So I Spoke On The Idea Of Teleportation and Transportation

And Universal Translation and it may well be suggested as I said previously that you often have some requirement as to knowing what the comparable dataset that any other person or individual or grouping may be using, so for instance, photo reading is great from the perspective that you can often come to see the so-called Bibliography Chain whereby you would likely find it difficult within any mental World to claim that you have not got comparable sources with other peoples and persons in Society.

Likewise many simply point to the idea of monitoring and watching the so-called markets and again over the longer term you come to see that for all the worry and concern that can be induced by short term monitoring the markets pretty much always continue in an upward trend. Interesting for instance I heard that one particular sector was now above the so-called crash of 2007/2008 time period and that is a typical example where an adjustment has occurred or taken place and the market has once again continued to rise and so on.

We can of course suggest when we look at the typical line chart of the Market places that it is akin to a lightning bolt pattern perhaps and some clever folks or individuals of course are well versed in the art of market prediction and what happens next.

So what is the issue with compatibilities and Universal translation, well typically when computers were developed they very often wanted to improve the size and number of so-called registry addresses and so on and typically many a REFERENCE cheat or hack was created. I spoke on the IDEA of simple mathematical 0-9 though anyone who goes to the wiki numbers pages (for instance) will see a long line of differing base mathematical formulations. You could for instance have base 16 which was used in some computers a few years ago, that is 0-9 then also A-F.

Typically the programming language C eventually came about and most or many World Wide computer based systems operated with that programming language, prior to a guy coming up with so-called C+ and C++ and many of the newer programming languages were based in a desire to overcome the apparent flaws found within some of the earlier models.

Typically for instance I spoke on doing and Artificial Intelligence course and particular languages have historically (at least) been used and developed within that field that are often unknown beyond the confines of Laboratories and so on. Likewise that can be found to be a similar state of affairs for other areas of study that had specific languages and systems designed “FOR PURPOSE” for the given field whether Physics or Biology or indeed Mathematics itself. Eventually of course various international bodies came into being that said well we need to make our systems operate in the form of information interchange and that requires translation and plugs and sockets and the creation of many things that already typically exist within other formats within other World Trades and so on.

You might think that ports and sockets and plug-in translation type systems are typically geared toward being that extra layer in the system, much like a bridge is designed to cross a river between two Countries. Interesting of course that some people understand or have natural relay and intuitive capabilities for differing things such-as languages whilst others struggle. Typically my own study of speech languages suggest that much like us British being alone in driving on the left side of the road, many a language has differing process statement positions. So we typically have grammar for English, and Grammar for French and German and all the many languages available to us, we can of course come to see that most languages operate as to having or being identified via IDEAS such as NOUNS and VERBS and so on, so the surrounding constructs can be done away with if you can directly say brief sound groupings that can be easily recognizable even if in other than expected format for the base language.

Anyway what else, well I see that I have another Future Mapping teleseminar coming up and I really do want to perhaps operate in thinking of a new chart for some particular project that I can ask questions about and so on-even if I do not send a given chart in I can perhaps in creating such a chart following the basic line of enquiry as to the way in which the project is to run or occur or happen and so on. Getting those other than conscious processes into the light of day is an ongoing exercise I think and clearly I still have to consider other courses that I am running concurrently with. Typically I think the next instalment of Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now is about Authenticity.

This is a typically potentially hazardous topic to BREACH in terms of manners and politeness due of course to something I wrote upon within my private thoughts earlier, the given level of awareness that any one possesses perhaps dictates as to how they think and feel and act to any given knowledge set of information.

So I typically because I like the IDEA of being able to write on any topic generally think that writers should also be able to do such things, in the fashion of an ART student who is perhaps annoyed or embarrassed at wanting or being expected to do nudes and finds that the truth is differing from the expectation, the young man or woman who wants some sexy model and finds themselves drawing some wrinkled elder person of the same sex and so on, so of course such topics for debate can demonstrate at what level of maturity or otherwise any given individual’s experience is. I can typically say having done First Aid at various points within my life that you generally get to a zone whereby you are pretty neutral to the lump of flesh and bone that is in front of you, however anyone who has potentially spent a lifetime with Hang-ups about such things as body and beauty and so on may struggle.

Clearly in being a regular meditator and so on I have moved through many of the various stages as to releasing on many areas and topics and being overly concerned with body functions and all the rest of such things is one of those areas though likewise I can historically at least claim to be able to relate to such insecurities and things.

So what is Authenticity?

Clearly I can say that I have studied and meditated and released and hope or believe that I am being authentic in the way I conduct myself and the information that I write and coach upon and so on. Likewise does that mean that I will not experience CONFLICT & CONFUSION when presented with someone or something that is above or below or simply previously not considered within my Sphere of thought?

So because of the Beginners Mind IDEA and one idea is that each and every day that you awaken you treat as now a new day, and so on is of course all well and good if you are on the up and up though more difficult if you have had to carry out some “OUTRUNNING” or out manoeuvring of EDITORS. Clearly mental editors are said to be a good thing within day to day life though in terms of thinking of WRITING in terms of an ART PROCESS I think you again have to consider the ASPECT of ME and NOT ME.

Typically when I began writing regular notes and indeed blogging huge quantities of resistance materialised within my World. Colleagues would constantly ask and question what I was writing upon and so on, I would explain some of the witnessing and meditative processes, some of those folks fell away and likewise others continued in more dogmatic resistance and attitudes and so on, perhaps or potentially in a more circumspect fashion of PRETENCE that the actions they were carrying out were not related to my meanderings and blogging and note taking, so again just as we can use the LEARNING PROCESS in DIRECT and INDIRECT fashion and so on-you can also of course experience the WITNESSING REALMS and the ME and NOT ME realm OF Resistances in the same FORMAT as your own teachings and writings and so on.

Difficult for some folks to grasp-though clearly it can be demonstrated that we perhaps become our own best friend in releasing and letting go and finding that path to Health and wealth and prosperity or indeed we “potentially” in some misguided fashion foolishly think that this aspect or IDEA must be protected at all costs and so on, I have typically in all honesty found that most IDEAS that people defend to the hilt fall away with the assisted meditations, though again do not expect to not experience some of the so-called NEGATIVE SYNCHRONCITIES early on.

I think the sorting algorithm presented within the Online Holosync courses were often very good in bringing some topics and issues to light, the write out a list of importance to yourself those things that you want and desire within your World and ORDER-OF-MERIT.

Typically we most of us might write superlatives such-as family friends, career, home and holidays and so on and then we are asked to compare each one against the rest of the list and such comparison makes you understand where you may or may not have previously made choices that were not in your own best interest, typically IS HAVING THIS CHOICE at this position on the list better or worse than having this ALTERNATE CHOICE at this other position on the list and so on.

Clearly I think that you come to see how the differing things are all inter correlated with each other anyway and likewise that as you raise yourself up or go to higher levels of The Holosync Solution that some level of equilibrium may actually occur, the difference perhaps between feeling as though you are constantly swapping one ball and chain around your neck for another ball and chain around your neck. You may come to see that you might be swapping a floating device around your neck for another floating device around your neck and so on. Clearly when pulled under currents we do in theory drown though that is not the case with a new born (I think) hence the swimming baby on the front of the famed Nirvana Album.

So we can of course say because I saw an article on Meditation that some meditation retreats have been given a bad reputation through the actions of one or to highlighted meditative users. Typically I think some chap called Aeron Alexis who carried out an attack on a US Base was highlighted as someone for whom meditation had gone wrong. I think again that such things come down to many a person within Society’s obsession with not understanding or being able to get the head around the NUMBERS GAME. Whereby we see one incidence highlighted as a GENERIC broad sweeping truth for all things. The ability to understand that each realm and indeed any modularity perhaps highlights particular aspects of either good or bad is the ABILITY to DISCERN.

So an authentic writer must be able to contemplate writing and speaking on any given topic, though likewise I think any remedy solution that is introduced as part and parcel of a course, might be best explaining that to write upon a given subject is not the same as giving opinion on the subject.

So I might within the course of my writing give particular views and characteristics coming from a particular AGENT within the Story and I know historically and within my own STUDIES that many an ANALYSIS of given writers works often suggests that particular HUMAN THEMES and IDEAS come through in the AUTHORS works.

Typically modern times has seen many a smaller grouping REINTERPRET some classic dispositions of writers works simply to support the CLAIMS that the group is making, clearly we all want to be able to THINK and I know that some potentially regarded as negative influence teachers have at least caused myself to THINK.

So the Write well Write Fast, Write Now course has typically introduced concepts and ideas rom Feng Shui (for example) links to other courses, as might be expected-given that you utilise the tools and facilities that you already posess.

However I would like a MEDITIATVE PROCESS for writing that perhaps asks those “AM I EDITING” questions, yes it has been approached from the alternate viewpoint of doing away with clutter within your work and writing, though I genuinely think many a writer is Historically at least said to have expressed or expelled inner demons and turmoil’s of “The Human Condition” through Soul churning and writing on what may or may not be regarded as other than versions of what may or may not be related to.

So editing can potentially lead to what was described by more advanced meditators than myself as DELETION, DISTORTION and EXAGGERATION.

Clearly anyone who purchases some of the cartoon like books I have mentioned historically can see how those expression’s used by animators STRETCH and WARP and so on and so forth whilst being applied to describe visual FX (EFFECTS) can also DESCRIBE MENTAL PROCESSES that are being used within the crafting of any given body of work.

So am I being AUTHENTIC or am I combining one of any given grouping of effects to carry out some plausible deniability of deletion, distortion and-or exaggeration.

I like the IDEA that you find and ESTABLISH a FOUNDATIONAL or FUNDAMENTAL position from which to speak and lecture from that is established within your desired realm and craft. That then can be used to go into the more imaginative realms.

In understanding what a deletion, distortion or exaggeration is and the possibility of potential cause and effect attributes we can perhaps then have confidence that our IMAGINATIVE WORKS are originating from firm and strong groundings rather than the sandy shore and so on.

I will leave this article here for now and hopefully once again note that I am repeating on myself in many ways though typically of course that all part and parcel of wondering as to whether a process solution can be designed and created whereby fantasy realms and works can be established from understandings of the various TRICKS and CHEATS and ILLUSIONS and MIRRORS and SMOKESCREENS and so on.

Yes all things can be suggested to be about choice though clearly in establish yourself from a more real and centred grounding and understanding of templates and themes and associated combinations of “THE SAME THING” we can perhaps come to find it easier to categorise things through the very many realms of life the universe and everything that the repetitions occur and happen.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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