A Review Of Step by Step Stage by Stage IDEAS and concepts

So we can look about the World and see many Technological Shifts and advancements whilst many other areas are seeming incompatible with alleged Progress. However we can introduce choice within our own inner and outer World simply through having or explaining some very simple IDEAS.

So Science came up with the IDEA of matching musical notes and scales to colours of the rainbow (for instance) and such things worked for those within the Western Hemispheric World in terms of population control and anyone who wanted to craft or create a life for themselves can often see these things from quite a young age. Though again they very often become confused and conflict because of the so-called messages being sent out by those about themselves.

So I typically have whizzed through a multitude of courses and indeed spent time within Institutions of Higher Learning within my lifetime and of course was very much perhaps typically working or existing within inner and outer Worlds containing what many might describe as multiple intransigencies.

Now I like the term and phrase that I myself coined MULTIPLE INTRANSIGENCE


Well whilst I do not want to scare people away from higher learnings and so on, typically when words such-as intelligence are used you immediately rush to some pre-existing de facto held within the noggin group of stereotypes.

When we go through the process of explaining that all life is lived through switching from one trance state to another trance state and very often many repetitions exist that are not necessary people can often come to see the virtue of some of the assisted meditation above and beyond some of the traditional methodologies.

Further to that is the IDEA that within many areas of life repetition can be a good thing. We see this within many industries whereby standardization agreements mean that many goods and services and products are all compatible in many ways. Typically I have referred to things such-as screws and standard measuring and scale systems. Again even when we have seeming incompatible systems ways and means have been developed to overcome such issues.

We find that within language and we find that within industry and Science and also of course in explanations of why and how choice can be introduced into any IDEA or BODY of THOUGHT and knowledge.

So typically one of my favoured courses that I have perhaps not gone through enough repetitions of is The Genius Code and my favourite teaching within that Modality is in fact the IDEA that with appropriate questioning strategies and techniques as to statements of intention we can USE A PROCESS TO CREATE A PROCESS.

So I though ah-ha I like this idea and indeed experimented with the idea. So typically one of the most well-known systems within that course is the IDEA of the image stream and indeed walkthrough visualization exercises to overcome present mental walls and barriers and so on.

More recently of course I have been through some of the Future Mapping Course and again the cross-over knowledge from such courses can come to be extremely useful.

So What are the benefits of explaining multiple intransigent’s over multiple intelligences? Well clearly Learning strategies might suggest that I am running against there point in that we want to develop intelligent peoples and persons and that is what progress is. My counter argument is one of THE ALIENATION MASK.

What Is The Alienation Mask?

Well particular words and associated meanings typically come LOADED with peoples own pre-existing prejudices and fears and so on and so forth and I happen to think intelligence is one such word. Intransigence to my mind introduces malleability, most decent people at any level of awareness can understand that they have thoughts and feelings that may fit the intransigent model and we are not saying there is anything wrong with such things so much as working towards a CONGRUENCE of INCLUSIVE or INTEGRATIVE thinking strategies.

So typically we can say well how can I develop such a process?

I typically in experimentation bought into the process to create a process model?

So sat in comfortable position and relaxed and centred I carried out the visualization exercise within one modality that led to myself being presented with various GIFTS. Further to that I then had questions as to how can this gift be used what does it do and so on.

So typically I was presented on one occasion with a gift of a screw and hammer, not just any screw and hammer mind you oh no this was FUTURE TECHNOLOGY in disguise. So I enter a closed eye meditive state and imagine taking the screw out of one pocket and then then hammer from a belt attachment and wow the screw is floating and finding its own bearing and rotation direction eventually coming to a still hanging in mid air at x degrees longitude and latitude and altitude and so on. The the hammer drifts up and taps the screw and wow what is it doing now, the screw has seemingly punctured the space within which it floats and the hammer now spins about and carries out a transformation into a kind of satellite umbrella attaching to the head of the screw, suddenly a beam of light emanates from the contraption and I find myself being pulled through into another dimensional reality. And so on

So again many a process is a beginning rather than an ending and we once used to using such imagery within our own minds eye can pull apart many an idea that we think we know about the World.

Typically the classical World Model might be suggested as the debt being pushed down the line toward the future, though within the last century the Idea that the future is pulling us in has often been greatly introduced into many a modelling system. Typically we went from the Newton Physics Model to the Einstein Model and then more recent models have contained Ideas such as Holography and other “out there” ideas and typically of course many of us have sat back and said wow are they not clever etc.

Anyway I typically thought well the classical Western model has the classical music notation rainbow synchronizations and Newton Earthbound Physics, where later models came up with astral bodies having differing PHYSICS, so you may go to a World that has a rainbow of differing colours and indeed a differing number count, all alignments with Earth Gravity Fields go out of the window. Likewise closer to home we see this within the music industry, where pop music accompanied by sampling led to a million and one generic songs that all sound the same to us Mr and Ms average. Likewise when you go further afield or investigate Music World wide you come to see that differing musical notations and standards exist that are alien to Westerners. That typically I think demonstrated by Chunyi Lyn within he Spring Forest Qigong modality, where an ancient Chinese instrument is of differing keys and so on to those we know in the West. Likewise of course given mass media we are likely to have encountered many an instrumentation anyway as even within Orchestrations and film and movie soundtracks they are looking for the next best thing of how can I induce this emotion, effectively saying what does this feeling sound like. Clearly it has been demonstrated over and again that whilst a given response is expected by composer, they are often a million miles away from the thoughts and feelings of the audience. I think we have seen this over and again where some young up and coming and motivated person has pushed the boundaries and then tried to repeat the trick and failed to have the audience follow, George Lucas of Star Wars fame was a typical example of that whereby his most outstanding works have potentially been collaborations with other people of that generation such-as Steven Spielberg and so on. No harm done and he still has a good reputation though it does show that whilst we any of us can hit a nail on the head we can also go of on pet projects that are a million miles away from what anyone wants.

Of courses AWARDING BODIES such-as Bafta and indeed the Oscars American Academy are often complained about for not being attuned with the greater mass audiences. No matter you can still carve out an audience for something somewhere whatever your SPECIALIZATION.

Yes that another modern day complaint as to making all peoples special, you cannot just be naughty or in requirement of a clip around the ear, you have to have something, ever greater levels of very often undesirable hooks, clearly some physical ailments and maladies exist though when you go into the PSYCHOLOGICAL REALMS I really do think some strong level of meditation can alleviate many a person’s version of so-called suffering.

So I wrote as a teenager an essay on this idea of ONE CANNOT NOT COMMUNICATE and typically I wrote that you could control what you communicated, however most of us who have taken up meditation know that we were often getting hooked into intransigent positions by fighting against reality as to what we ourselves can personally control and so on, internal versus external world. Yes a bulge appears over there so you pat it in and the bulge pops out of the other side of the sack and so on.

So anyway I worked through to the IDEA of CELLULAR MASKS and effectively when you think about it that is all our physical bodies and so on in many ways are. However many an ache and pain within our bodies might be regarded as cause and effect resistance that may have built up in some fashion. What we resist persists one of those global statements that requires further self inquiry.

So yes the big or major problem I think many of us lower down awareness may suffer from is of course being given remedies that are far too ahead of our own capabilities, unsure as to truth of that though it does given my own history suggest or have some level of truth.

Though yes I was thinking on introducing or creating a cellular mask meditation process or programme and of course I then have to list what it may or may not carry out and perform, what is to be integrated and what is to be treated otherwise and so on.

So whilst I do like the modularity approach not having others to bounce ideas to and forth with is problematic, whilst the go it alone approach works up to and including a point the testing of TRIGGERS and so on does come with many a presumed Societal Offence of some description.

So why the cellular mask, well it come back to this Idea that every thing can be organised and or reduced to process, where you might have this engine, and this energy process and this compass process and a process for each known sensory ability and so on, it does appear that most things can be enhanced, however swings and roundabouts exist as to what is best in any given circumstance hence the introduction of choice and indeed ideas of shapeshifting aliens and so on, we could of course in SPIRITUAL terms at least think that we empty our cup so that we can introduce something better within its place. I typical of an opinionated bloke noted that someone mentioned a particular author that they followed and I whilst liking the written works was put off or INTRANSIGENT to the individuals image, even though such a thing should not matter, so when you speak of multiple intelligence it might be suggested that we move to the field of intelligent intransigence, why are my instincts kicking off in highly prejudicial fashion to this individual and so on, so we work and work in creating process that create further processes though do not be surprised if you run into the IDEA that you may well contain or have abilities that run above and beyond the superficial surface level that many a wannabe celebratory operates at.

Elsewhere on the Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now Facebook page I noted that a recommended Author has died and typical reaction I looked through the reading list and his was a work not within my own collection, so I now have it on order though in honesty thought it STRANGE that this guy recommended getting rid of CLUTTER and that advice is within a 400 page book, whereas the same recommendation from Strunk (I think) that I do have is in a pretty short book. In fact I have been fortunate in finding many an ancient small writing advice book that does contain many a similar practical theory and so on, and some of those are populist whilst other perhaps predominantly unknown, so Sam Horn awaits our homework an email told myself a day or 2 ago and I am somewhat loathe to put anything forward for the judgment of peers even though I had in honesty never heard of hear until this course was created.

Why do I say that well it comes back to this idea that mathematical scales are very often difficult for most people to comprehend. I kind of tongue in cheek published some statistic on the Facebook page related to World Wide Population. We have a World Wide Population of 7 Billion and an internet audience potential of 3 Billion (at present) according to statistics, so when you look at a national UK population of 60-70 Million and United States of America 250-300 Million ( I think) you come to see that anyone can in theory be highly successful within a given field of personal achievement and endeavour without ever having knowledge of the vast majority of the rest of the 7 Billion Earth Population.

Yes most people on Facebook perhaps have friend numbers running to the hundred, perhaps several hundred and some self-publicist’s the classical Jesus 5000 figure. Though that is insignificant to 100,000 or 1,000,000 or 1,000,000,000 that many of the Major Book and Film producers can claim to have. So do not despair because whilst we can all of us buy into celebratory and Leadership and so on, you would have to be really hard pushed in my opinion to not find an audience somewhere for any kind of publication.

We here in the United Kingdom have a long running satirical show “Have I Got News For You” that is typically a comedic look at the weeks trending news, (usually within the UK (I think)). They have a round where they find some obscure publication and then carry out a fill in the blank round, I noted at break time yesterday that this week was some “Dry Stone Wall” publication (probably of use for geologists or stonemasons and quarrymen etc.).

Yes I was just thinking that I am turning into a Terry Wogan style, Blankety Blank show host…

Ebenezer Perkins joined a writing course presented by Million Book Selling Author Sam Horn, whom he had never heard of, when asked to hand-in homework for the course his response was typically [BLANK]

Yes the blank bit can probably say, long and cluttered and the anti-thesis of everything that the course is trying to teach people 😉

I will leave these scrawling’s here and see if I can rediscover some creative ability that fits the given course criteria in the fashion and manner desired by aforementioned host.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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