What Market Place Do I Envision Myself Operating Within

This is typically of course not how many a youth is geared toward being a grown up and how they intend the course of their life to operate and of course when you go through various learnings and teachings you very often come to see that old mantra “All Life Is Suffering”, however that does not mean you cannot still carve out your own options and choices and life course should you be of a mind to do so.

I think it interesting of course that we very often on leaving school/college/university and so on very often come to see that many a person goes through the further education system for the wrong reasons, I really do think that whilst many may say and state that they are carrying out this study in order to be within this service or industry at this level, that in fact many are simply putting off or procrastinating with next level of life progressions and so on. Clearly we can say in coin side terms that if you want to be working as a professional within particular industries you have little option than to go through the schooling system unless that is you are of course able to find Apprenticeships or inbuilt career options within some big business.

Strange? Not at all, many an industry has established their own in-house training mechanisms and systems because quite simply that is often the very best way to get candidates and students to excel within the given industry, far too often is has been demonstrated that candidates have been brought in from University graduate levels and have failed to transition into physical on the job success stories. Yes choice is choice, do I want to be this kind of a jigsaw piece within this industry or profession or indeed do I want to be this other kind of jigsaw piece and so on. I did note an exceptionally high profile Company recently stating that they were changing and moving away from the “classical” recruitment criteria with their own system of identifying best candidates for the business irrespective of qualification, by that it was suggested that they have their own internalised system whether through entrance exams and interview and so on of identifying people that matched what had been regarded or identified as the characteristic or typical profile of successful workers in the industry at any given specification level.

So I of course not a typical application candidate in terms of knowing that irrespective of having left school with X qualifications and having returned in Later life and gained Y qualifications and indeed worked in particular realms where I achieved Z qualifications that I always find myself on the wrong side of many a company’s bog standard recruitment optioning’s. I also know that I am not the only one to have experienced such things though given any black marks for having being in trouble 10, 20, 30 years + ago is somewhat annoying and I have often been amazed at how many good quality people and persons find themselves on the scrapheap for life simply through nonsense business Psychology of Leopards not changing Spots even though no repeat occurrences or incidences can be demonstrated within the intervening years.

Clearly remedy such-as Meditation Learning Strategies enable myself to clear and let go of any residual or remnant beliefs surrounding such things, though that is still not going to get myself into a level of employment or financial security that are very often the difference between having options and choices or not having options and choices.

Yes we can typically state that so and so is rejecting themselves by not applying for jobs they could be doing because after so many interviews and negative outcomes they cannot “take it anymore” etc. so cause and effect when left to the external peoples and persons is always going to go through what many of us elder peoples regard as undesirable Societal wide pattern hoops and comply with this and you will get this. I spoke on the housing for instance previously whereby each and every compliance where I met a criteria, a new criteria was created that I then had to meet, wasting my life away and making zero progress.

So we have a million and one courses saying learn these lessons and learnings and the secrets of the Universe, when the number one secret of the Universe is to simply set up for YOURSELF.

Identify a field of interest that you can envision spending your life doing and do anything and everything to make that come into being as your own Business or Model of Life and Existence and so on.

Yes you can of course say well is that not the same as applying for jobs though I would hope anyone can see that by setting up for Yourself you are effectively changing the PARADIGM, that you exist within.

This is Yourself, and yes a million and one peoples within a wide field and range of activities can demonstrate shortcuts for any want to be entrepreneur. Do I want to go through and make all the mistakes and learnings for myself (I think can actually work well for people if they are willing and able to use reframes and any given identify a lesson or learning from a given scene and scenario) or do I want to fast track myself, again swings and roundabouts especially when it comes to finding appropriate fast track methodologies.

So I can typically repeat from my own life experience and the lessons and learnings that I am not necessarily a people person, yes I can be a people person, though generally do have a lifelong identity with simple ideas as to truth and honesty (when I look at my own longer term lifetime averages, I would generally say that where I might be identified as being less than forthcoming with operating in a truthful and honest fashion, I can usually identify other cause and effect issues & psychologies at play).

Having meditated heavily and unplugged greatly from many of the so-called delusional matrixes that Society operates within, I have settled into patterns of wanting to work behind the scenes or focus on particular craft and skills and lessons and learnings and teachings whereby I can earn a good respectable income and have reward whilst others are perhaps the FIGUREHEAD characters within given realm that I find myself.

So how can you set up for yourself and not be the front man? This is of course potentially a pit fall region, I when returning to Hereford said I want a job that enables myself to maintain my own childcare functioning and whilst still earning an income and so on. I thought ah-ha, I can work nights and family will assist with bedtimes and night care and so on whereby I was optimizing the time spent with daughter upon her visits. However it is typically easy for myself to demonstrate that others within the realm were operating from alternate psychologies (for whatever reason) we can only be honest and truthful as to our own mental patterns and psychology as to what is taking place at any period or time within our lives, and likewise things such as awareness and enlightenment can also change the paradigm when you can get something of a momentum going as to transitioning people in numbers and crossing for many people what are considers no-mans’ Lands and so on.

I spoke on this issue of coin tossing, whereby people will often say best of three, best of five, and those are all delusions positions to operate from, they might be good from a SPECULATIVE position, though the truth and honesty calculation is always BEST OF ONE, BEST OF ONE, BEST OF ONE, drumming such a simple IDEA into people is hard work without them having investigated such things for themselves as to getting those realisations.

So each and every person whilst having a right to existence and so on in calculating terms generally needs to transition themselves into ideas as to understanding BEST OF ONENESS.

Anyway non of this was what I intentioned to speak upon so I may write another article, three in a day is quite a large number though I wanted to speak on the so called Story Boarding and Mapping or indeed Ideas such as Visioning Holography, why? Well if you had to create a Holographic World what are the basic requirements and structure and frameworks that you need in place?

So you might come up with a list of categories again, characters, props, locations, when you have your lists of such things (category heading wide) you can then reasons and rational as to sort through them for which should be at the so-called TOP of the tree and which ones are sub-components within a given area.

This is again what I spoke on in relation to Engineering and Encapsulation within programming. When you have clearly established ideas as to an MODEL

Typically when I was carrying out programming I had to work out the basic model and then create an instance of that model and it was the instance’s that could be imbued with further characteristics.

So typically we can say this is a Human, two arms, two legs, a head,

It is only (for instance) when you want to specify Man Woman Child that other attributes come to the fore so you would have an INSTANCE of HUMAN that is Man, an instance of Human that is Woman, An instance of Human that is child,

You can then see how the respective tier levels of design and so-on come to the fore. Because further attribute can then be given at those lower tier levels, this instance of this instance of Man has blue eyes, this instance of this instance of Man has brown eyes and so on.

So whilst I have used the human example, we can in fact apply the same process to cars, clothes houses and mappings etc. it is simply always a matter of sorting or deciding as to which characteristics are shared across all instances of a label and what characteristics are more appropriately designated as attributes and values that exist within some lower tier of the creative process.

Once you have your basic structure tiers identified, you can then perhaps decide as to physics between organic and inorganic and so on. This instance of human designated man with green eyes and light brown hair and white teeth picks up this coffee mug (prop) and drinks liquid (fluids) from the mug whilst sat on this sofa (prop).

Clearly a similar design process and tier structure is at work for each and every single element hence the choice options coming to the fore in how you have any environmental ecosystem best demonstrated and so on.

So that is a typical writing example of breaking things down into a shape or form or structure framework that can then give an ah-ha as to how can I reorganise these things into my Envisioned Holographic Environment or whatever realm and World you are seeking to create.

Yes I know you do not need any of the theory, though theory itself can be just as rewarding when you look at the success of the How too Book Industry.

I think I may not need to write another article after all, I do have my scribble pad available so will perhaps focus and concentrate on my own concurrently running projects, yes stepping into envisioning alternate Worlds is where I want to be at and that can be differing again to redeveloping your own life story and model, strange though true, yes some of these Modular Component things seem to gear many people to obsessions with intransigent Real World issues that they are going to solve as STARRING PERSONALITIES where I personally want to perhaps express personalities and so on in the fashion of Author, whereby my own life improvement model comes into being via people relating to fictional world models and creations and so on.

I spoke on this with a colleague recently as to why would anyone want to write about my work environment, in fact the place has all the major components for a TV series hit or even a film, though I generally think it would appeal more to people not suffering the various traumas.

What would some Fictional World Character do when presented with living within this particular paradigm, what would Superman, Yoda, James Bond, and so on be like if they worked and existed within this profession and so on.

Yes surely anything that is a change from your standard normality can be greeted with enthusiasm and lifting of pressures and stresses, I think the distance model works for all peoples at all levels of society all of the time. So whilst we can speculate as to how we might cope with success and fame and fortune, those within such positions can reverse the idea and wonder as to how they might be within some other than normal realm for themselves. I guess actors and artists get to experience such things far more often than those of us that have fallen into regular groove or otherwise that we have a desire to remove ourselves or shift from.

Yes I am blah blah’ing again.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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