Whose Mind Mapping Is It Anyway

This of course one of those questions that can be asked on many a topic and a question that literally just popped into my head as I sat down to type. I had just prior to that been thinking on the differences between jellyfish and mushrooms. Yes a strange comparison to perhaps be carrying out though we must remember that many a childhood relic of story contained stories of Mushrooms and Toadstools and so on, they typically as we many of us know far lighter than expected and they have a kind of fin like fibre when viewed from the alternate way up. I had of course been looking for the origin or umbrella, I speaking on Umbrella Organisation quite a lot in recent times thought well you do need to demonstrate the underpinning links somewhat as to how language was originally crafted by those in more officious positions and so on.

So Jelly Fish of course look like living mushrooms and I had also I have to admit been thinking about flying saucers in particular the so-called classic model. Whereby typically many a sighting or indeed classic movie shape was that of the upturned cup of tea saucer that you might find at a Mad Hatter’s Party.

Strange though true one can of course if not to careful disappear in a dream cloud of smoke and molecules and never be sure where chains of thought lead and so on. I have actually as many know been seeking to carry out mental thought processes and actioning that makes some of the chains and linkages as to inspirations and patterns and cycles more visible to all-comers. Such thinking is of course generally placed within the realm of fantasy fiction and la-di-da cults and so on though we do have to be honest and state that much Science came about through the study of the interlinking of the patterns and cycles and so on. As you progress with meditation you do of course very often wonder as to those IDEAS and thoughts of multiple intelligences and indeed multiple intransigent’s.

Yes I know I joined them into the idea of intelligent intransigent’s though very often the given for the intelligent manoeuvre or position is not necessarily obvious to all-comers, that ability to understand that in being with alignment with greater truths is effectively the equivalent of having a pause or delay point before embarking on a wrong trajectory of ideas as to right and wrong.

We can demonstrate that people and populations from throughout the World and of all stripes can be attuned to greater realities without necessarily be of any one given grouping. Those who fail to make that distinction typically the ones most suffering and potentially those who have placed themselves at the most extreme of preferences or indeed have quite simply continuously carried out burning bridges attitudes and so on toward personal growth and development.

Clearly the ability to manoeuvre or otherwise very often comes about through understand that you are not necessarily right or wrong you just may not be in alignment with the most appropriate sequence of themes and attuning at any given particular stage of your life.

I have of course been working on my course work for multiple modalities and with that in mind set about creating sketches of some World points of views and so on and typically when you do this you then find that seeking to QUESTION how best to describe and put words to such things comes into question.

This perhaps goes back to that story board idea that may come up for some folks. I mentioned storyboards in relation to my cartoon and television and film production writings and investigations because typically the Future Mapping course gives quite a flat representation of life the universe and everything, even though it explains very well some of the Teachings, Lessons and Learnings of Paul Scheele and Learning Strategies and indeed some of the associates and other leading lights.

So for anyone who is taking the Future Mapping Course and is struggling I thought I might put together some other mental model or pictures to bring extra processes and so on to bear within the teaching, and guess what Umbrella were included within that System.

So typically when being asked to think about Future Things we typically go to pre-existing models that we may or may not hold within our respective heads, those features within Futuristic Film and so on, and likewise because this is a family oriented blog (I like to think), I generally like to keep some la-di-da type things going within that greater scheme of things.

So what if you draw your squiggly line from end point to start point, then close your eyes and imagine that someone else is at the top with an umbrella and that person is going to hook the handle of the umbrella on the line and slide down the line, or indeed open the umbrella and hook the roof over the line and slide down the line.

Clearly some say what is the point, though I like to think that you then have to introduce alternate visual perspective or angles such-as those I mentioned previously from within engineering, the side-view the top-down view, the sliced view the front view and so on.

I was typically seeking to find ways and means to describe that line as the so-called space-time continuum.

Now it might be suggested that the intersecting point of the umbrella roof or hook handle is always what I described as The Infantesimal Decimal Decibel Point.

Yes I combined 2 slightly differing label and meaning thoughts into one and am sure further study could make such a thought more precise.

So that point whether we like it or otherwise is the optimal path to that smiling face at the top right hand side of the chart.

Likewise in our imaginings we could when thinking of someone sliding back through time to the rescue, think that various events along the way are what cause the divergence from a straight line, this point here was strong wind, this point here a South Westerly Rain and this point here was a Fascist Dictator taking pot shots and so on. So we do not need or require those “reasons” though typically throw them in anyway as page fillers, when the LINE ITSELF of the space-time continuum is our nearest approximation to the cause-effect RESULT (even though we know cause and effect is a fantasy delusion that even with vastly greatly reduced suffering-we commonly share to some degree or bearing).

Likewise as was suggested within the course itself you could in fact spin your person about that line a little bit through 360 rotations about that line and so on-be sure to not have them letting go.

Anyway instead of having a person within my paper drawing I actually had a FLOW CHART DIAGRAM hanging beneath the UMBRELLA, which is effectively a decision making process, and clearly we all have decision making processes though typically awakening and awareness or getting to an understanding of the optimum alignment path can be troublesome.

I typically went through various modality thought processes to see what combination I could come up with to best explain such things as understanding DATA and understanding FILTERS and understanding AWARENESS whereby typically for optimum performance at any INFANTESIMAL DECIMAL DECIBEL POINT along the line you have to be most attuned to current moment best established levels or layers of awareness. Typically you could probably place a ARCHITECTURAL THEME or group of listed themes and then see which is most apparent within your World at any given moment.

Yes I typically went quite in depth on this one as to getting myself some genuine long lasting improvements, this is excessively filtered to give report highlights.

My other Course Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now of course has the So-called W5 form to fill out and not wanting to leave those processes out because I have been seeking INTEGRATIVE AWAKENING PROTOCOLS AND PROCESSES and so on I typically thought through what meaning may best explain those things.

Typically of course W can mean WAVE and 5 might be a sample of S (so in real world terms (this is a DIRECT TRANSLATION MODEL as opposed to speculative, 5 looks like S. So DIGITAL 5 and ANALOGUE S.

Clearly when we look to World History Models, Speculated and Otherwise and GOOD AND EVIL we might think that we are talking in terms of SNAKE RHETORICS, by that I quite simply mean that Rhetorical questioning methodologies are often used within many a progressive system development and typically snake because of the STEREOTYPE associations of HOW a snake might behave, I typically first experienced an impression from Watching The Disney Jungle Book at a young age, and I think Negative Impression Snakes feature in many World Realms, though typically I think the Chinese and ASIAN REGION typically seeks to countermeasure such things. You live in a zone with particular beast and creatures you tend to develop understandings of both good and bad features and attributes and values of such things.

So I also considered that the List of known Designated Most popular within Scientific research realms WAVES are GAMMA, ALPHA, BETA, THETA, DELTA and we can typically say that we all of us feature some level of component whether awareness of otherwise of levels of those popular wave formats.

So we typically can visualise out continuum line and anything along it as also traversing the most dominant WAVE at any given point on the line and our susceptibility to the wave is perhaps That INFANTESIMAL DECIBEL DECIMAL POINT INTERSECTION.

Yes much of this is of course conjecture and many a person does not want speculative understandings of modelling and sampling, they just want to know that such things are going to have a beneficial desired effect and so on.

Some folks may have typically heard that the British Military Famously has 7 a P’s and I typically came up with mine own list of P’s that many a person perhaps requires knowing within some shape or form, words such as process, performance, practice, physics, principles, protocols, peers, perfection and yes I can pull out a dictionary though those typically contain some of the words most prominent within particular areas of research.

So we can of course say David please can you photograph your sketches and drawing’s so that we can see them for ourselves.

However I am seeking or trying to introduce or return to that Library at the end of the Universe Model, of Events, whereby you are rescuing yourself by simply writing your thoughts and feelings and life down. The NOW THEN WHEN model, we are often encouraged to think that all is now though staying within such a mental place takes and requires dedicated practice. Likewise comparable is always given to the THEN and the WHEN is often the RESULT of the Comparable. Therefore we can see that improvement must be given to our NOW and THEN ZONE in order to fashion improved comparable and RESULT WHEN.

When this event occurs carry out this that was done THEN and I will get the same result NOW, how often has this model failed because the parameters are all wrong and we fail to note changes in the detail and depth of such things as concurrent real time practice versus model based practice, I think I wrote previously about how particular chips and processors are preferred for particular generation of inflight aircraft physics and so on over chips holding database models the search and return model typically can delay those instances of point to point answers to such a degree that you do not want to run through a database searching if you can have the collective answer stored somewhere far closer, typically in home PC’s they came up with cache facilities to create and hold immediate mini-database like functionality.

That perhaps why DYNAMIC STEERING comes to the fore in understanding that your real world and real life ability can become in theory at least somewhat supercharged within the NOW, likewise for any given benefit listed we can potentially find alternate coin side issues. I typically mentioned my lack of quality imagination ability having wiped much out with Meditation, however I have thought about it and in combination with the present courses I can of course seek to use Meditations that typically stimulate at the best Hertz and Frequency cycles to make those stimulations happen, rebuilding my cellular rhetoric abilities a fresh and anew and so on. Yes I just said CELL and of course I have to admit that CELL like drawings are a mainstay of Photo reading and of course when we look through microscopes at cells and how they interact and so on, we can see the beneficial effects of encouraging CELL COMMUNICATION in order to facility improved mental facilities and functioning and ever greater accuracy as to prediction though being able to see the links between the very many captures data’s that we very often filter and report through.

Typically I came up with a spacetime continuum-data-filter-awareness model and sought to translate such things into cellular communication models that may or may not accelerate things.

Yes imagine if you were on a sunny hill top and you hooked your umbrella over a wire and slid down to the local classroom and then took the register of your pupils all seemingly coming from the Wave family, you have Gamma Wave, Alpha Wave, Beta Wave, Theta Wave, Delta Wave.

What characteristics does each of the waves have within your classroom how are they dressed and what are the architectural stereotypes most associated with each family member, are they acting as the wave should or are they behaving as some other dominant factor that has not been considered.

Quite interesting thought processes and IDEAS can come about through taking INANIMATE concepts and IDEAS and seeking to imbue them with character and personality and so on. When your imaginings take you away from a so-called given you have to follow the THREAD and seek to improve your FEEDBACK RETURN MODEL OF NAVIGATION and so on.

Yes far greater things than its seems written here will someday hopefully be found within my note pads and sketch books, though I continue in seeking to develop processes that will awaken all and anyone to greater realities and so on, than they may currently be experiencing. I do of course find it interesting as to how much and how many things written here over the last couple of years have strangely appeared in more recent Learning Strategy courses, perhaps a demonstration of Mutually assured growth (I believe and hope and like to think), though typically also perhaps a demonstration that for all the acceleration I have sought to use in whizzing through courses and making best use of any formal education I have, that typically bringing all the knowledge and knowhow teachings and so on into a formal course or work with my own name upon it does seem to be more troubling to myself at present. I think perhaps some self sabotage along the lightning bolt, perhaps demonstrating that we all of us can be own our best testament and indeed our own worst enemy.

So tuning wise it does seem that the NATURE MODELS really can be highly beneficial and inspirational as can the many classical realm of development, I really do think many a more recent model (typically TV personalities and wannabees etc.) whilst having a write to exist is perhaps going to disappear far more quickly in the greater scheme of things.

We have all of us perhaps experienced highs and lows and peaks and troughs within our lives though likewise maintaining some discipline as to being resourceful in the face of hostility and false witness and bullying really does take some support and team effort and people being in alignment with some of those greater lessons and teachings. If you are someone who has provided support and taken up any of the teachings and courses I recommend then you have some level of gratitude and appreciation even if I do not always write upon such things.

Woe is me said the David

Thankyou for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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