David I Have Not Got Any Money

This is of course the big dilemma for many of us when it comes to the lower echelons of Society and paying the bills and boy do we have bills.

As an example when I returned to Hereford and gained employment I was very much motivated to start over afresh whilst ensuring that I took a level of responsibility for my daughter through the provision of some funding.

Meanwhile on securing job and then later a Flat to call home year upon year inflationary bills saw water and heating electrical bills and so on and so forth rising at perhaps a local average of some 4 and 5% (percent) year-on-year, meanwhile the Multinational Corporation employing myself was pleading poverty giving wage increases of 1% and 2% and not-at-all for the best part of the last 10 years. So it came as no surprise that I was made homeless a few short years later through inability to meet basic living requirements. Other money’s also being taken out of my wages for other incurred costs.

So what to do?

Well the simplest method that I have repeated multiple times here is to learn some basic EFT tapping methods. Yes it possibly does not appear to work when initially trying such “out there” remedies, though some perseverance and appropriate literature can really make an accelerated difference to your belief system and indeed what you believe you are or are not capable of.

So I typically am now an affiliate of several Corporate Business’ advertised on my www.silvertoevelocity.com and that can of course incur having to spend money. However this is where tapping solution can come in handy because even if you cannot initially afford the expenditure you can EFT TAP to the documents and pages that those recommended sights therein contain and again further to that you can find other experts, one that I have returned to several times within my own studies is Ken Wilbur and his work and so on eventually led to a so-called Super Human Operating System. Whilst I have read some of the integral books, I cannot claim to have taken any courses beyond what I have Learned from within the pages of those books.

I do however carry out some tapping like activities when visiting the advertisement pages for some products and indeed ideas such as this one http://superhumanos.net/?orid=75&opid=37 and then asking myself how can I make this a reality within my own life and World?

Yes many of us have of course found that the stimulation from products such-as Holosync and Learning Strategies often lead us to greater inner awareness’ that we may have not previously experienced in our lived for some time. However it is always good to remind yourself of what you may or may not be capable of.

I typically have referred to “The Diana Incident” on numerous occasions, https://davidsimonperkins.com/2013/06/29/princess-diana-my-guilt-and-shame/

And whilst I cannot claim any direct or indeed indirect involvement within such events when you think about similar stories that we read and hear of people suddenly finding inner powers and strength’s they did not know they had and so on it is good to build on beneficial beliefs and positive aspects and attributes that you may or may not call upon when you most need them within your life.

I think that perhaps part and parcel of that Altruism model that Learning strategies are currently promoting via the Future Mapping Course, this idea of “How can I make this other person Happy”.

Of course I have suggested that such things can be accelerated and that you can reinforce and indeed release both positive and negative aspects of life the universe and everything though likewise I think the other Learning Strategies course I am taking Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now most definitely lends itself to the IDEA that you can create your own inner and outer World and be more forgiving and showing of loving kindness and compassion to others irrespective of your belief as to motive.

We can of course demonstrate that incentives exist across all shapes and forms of human endeavour and likewise IDEAS as to both good and bad, though overall the World does seem to have its own IDEAL WORLD that we can actively participate within or indeed curl up into a huddle and live in constant states of denial about this that and the other.

Interesting of course that in Coin side terms it is often best to release both sides. Today of course see’s further respect being given to those who fought for our freedoms during the 1939 to 1945 conflict, and yes indeed the right to send David and Sam Cameron to 10 Downing Street. In synchronicity terms that is once again quite strange for myself of course. The Writing course is hosted by Sam Horn and I of course a David, though I can feel spiritually attuned I am perhaps unaware as to any direct links or involvement though I can of course state that her most recent work and indeed the course she is presenting does bear remarkable similarities as to things contained within this here blog. So perhaps as I said previously a demonstration that whilst I can plead poverty and lack of income, she places a price tag on that very same knowledge set and base and is able to perhaps sell-on to her pre-established clients and indeed any new clients that come to her works as she continues in her own life and learnings and teachings and so on.

I will once again leave this one here though think I may well publish a little later on as to some other feedbacks and so on going on about the World that we all of us exist and live within etc.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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