hereford, England, United Kingdom has swung between the Liberals and Conservatives and whilst I could go with some tactical vote for to get rid of whoever incumbent is, I really do find it often better to not get drawn into many of those debates and topics anyway. The problem of course is often one of having to know 100% policy data from you group and any variance from what you are expected to say and do and be in alignment with very often gets stretched to breaking point with various media’s.

Yes whilst I have mentioned the politics several times during the course of election I have for the most part not actually seen what any of them are doing or talking about or anything along those lines. Going with the Politics of Personality of course is what many a person does though likewise many simply vote for whom they have always voted. Ed Miliband is a stretch to far in my opinion, I cannot look listen or see the guy without feeling as though I am catching a bad dose of something, and that is enough to explain why where I have voted Labour in previous elections I am unlikely to at present. Such things of course are down to any given persons intuitive capabilities and so on though I really do not mind being out of touch with the broader population via going with what my non-conscious intuitions are screaming at myself. It is the Conservatives who are supposed to represent darkness and all that is evil and wrong with society for those of us within the lower echelons of Society. Well if the fires of hell and damnation are represented in red then in Miliband they have seemingly found an even darker kind of character and individual or Champion, the sort that you only expect to find in more fictional realms, that whispering shadow or ghost who sells his soul and has little interest in seeking any kind of redemption. Yes stark and damning character assessment for someone I know little of beyond the occasional headlines though in scaremongering terms (and that is something I have little interest in) and what my intuitions are saying this guy is MAJOR CREEPY VILLIAN.

So Cameron might be a middle class rich kid from a Posh background though I do not get the heavily DARK vibe from him that Miliband exists within. Yes strange though true we all of us carry vibes and have auras and whilst many a person can demonstrate being exceptionally congruent with who and how they (and or whether they may be regarded as honest or healthy and etc.) When you raise your own threshold and go through various cleansing remedies you do often feel ever greater levels of other peoples congruence and-or otherwise. People perhaps joke that Farage or UKIP is an extremist though the reality again for myself that from among those I have read and seen headlines upon the very worst result for the Country is Ed Miliband, we would be better if he were assassinated and someone more moderate brought in. Rivers Of Miliband potentially going to haunt the Country for many years and another reason to perhaps tune out and turn off.

I will leave it there as just speaking on the subject is leaving one feeling magnetic polarities that one does not like experiencing once one has let go such things. That the problem of course of giving any given individual or grouping attention. The focus is drawn and you become sucked into the very debates and aspects of reality that you are often better not experiencing. Yes we can always REFRAME and ask those questions as to how any of us as individuals can achieve personal improvement without paying any regard to externals though the externals are part of reality however much we can pretend they do not exist.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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