How Can I Zoom In On An Unknown Quantifiable Continuum

How can I zoom in on an unknown quantifiable continuum that whilst demonstrated can only ever be pointed at or sculpted around, what are the markers and stumbling points and so on…

So we all of course can claim to have potentially struggled and stuttered and stumbled as to finding methods as to circumnavigating our own self sabotage mechanism or indeed identifying so-called intersecting points that do not really genuinely exist beyond the realm of thought, how can I overcome or go through an obstacle that is said to be the way when navigating or getting the ah-ha as to a given issue cannot necessarily be view directly in manner and fashion that we typically presume to know that it should be seen and so on.

Well typically how many of us sign up for a course such as photoreading and carrying out the first part and perhaps the second and third stages and so on and by the time we get to perhaps physically draw a mind mapping of a given work we are procrastinating and going to make a nice cup of tea instead or however.

What I like about present course Future Mapping is that you are typically encouraged or told to draw right up front as the first part of the process.

So it might be suggested that the one course turns the other course on its head, whereby in identifying blocks or sticking points within a course you can say ah-ha I stumble at this juncture on this course and this other course I stumble at this juncture so typically in integrative fashion it might be suggested that the overlapping points of intersection where any given person stumbles within a given course is that place you have a desire to IDENTIFY in order to get those breakthroughs and so on.

Clearly we can also speculate as to beginning and ending, one course might in process terms physically turn the alternate course upon its head.

Typically when we go to the imaginary realms we can project and imagine ourselves as some future beings wanting to look back through history and perhaps in order to study “the history of mankind” create some holographic simulation of any given point along the history thread of the human race and so on.

So what might become different about your life and World if you knew you were simply some holographic projection from the distant future playing out some study of a given life, of course most people place themselves front and central as to being the most important person within their own life, though that is not what future mapping asks-future mapping asks how can I make this other third party person smile and so on.

So hardball self-interest has typically been potentially identified as one of those markers of intransigence as to seeing with greater vision and the potential in all things and moving peoples away from difficult models of reality that they may be experiencing.

I use the word potentially in quite a flexible fashion in this instance because I have of course gone through various learnings and lessons as to levels of ego maturity and-or otherwise and it can of course be demonstrated as to stages of growth and personal development and so on that maturity or lack thereof can be the difference between many miscommunications and misinterpretations and so on.

So I was thinking about the idea of how can you; given the premise that your conscious window is infantesimal in size, to corresponding incoming data get an alignment of exceptionally worthy stars or indeed that winning combination on an arcade machine (metaphorical allegorical etc).

So typically we can say that each and every moment that any given sensory data is coming into our conscious window of awareness is in fact “A TIP OF THE ICEBERG POINT” and what we want to occur or happen is in fact to gain constant trust and faith and so on that our conscious window alignments of information’s are thread points perhaps to what lies beneath.

Clearly we can follow the chain or thread down on any given arcade machine analysis, though that was not what I was gearing toward. I was thinking that you could have a sensory arcade machine whereby each spinning or rolling drum or barrel is in fact a particular sensory realm.

So for instance we can say that reel 1 is sight and reel 2 is sound and reel 3 is touch and reel 4 is taste and reel 5 is smell and reel 6 is your cry of HOUSE (in bingo terms).

Likewise we then have to device a methodology or sorting process in order for those alignments to be the best momentary reel 1 and best momentary reel 2 and best momentary reel 3 and best momentary reel 4 and best momentary reel 5 and of course best momentary reel 6.

This is of course speculative-though typically it has been demonstrated of course that you do not require knowing “what lies beneath” in non-conscious terms as long as you are following or becoming ever greater attuned to some guiding principles and functional understanding as to what is occurring.

Do we want muddy water to come up in reel 1 and muddy water to come up in reel 2 and so on, what purpose do those things serve. Clearly we can come to see that many an INTRANSIGENT or hardball position, is often simply a lack of realisation as to following threads to well judged and understood conclusions.

So anyway I of course recently spoke on the idea of Continuum and Data and Filters and Awareness and clearly we can see that such speculations can be carried out in horizontal fashion and in vertical fashion and likewise we can refer to differing terminologies such as linear and non-linear though again one man’s linear can clearly be demonstrated to be another man’s non-linear, how so?

Well typically I spoke on my now deceased Grandmother being left-handed and my father being left-handed and for them they would be unlikely to claim that they were necessarily geared toward being other than some societal norm, because many such a functioning is clearly going to happen at such a young age that such things are taken for granted as “NORMAL” at very young ages, where the do-called maps are most blurred perhaps.

So I was thinking on these topics because I have been thinking greatly about cellular frameworks and architectures and so on, the ever increasing science industry has of course been gradually studying realms such-as nanotechnology and in fact all the building block requirements for self-organising principles and so on can be suggested to pre-exist within our physical bodily being and make-up so to speak whether we regard such things in Scientific terms or indeed in Religious terms-I know many dismiss religion though typically the scientific models are what allow most extremisms in terms of anything goes.

I think I spoke previously on this topic whereby deceased and therefore unable to defend themselves Celebratory are often found hardball guilty of crimes, when uncovered than are present or currently existing stars, yes we have seen more recently some going to prison, though still with many defenders claiming they are other than what they are accused of.

So is it really all down to Presentation and PR or are other factors at work, have these celebratory for instance carried out some of the speculations as to processes of what I am speaking upon and fallen into alignment with some future mapping sent back through time or is that simply another way of excusing ourselves from given presumed responsibility.

Can cellular courses of least resistance processes be developed that work for all peoples all of the time and how do we remove so-called blindfolds that IDEAS such as a window of NOW are again merely a sequence of transition states or stages that you can pass through.

Why well even when you can demonstrate the interconnectness of all things, most are still operating from frustration of ever moving targets, what good is this remedy that someone has demonstrated when a calculable reset point exists for every single beginning and ending inbetween.

Yes difficult to describe probability mathematics, though I did try recently with a colleague discussing lottery.

We know for instance that each and every time you flip a coin you might get several heads and several tails in seeming random nature. However we also know from study of winning lottery results and so on that particular balls even when falling into the recalculate and start again zone of statistical analysis can be zoned in upon. I joked as to how I had joined a bonus ball group for a couple of years a few years ago and typically particular peoples and persons with certain numbers consistently won throughout the time that I was doing that. Despite claims as to genuine randomness.

So how do I explain that?

So I know from personal experience that I had more success when I chose my own numbers regularly on lottery than when I would get lucky dips-however the Lotto company claims the truth is otherwise and more winners have come about from lucky dips, so what possible reason do I have to believe what they are saying when I have genuine inbuilt knowledge (whether held or appearing conscious or non-conscious) of my own winning statistics and so on.

Clearly that is potentially an ALTRIUSM on their part whereby they say the random number generator systems that they are using benefit more peoples and we all say hell yeah, when in fact on an individual basis if you already have a reliable system in place of favourite number XX or however you are genuinely better off staying with those numbers than being convinced otherwise.

This was typically demonstrated as the case within sports also for particular time periods. Manchester United may be losing now, though in consistency terms they won the premier league for many years and so on, so for any given UNIT IDENTITY and period of time measure and scale whether for man woman or child or sport or acting and so on, all you need to know is that someone or something is consistent enough for you yourself to bring yourself into alignment with and benefit from and indeed learn lessons from and so on.

So you do not need randomness you need favourites and to know that favourites will perform consistently given a particular period of time. How many sports demonstrably have favourites that you know will typically get through early rounds of competition, why are you seeking to defeat something that you are better of being in alignment with?

I think again it is in identifying the reasoning as to cause and effect, is it inherent greed for a bigger win, or calculated based upon cycles and patterns and reasoned thought processes. Yes all are moving targets though with enough study and dedicated practice and perhaps mediation and learning improved strategies you can come to understand best practise for being attuned to having a rewarding and uplifting life and so on.

Yes I am somewhat adrift at present-I strangely have 2 courses teleseminars tomorrow on the same day and of course all meanings and so on as to cause, effect and scheduling conflict are my own to reason through unless I turn the IDEA or thought on its head and say AH-HA an alignment of something is now occurring, although I think I am personally more likely to catch up with those online conferences at a more convenient time-thankfully such recordings are added to my on-line library enabling the listening and learning to take place at more fruitful moments within my own life schedule and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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