Is That A Metric Pressure In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Pleased To See Me

So when we meditate regularly and begin to understand some of the techniques and strategies procedures and protocols that some combinations of thought produce we very often come to find that we have already perhaps experienced this point already or indeed are returning to a given point, very often we have somewhat cluttered and muddied minds as to so called fitting of jigsaw pieces and clearly some ideas are perhaps more beneficial to all than others.

Today I have a so-called metric deadline to hand in a one page summary of my writing project for the Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now project and I think potentially one of the issues that I have failed to address is the idea of abundances of choices and options. The course itself is very good in giving guidance as to specifying positive and empowering and uplifting processes and statements of intention though of course that can potentially be difficult or troublesome for those of us who have the intention to create or write a book or novel.


Well typically when creating and crafting a story for yourself you typically have to have characters and as we all know the vast majority of popular fiction very often entails having to step into the role of your good guy and your bad guy or your female lead and your male lead and so on-effectively what many of us perhaps want and why I like Holosync so much is that it does bring about the ability to visualize a window upon a World without necessarily being fully involved with the World that so-called space or gap that allows creativity of imagination to flow without necessary experiencing so-called sensory overwhelm among the differences of interpretative capabilities that we all have within our day-to-day life roles.

So yes metrics of course something that anyone who witnessed my early experimentation with poetry and so on is perhaps fully aware of, such things of course often used my composers when created any kind of musical system, do our words have an upbeat and rewarding and empowering design or are we often seeking to harness less than helpful thoughts and feelings and attitudes.

Intersting for myself of course coming from a family with some musical knowledge is that when we looks to what is hot and what is not and so on, we very often find a tendency among given populations to latch onto so-called negatives more so than the positives.

I think I wrote previously how I quite liked some particular Elvis Presley songs when growing up and indeed when the record label put out a greatest hits album I typically bought the album thinking ah-ha an all in one collection, why have 20 albums when I can have one featuring all the major hits.

So anyway I think I perhaps listened to the album once or twice and came to the conclusion that it was not particularly rewarding of life enhancing?


Well when you listen to that album you come to see that nearly the vast majority of Elvis Presley hits were often highly emotive and potentially what many of us might refer to as wrist slasher music. Of course if music can induce a tear that leads to conscious windows of awareness coming to the fore than we might suggest that a turnaround or reframe has occurred, though far too often it can be difficult to reframe when you are feeling under siege in some fashion. Of course the Letting Go paraliminal is presently available on the Learning Strategies website for those participating in the Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now online course and a very good combinational paraliminal that is too, I typically criticised the Sedona Method early on as I had some difficulty with it-however in combination with Stronger Holosync and indeed Paraliminals I think that some genuine shifts and changes can occur.

So yes metrics notwithstanding and commentating on the news and Word wide events I have of course mentioned “pressure” within the title and the reason is of course that many pressures are being reported upon throughout the wider world news media. Everywhere I look in fact I see pressurised situation perhaps coming to the boil. We here in the United Kingdom of course having children perhaps entering the exam season and much pressure is often induced during revision and wanting to do well in a system that typically gets sliced and diced and changed about so much that keeping or maintaining a clear head under such pressure may bring about undesirable thoughts and feelings. Likewise we are seeing pressure on a change of lifestyle for a number of High profile individuals, I see a Sunday paper interview with Prince Harry on advice he may offer to his niece and nephew. Likewise when we look at today in calendric terms of being the 18th we might call it AH Day.

Yes of course how any of us relates and interprets information’s is an ongoing dilemma, I of course typically having been writing this blog for a year or two decided I wanted to craft a book with my name on it, and I wanted to write fantasy fiction that included nonfiction like procedures and guidance’s within the sub context that could lead to improved mental health and well-being for any given readership, in having reviewed all the course material to date I still clearly have one or two long held belief issues (perhaps I would call them) that require new perceptions and abilities to come to the fore-in order for a more personalised progress. It is interesting of course that many a modality effectively brings you to see that many things are the same, as much as we want to separate out thoughts and feelings and be this identity and have these likes and dislikes and so on, very often all that separates anyone is the present level of awareness and teachings that they are at and indeed the decision tree making processes that we very often have running on auto-pilot. Great if your auto-pilot is uplifting and rewarding and creative and inspirational, not so great if you have or are in requirement of shifting more deeply embedded issues from some non-conscious time within your life sphere and so on.

Anyway I have stated previously that this blog shall have to perhaps go on the back burner for a little while so I can better concentrate and focus on achieving the writing goals that I set myself, in an ideal and perfect World of course I can do all those things though I really do want to get the creative juices flowing and get my teeth into my Authoring Project, so as to enable myself a newly envisioned life of upward mobility and prosperity and so on.

Clearly continuously monitoring the World news can act as inspiration for ideas, though is not very good if you are not doing anything with all the various techniques and strategies learnings and ideas-I perhaps want to say that I took all these courses and now have these learnings and these line of books are the result of my efforts and working through the so-called walls that all metrical deadlines often throw up.

So do not be surprised if this blog goes through some non-publishing time, I may seek to publish once or twice a week instead of daily, though I will likely return once I am happy that I have placed and concentrated enough energies into getting a genuine end product available to any readership that may want to read a published work by myself. We can all of us set ourselves incredibly perfect goals that are to distant and out of reach though I think a little bit daily and working through this regular blog writing has made the experience worthwhile in seeing where many a resistance exists and asking how can I change this scene or scenario into one of a beneficial learning and so on.

So do not despair as we all of us can perhaps relate to the idea that at whatever level any of us is at lifelong learning techniques and strategies can be applied that enable that next hop to the next stepping stone toward the goal that we have set ourselves. I have several pads full of notes and indeed this blog with both private and public publishing’s and now I can seek to use the knowledge in a constructive fashion to passing the various integrated learnings and teachings to another generation of seekers who may in turn perhaps become finders.

Yes that another childhood rhyme I am sure many of us United Kingdom folks know, Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers, I never read that in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when he found the Queens Nose 50 pence piece in the gutter enabling him to purchase the winning Chocolate Bar and wrapper though that perhaps something to do with his humbleness coming from a poverty stricken background and so on, very differing perhaps from teaching of gratitude and appreciation that we very often are told to have when not knowing what for, yes I think the Future Mapping put a smile on someone else’s face and altruism could well turn out to not have been a fail for myself after all.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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