Where Did I Leave My?

Most of us can probably list many other words that fall into that end position of the sentence than some of the more obvious. Words such-as brains, dreams, hopes, motivations and we can of course go on and on dependent of course on where we ourselves are FOCUSSED as to possible life regrets or inspirations, motivations and incentives and so on.

Unsure as to why I am writing this though I did catch-up with my Future Mapping Course and an example was demonstrated as to some of the questions being asked, in particular most or many of us seeming have issues as to BLINDSPOTS.

I think I wrote on this topic or issue before as to those imaginative leaps of faith into the unknown that many a Hero or Media Personality takes and clearly such Strategies are often copied in day-to-day life by those watching the very many shows and media’s available to us all.

So clearly we can demonstrate that just about every level of show whether regarded as a lowest common denominator or indeed a maximum common denominator is catered for in some fashion. However we also know that many of us once aware, often go through various changes as to how we may have historically behaved to how we behaviour now and again many of these things are akin to that peeling of layers of a life time’s worth of build-up or influences and psychologies and TACTICAL STRATEGIES.

I use the word TACTICAL of course because I see a headline this morning suggesting that a particular football manager falls under that classification or labelling, clearly a topic of debate to be had by any related experts on that subject matter.

My own interest returning to Learning Strategies coaching and teaching and the Future Mapping Course was actually again related to the example chart.

So those areas designated as BLINDSPOTS were typically matrixed regions either side of our seemingly non-dominant hand drawn squiggly line. Within the example they were clearly marked with a kind of circular blue shading or transparency layer or film, all those sorts of levels can of course be phased in and out as to strength and depth and so on.

Anyway my point is that I was thinking again in relation to this course and the Natural Brilliance model found within the Natural Brilliance Book that was given away for many of us with the Photo reading Course, was this one of imagining each of those highlighted blue sectors as a STRATEGY.

The other part was this idea that you have above the line positive and negative polarity and below the line positive and negative polarity and of course the path of our squiggly line weaves its way back down to the starting point from the so-called final result.

So I typical Dave labelled those Strategies as BAUBLES during a visualization exercise that I performed not long afterwards within the 24hr period, I was effectively seeking to bridge some of those circular mental realm debates as to removing cause and effect.

So I have not fully worked out the detailing, those thought well clearly Paul Scheel set up his Business “LEARNING” Strategies, so that might be one bauble, likewise many of the TLC (Transformational Leadership Council) may also be considered as being peoples and persons who are “PERFORMING” Strategies.

Any room for another Strategy?

So the one bauble that I visualised (so to speak) was not within the Future Mapping, again I had quite an in depth visualization on this one, though am unlikely to detail everything beyond so brief highlights giving the general outline for folks to think upon.

Ok first of all imagine that your Future Mapping has actually been created or drawn on the ground, like how those pavement artists draw art on the paving stones, making you see differing perspectives and some hae been quite amazing as a digression, I recall walking along a path in Hereford Eign Gate and suddenly finding myself with an exceptionally believable ABYSS beneath my feet like I was walking on air.

Anyway so Future Map beneath your feet and you have a xmas tree bauble in your hand this is within its own gravitation field and all the various related physics (whether you want to believe this is some alternate paradox or parallel reality of Earth Physics or indeed Off-World Physics.

So imagine if you will that those highlighted blindspots are cosmically interacting with each other and whilst we regard them as blindspots a form of physics and gravity and pull is going on between them. You however are this third UNKOWN bauble blindspot that is also having as much effect upon the other 2 as they are on each other AH-HA.

So the CHOICE point is the BAUBLE that you are holding in your hands to stop the other baubles crashing in on each other (potentially), or you could imagine and test the theory that the point at which all the baubles crash and collide and so on is once again the POINT that you need or require to identify in some fashion. So you have spent your life Learning Strategies and you have spent your life Performing Strategies and now we want to come up with some Solution Strategy for all these interacting blindspot baubles. Not having any effect what so ever on how we now want or desire our life strategy to be.

This perhaps clearly where the INTEGRATIVE RECOGNISING THE SOLUTION STRATEGY comes to the for, in a kind of be your own Solution to the demonstrated problem.

All these things are of course down to awareness and whether we regard ourselves as operating from a place of emotions or a place of thought or a place of logic or a place or freedom and so on. Confusion and Conflict can clearly be demonstrated as to so-called GREAT UNKNOWNS of placing yourself within any particular doctrine or sphere of influence and manipulation, even so-called Pure and Holiest of Designated individuals are often given such rapturous applause when they admit to having experienced some of those less than desirable things happening or occurring within their lives.

So we can remove the blindspots via the very simple mechanism or exercise of carrying out some visualization exercise and then perhaps saying well I can neither make bauble A happy or Bauble B happy at the same time so I am going to go of with my bauble C and craft my own Model Solution explanation for all that is wrong with the World, or likewise imagine that with our bauble C in hand we are at that APEX position of a TRIANGLE whereby for either A or B to get some movement or shift from being a blindspot, then the C-POINT of sharing knowledge and insight and so on comes into play, we might also suggest this might also be regarded as a COMPARE point, not to be confused with compere (show host).

So for instance with some Future Maps I have noted wave like cliff overhang patterns and if you were a guy climbing a mountain would you not want some point of being able to dive under some small cliff face whilst an avalanche or descending bad guy or villain unaware of the cave continues in the downward slope trend. So some plateaus on such diagrams and charts can be thought of in positive fashions that we are unaware of. This having to go an alternate route via friends or family house or something caused myself to not be involved in this great big car pile-up that just occurred on my regular route and so on.

So we can result and reshape and recraft how the World has operated about ourselves, when we consider alternate realities and dimensions and of course look for the positive attributes from given sequence of events (irrespective of whether that is a linear or non-linear model we are operating from, rather than constantly being locked in with Thoughts and Feelings and Actions that are placed within one side of the scales of judgment we might say that We are Collective Strategies.

So some speculated upon third bauble exists that has a direct hire wire circuit link to your end point that feeds back down through the system tree of the existence that got us to 120 % happy and so on.

Yes more meandering though always worth noting down and speculating as to Learning/Performing/Juggling/Creating/Innovating Strategies.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 😉

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