Well Gang Looks Like We’ve Got Another Mystery On Our Hands

Those famed words of course often uttered from Fred of Scooby Doo gang fame and the reason I mention it is because in looking at some headlines this morning I see the Sweeney (Flying Squad) Police have arrested a group of men in connection with the Hatton Jewellery Heist. Clearly given the reported ages of those involved and the fact that abseiling and so on was involved you begin to think it all somewhat bizzare, people over 20 who abseil. Likewise of course the Police Federation is involved in an annual conference so timing is somewhat suspicious as to politicking (in my opinion) given the coughs that will no doubt be here for more coppers in the coffers. Of course they say that funding is being cut and likewise we can see the same across pretty much the entire nation, you cannot have AUSTERITY as the government has operated in recent years and intends to continue and not find the axe falling across great swathes of so-called public services.

Having said that of course, I can claim to have worked in both public and private sector and think that the debates always of course come down to requirements. Typically we have seen some new services fed out to contractors that used to be carried out by particular branches of the public sector and of course those private sector companies are in it for the profit so that is why some debate can be had as to whom is most appropriate in providing a given service. We have all seen highlighted debates over the years as to prisoner transfer services being carried out by Group 4 Security (I think).

So I once again digressed greatly from my topic though the title was in fact related to the bank vault heist, why are the Police now publishing what I would call a red herring or dead donkey picture of a van seen within the vicinity of the raid. I think we can all state categorically having seen a million and one gangster type movies and tv’s shows that knowing CCTV is going to occur, you use something typically used by wide numbers of peoples The white van, (hidden in plain sight, so to speak) then you TRANSFER your ill-gotten gains at the earliest possible opportunity in order to cover your heels and so on, clearly you are unlikely to risk another of similar appearance vehicle in case a call goes out for all vehicles of that description.

So who is kidding who, clearly the Police have gathered information and then have made piece-meal the identity of a number of those involved judging by the claims as to finding items from the so-called loot or haul. So the other interesting snippet of information is of course the mentioning of a district of London and an outer London County, it might be suggested as all navigators know that when you have two compass points and bearings you can generally calculate and triangulate the third, however as we all know finding the points along a sequence of intersecting lines can be more troublesome, I typically just speculated that an early transfer took place though given the lack of response to alarm call they may have been satisfied as to going uncovered and therefore safe to remain within the same vehicle.

Yes thank God I am not a Policeman or criminal because I can typically speculate until the cows come home without giving exact coordinates or indeed longitude and latitude and altitude and all the rest of it. Within my own note taking in recent days I do have to state that I have been note taking other than what I may regularly note, so this morning for instance I typically noted freshly mown grass along my route and you might be surprised at how some things go in cycles whilst others are more random, so I found myself noting 16V, I pass hundreds and hundreds of cars day in and day out and rarely pick out an engine. Likewise my gadget front page news screen has seemingly frozen up and keeps reloading a page article about the Texas Biker Gang war that broke out, I typically do not see bikers a great deal, though did recently see a small group head into the Hospital as I was going about my walks.

So everything is what we ourselves pay or disregard attention to. I recently noted a donkey garden ornament and likewise a van Labelled BRISTOL heading to the fire station. Yes again I see a lot of Transit vans and mini-vans and cars and to list them all can often be done though I typically pick out a feature and then see how that triggers feedback. Likewise quite random things can be noted on regular routes so something such as a WET PAINT sign occurred recently and I thought ah something different to note, likewise Hereford I actually quite tidy so whilst I see debris and litter in the street I often fail to note it though have recently seen an increase in abandoned vehicle mud flaps of all things, perhaps too many hot hatches have been racing around and the mud flaps have come loose. Yes thrown away fries has also been noted and a Macdonald’s like carton cup-holder for take-outs, all the sorts of things that typically go un-noted though in writing terms add all those little feeling and thoughts of reality, much like the game Cluedo or indeed Monopoly, where the pieces are typically what might be regarded as random items that get listed no I have not seen any old boots or abandoned Irons though have on occasion seen an ironing board at a waste bin and I did for instance find myself being given some oversize new wellies at work a day after joking with a colleague that an oversized jacket made him look slimmer, so we all have a million and one things that we can pay attention or otherwise to, and typically as suggested you can one list them and then see what catches the same Focus within the wider World or indeed think in terms of HIT N MISS.

Yes one can often perhaps speculate as to what you are going to do with your own section of the loot-buy yourself a personalised throne or indeed a nice sports car such-as an Aston Martin. Clearly I perhaps benefit greatly in my note taking through generally walking routes at particular times that are very often less busy than your average commuter, though I do find in doing that, that when I go to such locations at later or differing time points I can still often note things as being the same or differing in some fashion. Some new bicycle racks have appeared within a new school project building recently and I have seen wagons with tractors upon them and so on so we can reduce and reduce and so on and then rebuild our metal patterns and pathways in a more organised fashion or manner or way. I read an article on the Queen this morning and typically listed were things that her prerogative allowed or enabled her to do that others cannot such-as driving without a license or travelling without a passport, likewise I have walked at one section of a journey and seen vehicles moving North or South and then moved to another moajor junction point and speculated as to whether an earlier seen vehicle changed direction in accordance with a vehicle I am now seeing traversing at a differing angle and so on. They are quite interesting curiosities to carry out and I think such things can become triggered perhaps by seeing cut hedgerows and twigs and so on and then thinking what a tracker might make of it, a graveyard I pass through I recently noted for a grave seemingly been damaged some masonry was freshly upturned and I thought about those films where graves have typically been escaped from, Professors Moriarty within a Sherlock Holmes Movie portrayed by Robert Downey Junior. Likewise of course we had the classical Voodoo Witch Doctor within James Bond LIVE AND LET DIE (I think) rising up out of a Grave.

So what is it with tombstones, I did of course at a young age upset my Aunt MONA, yes indeed I playing football in her back garden somehow managed to dislodge a gravestone she had propped up against a wall and managed to break it in two, how is a child to know someone is morbid enough to purchase themselves a gravestone and prop it in the garden until required for usage, especially given that she probably lived at least another 10 years beyond that time period, and not really forgiving myself for that incident until close to her demise within a hospital bed, again where she survived beyond expectation and so on.

Anyway that is all TRIVIA for those interested in the pursuit of TRIVIA

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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