So I Took Some Time Out To Carry Out A Recent Homework

So I took some time out to carry out a recent homework for the course module, Write Well, Write fast, Write Now and in truth by the time I had finished going through the variants of the same questions it came to a grand total of some 24 pages.

So whilst it is perhaps somewhat easy for some of us to sit and say we have this block or that block in reality when presented with appropriate PROMPTS we can find ourselves “in the zone” so to speak as to our outpourings or otherwise.

For myself of course the prompts were somewhat annoying, the sheet that the Questions were on was an American English format and each and every word that I wrote with a U in it came under the red-line correction facilities of the editor. Typically such things are about how you yourself communicate and have been taught and so on and I being English British write Behaviour not behavor and colour not color.

Clearly beyond those small pet annoyances the Proust Questionnaire is actually highly beneficial in many ways and I very much enjoyed carrying out that activity-anyone can of course carry out the Proust Questionnaire or indeed come to understand that a quick visit to Amazon and you can come up with complete selections of Inspirational Writing Prompt Books and so on.

So yes I was very pleased as to ignoring the spellchecker and just going and going and suddenly finding myself with a rather large completed homework document.

The other aspect of course is this dilemma of separating wheat from chaff in the sense that I can only ever answer to the best of my abilities at any given level of awareness that I have and I think more recent times, perhaps the last year or two has demonstrated that I am potentially “beyond any stage of suffering” though seemingly still cling to such ideas and so on within the day to day confines of my life.

The other issue of course with any writing prompts is that IDEA that I do not necessarily want my own life to be front and centre of a given course that I am carrying out. I like many of the Modalities I have taken because I do like the IDEA of having a fundamental foundation that is shared and in alignment with greater truths and so on.

So I can perhaps state honestly and openly that whilst it is interesting as to what may or may not come up with regard to personal thoughts feelings and actions taken, those things were not at the forefront of my thoughts in taking up more recent modules, I really was and am and have been seeking to develop skills and craft and so on to a point whereby I can have confidence in how I go about life the universe and everything, likewise I can of course use the IDEAS presented as a springboard to other things.

So I took the writing course with what I believed to be the intention to create a fictional realm and then write stories about characters within that realm, from what I have seen many an author within the course is actually more about their own personal REAL WORLD life and developing cures for this that and the other remedy for some affliction they are suffering or indeed simply having found some words of wisdom and enlightenment that they want to share with other peoples and persons.

The last listening in session was very much about the IDEA of finding your own voice among all the competing thoughts and correction that can come up within your mind. I typically having meditated for several years do not suffer in that fashion so much through having worked various mental reorganisation courses, however I can relate to such things from the position of having historically experienced such dilemmas.

So the idea with many a questioning prompt is again to bring those honest thoughts and feelings to the surface without Editing. Very often people will read a question think of an answer and then go into some auto-correction editor mode whereby the first fleeting thought and so on was very likely what you want to allow and enable to be given a voice.

These things are of course part and parcel of that IDEA of the LAYERS and brain as an ONION issues.

I cannot tell people who or how or why they should choose to be this that or the other way, though likewise if you find a remedy for particular ailments or cause and effect issues or indeed bigger windows upon the World how many of us want to tell friends and families and those simple little actions can of course lead to further sequences of events and knock-on effects as others come to the same awareness and realisations and so on as we feel that we have.

So some have suggested for instance, that you just keep on going, hell yeah, look at me, super personality within this market sector and so on. I of course have rejected many of the self-promotion aspects of the teachings quite simply because I was unable to get any rewarding and uplifting messages out in terms of being under mental stress and duress and siege and so on.

Now of course whilst I do not necessarily still have those feelings or indeed people targeting myself with many a nonsense or falsehood, we do come to see that some of the modalities are potentially worth far more in value that what we may or may not be paying for them.

A typical phrase that I often repeat is of course swings and roundabouts and come to think of it we do of course have SLIDES at playgrounds as well, so perhaps I need or require coming up with a “& slides” or “slides &” though the reason I actually mention that is because of course I remember when little that I use to like many a person, run up the slide, and that is perhaps akin to seeking or trying to run up a slippery slope, we usually all finding ourselves have to use our hands to grip the edges or indeed hang over the edge whilst someone is sliding down in appropriate fashion, yes lots of fun can be had with the playground slide.

Another kind of slide is of course the photograph slide and many years ago I found myself having to database a rather large collection of slides that some folks I was working for had accumulated, they of course worked as professionals within their realm and whilst I am sure the slides were very interesting for they themselves, for myself I was effectively taking information and material in on a non-conscious basis that I perhaps would not have chosen to have any interest in beyond of course the income and or self-worth that having a job perhaps gave me.

So slides are of course not all that differing from photographic plates and negatives and that of course is akin to what I have described previously as being like an overhead projector sheet or laminate. A clear sheet sheet with some words of wisdom scrawled upon them by an expert, clearly once you begin going through some of the clearing remedies available you come to see this idea that if you are taking information in and out non-consciously then we ourselves and our internalised systems are very much like those clear or transparent sheets and it is the layers of data and information and accumulated knowledge that we either have a desire to retain and reorganise or indeed simply let go, how often do we want or like to hang on for dear life with this belief coin side whilst clearing out or letting go beliefs on this other variable. Cleary coins are perhaps “old fashioned” given the way in which Worldwide society is moving away from physical currency and cash in your pocket, though again cleary we can say just like my umbrella example or indeed a pie chart that you can have this many segmentations within this kind of fruit, and each segmentation may well be another aspect or variable choice as to beliefs and what serves or does not serve you and so on.

So yes I spent an hour or two going through the most recent homework project and found myself a couple of hours later having written some 24 pages. Likewise that was in quite minimalist fashion hence these things being about how we take the time or make the time to fit in such homework activities within day-to-day life and projects and so on.

I can of course still feel or experience so called triggers, though clearly the further and deeper you go along some of the outlined technologies the more you often release and at some point of course you are going to want to feel centred and calm and relaxed and confident in your knowledge and outlook on life and so on.

Anyway this had turned into meanderings somewhat again, so I will leave it here with a final “Pesky Americans, fancy not including U in the language, how many letters are in the Alphabet and can we learn anything from what the former colonies choose or otherwise to omit, something to think about clearly given how many variants of English are used about the Wider World and indeed how we are often told that we are multiculturalist Society, even though such things rarely happen outside some of the larger Cities and Metropolis’ etc.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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