Here Is One I Did Earlier

Dear Sam

Do Not Forget Your Biohazard Suite

Did You know how many World Stage International Tourists and Business people fail to pack a Hazmat suite for their expeditions? You are probably unaware of reports that Anthrax (the deadly virus not metal band) has arrived on South Korean Shores courtesy of the United States Government at the present time, or just how easy it can be to source yourself a suite before it is too late.


However Not to be outdone and in case you do find yourself catching a bad dose of any internationally reported upon condition, my friends at Learning Strategies may be able to provide you with a Solution in the form of the most excellent and amazing Spring Forest Qigong Programme Starring Chunyi Lin later this month.


If you would like to take the opportunity to become a Learning Strategies Fest Ambassador (as well as Teacher/Coach) you can do so by filling in the form at the following link address Thank you, and as always, I await hearing your Postcard’s From South Korea course Module: Be Authentic, Find Your Voice, Facilitate Flow. David, Hereford, England, United Kingdom 🙂

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