Pot Pourri

So I have in recent days been somewhat bereft of IDEAS as to what to write upon, my regular note taking continues and subject matters to make comment upon are of course broad and wide.

Anyway I awoke this morning after deciding to have an early night and found myself once again in a dream stream type zone or region of thought. Strange though true I rarely actually recall dreams despite several courses and statements to recall dreams having been articulated.

The reason I mention that is because I do find repetition of some of these sequences or segments of dream and then you wonder as to originality or indeed programming and when or indeed where you may have picked such things up.

So this morning I am waking up and still in a sleep like state and I switch into some interview with a porn star mode. Yes strange though true, some young lady complaining about her lack of sales and explaining how she and colleague created particular effect within some homespun productions.

Anyway typical bloke I have perhaps seen large quantities of such material when younger and these days simply have little interest in watching or viewing other people having it off etc. hence my own questioning as to where such material arises from within the noggin when you are not actively pursuing such things, yes many blokes have differing attitudes and lifelong obsessions though I in not pursuing those areas actively do wonder where such information’s are held within the cerebellum or however.

Anyway moving on from that I then note that I have comment upon this blog from a foreign language ASIAN gambling site (I think) and that is perhaps where I generally directed many a person, though of course my own lack of early success led myself to seek out ways and means to properly drop into particular zone of sporting activity and so on.

I think the issue is of course this one of applying any general information to a given subject or topic in direct fashion versus indirect or indeed other remedies. I myself wanting a broader view decided that I quite liked being able to read or view any particular column irrespective of content and then use such information to inform myself of sporting results and so on.

However in wanting to be placed within a ZONE I do think you can get to a point where you do have to talk directly on given topic or sporting activity. The problem then of course is this one of competitive EXPERTISE. So I could say, well I have read up on this sport and I can use the sporting sub-context within my language and believe that x person is going to come out tops and then another expert claims otherwise.

HOW DO I TRUST what is correct or otherwise?

Clearly the WITNESSING process of write down what you think feel and hear and sense and so on is the feedback and return system of choice in making any given process individualised. However then you do of course want to be successful and be able to confer and debate with others, however as soon as you do go into conference with others you very often return to lack of trust in your own WITNESSING PROCESS. So that returns us to THRESHOLD being the difference between being able to cope or have confidence in knowing that your expertise is superior to someone else’s expertise. Much like I could go to the Holosync blog and then discover that more than 2 million people beat myself to purchasing that Solution and programme and are well versed having gone through the joining of the inner circle process and the various online courses that are part and parcel of the Holosync Solution.

So again that is why however much we want to be original it can be of benefit to work within a guided framework of an already established working model of some description. Typically we can demonstrate that the various Military’s around the World have such models and it can be suggested that particular Learning institutions have working Models and then bringing the broader and wider pot pourri collection under your own banner is perhaps what it is all about.

I take this element here and this element here and then see how well all the jigsaw pieces fit together and so on. Anyway the further I have PROGRESSED within my own studies, the more that I have found that it is whether through fortune or otherwise The British Royal Model that is seemingly the one of choice for many entrepreneurs and experts about the World. Clearly in having had a rather large empire at one time many learnings from about the World were integrated and taken on board and few other nations can claim to have such real World Expertise at such a level of Conquest and so on. Yes we have many a modern movie and television where Alien invasion fleets have arrived over the Earth and seemingly chosen all the Major Capital Cities as starting points for conquest though in general such things are perhaps more to do with the promotion of Tourism and fitting ready-made stereotypes that many a person has within the Noggin, Ahh Paris in Springtime and London in the Fall and The Washington Monuments and The Colosseum in Rome and so on.

Yes that is a brief list and every nation no matter how big or small can be demonstrated to have sites worth visiting and so on depending of course on ability to travel and so on and so forth. Interesting of course that ISIS is said to actively be destroying many Arabian Heritage sites though in fact when you look through History it is actually quite a standard practice of many a conquistador in more ancient times. What? Yes so at some point CIVILITY was introduced within warfare that said we will not target your main Cathedral if you do not target our main Cathedral and so on. Anyway of course many of those things actually went out of the window of course during WWII when bombing campaigns destroyed many a declared Heritage site.

Heritage versus Heretic an interesting point of course though most or many typically have been demonstrated to simply keep pre-existing monuments and add their own flavouring. Whilst much complaint in IRAQ for instance is given over ancient sites, little is said on the destruction of the Saddam Hussein sites even though a number included additions to pre-existing regions and localities of interest. A bit like some Alien invaders keeping Westminster as a souvenir or tourist attraction after defeating and enslaving the human race.

Anyway the business models that I have studied are fairly standard and when clear headed easy to work through and understand. Typically all is about giving incentive and motivation. So this person has something that you are willing to part or exchange details for whether address for mailing list or the sending and receiving of goods purchased upon a site and so on.

Likewise many a Country have laws guiding sellers as to how they are allowed to operate though unfortunately many regions of the planet have no such laws and the rich or clever depending on point of view simply move services into regions without such laws enabling and allowing further harassment of unsuspecting peoples and persons on stolen data mailing lists and so on.

I typically can demonstrate that whilst many a mailing list says we will remove you, I very often continue to receive a variant mail from the same distributor, you only removed yourself from the first hundred of or copies of the mailing list and not the version we sold to this other company licensed under our name. Yes in the end very often easier to set up new accounts and email addresses that you specifically use only for a given purpose, Yes many offer bells and whistles for sorting and keeping accounts tidy and so on though generally I have found a preference for not having globalised new accounts. So I have longstanding account that is on multiple lists and newer accounts that I use “for purpose” and will not craft or give out detail beyond that purpose, less it becomes unmanageable and so on.

Anyway all that without commenting on recent days witnessing so I think I may well write another and keep this to my typical length of post.

Another one perhaps commentating on recent days events from around the World and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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