Can Confirm That He Dutifully Wrote Out

His one page summary of intention for his authoring project and of course you do find that when you stress and fret and keep on soul searching as to inspiration and what you actually want to say and do-you can come to states of flow whether by hook or by crook.

I also can of course confirm that having given myself a commitment to write this project under this proposed working title that I have come to see the merits of not necessarily limiting myself to one train of writings.

So David can state that he reviewed all the course material to date over the weekend wondering as to what could be carried out next. One story that perhaps stood out for myself was the idea presented by Sam Horn that the singsong writer Sting in going through a patch of being unable to write returned to his roots in Newcastle and likewise a similar story was given on an award winning TV script writer who had lost touch with his audience, and indeed I did in some ways and fashion kind of get an inkling that the Story was shared by Sam herself who explained that in touring and lecturing she kind of put writing to one side to her own detriment and when she had the epiphany as to that being what had occurred she took steps and strategies to rectify the situation and likewise I am sure a strong and ongoing relationship with Learning Strategies make come about as a result, though typically we are told that many of these luminaries are of course members of the self-appointed body known as The Transformational Leadership Council.

I think typically members come and go whilst others have longer term associations within the organisation, I do think one of my own concerns is as to what I wrote on recently as processes being too powerful or advanced for those within the lower echelons of Society to see things clearly in the same fashion and manner that some of these Luminaries do.

I typically can claim to have put a great deal of work in although I personally feel that a major lack of any kind of life progress has occurred. How long can anyone spend investing in themselves prior to then wanting to redefine the percentages in some fashion or otherwise.

So I can visit other peoples Blogs and Facebook and invest in courses though in all likelihood will prefer to reduce externals in order to better concentrate and focus on those areas and aspects of life that I can say are my own personal skills and passions and abilities and so on. Typically I say this because as all older people know pretty much each and every generation thinks that they are the best thing since sliced bread and whilst that may well be true in many a way (given how much us elder generation have invested in our children and so on) such things do not necessarily come with equilibrium and balance as to where any given individual desires to maintain focus.

So yes in reviewing the course and having written and taken notes heavily for several years and yes I still take some daily notes whether published or otherwise I do find that I am still lacking in inspiration.

I can of course state that I am not Sting and I am not that successful script writer and I am not Sam Horn, all peoples with established incomes and wealth and expertise and so on.

So I got to thinking about the age old questions as to when did this life course happen, we typically learn the linear start at the beginning and work through until the end and then someone came up with the end results in the actions and in all honesty I have trouble like many a person believing that I would have chosen any of the life I have had and or experienced. Perhaps Sting and that script writer and Sam will come to see in reconnecting with their roots the very things that propelled themselves away in the first place, of course that again is simply going into arguments as to knowing the thoughts and feelings and incentives and motives of others.

I still feel in many ways like an Edison caricature in not having found the Solution to some undefined question that is perhaps deeply buried somewhere within the subconscious of the noggin. I do not feel I have a strong enough handle on any aspect of life to declare any kind of success. Clearly I should do the why so high between 1 and 10 strategy though again typically having gone through so much meditation I have cleared out many of the likely answers that might have come to myself, though likewise I have no regrets as to having carried out so much clearing.

So how do I rediscover my own passions and desires and likes and loathing’s when many such things have been gone through without any motivated life progress and so on, yes I can say “Suffer not take up this remedy etc.”

I can of course say that as a child I loved stories and storytellers and spent many a night reading a book under the bed covers by torch light and imagining what it might be like to be a proclaimed writer and so on. Likewise as is also suggested in several courses by the time of secondary school many of the very requirements of being a good story teller were being fashioned out of myself via the schooling system.

So why might I be disliked or hated and however-well typically I think much of this blog was especially written early on with an attitude of being boring and sedentary and so on and likewise other came along and said we cannot have that now can we and of course what were initially quite active pieces then began getting private publishing listing rather than public, quite simply anyone can learn the strategies and techniques and so on and not all necessarily have other peoples best interests at heart and so on. Yes I think a good explanation is the one presented within the Dr Who series whereby the Master had taken over the earth with some accomplices from the future and decimated the entire population and civilisation. The Dr and assistant’s came to the rescue and in due course switching the timeline back to a more normal state of affairs. However those who were closest to the Dr and so-on retained all the so-called memories of the horrors that they had been put through and so on. So I think some of us perhaps still suffering those kinds of residual thoughts and feelings toward externals that we may or may not want to point fingers at and so on.

The letting go and becoming more centred within yourself and how you interact and connect and so on externally are all choices. So what is the problem?

Well clearly it might be suggested that anyone who takes up some of the courses and has not carried out higher levels of meditation is likely to simply fall into the lowest common denominator nonsense that many of us well and truly want to have left behind.

The downside perhaps that one aspect and area that is always going to return is of course knowing what to write about? So typically you can go online and find a million and one books explaining how to write this kind of scene and that kind of scene and pretty much specialist books exist for every area from sex to fantasy and creating and crafting a design model whereby you can be character focussed or you can be story focussed or you can be scene focussed. Again you can break up the recipe and ingredients and components into any kind of modelled fashion that you want.

So where is the issue that I am struggling with?

Well I am lacking passion, I feel like for example a Data or robotic model trying to understand what it is to be human, this perhaps the downside of stepping out of space and time and looking upon a window of the World that something is missing-a core component potentially.

That perhaps why experts the World over are in no hurry to de-incentivise people and so on. So I have witnessed some fantastic choreography and coordinated actions as I have gone about my travels and taken notes and do feel well attuned to the title of a favourite Disney Book “The Illusion of Life!”

Has anyone ever stated this is what a passion is?

Of course when we are young we typically want the house the car the wife/girlfriend and the finance to pay for such things, we then perhaps ask how am I going to achieve these things, and again 7 Billion degrees of opinion can be found about this World.

So I can typically state that I pinball out of school into work and did things considered both good and bad and ricocheted from this area of life to another area of life and this job and when you think aout it much of life can be like a pub crawl analogy.

Yes whilst I am sure some readers are akin to myself in being pretty much tea total (these days) that was not always the case and I did excessive pub crawling during some younger years and that one night of the pub crawl and going to differing environments and public house venues and interacting with differing groups of attached to establishment locals and regulars and moving on is very much a way to define many a person’s entire life existence when looked upon from the metaphorical or allegorical standpoint.

Are we someone who is whizzing along to the next best thing or simply settling into the groove of an environment, what are the factors that went into such a decision tree making process, security? friends? fear? Good or bad experience elsewhere?

So what else has been in play within my thoughts?

Well I am looking forward to the New Star Wars movie and Disney Jedi and Leia becoming a Disney Princess though now lacking in Chelsea buns (apparently). And typically as a child who went and saw the movies at a young age I think the Christopher Reed “Superman” appeared someone around the same time period.

I found myself thinking as to COMPARISON again. So Superman whizzed about the World in an angry moment and then set about changing the timeline, know-one else being any the wiser to his actions, though he was carrying out an ACTION in a Physical Sense. Likewise we see the so-called Jedi claiming to be part and parcel of all things, whereby they do not need to carry out action beyond some mental mind focus and concentration to perform miraculous or magical feats and so on because if you are part of it all then you can influence it all, the idea that all things future appear magical to lesser creatures and so on.

So it seemed to myself that the JEDI MODEL was much akin to the WRITER model whereby you can shut your eyes and imagine light waves running through your being and extending out through all the contents of the World about yourself like cosmic cotton threads, some remedies of course include visualisation of getting out the scissors and simply cutting the threads loose and watching them drift of out into space-however clearly for every object that you do such a thing with another likely exists at another level that you also are carrying within your noggin etc, this is why I think I (personally) found letting go to be a failure without the Holosync Stimulation, because I perhaps had some intuitive understanding of that global connection of all things and so on. Likewise I can say well with having meditated to a higher level and studied at higher levels and having returned to be persecuted within my roots, that I can see the benefits of Learning Strategies remedies that typically enable and allow you to recraft your World, create that mental space and so on.

So they say that a problem cannot be resolved from the level at which it originates and that is perhaps why I am unable to identify my own skills and abilities and likewise in not knowing what those skills and abilities are I cannot then demonstrate having a passion for anything because many a contemplation simply leads to questioning strategy dilemmas?

Is David in a down mood? Yes I think he is and until that mood shifts he is perhaps going to be frustrated in his writings unfortunately. I want to write with excitement and passion and inspire others in likeminded ways though as suggested above have lost a feeling of having relatable ports of call and given the zero tolerance for falsehood in resetting to some foundational or fundamental teachings and ideas is still something I would recommend to anyone to do, yes express the fantasy fiction within your nonfiction appears to be a process or procedure of choice though getting there when you want to think up new ideas is troublesome, I shall have to go through some of the hallucinatory World imaginings again and see what I can gift to others that is reciprocated in some genuine fashion without strings and psychological manoeuvring, the being present fully here and now and free of influence technicians and manipulators simply for an experience of pure joy

Yes a process is required for robodave to have enthusiasm and excitement that flows through his fingers onto the written page and it does not seemingly want to happen and occur at present due to timeline issues I think.

Well what now David

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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