When Did Radish Disappear From The Menu

So I of course grew up around grandparents of a gardening generation who were fortunate enough to have large enough a garden to maintain their own crops and on visits throughout the year I would get to go out in the garden and check upon the various crops everything from potatoes and peas and green beans and carrots and lettuce to radishes and strawberries and whenever one batch was pulled up the reseeding would often occur within quite a rapid short period of time typically accompanied by some of these more modern day fertilizer and soils that can be purchased from gardening Centre’s and so on.

The reason of course for radish in the title was that I suddenly realised that I quit liked having a radish among the salad recipes and dishes that were occasioned upon during some Summer Month visits. Further to that of course we are seeing a great deal about RADICALISATION within the media and so on and I was seeking to think of words of similar beginnings beyond place names that contain such-as Bradford.

I also think some famed footballer who scored a FA cup winning goal for Hereford also had such a name. Anyway all digression and needless clutter however we also of course have RADIO and that typically shares once again a similar route. Yes so radicalisation is top of the new Government agenda-or more precisely dealing with so-called Radicalisation within Society as a whole.

It might be suggested of course that we are going to get a pot calling the kettle black situation or scenario such-as that seen within UKIP this morning where some chap with a snarling face has accused his beloved leader of acting in a snarling fashion towards himself or other members of that organisation. The thought of course being “you could not make it up”.

Yes the Conservatives are going to tackle radicalisation with what some describe as a radical bill to get British folks knocked out of some passive stupor that they are alleged to have entered. Of course I think such stupors come about through many a conservative policy of yesteryear. The destruction of Unionism for instance, however I of course typically more interested in the cycles and patterns meanings and thoughts that may come about through such deeper studies.

Having said that radicalisation is of course a major problem the creeping menace that has enslaved many people having occurred almost by stealth via the mass media and other forms of communication.

One man’s radicalisation of course another man’s right to choice and choice is in many ways what many of these ideas and doctrines are all about. Yes some things and ideas do require further or deeper thought than necessarily surface layer attitudes and so on. The UKIP issue for instance whereby I suggested the problem was that being spoken on by Scottish independence party of AUSTERITY. We the lower classes are the ones typically at the SHARP end when it comes to being in the front line against so-called many a societal ill or however. Breaking the NIMBY or “Not in my backyard” stranglehold that many of particular classes and bearing hold dear to themselves. All very well saying we cannot do this though very often an alternative is not being provided that is of merit or sensible.

So yes in generally think that in language terms many a wording has been created to accommodate things such-as politeness and we can clearly demonstrate that grooming cultures or radicalisation can occur within any environment not just those being singled out by some of the involved and fighting factions.

Anyway moving on we can of course now see new headlines this morning on radical devolved powers being offered to City’s within the United Kingdom. This of course the problem, because for all the promotion of not trusting some London Elite with only their own interest’s at Heart we will see localised radicals demanding a fight the good fight against local control of budgetary matters. How many localised Government’s and Quango’s have worked for the community that they are supposed to serve. That is of course coupled with typical boundary changes that are made to accommodate population changes and when a bulge appears here we will change a boundary and so on. Yes Hereford Conservatives who recently won the local elections did so after multiple boundary changes throughout the city, changes that most of us populace were unaware of until we received our general election voting forms and very often being guided to differing polling stations than previously known. Not the case for everyone of course though I suspect that boundary changes are generally something that occur wholesale rather than to any give particular quarter and so on.

Elsewhere we are seeing reports on new superbugs requiring new antibiotics to fight against them and typically of course, lots of our money being directed to pharmaceutical outlets who generally have cornered the market place in such things.

That of course part of Prince Charles complaint letters to Ministers within the Blair Government, the power of the supermarkets forcing farmers to tighter and tighter budgets, and whilst many a metropolitan elite may not understand farming and I admittedly am not that rural myself I do realise that many farms that have been put out of business have often later been bought out by some of these supermarket chains. So that typical routine has occurred time and again.

First all the small butchers and bakers and grocery stores were put out of business in favour of shop at an all in one centre, and then prices rose once no competition existed, yes large supermarket wars continue though smaller good suppliers always struggle to get shelf space and so on. Likewise the same routine has simply moved further down the supply chain. So the supermarkets once only controlled the retail end of the market are now gearing up for battle with some of the World’s Mega Corporations who already own and dominate many a World Farming Trade, there are of course multiple such organisations that exist such-as Monsanto, though it would not surprise myself if we see some of those organisations seeking to work it the other way. If the retailers can push trouble down the chain of supply then I am quite sure some of the larger Multinational organisations can do likewise in the opposite direction. These things typically take years and years though such Business’ of course often have powerhouse economies behind them. We can typically think that a United Kingdom supermarket such-as Tesco or Sainsbury is large until we look at a United States Supermarket empire such-as Walmart and likewise of course they successfully took over the Asda chain and have not looked back since establishing that foothold in the UK economy.

So how do economies of scale effect any of us beyond the personal choice’s that we take to maintain our own council in the face of things that we are either in alignment with or simply not. Yes some of the things that come to the fore when taking up the meditative remedies are not always as we would necessarily like though are difficult to argue against.

So I typically have continued in note taking and indeed seeking to work with the various teachings and remedies and of course do feel ever more enlightened though at the same time perhaps see more and more radicalisation from some folks about myself, not always the case though we can generally see that most or many a person is coming to terms with repentance at leisure rather than the other way around.

So does a conservative government both nationally and locally bode well for Hereford, England, United Kingdom, Earth. Well we can of course wait and see or simply set out our own respective life course or otherwise, I think it interesting that if History repeats then typically we could be about to see a NEXT GENERATION of small business’ taking off, of course the statistics for such personalised enterprise are not all that great Nationally though I would hope that anyone who took up some of my recommended technologies along with some good ideas and so on can perhaps defeat the National averages, I think that Hereford is fully capable of such things though likewise the NIMBY BRIGADE are of course going to be in resistance to such things. How many local Masonry gangs and round table organisations contain local this shop or that shop and fight against regeneration and new shopping malls and so on. Yes difficult when people seem to collectively think along the same kinds of business’s though I still think there is room enough in many a market place for established and up and coming rivals to benefit in some fashion.

Yes in a local area as small as Hereford in fact it can actually be of benefit to go to some of the larger Cities and see what services and so on are provided within those areas that Hereford does not presently have. We can say well this kind of a business will or will not work within this region or locality though likewise such strategies of simply seeing what others are doing about the region or nation or indeed wider world can make all the difference. Especially when it comes to really getting into the Zone of understanding so-called zero sum games. I typically keep returning to that because it is in honesty something I myself have returned to as something of a struggle. Though likewise am sure I will eventually uproot the beliefs or doctrines that have caused such issues. I think when I speak of course on INTRANSIGENCE we can in fact have multiple intransigence’s much like multiple intelligence’s and that is perhaps an understanding that has not occurred to some peoples and persons, in being overly attached to particular belief subsets.

So instead of fighting against any force we come up against within our own history or mind set we can ask whether we can reroute our thinking in alignment with new ideas and new teachings that are being brought to our more conscious windows of awareness and so on.

I think one book that I saw highlighted as a recommendation during the Holosync Blog years was rules for radicals and whilst I am not sure as to why that could be something worth looking at given all the present talk of anti-radicalisation. Yes I suggested that from a personal point of view I can fully understand anti-austerity thinking strategies though likewise many who aligned themselves with such viewpoints or standing from particular parties such-as UKIP typically have more extremist opinions and agendas than a moderate such-as myself.

What else well choice is of course choice though I think in taking any given series or sequence of ideas and then checking or comparing realms and transferring into other formats as is often the best remedy can make huge difference in how you think and how you feel and how you act. I think the last homework for the Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now course was dominated by the IDEA of ACTION, ACTION, ACTION, VERBIAGE and of course anyone wanting to set up Business and so on reuire giving and taking such action. However I think anyone who were to have seen my private notes would understand that much action has already in many ways been written by myself simply through taking a walk and noting things about my travels.

Clearly we can all get to a point of feeling as though we are our own narrator though likewise many a teaching and indeed level of progress within a teaching such-as that we are all of us simply generation of generation of handed down programming and we can indeed release and let go and indeed shed a tear though do not be surprise if you let go a view only to find yourself returning to it at some later stage, that is not necessarily wrong so much as understanding that layer upon layer of repetition has to be worked through and whilst we can feel as though back is up against the wall at times we have to always seek to get questioning strategies going as to how can I turn this circumstance or situation into a positive within my own mind set and body and so on. Clearly the problem is that we all of us exist through very many society wide like hooks whether hobbies or favoured teams and foods and lifestyles and we can change though typically many set out with good intention only to later gie up on such remedies in the longer term, at least if you have meditated you can state or claim it is from a position of awareness at the level that you are presently at and no higher or lower.

So peaks and troughs and highs and lows can be seen within the waves and shipping forecasts and likewise the ecosystem whether believed to be empirical and Science based of otherwise has a song and dance all of its own and surely better to flow with some of those energies than constantly be in resistance to some of the greater realities and truth’s of existence.

Todays whether suggests I need an umbrella though in honesty I think umbrella organisations and networks are perhaps hat many of us simply require to be able to peaceably exist and of course we can often find ourselves asking greater questions of reality as to whose progress is it anyway. Clearly we all perhaps have watched science fiction or indeed otherwise where some hero has taken the fall or plunge and indeed several who have been killed off have returned in differing form or shape and guise.

Gandolf the Grey in Lord of the rings changed into gandolf the White, and Obiwan Knobi change into a ghost like spirit and I have plenty of such examples of supernatural growths and outpourings within ones head though of course being allowed to communicate in a World that demands you not communicate is troubling. Yes I think I was one of those kids always being asked to be quiet in class having my enquiring mind crushed by the needs of the many.

How many sacrifices does anyone person have to make to fit in? Does this present state of affairs and pecking order fit reality or is it simply a bias towards particular subsectors of society? Interesting of course that whilst Governments and elected officials come and go, that those behind the faces, the super puppet masters and mandarins that one never hears of until some retirement autobiography appears on the bookshelf. Yes it is quite interesting that many such publications have occurred over the years and whatever the realm that you have a particular interest in you many be surprised by how many MANDARIN PUBLICATIONS are well worth investigating a little further and so on. Whilst typically you get some front page mandarin articles much like those involving Prince Charles Spider Letters, I think some of the behind-the-scenes authors do require digging out or researching in greater detail, for every story containing a bias you will likely come to hear of multiple other unknown stories in proximity to such goings on.

What do you mean that is overlong and unhelpful, I just write until whatever is on mind has worked its way through to the page and that is all any of us can do when giving expression to current thoughts feelings and attitudes, I think the witnessing then comes into its own though those of us who put the work in know that better than others who perhaps think they have put the work in though failed, yes I claim to constantly fail though failure is said to be something you learn from over and again and that is why it is never too late to fail rather than be tight cast within a role that you are not truly suited to.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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