Eddie Stobart versus Ed Miliband That Is The Difference

Okay so we are seeing huge press coverage given over to some election fallout when in reality it seems very much that the Conservatives were going to win all along and I can give an over view as to why.

First off we have to remember that I have been throughout most of my own life British underclass, that is the level below working class, whereby I had a working mother feeding brother and myself and keeping a roof over head in a steady job whilst father was pursing his own musical interests and typical of the music scene culture, not necessarily doing what was best for family. How many star musicians and performers promote “family values” and so on, the 2 things are clearly demonstrated throughout the History of Rock and most or many forms of music to be incompatible.

Anyway so further to that on leaving school and having had several jobs during childhood I was going to forge a steady job and living with the aspirations and knowledge that I had, having grown up around all sorts of Societal drop outs and dead weight’s and wasters I wanted something other than that for myself and was motivated.

However as is reported throughout this blog things took a turn for the worse upon my death. At 17 industrial accident and suddenly finding oneself in a whole new World Experience. One I perhaps potentially had a typical Teenage self-interest and motivation to get on, though that was now countered and shifted somewhat into a new world experience. I could get on a full bus on crutches and scaffold sticking out of my leg, and not one person would offer a seat. I give that as an example, so whilst many a person “talks a good talk” as to Charity and so on, that usually “FITS” the glamour model of Charity for Hollywood or Africa and not on one’s own doorstep.

Typical present day exercise in such things, Prince Harry coming to the end of his Australian SASR secondment, I see some very inspirational photographs on Sky this morning and did have a wow, I wish I could get to do some of those things. Such things of course appeal to us Brits in terms of comradeship with Australia (and the distance appeal) and perhaps also help Australia in promoting their own Armed Forces and Services to their own younger populace, so that is what I would perhaps call a WIN WIN for both Countries and Harry perhaps also gets to demonstrate and promote his other Charity interests at the same time.

Anyway so returning to my later childhood and teens I of course during recovery was somewhat taken with a favoured Album, I had a broad and wide taste in music and listened to much regular pop and so on whilst at the same time also an ever increasing collection of Heavy Metal and Rock, the favoured album was LIFE AFTER DEATH by IRON MAIDEN and I even now can happily listen to several favoured tracks from that classic album. I think it was typically one of the pinnacle points within the Groups Story arc and so on.

Anyway I have memories from during the time of my recovery of reading newspapers and typically I am quite sure that Holosync advertisements or perhaps under a differing title appeared within a couple of the Newspapers that I read at that time. (strange though true, though Bill Harris did indicate that he made such international advertising as his business grew).

Anyway so recovering and new World Experience of no longer being allowed to do this long list of activities and likewise major World Wide epidemics of scary new unheard of retrovirus diseases and so on. Anyway return to work and I get on with it as you do, still motivated in multiple ways. Eventually however losing job simply through having the wrong colleagues (in my opinion) and getting drawn into affairs and issues or topics that I personally was not directly linked to. I was now unable to gain work within the Hereford region and simply found work elsewhere and moved away still motivated. That part within my mental history has always been a somewhat vague area, unsure as to why though perhaps part and parcel of those teenage years and heavy drinking combined with an increasing smoking habit left the World in a somewhat hazy shade of pale.

So you make a mistake or two and are “branded for life” you are not respectable and you give us these reasons to not employ you. So typically that is a downward spiral, aspirations are for upward spiral though despite own efforts the plughole effect is in operation.

Now what has this got to do with the title. So Eddie was the name of the Iron Maiden emblem figurine doll strange though true and likewise we can show that Steddie Eddie Stobart the Haulage carrier has gradually followed and-or created his own path to success.

So what? So I came from underclass though perhaps still had some fire in the belly that was being extinguished by a wall of NO wherever I turned to find work, get on etc. so whilst having an underclass background I had aspirations to establishment and culture and more uplifting and rewarding lifestyle and I think that Eddie Stobart has demonstrated that kind of Culture or belief within his trucking empire.

My drivers will wear uniform and the lorry’s will be imbued with personality through a name, and all these little attentions that create CHARACTER and IMAGE, so I have no idea if he was working class or otherwise though I like to think that he followed a design scheme like model of rags to riches in identifying a Model and then working toward establishing that Model as a BRAND.

It might be suggested that Eddie Stobart’s whether it is true or otherwise is considered to have worked along the classical rags to riches kind of IDEA.

So we are told that Ed Miliband joined Labour at 17 and worked his way through the rank and file and all the rest, though I do not know the detail or whatever. So why ED why not Eddie, that is like a Londonism to far for the rank and file Labour support who probably regard fire in the belly Labour party as having been high-jacked by a London Grouping that does not relate to the rest of the Country, yes you can say the same for any party.

Despite London being the home of Parliament and Royalty and United Kingdom Establishment and Culture and so on, you automatically will be rejected by the rest of the Country if you work the London theme, so that is not to say that Londoners cannot support and be part of Labour though the greater United Kingdom populace will always reject London (in my opinion) because the place with the most High-lighted best this that and the other will likely in coin side terms also demonstrate the WORST.

The Liberals were hammered because they joined the Conservatives in the last Government, effectively SUGGESTING that they may have been Tory’s in disguise, so many a person Psychologically is going to say “I want to be honest” and that means voting outright for a Conservative Candidate, so WITHOUT proportional representation, coalition Government is likely detrimental to the junior candidates, a proviso exists within that statement whereby Northern Ireland and Wales and Scotland have perhaps greater Autonomy within the various Party’s within those regions who align themselves with similar Party’s within the Halls of Westminster, not always the case though generally that has often occurred.

So big news of course was Errol Brown of Hot Chocolate fame dying and he of course was famously music wise used within THE FULL MONTY (a Comedy movie) about some unemployed Sheffield guys who formed an unlikely striptease act as a way out of unemployment and so on. Sheffield of course where Liberal Leader Clegg originates.

So I can of course be stated to not know the thoughts and hearts and minds of the voting populace though it was not of any surprise to myself that THATCHERS CHILDREN fell into line when called upon to make those tough choices and decisions.

Another big up was of course the UKIP vote, some 12% of voters suggesting that the SNP has the potential to expand anti-austerity beliefs and ideas down South. Why?

(This is not about Racism, it is about finance).

Well it can quite simply be demonstrated that the importation of immigrant workers enables Company’s and business’ to pay poverty wages sucking and often keeping those within such lower echelons of the working classes and industry in a cycle of poverty. What is good for the SHAREHOLDERS is not necessarily good for the Workforce and it can also be demonstrated that the increasing usage of so-called Agency staffing within such realms is simply the way in which company’s avoid other contractual employment laws and so on.

The British Population or working classes (if any such grouping exists anymore) needs to become up in arms like the FRENCH, up in arms as to the way in which they know longer have a voice in Westminster.

Yes David Cameron says he will do his best for the Nation and Greater Britain though unless he is able to accommodate the SNP (apart from Trident) he is unlikely to do that. So the dangerous anti-nuclear campaigns of the Kinnock years has its origins within Scotland (perhaps) though interesting that the SNP is not all that differing from more traditional British Values within many other policy areas.

The brains of the Nation when we look at the Witchmap and easier to see why London Ed is rejected as a pain in the backside.

I will leave it there though meanderings and drifting can be insightful and interesting, when you take the time to break down and high light most useful snippets of trivia, who is returning to haunt whom.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Professional Politicians who have no real World Working life experience in industry and about the broader nation should be banned on the grounds of inexperience of what everyone else has to put up with on a day-to-day basis.

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