The Joke Of A Beautiful Mind?

So before I continue in explaining some of the theoretical realms that I was delving into in yesterday’s post I thought I would briefly mention a mathematician by the name of John Nash, this chap was famously portrayed in the Film “A Beautiful Mind” by Actor Russell Crowe whilst the reality judging by the wiki picture is perhaps more kindred to our own United Kingdom’s Stephen Hawking.

Many of us whether we are aware of it or otherwise cannot underestimate the effects that this chaps work has had on very many areas of life the universe and everything, he specifically or appropriately famed for his work within the so-called realm of game theory, even having a particular branch dedicated to his mathematical work and so on.

I have mentioned a couple of his studies results perhaps indirectly during the course of this blog issues and topics such-as the 2 prisoners debate are part of the scientific models that he worked upon. Likewise much of the Artificial Intelligence and indeed associated modelling and search algorithms and so on that I spend several years studying within the Halls of University were developed along several of the models and theories that this chap and accomplices came up with.

Clearly we can state that mathematicians and so on were similar to those within the realm of NLP Study and Hypnosis in seeking to identify the best and most appropriate success models and so on.

Some may wonder why when you have spent do much time dedicated to mental cleansing would you go through many of the Learning Strategies Modules and Courses and I think the best answer is perhaps one of understanding that we all have whether we regard these things as mental or physical or spiritual, Architectures that are constantly running through our beings and so on based on what we learnt when growing up and the lives we have lived up to the present date and time and so on and clearly LS are firmly in the position of self enhancement and seeking to create more choice and options for people of all stripes and all levels of society and so on.

So anyway I enjoy the courses and surely anything you enjoy is worth pursuing in some fashion, I think it interesting of course that we many of us who have followed or joined The Holosync Solution and The Inner Circle and Learning Strategies and so on, very often have come to find that many choices and options and events within our lives can very much contribute and enhance our abilities now in many ways. Part of that chicken and egg debate as to need or requirement perhaps though I have come to see that much of my life in terms of study and courses and wanting answers have demonstrated that in many ways I was perhaps collating a wealth of knowledge and data and so on that can only contribute in positive and rewarding fashion now especially in what I perhaps share from those realms that I perhaps ventured into that many a person would shudder and shake at considering.

Yes whilst Computer Science perhaps has become an exceptionally popular Degree Level pursuit and so on it can be said that some of the associated courses such-as Artificial Intelligence do generally scare many a person off who could well benefit from taking some of the modules.

So yesterday I spoke on this IDEA that we have a CONTINUUM and most folks of course are not that bothered about considering such things in day-to-day life, it again typically one of those taken for granted I studied History, I learnt about the past and I see speculated upon futures on telly, is it going to put money on my table and food in my belly?

I of course seemingly have excelled in seeking to break the MONEY MODEL in many ways (simply because it is usually fear based, and typically generic fear within any realm whilst often thought to be good is often bad, when it comes to longer term issues such-as Health and so on, typically many a fear simply exists through not following theoretical chains to linear and indeed non-linear conclusions (we will get to that in a minute)) and in fact you might say that John Nash within his mathematical game theory claimed kindred spirit with Hayek more so than Keynes (I think-if I understand what I have read correctly.).

Those unsure as to the various debates can say well Keynes won out or that is what is generally accepted in many quarters as to how the Global Markets took shape and so on, though I think the Hayek and other models all actually contributed in carrying the debate forward and so on and creating some level or degree in awareness for those within the realms that those characters were known within.

So The continuum exists and is generally taken for granted.

Likewise many of the courses I recommend and have taken are about so-called awareness and awakening and typically we can all say that we are great big bundles of DATA, whether we like that non feeling term or otherwise. So clearly we can say well I am this big bundle of data and I am unsure as to what to do with it, and then Learning Strategies steps in and say well actually we can help you reformulate that which you already are and have and so on in to methods and practices and so on that improve your live and the results that you get within various areas and regions of your life and so on, by creating or providing you with a framework or ARCHITECTURE to work within. Hanging pegs on the line for some folks perhaps, though I do find that whilst we all of us perhaps had some negative reactions early on to the courses and so on that over the longer haul you do very often start to find whatever areas of life you focus upon improving, if you follow the most simple and basic of guidelines that you are only responsible for how you feel and how you act and how you think.

So DATA is again typically like the Universe NEUTRAL, it is how we INTERPRET data that makes all the difference in the World to our respective thoughts and feelings and actions and so on. The meditation quite early on I personally found slowed down all mental conflict and confusions and enabled me to see that more was going on in the Greater Wider World than just the exceptionally detrimental and circular negativity traps and nonsenses that I was getting sucked into through lack of awareness.

So I suggested that I had said a typical model may look or list under these typical category headings, CONTINUUM DATA FILTER AWARENESS

So The continuum is an ever present that exists and many a person blinded to or indeed caught in unhelpful patterns and cycles wondering how they can remove the blindfolds and so on.

About the continnum is all the variations of data and all is data, musical notes and colours and smell associations and touch associations and feelings and names and labels and patterns and cycles, they are all just DATA.

So the continuum is there already and for most of us who are long in the tooth, the data is there in many ways, you then get to the issue of FILTERS.

Filters again are neutral, however we all require filters as we go about our lives because to not have them could mean applying the wrong criteria to your realm, and that is the point where we come to believe that a FILTER is good or bad.

So the AWARENESS or BELIEF that we have is linked very much to our FILTERS and our REPORTING mechanism’s.

So why do I say that, well typically you might say well I work in this realm and my colleague works in this same realm so a report from this colleague to myself has the appropriate FILTERS.


All the filters that I am speaking upon are your own individual filters and you cannot however long you have worked in any environment presume to truly know the workings and mind of colleagues and others about yourself, you can often gauge such things, though I have generally found that with continued meditation many a belief in other people’s reasons and behaviours and so on can come into question, clearly that once again why many a business has looked for ways and means to make everything super impersonal, I have spoken on ideas such-as objective versus subjective previously and many a person who seeks and obsesses with being super objective is typically like the Vulcan Character Spock in Star Trek full of repressed thoughts and feelings and emotions and so on that they are very often better off without, what you resist persists and typically we see folks falling ill and or behavioural issues and psychologies becoming apparent because on non-conscious issues they perhaps are not aware they are operating upon, mediation when you go through the levels generally leaves you in no doubt as to many of the truths of these things. The coin side topic is of course this one of being overly personal, I think Marie Diamond spoke on this topic within one of her courses where an obsessive fan seemingly wanted to take over her life and typically I think we had Eminem famously write “STAN” that was very much about this topic.

Again typically very many stalking like issues revolve around the I RELATE TO YOU MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE ON EARTH, you are my one true love etc. or indeed simply other CONTROL FREAK ISSUES, or quite simply CURIOSITY, I wonder what this colleague or person gets up to outside of work and so on. So we can see that levels exist as to enquiry and thought processes and so on, very many harmless, other borderline lock them up and so on. Again we can often see direct attitudes and behaviours and indirect attitudes and behaviours, though in meditation you very often get to see that you can LAUGH AT YOURSELF to a certain extent if you have ever behaved in such fashion, few people can claim to have not had some IDOL or FANTASY GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND within their life at some point or other, clearly debate then as to being open and honest in friendship and relationships in general (I think) over the longer term most folks come to see that many an ill thought or feeling originating in some historical life drama can be let go as very often we have great long lists of having been victimised or not treated in appropriate fashion or manner, again we do not necessarily want to get sucked into drama when we are clearing though typically if you have carried out some ASK BELIEVE RECEIVE like practices and then someone you might like shows up who knows, we are often our own worst enemies, so choice is of course important to all parties not just our own.

Clearly coin sides exist on such matters, though I would hope that anyone who has come across my writings here on this blog has sought to use the Assisted Meditation as they can very much again help you to break free from some of the stupidities that are no longer relevant to your life, I can typically list many thoughts and feelings from when I was growing up that I can think wow was I really holding onto that nonsense for so long, clearly we many of us have lived lives of “OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND” when clearly we like to think we have put things behind us they can creep up on us in many ways shapes and forms, just as the Spock example I spoke upon above.

So anyway FILTERS with awareness can become your best friend as to knowing that whatever your self-reporting mechanism you can trust and intuit in ever improving fashion where you personally place your focus upon.

I think the filters issue is very much like the classical biblical quotes of threading through the eye of a needle and so on found in Matthew 19:24.

So yes you are your own data and you are part of the continuum and the filters-reporting sector is perhaps the equivalent of where you want to get you spinning 0-9 faces etc. into the most appropriate alignment for the activity and focus that you have at any given present moment in time.

Clearly there is more to it than that as many of the leading thought masters and so on can demonstrate, though I have typically been trying to follow my own KEEP IT SIMPLE SWEETHEART (KISS) message.

Once you have a better understanding of filter and the reporting mechanisms by which you live and operate and an understanding of how the link chains run through the various knowledge bases, in theory you can simply flick a switch into upward mobility and reward and all the rest of those things.

Yes sounds so easy though typically again we all come to see that a certain level of personal work and dedicated practice is required to not only simplify things, believe it or not creating simplifications is often made to look easy simply because people have been repetitiously carrying out similar teachings and practices for so long that it is second nature to them, though again in simplification terms, we take ourselves off the auto-pilot filter and reporting strategies that are not effectively working for ourselves and then put in place new learnings and teachings and processes geared toward more rewarding attributes and values and then with some constant reminding we enable and allow the new practices to become our new autopilot.

I typically have found the emptying the cup to fill it up again the preference of myself, though others who have not had such a troubled life and existence may well simply be able to put new knowledge and awareness’s on top of what is already there. It is not for myself to say which method is best and I am of course known to have been somewhat using the combination of both methods at the same time. Does that mean super awakening processes are headed your way-well I can only ever operate at the present level of understanding and awareness and so on that I have and typically I do genuinely find myself surprised at how some synchronicities and awareness become apparent that some may think I am aware of that I am completely oblivious to.

So yes, whilst it may seem to myself that much of my present lifetime has been wasted I do feel that I am a great big bundle of data simply waiting for someone to say Dave, can we buy your diaries of you and pay you for your blog writings, you are so dry and I did not know you could be so hilarious and funny.

Yes of course, some of the tears triggered by the technologies perhaps require being wiped away though many of us have come to perhaps see the funnier side a little way down the line so to speak.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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