So I Having Had A Prolonged Break From Meditation

So I having had a prolonged break from mediation whilst taking 1 or 2 courses decided that I would following the noting of a recent comment have a more regular meditative session and indeed use the Floating CD that accompanies the Holosync Solution.

The reason I say that is of course that these assisted meditations and indeed the varying level to level increase in strength and power can take some used to getting to and indeed I am quite sure some folks choose or opt to not step up to higher levels though I personally early on simply charged through the early levels and pretty much recommended (for better or for worse) that most folks do the same, I am sure some ignored myself and stayed with the instructions provided.

Anyway this morning I decided on going to bed that I would use the Floating CD and that among the collection is probably the one most neglected in many ways. Having said that I do find that it can be quite good in a less stimulating fashion in the sense that the effects and so on are far milder and that is perhaps how it should be when going to sleep or however. Anyway I was listening to this Floating Meditation and then a thought popped up from know where pretty much along the lines that “your entire life has been a complete fraud”. Such statements going off within your head can of course leave you wondering as to course and effect and indeed what might be meant by such a damning indictment of your life.

So I continued and thought upon it some more and then thought upon it some more and I actually think that given the meditative stimulus such a line of inquiry so to speak may well release many an errant belief.

Of course one of the early teaching is let whatever happens be okay and some others run along the lines of you being response for how you think, how you feel and how you act. So anyway that line of inquiry kind of led myself into thinking back to all sorts of points along my so-called like history and early memories at that address and other memories at this other address and going to this school and socializing with those people and you get the picture. The thoughts were not really sequenced so much as jumping about all over the shop and the links to the various memory points would probably require some kind of a mind map to work out.

So I cannot necessarily state that I knew exactly what my non-conscious was up to though it did seem to my mind be testing the theory or IDEA as to whether my entire life is some kind of fraud. I think it interesting of course that they do say that whatever does not serve you falls away.

The statement when you think about it further My life is a complete fraud is actually quite neutral because it is one of those all-encompassing like statements that requires testing against I guess sub-thought structures and clearly what I knew or was conscious of at varying ages is clearly differing to what I perhaps know now many years later.

Yes clearly it can for many of us be demonstrated that we knew or know various things most of our lives though very often from auto-pilot type taken for granted situations and of course in wanting to clear out mental flotsam and jetsam and clutter or reorganise mental pathways into some more realistic understanding of how the brain operates and works can of course be a good thing.

So why might I bring this topic up?

Well clearly we can give or set ourselves an INTENTION as a number of Learning Strategy type courses recommend, though likewise it has to be understood that you may not necessarily be aware that any request in the ask believe receive model of “The Law Of Attraction” is occurring as you yourself specified simply through lack of being switched on enough to see some potential interpretations, many if not everything seemingly often returning to IDEAS as to interpretative capability. So whilst many officionado experts seemingly get all and everything that they want via this system they live life by I do think that any us lower ranking individuals who are perhaps latecomers to many of the technologies available have to understand that we can generally be better off always setting or giving ourselves intentions that are within our own capability to have or however.

So why do I say that? Well typically I think I have seen peoples and persons of both sex’s perhaps seek to take advantage of greater awareness and so on to attract improved relationships and so on though likewise we always have to remember that other people are predominantly outside of our own control, so whilst we can seek to influence people through manners and being polite and tidy or however at the end of the day you can very often be pulling the rug from beneath your own feet when concentrating solely on one aspect or area of life. I typically mentioned my somewhat obsessive desire to get some regular gambling returns going and fell down time after time until I simply stopped having that at a singular point of focus, so generally whilst we all possibly want relationships and all the rest of such things making any area or aspect of life a single designated obsession is likely going to limit you from all the very many other areas and aspects of life that you can be enjoying.

Anyway to sum up on these thoughts in hopping about from memory to memory and so on and perhaps doing a compare and all the rest is does potentially cause you to realise how particular behaviours and attitudes and so on are passed or handed down from generation of family or social grouping and so on etc. and of course I have actually found it interesting to feel like I am present and within some memories as though watching the action because clearly that demonstrates ideas as to association and dissociation of memory and of course more deep intuition based ideas as to my future self or however is with me at all times or indeed watching and looking over myself, likewise we often project such thinking to third parties such as deceased loved ones or other variations on the saints and sinners themes and whatever the version that anyone chooses for themselves I think if you find comfort in such beliefs then that can only be a positive and uplifting and rewarding idea.

So one aspect that reappears time and time again seems to be this idea that it is never too late to change, my own experience of course suggests us blokes are often more intransigent on such ideas especially as we get older though likewise few complain once meditation and awareness and so on has become part of a daily or regular ritual.

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 😉

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