The Return Of Orange Nemo

Okay so as some of you I am sure aware, I went through a phase of writing on the IDEA of The Hunt For Orange Nemo and also the idea of imagining what the World might be like if you think of it in terms of being a deep sea diver always walking through water. Far more recently we have seen Sam Horn release a book with a Goldfish in a bowl on the cover. Wow what synchronicity and so on and so forth.

Further to those writing’s they were very much about seeking to get and or give IDEAS going in as Keep It Simple Sweetheart (K.I.S.S) terms as possible. So whilst I left those ideas behind within might writings (It was just a stage I was going through) I would like to return to a particular aspect that is repeated over and over again in terms of where the Hypothesis and Testing Model either fits or leads to further AH-HA.

So I in recent days have very much ben thinking in terms of Technologies such-as FOAM, CAVITY WALL INSULATION and GEL’S.

Why, well they are all about the developing of so called cheap and cheerful ways and means to fill gaps and so on.

So you rip open any bog standard 3 piece suite and you will likely find a foam filler of some description that are simply glued or however to the furnishing in order to give greater seating comfort. The same can of course be found within car seating and indeed pillows and beds and pretty much anywhere where some level of GAP is desired between hard rigid wooden frameworks and ones derriere or body.

So I was thinking of course on the so called combination model. Many modern people who own bikes are perhaps familiar with those 3 spinning number combination locks that can be purchased from bike shops and I am unsure when such locks first became popular, though I do recall that when a schoolkid and first encountering such a lock I wanted something with one on. At that time I think they had become all the rage within briefcases, and I think I had purchased some case with such a combinatorial lock on it. The easiest other version of such a system is of course the One-armed Bandit or coin or slot machine that can be found in many a seaside or otherwise arcade about the United Kingdom and famed Gambling resorts such-as Las Vegas and Monte Carlo and so on.

So clearly I generally think that many Model Schools at that time were simply thinking in terms of Geometry in terms of X, Y and Z and of course we in studying Compass Usage for such things come to understand that in fact you might be thinking in terms of XXX, YYY and ZZZ and that in reality in terms of thought and patterns and so on you can have an infinity number of X and an infinite number of Y and an infinite number of Z and of course I think in some official mathematical terms that can be where the IDEA of too the Nth comes from.

So you want to develop a Universal Translator System whilst being attuned to what has already gone before, hence modalities reacquainting people with the idea of colours to music and the Newton Model and then going on to perhaps the Einstein Model that is perhaps a Numbers based model.

Many of course say numbers are neutral and therefore the best model’s to use and etc. though very often in simulated heavy number crunching many a mathematical model came to be demonstrated as being floored when carried out to some of those “to the nth” number down the line.

So what am I wittering on about. Well in more recent years we have of course seen so-called DNA unravelling ideas take place in terms of the human Genome Project and indeed such sampling has occurred for not just humans but many test examples on animal and plant and other organic and inorganic species about the World. It might be suggested that in fact in being mixed up mash-ups of all that we have been influenced or come into contact with and so on that when we think in terms of turning a key within a door that a combinatorial sequence occurs that creates the beginning and end point.

Why do I say this, well those suitcases (for example) and bike locks have to be given a “WINNING” or “OPENING” combination, before or prior to being mixed up, and in computer terms you may or may not have heard of key encryption, huge debates taking place as to whether you can use 32 bit or 64 bit or 128 bit and beyond key encryption, that is typically thinking of having a bike lock or arcade machine with that many rolling 0-9 faces that have to come into alignment in order to get the winning combination.

Yes computers can typically do such work within finites of milliseconds and so can of course the human brain, though in physical space terms we would not choose to work along a line of physical spinning combinatorial keys or Abacus in order to create the calculation, we all typically create mental cheats and shortcuts encourage by rounding up and rounding down, where floating point calculation’s typically used within modelling simulators are far more accurate to the Nth.

So we see in SCI-FI and futuristic settings for TV and Film and Game that they often have IDEAS as to teleportation from one point to another point and back again and for any such technology to come into being you do of course probably require a sampling of a genome sequence, whereby every particle combination is gone through in order to empty the space and indeed fill the space, typically of course in “REAL SPACE” terms we are often given the Horror Story versioning whereby the combination fails to capture all the data in a rush and a human turns into a monster, or indeed a Superhero when you look to The Amazing Spiderman type characters.

The point however is that in reality even if you are thinking in terms of 0.034553435353453453534 and super-long chains of numbers or indeed in terms of a space being filled by a human or a beast or alien or whatever, when you follow the respective train of thought as to where such things lead, the only real genuine conclusions that you often find yourself not wanting to face is that you require a measure or a scale and indeed comparable measure and-or scale held by other peoples and persons or machines or however and likewise that some SINGULAR UNIT for each and every point or cell must exist. That point must of course be able to be used in combination with all other SINGULAR UNIT points is some mass grouping in order for us to appear whole and flesh and blood and so on.

That is the basis perhaps for IDEAS such as Holography, whereby you can typically choose non-physical models to be held within a physical space time dimension. Hence the idea of a cloud, you could in theory have a ghost cloud that can become any given shape and form combination that is known and likewise always seek to benefit from such mental meanderings by thinking in terms of the positive benefits, hence all those superhero’s who in taking on a known feature of some other animal or beast have become “more than” so to speak of the standard average Mr or Miss Human.

The other interesting IDEA in relation to that is of course wondering as to whether your SINGULAR UNIT can be rotated or spun around or altered in any way shape or form and again becoming fixated on such things is not necessarily where you want to be at.


Well we come or return back to the IDEA of CARTOONS, whereby some famed and named ARTIST would typically draw a beginning shot and middle shot and end point shot and other lesser known artists would have to draw all the so-called BETWEEN SHOTS, likewise I spoke on such things being typically crafted by computers these days where so-called TOOLS have been developed purely to deal with a particular feature or aspects. So a tool for bones and a tool for inner flesh and a tool for outer flesh and a tool for skin and a tool for hair and so on and likewise each tool is usually one of a grouping of tools that can act dependent or independent of other events occurring. So that typically demonstrated where you can see a head spin around and note that the hair stayed fixed ad rock solid in the cartoon physics or indeed was animated. You will often find that many a NEW cartoon feature is a testing ground for the very latest TOOL Models and so on, very little cannot be done though you will still find complaint from viewers as to being too perfect and indeed some modellers have sought to craft tools with varying degrees of success that give more realistic human real time PHYSICS and so on.

So the reason I like the cartoon and animation models are that they very much hold all the basic human studies that have been carried out and indeed the terminologies that have either been built upon or otherwise.

As more real World tools have been created such-as MRI scanners and X-Rays and so on, the more boundaries have been pushed back as to what might be regarded as the so-called optimum peak conditions that any of us can seek to select for ourselves. Typically for instance one of the great complaints we see in the modern age is the worry and concern about the EFFECTS of RADIATION and ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES and so on from environmental conditions, likewise we can point to course such-as Diamond Dowsing that can help improve such concerns and worries for folks, knowing what areas people are or otherwise not interested in is of course ongoing.

How can a singular point unit that if Holographic can have all and every other combinatorial point in space and time or presumed knowledge GAP pass through it, become electrified or polarised or nuclearized or energised and does that one unit act as part of a cellular herd or alone, this where the benefits or otherwise of sampling perhaps come in handy.

So I began speaking on the Nemo issue and topic and went more into the mainstream of MODEL TOOL COMPONENTS and how they can be used in SINGULAR EFFECT or part of a Chain sequence, and in theory of course both the SINGULAR and CHAIN EVENT can happen and occur at the same time and within the same space and as likewise all the other effects, when you go deep enough within the theoretical realms as to where many a study leads.

We are of course repeatedly by some experts told that the body can heal itself and such things must of course be possible because we have seen evidence to that effect though likewise separating or moving either deeper within a modelling dimension or indeed extracting ourselves from a failed modelling dimension with new learnings is perhaps what anyone seeker or finder desires to do.

How can I turn any knowledge base or idea on its head to test this theory as to cause and effect or effect and cause which came first the egg or the chicken.

Why do I ask such questions?

Well I of course went off too Wales and then studied Electronics Engineering and then Artificial Intelligence and such things were of course about EXTERNAL MACHINES to do the things that we could not ourselves presumably do, though likewise we do always return to factors and ideas that anything we build cannot match what the human mind and species is already capable of. Clearly cause and effect and the reasoning that went into my own decision making tree is an ongoing mental mind blower or TRIP SWITCH because the number of calculated events that must occur for any given time line to occur is also in the order of magnitudes of ranges and scopes that cannot be thought of beyond in terms of DREAMS and IMAGINATION that takes us out of the SCIENTIFICALLY NUMBERED MODEL.

So what does that mean?

Well we are seeing or have seen in recent years spiritual teachers such-as Deepak Chopra debate over the Spiritual and Scientific Thought Integrative Model whereby much and many from both realms have CONCLUDED that both MODELS can of course be right because they are effectively both subset tools of greater realities and we are not always aware of what the next tool that is going to occur is those can often when looking to MEDIA and SCI-FI realms have ah-ha’s as to where an inspiration though has been typically thought up that can once again re-sequence boundaries and processes in a questioning manner as to what next?

Yes this typically simply letting whatever comes to mind reach the fingers and that is differing of course from being all up tight and paranoid and so on and so forth, typically we speak in terms of resistance and it can of course be demonstrated that until other peoples and persons tried some of the Technologies that I recommended and then advanced themselves with such technologies that overcoming obstacles and present Societal Attitudes that have not been questioned enough or however is ongoing.

The Keep It Simple Sweetheart model does of course require peoples believing they have the capabilities to get the head around some of the mind-blowing IDEAS and typically some things are best thought of with one model than another hence switching from sound to sight and colours to numbers and back again and to taste and smell and touch and then understanding as to what communication skill is most appropriate for any given hypothesis or understanding and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be well 😉

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