Can Confirm That He Dutifully Wrote Out

His one page summary of intention for his authoring project and of course you do find that when you stress and fret and keep on soul searching as to inspiration and what you actually want to say and do-you can come to states of flow whether by hook or by crook.

I also can of course confirm that having given myself a commitment to write this project under this proposed working title that I have come to see the merits of not necessarily limiting myself to one train of writings.

So David can state that he reviewed all the course material to date over the weekend wondering as to what could be carried out next. One story that perhaps stood out for myself was the idea presented by Sam Horn that the singsong writer Sting in going through a patch of being unable to write returned to his roots in Newcastle and likewise a similar story was given on an award winning TV script writer who had lost touch with his audience, and indeed I did in some ways and fashion kind of get an inkling that the Story was shared by Sam herself who explained that in touring and lecturing she kind of put writing to one side to her own detriment and when she had the epiphany as to that being what had occurred she took steps and strategies to rectify the situation and likewise I am sure a strong and ongoing relationship with Learning Strategies make come about as a result, though typically we are told that many of these luminaries are of course members of the self-appointed body known as The Transformational Leadership Council.

I think typically members come and go whilst others have longer term associations within the organisation, I do think one of my own concerns is as to what I wrote on recently as processes being too powerful or advanced for those within the lower echelons of Society to see things clearly in the same fashion and manner that some of these Luminaries do.

I typically can claim to have put a great deal of work in although I personally feel that a major lack of any kind of life progress has occurred. How long can anyone spend investing in themselves prior to then wanting to redefine the percentages in some fashion or otherwise.

So I can visit other peoples Blogs and Facebook and invest in courses though in all likelihood will prefer to reduce externals in order to better concentrate and focus on those areas and aspects of life that I can say are my own personal skills and passions and abilities and so on. Typically I say this because as all older people know pretty much each and every generation thinks that they are the best thing since sliced bread and whilst that may well be true in many a way (given how much us elder generation have invested in our children and so on) such things do not necessarily come with equilibrium and balance as to where any given individual desires to maintain focus.

So yes in reviewing the course and having written and taken notes heavily for several years and yes I still take some daily notes whether published or otherwise I do find that I am still lacking in inspiration.

I can of course state that I am not Sting and I am not that successful script writer and I am not Sam Horn, all peoples with established incomes and wealth and expertise and so on.

So I got to thinking about the age old questions as to when did this life course happen, we typically learn the linear start at the beginning and work through until the end and then someone came up with the end results in the actions and in all honesty I have trouble like many a person believing that I would have chosen any of the life I have had and or experienced. Perhaps Sting and that script writer and Sam will come to see in reconnecting with their roots the very things that propelled themselves away in the first place, of course that again is simply going into arguments as to knowing the thoughts and feelings and incentives and motives of others.

I still feel in many ways like an Edison caricature in not having found the Solution to some undefined question that is perhaps deeply buried somewhere within the subconscious of the noggin. I do not feel I have a strong enough handle on any aspect of life to declare any kind of success. Clearly I should do the why so high between 1 and 10 strategy though again typically having gone through so much meditation I have cleared out many of the likely answers that might have come to myself, though likewise I have no regrets as to having carried out so much clearing.

So how do I rediscover my own passions and desires and likes and loathing’s when many such things have been gone through without any motivated life progress and so on, yes I can say “Suffer not take up this remedy etc.”

I can of course say that as a child I loved stories and storytellers and spent many a night reading a book under the bed covers by torch light and imagining what it might be like to be a proclaimed writer and so on. Likewise as is also suggested in several courses by the time of secondary school many of the very requirements of being a good story teller were being fashioned out of myself via the schooling system.

So why might I be disliked or hated and however-well typically I think much of this blog was especially written early on with an attitude of being boring and sedentary and so on and likewise other came along and said we cannot have that now can we and of course what were initially quite active pieces then began getting private publishing listing rather than public, quite simply anyone can learn the strategies and techniques and so on and not all necessarily have other peoples best interests at heart and so on. Yes I think a good explanation is the one presented within the Dr Who series whereby the Master had taken over the earth with some accomplices from the future and decimated the entire population and civilisation. The Dr and assistant’s came to the rescue and in due course switching the timeline back to a more normal state of affairs. However those who were closest to the Dr and so-on retained all the so-called memories of the horrors that they had been put through and so on. So I think some of us perhaps still suffering those kinds of residual thoughts and feelings toward externals that we may or may not want to point fingers at and so on.

The letting go and becoming more centred within yourself and how you interact and connect and so on externally are all choices. So what is the problem?

Well clearly it might be suggested that anyone who takes up some of the courses and has not carried out higher levels of meditation is likely to simply fall into the lowest common denominator nonsense that many of us well and truly want to have left behind.

The downside perhaps that one aspect and area that is always going to return is of course knowing what to write about? So typically you can go online and find a million and one books explaining how to write this kind of scene and that kind of scene and pretty much specialist books exist for every area from sex to fantasy and creating and crafting a design model whereby you can be character focussed or you can be story focussed or you can be scene focussed. Again you can break up the recipe and ingredients and components into any kind of modelled fashion that you want.

So where is the issue that I am struggling with?

Well I am lacking passion, I feel like for example a Data or robotic model trying to understand what it is to be human, this perhaps the downside of stepping out of space and time and looking upon a window of the World that something is missing-a core component potentially.

That perhaps why experts the World over are in no hurry to de-incentivise people and so on. So I have witnessed some fantastic choreography and coordinated actions as I have gone about my travels and taken notes and do feel well attuned to the title of a favourite Disney Book “The Illusion of Life!”

Has anyone ever stated this is what a passion is?

Of course when we are young we typically want the house the car the wife/girlfriend and the finance to pay for such things, we then perhaps ask how am I going to achieve these things, and again 7 Billion degrees of opinion can be found about this World.

So I can typically state that I pinball out of school into work and did things considered both good and bad and ricocheted from this area of life to another area of life and this job and when you think aout it much of life can be like a pub crawl analogy.

Yes whilst I am sure some readers are akin to myself in being pretty much tea total (these days) that was not always the case and I did excessive pub crawling during some younger years and that one night of the pub crawl and going to differing environments and public house venues and interacting with differing groups of attached to establishment locals and regulars and moving on is very much a way to define many a person’s entire life existence when looked upon from the metaphorical or allegorical standpoint.

Are we someone who is whizzing along to the next best thing or simply settling into the groove of an environment, what are the factors that went into such a decision tree making process, security? friends? fear? Good or bad experience elsewhere?

So what else has been in play within my thoughts?

Well I am looking forward to the New Star Wars movie and Disney Jedi and Leia becoming a Disney Princess though now lacking in Chelsea buns (apparently). And typically as a child who went and saw the movies at a young age I think the Christopher Reed “Superman” appeared someone around the same time period.

I found myself thinking as to COMPARISON again. So Superman whizzed about the World in an angry moment and then set about changing the timeline, know-one else being any the wiser to his actions, though he was carrying out an ACTION in a Physical Sense. Likewise we see the so-called Jedi claiming to be part and parcel of all things, whereby they do not need to carry out action beyond some mental mind focus and concentration to perform miraculous or magical feats and so on because if you are part of it all then you can influence it all, the idea that all things future appear magical to lesser creatures and so on.

So it seemed to myself that the JEDI MODEL was much akin to the WRITER model whereby you can shut your eyes and imagine light waves running through your being and extending out through all the contents of the World about yourself like cosmic cotton threads, some remedies of course include visualisation of getting out the scissors and simply cutting the threads loose and watching them drift of out into space-however clearly for every object that you do such a thing with another likely exists at another level that you also are carrying within your noggin etc, this is why I think I (personally) found letting go to be a failure without the Holosync Stimulation, because I perhaps had some intuitive understanding of that global connection of all things and so on. Likewise I can say well with having meditated to a higher level and studied at higher levels and having returned to be persecuted within my roots, that I can see the benefits of Learning Strategies remedies that typically enable and allow you to recraft your World, create that mental space and so on.

So they say that a problem cannot be resolved from the level at which it originates and that is perhaps why I am unable to identify my own skills and abilities and likewise in not knowing what those skills and abilities are I cannot then demonstrate having a passion for anything because many a contemplation simply leads to questioning strategy dilemmas?

Is David in a down mood? Yes I think he is and until that mood shifts he is perhaps going to be frustrated in his writings unfortunately. I want to write with excitement and passion and inspire others in likeminded ways though as suggested above have lost a feeling of having relatable ports of call and given the zero tolerance for falsehood in resetting to some foundational or fundamental teachings and ideas is still something I would recommend to anyone to do, yes express the fantasy fiction within your nonfiction appears to be a process or procedure of choice though getting there when you want to think up new ideas is troublesome, I shall have to go through some of the hallucinatory World imaginings again and see what I can gift to others that is reciprocated in some genuine fashion without strings and psychological manoeuvring, the being present fully here and now and free of influence technicians and manipulators simply for an experience of pure joy

Yes a process is required for robodave to have enthusiasm and excitement that flows through his fingers onto the written page and it does not seemingly want to happen and occur at present due to timeline issues I think.

Well what now David

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Is That A Metric Pressure In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Pleased To See Me

So when we meditate regularly and begin to understand some of the techniques and strategies procedures and protocols that some combinations of thought produce we very often come to find that we have already perhaps experienced this point already or indeed are returning to a given point, very often we have somewhat cluttered and muddied minds as to so called fitting of jigsaw pieces and clearly some ideas are perhaps more beneficial to all than others.

Today I have a so-called metric deadline to hand in a one page summary of my writing project for the Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now project and I think potentially one of the issues that I have failed to address is the idea of abundances of choices and options. The course itself is very good in giving guidance as to specifying positive and empowering and uplifting processes and statements of intention though of course that can potentially be difficult or troublesome for those of us who have the intention to create or write a book or novel.


Well typically when creating and crafting a story for yourself you typically have to have characters and as we all know the vast majority of popular fiction very often entails having to step into the role of your good guy and your bad guy or your female lead and your male lead and so on-effectively what many of us perhaps want and why I like Holosync so much is that it does bring about the ability to visualize a window upon a World without necessarily being fully involved with the World that so-called space or gap that allows creativity of imagination to flow without necessary experiencing so-called sensory overwhelm among the differences of interpretative capabilities that we all have within our day-to-day life roles.

So yes metrics of course something that anyone who witnessed my early experimentation with poetry and so on is perhaps fully aware of, such things of course often used my composers when created any kind of musical system, do our words have an upbeat and rewarding and empowering design or are we often seeking to harness less than helpful thoughts and feelings and attitudes.

Intersting for myself of course coming from a family with some musical knowledge is that when we looks to what is hot and what is not and so on, we very often find a tendency among given populations to latch onto so-called negatives more so than the positives.

I think I wrote previously how I quite liked some particular Elvis Presley songs when growing up and indeed when the record label put out a greatest hits album I typically bought the album thinking ah-ha an all in one collection, why have 20 albums when I can have one featuring all the major hits.

So anyway I think I perhaps listened to the album once or twice and came to the conclusion that it was not particularly rewarding of life enhancing?


Well when you listen to that album you come to see that nearly the vast majority of Elvis Presley hits were often highly emotive and potentially what many of us might refer to as wrist slasher music. Of course if music can induce a tear that leads to conscious windows of awareness coming to the fore than we might suggest that a turnaround or reframe has occurred, though far too often it can be difficult to reframe when you are feeling under siege in some fashion. Of course the Letting Go paraliminal is presently available on the Learning Strategies website for those participating in the Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now online course and a very good combinational paraliminal that is too, I typically criticised the Sedona Method early on as I had some difficulty with it-however in combination with Stronger Holosync and indeed Paraliminals I think that some genuine shifts and changes can occur.

So yes metrics notwithstanding and commentating on the news and Word wide events I have of course mentioned “pressure” within the title and the reason is of course that many pressures are being reported upon throughout the wider world news media. Everywhere I look in fact I see pressurised situation perhaps coming to the boil. We here in the United Kingdom of course having children perhaps entering the exam season and much pressure is often induced during revision and wanting to do well in a system that typically gets sliced and diced and changed about so much that keeping or maintaining a clear head under such pressure may bring about undesirable thoughts and feelings. Likewise we are seeing pressure on a change of lifestyle for a number of High profile individuals, I see a Sunday paper interview with Prince Harry on advice he may offer to his niece and nephew. Likewise when we look at today in calendric terms of being the 18th we might call it AH Day.

Yes of course how any of us relates and interprets information’s is an ongoing dilemma, I of course typically having been writing this blog for a year or two decided I wanted to craft a book with my name on it, and I wanted to write fantasy fiction that included nonfiction like procedures and guidance’s within the sub context that could lead to improved mental health and well-being for any given readership, in having reviewed all the course material to date I still clearly have one or two long held belief issues (perhaps I would call them) that require new perceptions and abilities to come to the fore-in order for a more personalised progress. It is interesting of course that many a modality effectively brings you to see that many things are the same, as much as we want to separate out thoughts and feelings and be this identity and have these likes and dislikes and so on, very often all that separates anyone is the present level of awareness and teachings that they are at and indeed the decision tree making processes that we very often have running on auto-pilot. Great if your auto-pilot is uplifting and rewarding and creative and inspirational, not so great if you have or are in requirement of shifting more deeply embedded issues from some non-conscious time within your life sphere and so on.

Anyway I have stated previously that this blog shall have to perhaps go on the back burner for a little while so I can better concentrate and focus on achieving the writing goals that I set myself, in an ideal and perfect World of course I can do all those things though I really do want to get the creative juices flowing and get my teeth into my Authoring Project, so as to enable myself a newly envisioned life of upward mobility and prosperity and so on.

Clearly continuously monitoring the World news can act as inspiration for ideas, though is not very good if you are not doing anything with all the various techniques and strategies learnings and ideas-I perhaps want to say that I took all these courses and now have these learnings and these line of books are the result of my efforts and working through the so-called walls that all metrical deadlines often throw up.

So do not be surprised if this blog goes through some non-publishing time, I may seek to publish once or twice a week instead of daily, though I will likely return once I am happy that I have placed and concentrated enough energies into getting a genuine end product available to any readership that may want to read a published work by myself. We can all of us set ourselves incredibly perfect goals that are to distant and out of reach though I think a little bit daily and working through this regular blog writing has made the experience worthwhile in seeing where many a resistance exists and asking how can I change this scene or scenario into one of a beneficial learning and so on.

So do not despair as we all of us can perhaps relate to the idea that at whatever level any of us is at lifelong learning techniques and strategies can be applied that enable that next hop to the next stepping stone toward the goal that we have set ourselves. I have several pads full of notes and indeed this blog with both private and public publishing’s and now I can seek to use the knowledge in a constructive fashion to passing the various integrated learnings and teachings to another generation of seekers who may in turn perhaps become finders.

Yes that another childhood rhyme I am sure many of us United Kingdom folks know, Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers, I never read that in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when he found the Queens Nose 50 pence piece in the gutter enabling him to purchase the winning Chocolate Bar and wrapper though that perhaps something to do with his humbleness coming from a poverty stricken background and so on, very differing perhaps from teaching of gratitude and appreciation that we very often are told to have when not knowing what for, yes I think the Future Mapping put a smile on someone else’s face and altruism could well turn out to not have been a fail for myself after all.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

A Review Of Step by Step Stage by Stage IDEAS and concepts

So we can look about the World and see many Technological Shifts and advancements whilst many other areas are seeming incompatible with alleged Progress. However we can introduce choice within our own inner and outer World simply through having or explaining some very simple IDEAS.

So Science came up with the IDEA of matching musical notes and scales to colours of the rainbow (for instance) and such things worked for those within the Western Hemispheric World in terms of population control and anyone who wanted to craft or create a life for themselves can often see these things from quite a young age. Though again they very often become confused and conflict because of the so-called messages being sent out by those about themselves.

So I typically have whizzed through a multitude of courses and indeed spent time within Institutions of Higher Learning within my lifetime and of course was very much perhaps typically working or existing within inner and outer Worlds containing what many might describe as multiple intransigencies.

Now I like the term and phrase that I myself coined MULTIPLE INTRANSIGENCE


Well whilst I do not want to scare people away from higher learnings and so on, typically when words such-as intelligence are used you immediately rush to some pre-existing de facto held within the noggin group of stereotypes.

When we go through the process of explaining that all life is lived through switching from one trance state to another trance state and very often many repetitions exist that are not necessary people can often come to see the virtue of some of the assisted meditation above and beyond some of the traditional methodologies.

Further to that is the IDEA that within many areas of life repetition can be a good thing. We see this within many industries whereby standardization agreements mean that many goods and services and products are all compatible in many ways. Typically I have referred to things such-as screws and standard measuring and scale systems. Again even when we have seeming incompatible systems ways and means have been developed to overcome such issues.

We find that within language and we find that within industry and Science and also of course in explanations of why and how choice can be introduced into any IDEA or BODY of THOUGHT and knowledge.

So typically one of my favoured courses that I have perhaps not gone through enough repetitions of is The Genius Code and my favourite teaching within that Modality is in fact the IDEA that with appropriate questioning strategies and techniques as to statements of intention we can USE A PROCESS TO CREATE A PROCESS.

So I though ah-ha I like this idea and indeed experimented with the idea. So typically one of the most well-known systems within that course is the IDEA of the image stream and indeed walkthrough visualization exercises to overcome present mental walls and barriers and so on.

More recently of course I have been through some of the Future Mapping Course and again the cross-over knowledge from such courses can come to be extremely useful.

So What are the benefits of explaining multiple intransigent’s over multiple intelligences? Well clearly Learning strategies might suggest that I am running against there point in that we want to develop intelligent peoples and persons and that is what progress is. My counter argument is one of THE ALIENATION MASK.

What Is The Alienation Mask?

Well particular words and associated meanings typically come LOADED with peoples own pre-existing prejudices and fears and so on and so forth and I happen to think intelligence is one such word. Intransigence to my mind introduces malleability, most decent people at any level of awareness can understand that they have thoughts and feelings that may fit the intransigent model and we are not saying there is anything wrong with such things so much as working towards a CONGRUENCE of INCLUSIVE or INTEGRATIVE thinking strategies.

So typically we can say well how can I develop such a process?

I typically in experimentation bought into the process to create a process model?

So sat in comfortable position and relaxed and centred I carried out the visualization exercise within one modality that led to myself being presented with various GIFTS. Further to that I then had questions as to how can this gift be used what does it do and so on.

So typically I was presented on one occasion with a gift of a screw and hammer, not just any screw and hammer mind you oh no this was FUTURE TECHNOLOGY in disguise. So I enter a closed eye meditive state and imagine taking the screw out of one pocket and then then hammer from a belt attachment and wow the screw is floating and finding its own bearing and rotation direction eventually coming to a still hanging in mid air at x degrees longitude and latitude and altitude and so on. The the hammer drifts up and taps the screw and wow what is it doing now, the screw has seemingly punctured the space within which it floats and the hammer now spins about and carries out a transformation into a kind of satellite umbrella attaching to the head of the screw, suddenly a beam of light emanates from the contraption and I find myself being pulled through into another dimensional reality. And so on

So again many a process is a beginning rather than an ending and we once used to using such imagery within our own minds eye can pull apart many an idea that we think we know about the World.

Typically the classical World Model might be suggested as the debt being pushed down the line toward the future, though within the last century the Idea that the future is pulling us in has often been greatly introduced into many a modelling system. Typically we went from the Newton Physics Model to the Einstein Model and then more recent models have contained Ideas such as Holography and other “out there” ideas and typically of course many of us have sat back and said wow are they not clever etc.

Anyway I typically thought well the classical Western model has the classical music notation rainbow synchronizations and Newton Earthbound Physics, where later models came up with astral bodies having differing PHYSICS, so you may go to a World that has a rainbow of differing colours and indeed a differing number count, all alignments with Earth Gravity Fields go out of the window. Likewise closer to home we see this within the music industry, where pop music accompanied by sampling led to a million and one generic songs that all sound the same to us Mr and Ms average. Likewise when you go further afield or investigate Music World wide you come to see that differing musical notations and standards exist that are alien to Westerners. That typically I think demonstrated by Chunyi Lyn within he Spring Forest Qigong modality, where an ancient Chinese instrument is of differing keys and so on to those we know in the West. Likewise of course given mass media we are likely to have encountered many an instrumentation anyway as even within Orchestrations and film and movie soundtracks they are looking for the next best thing of how can I induce this emotion, effectively saying what does this feeling sound like. Clearly it has been demonstrated over and again that whilst a given response is expected by composer, they are often a million miles away from the thoughts and feelings of the audience. I think we have seen this over and again where some young up and coming and motivated person has pushed the boundaries and then tried to repeat the trick and failed to have the audience follow, George Lucas of Star Wars fame was a typical example of that whereby his most outstanding works have potentially been collaborations with other people of that generation such-as Steven Spielberg and so on. No harm done and he still has a good reputation though it does show that whilst we any of us can hit a nail on the head we can also go of on pet projects that are a million miles away from what anyone wants.

Of courses AWARDING BODIES such-as Bafta and indeed the Oscars American Academy are often complained about for not being attuned with the greater mass audiences. No matter you can still carve out an audience for something somewhere whatever your SPECIALIZATION.

Yes that another modern day complaint as to making all peoples special, you cannot just be naughty or in requirement of a clip around the ear, you have to have something, ever greater levels of very often undesirable hooks, clearly some physical ailments and maladies exist though when you go into the PSYCHOLOGICAL REALMS I really do think some strong level of meditation can alleviate many a person’s version of so-called suffering.

So I wrote as a teenager an essay on this idea of ONE CANNOT NOT COMMUNICATE and typically I wrote that you could control what you communicated, however most of us who have taken up meditation know that we were often getting hooked into intransigent positions by fighting against reality as to what we ourselves can personally control and so on, internal versus external world. Yes a bulge appears over there so you pat it in and the bulge pops out of the other side of the sack and so on.

So anyway I worked through to the IDEA of CELLULAR MASKS and effectively when you think about it that is all our physical bodies and so on in many ways are. However many an ache and pain within our bodies might be regarded as cause and effect resistance that may have built up in some fashion. What we resist persists one of those global statements that requires further self inquiry.

So yes the big or major problem I think many of us lower down awareness may suffer from is of course being given remedies that are far too ahead of our own capabilities, unsure as to truth of that though it does given my own history suggest or have some level of truth.

Though yes I was thinking on introducing or creating a cellular mask meditation process or programme and of course I then have to list what it may or may not carry out and perform, what is to be integrated and what is to be treated otherwise and so on.

So whilst I do like the modularity approach not having others to bounce ideas to and forth with is problematic, whilst the go it alone approach works up to and including a point the testing of TRIGGERS and so on does come with many a presumed Societal Offence of some description.

So why the cellular mask, well it come back to this Idea that every thing can be organised and or reduced to process, where you might have this engine, and this energy process and this compass process and a process for each known sensory ability and so on, it does appear that most things can be enhanced, however swings and roundabouts exist as to what is best in any given circumstance hence the introduction of choice and indeed ideas of shapeshifting aliens and so on, we could of course in SPIRITUAL terms at least think that we empty our cup so that we can introduce something better within its place. I typical of an opinionated bloke noted that someone mentioned a particular author that they followed and I whilst liking the written works was put off or INTRANSIGENT to the individuals image, even though such a thing should not matter, so when you speak of multiple intelligence it might be suggested that we move to the field of intelligent intransigence, why are my instincts kicking off in highly prejudicial fashion to this individual and so on, so we work and work in creating process that create further processes though do not be surprised if you run into the IDEA that you may well contain or have abilities that run above and beyond the superficial surface level that many a wannabe celebratory operates at.

Elsewhere on the Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now Facebook page I noted that a recommended Author has died and typical reaction I looked through the reading list and his was a work not within my own collection, so I now have it on order though in honesty thought it STRANGE that this guy recommended getting rid of CLUTTER and that advice is within a 400 page book, whereas the same recommendation from Strunk (I think) that I do have is in a pretty short book. In fact I have been fortunate in finding many an ancient small writing advice book that does contain many a similar practical theory and so on, and some of those are populist whilst other perhaps predominantly unknown, so Sam Horn awaits our homework an email told myself a day or 2 ago and I am somewhat loathe to put anything forward for the judgment of peers even though I had in honesty never heard of hear until this course was created.

Why do I say that well it comes back to this idea that mathematical scales are very often difficult for most people to comprehend. I kind of tongue in cheek published some statistic on the Facebook page related to World Wide Population. We have a World Wide Population of 7 Billion and an internet audience potential of 3 Billion (at present) according to statistics, so when you look at a national UK population of 60-70 Million and United States of America 250-300 Million ( I think) you come to see that anyone can in theory be highly successful within a given field of personal achievement and endeavour without ever having knowledge of the vast majority of the rest of the 7 Billion Earth Population.

Yes most people on Facebook perhaps have friend numbers running to the hundred, perhaps several hundred and some self-publicist’s the classical Jesus 5000 figure. Though that is insignificant to 100,000 or 1,000,000 or 1,000,000,000 that many of the Major Book and Film producers can claim to have. So do not despair because whilst we can all of us buy into celebratory and Leadership and so on, you would have to be really hard pushed in my opinion to not find an audience somewhere for any kind of publication.

We here in the United Kingdom have a long running satirical show “Have I Got News For You” that is typically a comedic look at the weeks trending news, (usually within the UK (I think)). They have a round where they find some obscure publication and then carry out a fill in the blank round, I noted at break time yesterday that this week was some “Dry Stone Wall” publication (probably of use for geologists or stonemasons and quarrymen etc.).

Yes I was just thinking that I am turning into a Terry Wogan style, Blankety Blank show host…

Ebenezer Perkins joined a writing course presented by Million Book Selling Author Sam Horn, whom he had never heard of, when asked to hand-in homework for the course his response was typically [BLANK]

Yes the blank bit can probably say, long and cluttered and the anti-thesis of everything that the course is trying to teach people 😉

I will leave these scrawling’s here and see if I can rediscover some creative ability that fits the given course criteria in the fashion and manner desired by aforementioned host.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

When Did Radish Disappear From The Menu

So I of course grew up around grandparents of a gardening generation who were fortunate enough to have large enough a garden to maintain their own crops and on visits throughout the year I would get to go out in the garden and check upon the various crops everything from potatoes and peas and green beans and carrots and lettuce to radishes and strawberries and whenever one batch was pulled up the reseeding would often occur within quite a rapid short period of time typically accompanied by some of these more modern day fertilizer and soils that can be purchased from gardening Centre’s and so on.

The reason of course for radish in the title was that I suddenly realised that I quit liked having a radish among the salad recipes and dishes that were occasioned upon during some Summer Month visits. Further to that of course we are seeing a great deal about RADICALISATION within the media and so on and I was seeking to think of words of similar beginnings beyond place names that contain such-as Bradford.

I also think some famed footballer who scored a FA cup winning goal for Hereford also had such a name. Anyway all digression and needless clutter however we also of course have RADIO and that typically shares once again a similar route. Yes so radicalisation is top of the new Government agenda-or more precisely dealing with so-called Radicalisation within Society as a whole.

It might be suggested of course that we are going to get a pot calling the kettle black situation or scenario such-as that seen within UKIP this morning where some chap with a snarling face has accused his beloved leader of acting in a snarling fashion towards himself or other members of that organisation. The thought of course being “you could not make it up”.

Yes the Conservatives are going to tackle radicalisation with what some describe as a radical bill to get British folks knocked out of some passive stupor that they are alleged to have entered. Of course I think such stupors come about through many a conservative policy of yesteryear. The destruction of Unionism for instance, however I of course typically more interested in the cycles and patterns meanings and thoughts that may come about through such deeper studies.

Having said that radicalisation is of course a major problem the creeping menace that has enslaved many people having occurred almost by stealth via the mass media and other forms of communication.

One man’s radicalisation of course another man’s right to choice and choice is in many ways what many of these ideas and doctrines are all about. Yes some things and ideas do require further or deeper thought than necessarily surface layer attitudes and so on. The UKIP issue for instance whereby I suggested the problem was that being spoken on by Scottish independence party of AUSTERITY. We the lower classes are the ones typically at the SHARP end when it comes to being in the front line against so-called many a societal ill or however. Breaking the NIMBY or “Not in my backyard” stranglehold that many of particular classes and bearing hold dear to themselves. All very well saying we cannot do this though very often an alternative is not being provided that is of merit or sensible.

So yes in generally think that in language terms many a wording has been created to accommodate things such-as politeness and we can clearly demonstrate that grooming cultures or radicalisation can occur within any environment not just those being singled out by some of the involved and fighting factions.

Anyway moving on we can of course now see new headlines this morning on radical devolved powers being offered to City’s within the United Kingdom. This of course the problem, because for all the promotion of not trusting some London Elite with only their own interest’s at Heart we will see localised radicals demanding a fight the good fight against local control of budgetary matters. How many localised Government’s and Quango’s have worked for the community that they are supposed to serve. That is of course coupled with typical boundary changes that are made to accommodate population changes and when a bulge appears here we will change a boundary and so on. Yes Hereford Conservatives who recently won the local elections did so after multiple boundary changes throughout the city, changes that most of us populace were unaware of until we received our general election voting forms and very often being guided to differing polling stations than previously known. Not the case for everyone of course though I suspect that boundary changes are generally something that occur wholesale rather than to any give particular quarter and so on.

Elsewhere we are seeing reports on new superbugs requiring new antibiotics to fight against them and typically of course, lots of our money being directed to pharmaceutical outlets who generally have cornered the market place in such things.

That of course part of Prince Charles complaint letters to Ministers within the Blair Government, the power of the supermarkets forcing farmers to tighter and tighter budgets, and whilst many a metropolitan elite may not understand farming and I admittedly am not that rural myself I do realise that many farms that have been put out of business have often later been bought out by some of these supermarket chains. So that typical routine has occurred time and again.

First all the small butchers and bakers and grocery stores were put out of business in favour of shop at an all in one centre, and then prices rose once no competition existed, yes large supermarket wars continue though smaller good suppliers always struggle to get shelf space and so on. Likewise the same routine has simply moved further down the supply chain. So the supermarkets once only controlled the retail end of the market are now gearing up for battle with some of the World’s Mega Corporations who already own and dominate many a World Farming Trade, there are of course multiple such organisations that exist such-as Monsanto, though it would not surprise myself if we see some of those organisations seeking to work it the other way. If the retailers can push trouble down the chain of supply then I am quite sure some of the larger Multinational organisations can do likewise in the opposite direction. These things typically take years and years though such Business’ of course often have powerhouse economies behind them. We can typically think that a United Kingdom supermarket such-as Tesco or Sainsbury is large until we look at a United States Supermarket empire such-as Walmart and likewise of course they successfully took over the Asda chain and have not looked back since establishing that foothold in the UK economy.

So how do economies of scale effect any of us beyond the personal choice’s that we take to maintain our own council in the face of things that we are either in alignment with or simply not. Yes some of the things that come to the fore when taking up the meditative remedies are not always as we would necessarily like though are difficult to argue against.

So I typically have continued in note taking and indeed seeking to work with the various teachings and remedies and of course do feel ever more enlightened though at the same time perhaps see more and more radicalisation from some folks about myself, not always the case though we can generally see that most or many a person is coming to terms with repentance at leisure rather than the other way around.

So does a conservative government both nationally and locally bode well for Hereford, England, United Kingdom, Earth. Well we can of course wait and see or simply set out our own respective life course or otherwise, I think it interesting that if History repeats then typically we could be about to see a NEXT GENERATION of small business’ taking off, of course the statistics for such personalised enterprise are not all that great Nationally though I would hope that anyone who took up some of my recommended technologies along with some good ideas and so on can perhaps defeat the National averages, I think that Hereford is fully capable of such things though likewise the NIMBY BRIGADE are of course going to be in resistance to such things. How many local Masonry gangs and round table organisations contain local this shop or that shop and fight against regeneration and new shopping malls and so on. Yes difficult when people seem to collectively think along the same kinds of business’s though I still think there is room enough in many a market place for established and up and coming rivals to benefit in some fashion.

Yes in a local area as small as Hereford in fact it can actually be of benefit to go to some of the larger Cities and see what services and so on are provided within those areas that Hereford does not presently have. We can say well this kind of a business will or will not work within this region or locality though likewise such strategies of simply seeing what others are doing about the region or nation or indeed wider world can make all the difference. Especially when it comes to really getting into the Zone of understanding so-called zero sum games. I typically keep returning to that because it is in honesty something I myself have returned to as something of a struggle. Though likewise am sure I will eventually uproot the beliefs or doctrines that have caused such issues. I think when I speak of course on INTRANSIGENCE we can in fact have multiple intransigence’s much like multiple intelligence’s and that is perhaps an understanding that has not occurred to some peoples and persons, in being overly attached to particular belief subsets.

So instead of fighting against any force we come up against within our own history or mind set we can ask whether we can reroute our thinking in alignment with new ideas and new teachings that are being brought to our more conscious windows of awareness and so on.

I think one book that I saw highlighted as a recommendation during the Holosync Blog years was rules for radicals and whilst I am not sure as to why that could be something worth looking at given all the present talk of anti-radicalisation. Yes I suggested that from a personal point of view I can fully understand anti-austerity thinking strategies though likewise many who aligned themselves with such viewpoints or standing from particular parties such-as UKIP typically have more extremist opinions and agendas than a moderate such-as myself.

What else well choice is of course choice though I think in taking any given series or sequence of ideas and then checking or comparing realms and transferring into other formats as is often the best remedy can make huge difference in how you think and how you feel and how you act. I think the last homework for the Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now course was dominated by the IDEA of ACTION, ACTION, ACTION, VERBIAGE and of course anyone wanting to set up Business and so on reuire giving and taking such action. However I think anyone who were to have seen my private notes would understand that much action has already in many ways been written by myself simply through taking a walk and noting things about my travels.

Clearly we can all get to a point of feeling as though we are our own narrator though likewise many a teaching and indeed level of progress within a teaching such-as that we are all of us simply generation of generation of handed down programming and we can indeed release and let go and indeed shed a tear though do not be surprise if you let go a view only to find yourself returning to it at some later stage, that is not necessarily wrong so much as understanding that layer upon layer of repetition has to be worked through and whilst we can feel as though back is up against the wall at times we have to always seek to get questioning strategies going as to how can I turn this circumstance or situation into a positive within my own mind set and body and so on. Clearly the problem is that we all of us exist through very many society wide like hooks whether hobbies or favoured teams and foods and lifestyles and we can change though typically many set out with good intention only to later gie up on such remedies in the longer term, at least if you have meditated you can state or claim it is from a position of awareness at the level that you are presently at and no higher or lower.

So peaks and troughs and highs and lows can be seen within the waves and shipping forecasts and likewise the ecosystem whether believed to be empirical and Science based of otherwise has a song and dance all of its own and surely better to flow with some of those energies than constantly be in resistance to some of the greater realities and truth’s of existence.

Todays whether suggests I need an umbrella though in honesty I think umbrella organisations and networks are perhaps hat many of us simply require to be able to peaceably exist and of course we can often find ourselves asking greater questions of reality as to whose progress is it anyway. Clearly we all perhaps have watched science fiction or indeed otherwise where some hero has taken the fall or plunge and indeed several who have been killed off have returned in differing form or shape and guise.

Gandolf the Grey in Lord of the rings changed into gandolf the White, and Obiwan Knobi change into a ghost like spirit and I have plenty of such examples of supernatural growths and outpourings within ones head though of course being allowed to communicate in a World that demands you not communicate is troubling. Yes I think I was one of those kids always being asked to be quiet in class having my enquiring mind crushed by the needs of the many.

How many sacrifices does anyone person have to make to fit in? Does this present state of affairs and pecking order fit reality or is it simply a bias towards particular subsectors of society? Interesting of course that whilst Governments and elected officials come and go, that those behind the faces, the super puppet masters and mandarins that one never hears of until some retirement autobiography appears on the bookshelf. Yes it is quite interesting that many such publications have occurred over the years and whatever the realm that you have a particular interest in you many be surprised by how many MANDARIN PUBLICATIONS are well worth investigating a little further and so on. Whilst typically you get some front page mandarin articles much like those involving Prince Charles Spider Letters, I think some of the behind-the-scenes authors do require digging out or researching in greater detail, for every story containing a bias you will likely come to hear of multiple other unknown stories in proximity to such goings on.

What do you mean that is overlong and unhelpful, I just write until whatever is on mind has worked its way through to the page and that is all any of us can do when giving expression to current thoughts feelings and attitudes, I think the witnessing then comes into its own though those of us who put the work in know that better than others who perhaps think they have put the work in though failed, yes I claim to constantly fail though failure is said to be something you learn from over and again and that is why it is never too late to fail rather than be tight cast within a role that you are not truly suited to.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

So I Having Had A Prolonged Break From Meditation

So I having had a prolonged break from mediation whilst taking 1 or 2 courses decided that I would following the noting of a recent comment have a more regular meditative session and indeed use the Floating CD that accompanies the Holosync Solution.

The reason I say that is of course that these assisted meditations and indeed the varying level to level increase in strength and power can take some used to getting to and indeed I am quite sure some folks choose or opt to not step up to higher levels though I personally early on simply charged through the early levels and pretty much recommended (for better or for worse) that most folks do the same, I am sure some ignored myself and stayed with the instructions provided.

Anyway this morning I decided on going to bed that I would use the Floating CD and that among the collection is probably the one most neglected in many ways. Having said that I do find that it can be quite good in a less stimulating fashion in the sense that the effects and so on are far milder and that is perhaps how it should be when going to sleep or however. Anyway I was listening to this Floating Meditation and then a thought popped up from know where pretty much along the lines that “your entire life has been a complete fraud”. Such statements going off within your head can of course leave you wondering as to course and effect and indeed what might be meant by such a damning indictment of your life.

So I continued and thought upon it some more and then thought upon it some more and I actually think that given the meditative stimulus such a line of inquiry so to speak may well release many an errant belief.

Of course one of the early teaching is let whatever happens be okay and some others run along the lines of you being response for how you think, how you feel and how you act. So anyway that line of inquiry kind of led myself into thinking back to all sorts of points along my so-called like history and early memories at that address and other memories at this other address and going to this school and socializing with those people and you get the picture. The thoughts were not really sequenced so much as jumping about all over the shop and the links to the various memory points would probably require some kind of a mind map to work out.

So I cannot necessarily state that I knew exactly what my non-conscious was up to though it did seem to my mind be testing the theory or IDEA as to whether my entire life is some kind of fraud. I think it interesting of course that they do say that whatever does not serve you falls away.

The statement when you think about it further My life is a complete fraud is actually quite neutral because it is one of those all-encompassing like statements that requires testing against I guess sub-thought structures and clearly what I knew or was conscious of at varying ages is clearly differing to what I perhaps know now many years later.

Yes clearly it can for many of us be demonstrated that we knew or know various things most of our lives though very often from auto-pilot type taken for granted situations and of course in wanting to clear out mental flotsam and jetsam and clutter or reorganise mental pathways into some more realistic understanding of how the brain operates and works can of course be a good thing.

So why might I bring this topic up?

Well clearly we can give or set ourselves an INTENTION as a number of Learning Strategy type courses recommend, though likewise it has to be understood that you may not necessarily be aware that any request in the ask believe receive model of “The Law Of Attraction” is occurring as you yourself specified simply through lack of being switched on enough to see some potential interpretations, many if not everything seemingly often returning to IDEAS as to interpretative capability. So whilst many officionado experts seemingly get all and everything that they want via this system they live life by I do think that any us lower ranking individuals who are perhaps latecomers to many of the technologies available have to understand that we can generally be better off always setting or giving ourselves intentions that are within our own capability to have or however.

So why do I say that? Well typically I think I have seen peoples and persons of both sex’s perhaps seek to take advantage of greater awareness and so on to attract improved relationships and so on though likewise we always have to remember that other people are predominantly outside of our own control, so whilst we can seek to influence people through manners and being polite and tidy or however at the end of the day you can very often be pulling the rug from beneath your own feet when concentrating solely on one aspect or area of life. I typically mentioned my somewhat obsessive desire to get some regular gambling returns going and fell down time after time until I simply stopped having that at a singular point of focus, so generally whilst we all possibly want relationships and all the rest of such things making any area or aspect of life a single designated obsession is likely going to limit you from all the very many other areas and aspects of life that you can be enjoying.

Anyway to sum up on these thoughts in hopping about from memory to memory and so on and perhaps doing a compare and all the rest is does potentially cause you to realise how particular behaviours and attitudes and so on are passed or handed down from generation of family or social grouping and so on etc. and of course I have actually found it interesting to feel like I am present and within some memories as though watching the action because clearly that demonstrates ideas as to association and dissociation of memory and of course more deep intuition based ideas as to my future self or however is with me at all times or indeed watching and looking over myself, likewise we often project such thinking to third parties such as deceased loved ones or other variations on the saints and sinners themes and whatever the version that anyone chooses for themselves I think if you find comfort in such beliefs then that can only be a positive and uplifting and rewarding idea.

So one aspect that reappears time and time again seems to be this idea that it is never too late to change, my own experience of course suggests us blokes are often more intransigent on such ideas especially as we get older though likewise few complain once meditation and awareness and so on has become part of a daily or regular ritual.

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 😉

Who Will Storm To Bafta Awards Then

Yes I know, I David do not really watch TV and have not got a clue beyond what the daughter purchases on my Amazon account as to what is and what is not popular with today’s aspiring audience.

However during a meditative session I found myself thinking about 2 things at the forefront of my mind.

  1. Hollywood I think has that walk of Fame or something with STARS embedded within the pavement and I found myself thinking about what would it be like to have my own name on such a star and of course given some of the courses I promote and other aspects of stars.
  2. The most of things then found myself thinking about probably one of the earliest rhymes that most of us learn at a young age, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

     Twinkle, twinkle, little star,      How I wonder what you are!      Up above the world so high,      Like a diamond in the sky.      When the blazing sun is gone,      When he nothing shines upon,      Then you show your little light,      Twinkle, twinkle, all the night.      Then the traveller in the dark      Thanks you for your tiny sparks;      He could not see which way to go,      If you did not twinkle so.      In the dark blue sky you keep,      And often through my curtains peep,      For you never shut your eye      ‘Till the sun is in the sky.      As your bright and tiny spark      Lights the traveller in the dark,      Though I know not what you are,      Twinkle, twinkle, little star.

This is a full lyric sourced from wiki and very much longer than I personally recall-we all perhaps only ever use that first most famed of verse’s.

So yes all the aspects of stars under the spotlight and how on earth do we understand the separation of fact and fiction if indeed all is fact and is is fiction at the same time. Clearly meditation gives you perhaps an understanding of a separation or gap between your window of the World and being part of the World, I think experts always use a Jesus quote as to being in the World though not of it or something like that.

Anyway so I see that Australian comic Clive James is being given a Bafta award posthumously and he is someone that I do remember from the years that I watched TV. He perhaps actually the Original presenter of those look at this clip and make a quip shows. Yes I could probably trawl a TV guide and demonstrate a million versions of the same show now in existence though that was not the case when he was presenting such a show. There were perhaps only halve as many or less.

Yes so I cannot of course help anyone with Bafta award choices because I am a non viewer and beyond seeing and reading alleged what’s hot what’s not guides once you have a routine of not viewing too much TV and so on you do find that many of the old interests and hooks melt away. I know for instance that I could switch on any soap opera on any channel and witness an episode featuring everything that I have already seen x many years ago with differing actors and so on. So whilst we keep telling ourselves that this is all new and original and so on-that is the biggest and greatest of illusions that anyone who takes up meditation can come to see.

Yes variance and differing aspects are often given so you are less able to tell that you have seen the same repetition a thousand times before though that is what occurs. Choice is choice of course.

The title was perhaps a nod toward the fact that I see storms being reported about the planet and typically some regions are known for such things. I think parts of the USA are regarded as Storm Plains and other regions about the planet are also said to have Monsoon seasons and so on. Of course the great debate has often been that the World has seen dramatic increase in such things though again, I would ask people to sit back and carry out those self questioning routines of is it true. I typically of course see boring news channels quite regular at work and within those channels see weather reports and you will always see that this bit is going to be Sunny and this bit is going to be cloud covered and this bit raining and so on. So for all the attachments that we get sucked into having and believing in the World about us we very often really are simply better of meditating and letting all such weird reasons that can occur GO. I stated previously how some early within my meditative synchronicities seemed to relate to weather conditions-however I can also say well actually I was reading particular books on those subject matters related to computing and so on, the weather is considered the mightiest test of computing power that the Earth perhaps provides us with especially in gaining some clarity and accuracy. The slightest change in a variable here and there can as with statistcal systems mentioned a day or two ago make HUGE differences in result of what actually happens next.

Anyway as I said, I moved on from witnessing those kinds of synchronicities and starting noting others, and pretty much wherever you make your focus you will see synchronicities occuring. However most of us have perhaps spent vast swathes of our lives in states of non-consciousness as to awareness’ etc. that perhaps why so many a remedy is referred to as AWAKENING. So we all of course have predominantly the same sensory systems and indeed the capability to use them in whatever way and manner we personally wish though such things get somewhat confused and conflicted within early life and we typically pile lots of further confusion and conflict upon what is already there.

So you can say well if I study any Hypnosis like remedy I want ones that feature bringing clarity to ones thoughts and mind and some reorganization into some system that I understand and can work along in an awakened state. Of course I personally prefer remedies that give you clarity on why some thoughts and typical garbage that some loudmouths come out with is false. We all of course have choice and so-called games of black and white can be found within pretty much most areas of life, however the great false for the vast majority of peoples and persons is seemingly that one all-encompassing remedy fits all folks at all times and when you can see that you will be free. However much any of us progress someone else higher up or lower down can likely say ah but did you know…

So moving on I think we have formula one on today in Spain and of course the football season is gradually winding down now that those Chelsea folks have taken home this years Premiership, other lesser teams fighting for pecking order positions and possible European Football next season. I am also sure that other sports are taking place though I had hoped regular news reporting would have returned to normal it does not appear to be doing that at present.

I dislike the changes made to the BBC website and find that where once you could see multiple stories given similarly sized click on links now you typically get one large highlighted story and lots of tiny headlines. They really would be better off offering people a choice of front page, believe it or not it is not all that difficult to create or maintain though typically programmers and computer folks in general just like car mechanics are very good at oohing and arghing and making your blood boil as to the Bill that you are about to be landed with. Yes that is true for many a business and of course they do say you pay peanuts you get monkeys-though lets be honest Elephants are also said to like peanuts.

Yes one headline related to the RAF was that of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft that is supposed to be replacing the British designed and manufactured Harrier Jets. Typically we opted to purchase from the yank company Lockheed Martin and the bills has risen and risen and few aircraft if any have been forthcoming. Yes we see similar complaints highlighted when British companies have been used to build and manufacture such things-who remembers the Westland Affair and the Helicopter debates. Anyway that are now saying that half a dozen of these Aircraft are currently going to cost the price of the AIRCRAFT CARRIER that is designed to carry them and it is supposed to have a fleet of some 30-40 planes. I am not in anyway suggesting that the British Economy is being well and truly shafted by these manufacturers though given that we do want a sensibly sized force whether for LAND or SEA or AIR these goings on are ridiculous and when you think about the great war time effort’s documented in the past as to how industries simply converted factories to the war effort it could well make sense for the United Kingdom to do that again when it comes to some of these Military Requirements and so on.

They say a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush and that saying is of course meaning that a Plane on the Flight deck is worth 2 on the manufacturer’s drawing board, especially when it comes to what is needed in service now.

We always of course see supposed overlaps occurring as to phasing out of one generation of hardware for the new generation of hardware however in the last 20 years we can probably demonstrate over and over again that this is not occurring. Is it political maneuvering or simply having a situation where it is not cost effective for Government to still have a say in the design and requirements for the Military. We are fast getting to a situation where all these super-corporations are really like those Companies in futuristic SCI-FI that have taken over the running of Nations and so on.

I shall leave it there as I suddenly found myself drifting into ranting and raging that was not intended, oh what to do about extremist thoughts and feelings when they occur within ones Heart mind and body or Soul.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

David I Have Not Got Any Money

This is of course the big dilemma for many of us when it comes to the lower echelons of Society and paying the bills and boy do we have bills.

As an example when I returned to Hereford and gained employment I was very much motivated to start over afresh whilst ensuring that I took a level of responsibility for my daughter through the provision of some funding.

Meanwhile on securing job and then later a Flat to call home year upon year inflationary bills saw water and heating electrical bills and so on and so forth rising at perhaps a local average of some 4 and 5% (percent) year-on-year, meanwhile the Multinational Corporation employing myself was pleading poverty giving wage increases of 1% and 2% and not-at-all for the best part of the last 10 years. So it came as no surprise that I was made homeless a few short years later through inability to meet basic living requirements. Other money’s also being taken out of my wages for other incurred costs.

So what to do?

Well the simplest method that I have repeated multiple times here is to learn some basic EFT tapping methods. Yes it possibly does not appear to work when initially trying such “out there” remedies, though some perseverance and appropriate literature can really make an accelerated difference to your belief system and indeed what you believe you are or are not capable of.

So I typically am now an affiliate of several Corporate Business’ advertised on my and that can of course incur having to spend money. However this is where tapping solution can come in handy because even if you cannot initially afford the expenditure you can EFT TAP to the documents and pages that those recommended sights therein contain and again further to that you can find other experts, one that I have returned to several times within my own studies is Ken Wilbur and his work and so on eventually led to a so-called Super Human Operating System. Whilst I have read some of the integral books, I cannot claim to have taken any courses beyond what I have Learned from within the pages of those books.

I do however carry out some tapping like activities when visiting the advertisement pages for some products and indeed ideas such as this one and then asking myself how can I make this a reality within my own life and World?

Yes many of us have of course found that the stimulation from products such-as Holosync and Learning Strategies often lead us to greater inner awareness’ that we may have not previously experienced in our lived for some time. However it is always good to remind yourself of what you may or may not be capable of.

I typically have referred to “The Diana Incident” on numerous occasions,

And whilst I cannot claim any direct or indeed indirect involvement within such events when you think about similar stories that we read and hear of people suddenly finding inner powers and strength’s they did not know they had and so on it is good to build on beneficial beliefs and positive aspects and attributes that you may or may not call upon when you most need them within your life.

I think that perhaps part and parcel of that Altruism model that Learning strategies are currently promoting via the Future Mapping Course, this idea of “How can I make this other person Happy”.

Of course I have suggested that such things can be accelerated and that you can reinforce and indeed release both positive and negative aspects of life the universe and everything though likewise I think the other Learning Strategies course I am taking Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now most definitely lends itself to the IDEA that you can create your own inner and outer World and be more forgiving and showing of loving kindness and compassion to others irrespective of your belief as to motive.

We can of course demonstrate that incentives exist across all shapes and forms of human endeavour and likewise IDEAS as to both good and bad, though overall the World does seem to have its own IDEAL WORLD that we can actively participate within or indeed curl up into a huddle and live in constant states of denial about this that and the other.

Interesting of course that in Coin side terms it is often best to release both sides. Today of course see’s further respect being given to those who fought for our freedoms during the 1939 to 1945 conflict, and yes indeed the right to send David and Sam Cameron to 10 Downing Street. In synchronicity terms that is once again quite strange for myself of course. The Writing course is hosted by Sam Horn and I of course a David, though I can feel spiritually attuned I am perhaps unaware as to any direct links or involvement though I can of course state that her most recent work and indeed the course she is presenting does bear remarkable similarities as to things contained within this here blog. So perhaps as I said previously a demonstration that whilst I can plead poverty and lack of income, she places a price tag on that very same knowledge set and base and is able to perhaps sell-on to her pre-established clients and indeed any new clients that come to her works as she continues in her own life and learnings and teachings and so on.

I will once again leave this one here though think I may well publish a little later on as to some other feedbacks and so on going on about the World that we all of us exist and live within etc.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Eddie Stobart versus Ed Miliband That Is The Difference

Okay so we are seeing huge press coverage given over to some election fallout when in reality it seems very much that the Conservatives were going to win all along and I can give an over view as to why.

First off we have to remember that I have been throughout most of my own life British underclass, that is the level below working class, whereby I had a working mother feeding brother and myself and keeping a roof over head in a steady job whilst father was pursing his own musical interests and typical of the music scene culture, not necessarily doing what was best for family. How many star musicians and performers promote “family values” and so on, the 2 things are clearly demonstrated throughout the History of Rock and most or many forms of music to be incompatible.

Anyway so further to that on leaving school and having had several jobs during childhood I was going to forge a steady job and living with the aspirations and knowledge that I had, having grown up around all sorts of Societal drop outs and dead weight’s and wasters I wanted something other than that for myself and was motivated.

However as is reported throughout this blog things took a turn for the worse upon my death. At 17 industrial accident and suddenly finding oneself in a whole new World Experience. One I perhaps potentially had a typical Teenage self-interest and motivation to get on, though that was now countered and shifted somewhat into a new world experience. I could get on a full bus on crutches and scaffold sticking out of my leg, and not one person would offer a seat. I give that as an example, so whilst many a person “talks a good talk” as to Charity and so on, that usually “FITS” the glamour model of Charity for Hollywood or Africa and not on one’s own doorstep.

Typical present day exercise in such things, Prince Harry coming to the end of his Australian SASR secondment, I see some very inspirational photographs on Sky this morning and did have a wow, I wish I could get to do some of those things. Such things of course appeal to us Brits in terms of comradeship with Australia (and the distance appeal) and perhaps also help Australia in promoting their own Armed Forces and Services to their own younger populace, so that is what I would perhaps call a WIN WIN for both Countries and Harry perhaps also gets to demonstrate and promote his other Charity interests at the same time.

Anyway so returning to my later childhood and teens I of course during recovery was somewhat taken with a favoured Album, I had a broad and wide taste in music and listened to much regular pop and so on whilst at the same time also an ever increasing collection of Heavy Metal and Rock, the favoured album was LIFE AFTER DEATH by IRON MAIDEN and I even now can happily listen to several favoured tracks from that classic album. I think it was typically one of the pinnacle points within the Groups Story arc and so on.

Anyway I have memories from during the time of my recovery of reading newspapers and typically I am quite sure that Holosync advertisements or perhaps under a differing title appeared within a couple of the Newspapers that I read at that time. (strange though true, though Bill Harris did indicate that he made such international advertising as his business grew).

Anyway so recovering and new World Experience of no longer being allowed to do this long list of activities and likewise major World Wide epidemics of scary new unheard of retrovirus diseases and so on. Anyway return to work and I get on with it as you do, still motivated in multiple ways. Eventually however losing job simply through having the wrong colleagues (in my opinion) and getting drawn into affairs and issues or topics that I personally was not directly linked to. I was now unable to gain work within the Hereford region and simply found work elsewhere and moved away still motivated. That part within my mental history has always been a somewhat vague area, unsure as to why though perhaps part and parcel of those teenage years and heavy drinking combined with an increasing smoking habit left the World in a somewhat hazy shade of pale.

So you make a mistake or two and are “branded for life” you are not respectable and you give us these reasons to not employ you. So typically that is a downward spiral, aspirations are for upward spiral though despite own efforts the plughole effect is in operation.

Now what has this got to do with the title. So Eddie was the name of the Iron Maiden emblem figurine doll strange though true and likewise we can show that Steddie Eddie Stobart the Haulage carrier has gradually followed and-or created his own path to success.

So what? So I came from underclass though perhaps still had some fire in the belly that was being extinguished by a wall of NO wherever I turned to find work, get on etc. so whilst having an underclass background I had aspirations to establishment and culture and more uplifting and rewarding lifestyle and I think that Eddie Stobart has demonstrated that kind of Culture or belief within his trucking empire.

My drivers will wear uniform and the lorry’s will be imbued with personality through a name, and all these little attentions that create CHARACTER and IMAGE, so I have no idea if he was working class or otherwise though I like to think that he followed a design scheme like model of rags to riches in identifying a Model and then working toward establishing that Model as a BRAND.

It might be suggested that Eddie Stobart’s whether it is true or otherwise is considered to have worked along the classical rags to riches kind of IDEA.

So we are told that Ed Miliband joined Labour at 17 and worked his way through the rank and file and all the rest, though I do not know the detail or whatever. So why ED why not Eddie, that is like a Londonism to far for the rank and file Labour support who probably regard fire in the belly Labour party as having been high-jacked by a London Grouping that does not relate to the rest of the Country, yes you can say the same for any party.

Despite London being the home of Parliament and Royalty and United Kingdom Establishment and Culture and so on, you automatically will be rejected by the rest of the Country if you work the London theme, so that is not to say that Londoners cannot support and be part of Labour though the greater United Kingdom populace will always reject London (in my opinion) because the place with the most High-lighted best this that and the other will likely in coin side terms also demonstrate the WORST.

The Liberals were hammered because they joined the Conservatives in the last Government, effectively SUGGESTING that they may have been Tory’s in disguise, so many a person Psychologically is going to say “I want to be honest” and that means voting outright for a Conservative Candidate, so WITHOUT proportional representation, coalition Government is likely detrimental to the junior candidates, a proviso exists within that statement whereby Northern Ireland and Wales and Scotland have perhaps greater Autonomy within the various Party’s within those regions who align themselves with similar Party’s within the Halls of Westminster, not always the case though generally that has often occurred.

So big news of course was Errol Brown of Hot Chocolate fame dying and he of course was famously music wise used within THE FULL MONTY (a Comedy movie) about some unemployed Sheffield guys who formed an unlikely striptease act as a way out of unemployment and so on. Sheffield of course where Liberal Leader Clegg originates.

So I can of course be stated to not know the thoughts and hearts and minds of the voting populace though it was not of any surprise to myself that THATCHERS CHILDREN fell into line when called upon to make those tough choices and decisions.

Another big up was of course the UKIP vote, some 12% of voters suggesting that the SNP has the potential to expand anti-austerity beliefs and ideas down South. Why?

(This is not about Racism, it is about finance).

Well it can quite simply be demonstrated that the importation of immigrant workers enables Company’s and business’ to pay poverty wages sucking and often keeping those within such lower echelons of the working classes and industry in a cycle of poverty. What is good for the SHAREHOLDERS is not necessarily good for the Workforce and it can also be demonstrated that the increasing usage of so-called Agency staffing within such realms is simply the way in which company’s avoid other contractual employment laws and so on.

The British Population or working classes (if any such grouping exists anymore) needs to become up in arms like the FRENCH, up in arms as to the way in which they know longer have a voice in Westminster.

Yes David Cameron says he will do his best for the Nation and Greater Britain though unless he is able to accommodate the SNP (apart from Trident) he is unlikely to do that. So the dangerous anti-nuclear campaigns of the Kinnock years has its origins within Scotland (perhaps) though interesting that the SNP is not all that differing from more traditional British Values within many other policy areas.

The brains of the Nation when we look at the Witchmap and easier to see why London Ed is rejected as a pain in the backside.

I will leave it there though meanderings and drifting can be insightful and interesting, when you take the time to break down and high light most useful snippets of trivia, who is returning to haunt whom.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Professional Politicians who have no real World Working life experience in industry and about the broader nation should be banned on the grounds of inexperience of what everyone else has to put up with on a day-to-day basis.

Pot Pourri

So I have in recent days been somewhat bereft of IDEAS as to what to write upon, my regular note taking continues and subject matters to make comment upon are of course broad and wide.

Anyway I awoke this morning after deciding to have an early night and found myself once again in a dream stream type zone or region of thought. Strange though true I rarely actually recall dreams despite several courses and statements to recall dreams having been articulated.

The reason I mention that is because I do find repetition of some of these sequences or segments of dream and then you wonder as to originality or indeed programming and when or indeed where you may have picked such things up.

So this morning I am waking up and still in a sleep like state and I switch into some interview with a porn star mode. Yes strange though true, some young lady complaining about her lack of sales and explaining how she and colleague created particular effect within some homespun productions.

Anyway typical bloke I have perhaps seen large quantities of such material when younger and these days simply have little interest in watching or viewing other people having it off etc. hence my own questioning as to where such material arises from within the noggin when you are not actively pursuing such things, yes many blokes have differing attitudes and lifelong obsessions though I in not pursuing those areas actively do wonder where such information’s are held within the cerebellum or however.

Anyway moving on from that I then note that I have comment upon this blog from a foreign language ASIAN gambling site (I think) and that is perhaps where I generally directed many a person, though of course my own lack of early success led myself to seek out ways and means to properly drop into particular zone of sporting activity and so on.

I think the issue is of course this one of applying any general information to a given subject or topic in direct fashion versus indirect or indeed other remedies. I myself wanting a broader view decided that I quite liked being able to read or view any particular column irrespective of content and then use such information to inform myself of sporting results and so on.

However in wanting to be placed within a ZONE I do think you can get to a point where you do have to talk directly on given topic or sporting activity. The problem then of course is this one of competitive EXPERTISE. So I could say, well I have read up on this sport and I can use the sporting sub-context within my language and believe that x person is going to come out tops and then another expert claims otherwise.

HOW DO I TRUST what is correct or otherwise?

Clearly the WITNESSING process of write down what you think feel and hear and sense and so on is the feedback and return system of choice in making any given process individualised. However then you do of course want to be successful and be able to confer and debate with others, however as soon as you do go into conference with others you very often return to lack of trust in your own WITNESSING PROCESS. So that returns us to THRESHOLD being the difference between being able to cope or have confidence in knowing that your expertise is superior to someone else’s expertise. Much like I could go to the Holosync blog and then discover that more than 2 million people beat myself to purchasing that Solution and programme and are well versed having gone through the joining of the inner circle process and the various online courses that are part and parcel of the Holosync Solution.

So again that is why however much we want to be original it can be of benefit to work within a guided framework of an already established working model of some description. Typically we can demonstrate that the various Military’s around the World have such models and it can be suggested that particular Learning institutions have working Models and then bringing the broader and wider pot pourri collection under your own banner is perhaps what it is all about.

I take this element here and this element here and then see how well all the jigsaw pieces fit together and so on. Anyway the further I have PROGRESSED within my own studies, the more that I have found that it is whether through fortune or otherwise The British Royal Model that is seemingly the one of choice for many entrepreneurs and experts about the World. Clearly in having had a rather large empire at one time many learnings from about the World were integrated and taken on board and few other nations can claim to have such real World Expertise at such a level of Conquest and so on. Yes we have many a modern movie and television where Alien invasion fleets have arrived over the Earth and seemingly chosen all the Major Capital Cities as starting points for conquest though in general such things are perhaps more to do with the promotion of Tourism and fitting ready-made stereotypes that many a person has within the Noggin, Ahh Paris in Springtime and London in the Fall and The Washington Monuments and The Colosseum in Rome and so on.

Yes that is a brief list and every nation no matter how big or small can be demonstrated to have sites worth visiting and so on depending of course on ability to travel and so on and so forth. Interesting of course that ISIS is said to actively be destroying many Arabian Heritage sites though in fact when you look through History it is actually quite a standard practice of many a conquistador in more ancient times. What? Yes so at some point CIVILITY was introduced within warfare that said we will not target your main Cathedral if you do not target our main Cathedral and so on. Anyway of course many of those things actually went out of the window of course during WWII when bombing campaigns destroyed many a declared Heritage site.

Heritage versus Heretic an interesting point of course though most or many typically have been demonstrated to simply keep pre-existing monuments and add their own flavouring. Whilst much complaint in IRAQ for instance is given over ancient sites, little is said on the destruction of the Saddam Hussein sites even though a number included additions to pre-existing regions and localities of interest. A bit like some Alien invaders keeping Westminster as a souvenir or tourist attraction after defeating and enslaving the human race.

Anyway the business models that I have studied are fairly standard and when clear headed easy to work through and understand. Typically all is about giving incentive and motivation. So this person has something that you are willing to part or exchange details for whether address for mailing list or the sending and receiving of goods purchased upon a site and so on.

Likewise many a Country have laws guiding sellers as to how they are allowed to operate though unfortunately many regions of the planet have no such laws and the rich or clever depending on point of view simply move services into regions without such laws enabling and allowing further harassment of unsuspecting peoples and persons on stolen data mailing lists and so on.

I typically can demonstrate that whilst many a mailing list says we will remove you, I very often continue to receive a variant mail from the same distributor, you only removed yourself from the first hundred of or copies of the mailing list and not the version we sold to this other company licensed under our name. Yes in the end very often easier to set up new accounts and email addresses that you specifically use only for a given purpose, Yes many offer bells and whistles for sorting and keeping accounts tidy and so on though generally I have found a preference for not having globalised new accounts. So I have longstanding account that is on multiple lists and newer accounts that I use “for purpose” and will not craft or give out detail beyond that purpose, less it becomes unmanageable and so on.

Anyway all that without commenting on recent days witnessing so I think I may well write another and keep this to my typical length of post.

Another one perhaps commentating on recent days events from around the World and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

The Rain In Hereford Falls Mainly On The Terribly Bored

So as the madness of Politicians increases we the good people of Hereford, England, United Kingdom find ourselves seemingly under siege from large intermittent rain showers. Oh what to do on a wet weather weekday.

Well of course choice is choice though harking back to one’s own childhood I really do think some classic musicals such-as “Singing in The Rain” and “My Fayre Lady” are well worth watching for anyone at any time any place and anywhere.

Yes strange though true one does tend to find that all the madness of extremism to demonstrate that you are other than a member of this grouping or that grouping can of course very often return to haunt many an individual.

However in terms of teaching’s and so on of course the stimulus provided by the assisted meditation does indeed enable anyone from any walk of life to see some of those greater truths as to how one may really view the wider and broader World in which we live.

I see today that The Queen has taken the opportunity within her very busy diary and calendar to visit her new Great Grand-daughter Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Cambridge, and likewise I am sure has spent time with the entire family and not just the new born. That of course a typically directed Headline, suggesting that the visit is only serving one purpose when in fact when you look to accepted Tradition, it is usually a requirement of being the other way around. So it can perhaps have been stated or reported that Grandmother visits a new family member. What else? Well we are also seeing reports that the new born has now been entered on a Register, oh Lordy I hope they have they ticked not to have details sold on to third party database companies.

Yes strange though true I generally give many a flashing click me, click me headline on websites a broad berth. However I recently visited a site and up popped a YOU HAVE WON, complete statement of fact and the prize appeared to be worthy of having. However the link was a complete FRAUD and that company should have all such advertisements removed and they should be banned from such activities. I provided them with details to claim prize and have since been inundated with third party callers demanding that I buy or purchase a million and one kinds of special insurance. It would not be so bad though they do have a tendency to hang-up before you can complete the sentence “Please can you remove oneself from one’s database, Thank you awfully”.

Yes the May Fair is now resident in Hereford and typically for every decent and respectable fairground attraction we will know doubt be hearing reports of more unsavoury characters having been noted about the Fair. Yes whenever a large gathering of any kind occurs you will find hawkers and sellers of other than officially accepted behaviours or indeed merchandise.

Some National news headlines have over the last couple of days referred to some new Diet Pills as being dangerous, though when we look to traditional fairground food substances one wonders as to what the real problem is. Yes Candy Floss and Toffee Apples are usually accompanied by Horse Burgers and Horse Hotdogs and notice the reduction in the local cat population.

Yes so I will be unlikely to visit the Fair though do of course have memory of such activities when younger and thoroughly good testing ground for your constitution indeed. Lots of flashing bizarre lights and spinning about mechanical machines and hustle and bustle kinds of noise drowned out by more traditional fairground music intermingled with all the latest hits in some warp speed mash-up that can leave you feeling exceptionally pleased to have left behind when you later find yourself sat in relative peace and quiet with immediate family or friends etc.

Some folks of course love constant noise and have a fear of SILENCE and many a classic movie whether horror or otherwise has played upon such things. I am someone who personally favours quietness and clearly when you perhaps try out some of the Technologies I recommend whichever way is your own orientation toward the various aspects of Silence or Noise at present you may well come to see the benefit of the alternate.

Elsewhere of course I joked with a colleague at work with regard to Walt Disney and then thought AH-HA what if I placed a W as a prefix on words and names that begin ALT and that of course returned myself to ALTRUSIM. Is altruism the new waltruism.

Yes okay so such wordings do not exist though it is interesting in seeing how you can change angles and perspectives simply through writings words and noises as they actually are instead of how a dictionary may have you saying and writing such things. Clearly the REPETITION given from young ages within schools has positive and negative merits for those taking part and I know I myself was somewhat disheartened when they removed having to be able to spell correctly and so on from the school curriculum. Yes how can any Country boast of best ever results when it is constantly also reporting the downgrading of the apparatus or MEASURES and SCALES by which the comparison is being made. We constantly hear from experts that Society and Each new generation is becoming more intelligent and to put it bluntly I disagree wholeheartedly with those assessments.

Of course there are more important things in life than being able to do some of those things correctly and we have it demonstrated time and again via populist fiction such as J K Rowling and Dan Brown type authors that the more your work is criticised as being substandard and all the rest of such things the more likely you are going to achieve Ultimate Success and Greatness. Many of the said debates of course propelling unlikely works to some super level of sales and leaving the sane wondering how such a thing came about, 50 shades of Grey perhaps the most recent example that springs to one’s own thoughts. Typical of that area of debate is of course Russell Brand, he once again appearing in some headlines urging people to vote Labour. I will actually probably decide who I will vote for when I am staring at the card within the booth. That is not the impression I perhaps gave recently though I do often find that I go with intuition irrespective of the pressure that the broader World is demanding. Typically Hereford, England, United Kingdom has swung between the Liberals and Conservatives and whilst I could go with some tactical vote for to get rid of whoever incumbent is, I really do find it often better to not get drawn into many of those debates and topics anyway. The problem of course is often one of having to know 100% policy data from you group and any variance from what you are expected to say and do and be in alignment with very often gets stretched to breaking point with various media’s.

Yes whilst I have mentioned the politics several times during the course of election I have for the most part not actually seen what any of them are doing or talking about or anything along those lines. Going with the Politics of Personality of course is what many a person does though likewise many simply vote for whom they have always voted. Ed Miliband is a stretch to far in my opinion, I cannot look listen or see the guy without feeling as though I am catching a bad dose of something, and that is enough to explain why where I have voted Labour in previous elections I am unlikely to at present. Such things of course are down to any given persons intuitive capabilities and so on though I really do not mind being out of touch with the broader population via going with what my non-conscious intuitions are screaming at myself. It is the Conservatives who are supposed to represent darkness and all that is evil and wrong with society for those of us within the lower echelons of Society. Well if the fires of hell and damnation are represented in red then in Miliband they have seemingly found an even darker kind of character and individual or Champion, the sort that you only expect to find in more fictional realms, that whispering shadow or ghost who sells his soul and has little interest in seeking any kind of redemption. Yes stark and damning character assessment for someone I know little of beyond the occasional headlines though in scaremongering terms (and that is something I have little interest in) and what my intuitions are saying this guy is MAJOR CREEPY VILLIAN.

So Cameron might be a middle class rich kid from a Posh background though I do not get the heavily DARK vibe from him that Miliband exists within. Yes strange though true we all of us carry vibes and have auras and whilst many a person can demonstrate being exceptionally congruent with who and how they (and or whether they may be regarded as honest or healthy and etc.) When you raise your own threshold and go through various cleansing remedies you do often feel ever greater levels of other peoples congruence and-or otherwise. People perhaps joke that Farage or UKIP is an extremist though the reality again for myself that from among those I have read and seen headlines upon the very worst result for the Country is Ed Miliband, we would be better if he were assassinated and someone more moderate brought in. Rivers Of Miliband potentially going to haunt the Country for many years and another reason to perhaps tune out and turn off.

I will leave it there as just speaking on the subject is leaving one feeling magnetic polarities that one does not like experiencing once one has let go such things. That the problem of course of giving any given individual or grouping attention. The focus is drawn and you become sucked into the very debates and aspects of reality that you are often better not experiencing. Yes we can always REFRAME and ask those questions as to how any of us as individuals can achieve personal improvement without paying any regard to externals though the externals are part of reality however much we can pretend they do not exist.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉