Who Will Storm To Bafta Awards Then

Yes I know, I David do not really watch TV and have not got a clue beyond what the daughter purchases on my Amazon account as to what is and what is not popular with today’s aspiring audience.

However during a meditative session I found myself thinking about 2 things at the forefront of my mind.

  1. Hollywood I think has that walk of Fame or something with STARS embedded within the pavement and I found myself thinking about what would it be like to have my own name on such a star and of course given some of the courses I promote and other aspects of stars.
  2. The most of things then found myself thinking about probably one of the earliest rhymes that most of us learn at a young age, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

     Twinkle, twinkle, little star,      How I wonder what you are!      Up above the world so high,      Like a diamond in the sky.      When the blazing sun is gone,      When he nothing shines upon,      Then you show your little light,      Twinkle, twinkle, all the night.      Then the traveller in the dark      Thanks you for your tiny sparks;      He could not see which way to go,      If you did not twinkle so.      In the dark blue sky you keep,      And often through my curtains peep,      For you never shut your eye      ‘Till the sun is in the sky.      As your bright and tiny spark      Lights the traveller in the dark,      Though I know not what you are,      Twinkle, twinkle, little star.

This is a full lyric sourced from wiki and very much longer than I personally recall-we all perhaps only ever use that first most famed of verse’s.

So yes all the aspects of stars under the spotlight and how on earth do we understand the separation of fact and fiction if indeed all is fact and is is fiction at the same time. Clearly meditation gives you perhaps an understanding of a separation or gap between your window of the World and being part of the World, I think experts always use a Jesus quote as to being in the World though not of it or something like that.

Anyway so I see that Australian comic Clive James is being given a Bafta award posthumously and he is someone that I do remember from the years that I watched TV. He perhaps actually the Original presenter of those look at this clip and make a quip shows. Yes I could probably trawl a TV guide and demonstrate a million versions of the same show now in existence though that was not the case when he was presenting such a show. There were perhaps only halve as many or less.

Yes so I cannot of course help anyone with Bafta award choices because I am a non viewer and beyond seeing and reading alleged what’s hot what’s not guides once you have a routine of not viewing too much TV and so on you do find that many of the old interests and hooks melt away. I know for instance that I could switch on any soap opera on any channel and witness an episode featuring everything that I have already seen x many years ago with differing actors and so on. So whilst we keep telling ourselves that this is all new and original and so on-that is the biggest and greatest of illusions that anyone who takes up meditation can come to see.

Yes variance and differing aspects are often given so you are less able to tell that you have seen the same repetition a thousand times before though that is what occurs. Choice is choice of course.

The title was perhaps a nod toward the fact that I see storms being reported about the planet and typically some regions are known for such things. I think parts of the USA are regarded as Storm Plains and other regions about the planet are also said to have Monsoon seasons and so on. Of course the great debate has often been that the World has seen dramatic increase in such things though again, I would ask people to sit back and carry out those self questioning routines of is it true. I typically of course see boring news channels quite regular at work and within those channels see weather reports and you will always see that this bit is going to be Sunny and this bit is going to be cloud covered and this bit raining and so on. So for all the attachments that we get sucked into having and believing in the World about us we very often really are simply better of meditating and letting all such weird reasons that can occur GO. I stated previously how some early within my meditative synchronicities seemed to relate to weather conditions-however I can also say well actually I was reading particular books on those subject matters related to computing and so on, the weather is considered the mightiest test of computing power that the Earth perhaps provides us with especially in gaining some clarity and accuracy. The slightest change in a variable here and there can as with statistcal systems mentioned a day or two ago make HUGE differences in result of what actually happens next.

Anyway as I said, I moved on from witnessing those kinds of synchronicities and starting noting others, and pretty much wherever you make your focus you will see synchronicities occuring. However most of us have perhaps spent vast swathes of our lives in states of non-consciousness as to awareness’ etc. that perhaps why so many a remedy is referred to as AWAKENING. So we all of course have predominantly the same sensory systems and indeed the capability to use them in whatever way and manner we personally wish though such things get somewhat confused and conflicted within early life and we typically pile lots of further confusion and conflict upon what is already there.

So you can say well if I study any Hypnosis like remedy I want ones that feature bringing clarity to ones thoughts and mind and some reorganization into some system that I understand and can work along in an awakened state. Of course I personally prefer remedies that give you clarity on why some thoughts and typical garbage that some loudmouths come out with is false. We all of course have choice and so-called games of black and white can be found within pretty much most areas of life, however the great false for the vast majority of peoples and persons is seemingly that one all-encompassing remedy fits all folks at all times and when you can see that you will be free. However much any of us progress someone else higher up or lower down can likely say ah but did you know…

So moving on I think we have formula one on today in Spain and of course the football season is gradually winding down now that those Chelsea folks have taken home this years Premiership, other lesser teams fighting for pecking order positions and possible European Football next season. I am also sure that other sports are taking place though I had hoped regular news reporting would have returned to normal it does not appear to be doing that at present.

I dislike the changes made to the BBC website and find that where once you could see multiple stories given similarly sized click on links now you typically get one large highlighted story and lots of tiny headlines. They really would be better off offering people a choice of front page, believe it or not it is not all that difficult to create or maintain though typically programmers and computer folks in general just like car mechanics are very good at oohing and arghing and making your blood boil as to the Bill that you are about to be landed with. Yes that is true for many a business and of course they do say you pay peanuts you get monkeys-though lets be honest Elephants are also said to like peanuts.

Yes one headline related to the RAF was that of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft that is supposed to be replacing the British designed and manufactured Harrier Jets. Typically we opted to purchase from the yank company Lockheed Martin and the bills has risen and risen and few aircraft if any have been forthcoming. Yes we see similar complaints highlighted when British companies have been used to build and manufacture such things-who remembers the Westland Affair and the Helicopter debates. Anyway that are now saying that half a dozen of these Aircraft are currently going to cost the price of the AIRCRAFT CARRIER that is designed to carry them and it is supposed to have a fleet of some 30-40 planes. I am not in anyway suggesting that the British Economy is being well and truly shafted by these manufacturers though given that we do want a sensibly sized force whether for LAND or SEA or AIR these goings on are ridiculous and when you think about the great war time effort’s documented in the past as to how industries simply converted factories to the war effort it could well make sense for the United Kingdom to do that again when it comes to some of these Military Requirements and so on.

They say a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush and that saying is of course meaning that a Plane on the Flight deck is worth 2 on the manufacturer’s drawing board, especially when it comes to what is needed in service now.

We always of course see supposed overlaps occurring as to phasing out of one generation of hardware for the new generation of hardware however in the last 20 years we can probably demonstrate over and over again that this is not occurring. Is it political maneuvering or simply having a situation where it is not cost effective for Government to still have a say in the design and requirements for the Military. We are fast getting to a situation where all these super-corporations are really like those Companies in futuristic SCI-FI that have taken over the running of Nations and so on.

I shall leave it there as I suddenly found myself drifting into ranting and raging that was not intended, oh what to do about extremist thoughts and feelings when they occur within ones Heart mind and body or Soul.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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