Let The Games Begin Mwahahahahaha

Yes I know these things are all somewhat strange, though strange are some of the headlines appearing at the present moment. Typically of course I having been writing regularly for a year or two and carrying out various courses and indeed studying what master craftsmen do in various scenes and scenarios according to pre-existing and known literature. That of course includes film plots and movies scripts and all the rest.

So anyway apparently a major response counter terrorism exercise is taking place in London for a day or two effectively demonstrating that we have the capability and capacity to respond to and take action when seemingly dealing with Terrorist like Scenario’s.

Of course I have suggested that in many ways much like my walking out of the family home and making my way to a distant relatives home, irrespective of weather, you cannot really have exercises, and therein lies the immediate or apparent flaw in any goings on that occur, the mental disparity between beliefs as to reality versus exercise.

Of course anyone who has taken to carrying out many a study will typically have come to see that you can tell this plot within a story and that plot and many a writing strategy very often involves taking a writing or thought strategy of (For example) What would Conan Doyle Have Professor Moriaty do? For instance.

So typically when you start thinking about those FILM PLOT Strategies, you come to see that you can have any number of variants along a theme.

The Global Magnet wanting to hold the World to Ransom through the theft of some Super Power weapon Development. If they can just get hold of the radioactive substance required as a trigger. Likewise then of course you have these other aspects as to Foreign Powers and Enemy States. Would a foreign power or enemy state seek to take advantage of knowing that an exercise is taking place, it is effectively a red rag to a bull situation in a calling people out or seeing who is bluffing and so on.

Likewise of course a Moriety type figure would probably want to break the communication network that the Organised Defences were operating on, forcing people on the ground to have to operate from pre-existing plans within the own heads. You then of course can presume that such a character will have carried out investigation or hired Mercenary type individuals with previous experience of the operations of counter terrorist units to know what those in-head-strategies likely are.

Likewise of course it does seem to be revolving around this IDEA of time, typically we are seeing reports also today of atomic clock time and a quantum leap second being aligned with, whereby Midnight is going to be delayed a second, look the reports up for yourself.

So all rather exciting stuff, likewise of course you get into the so-called realm of does everyone have a price? Clearly again the issue is one of alignments, I think or have seen it written and suggested that what was called Stockholm Syndrome (in captives aligning with captors) is often trained as a strategy to Armed Forces and so on, as a way or improving survival.

So in reality you probably for a Global Magnet Enemy, would see multiple independent organisations and operations occurring, whereby The Jidahi Group who thinks they are being funded my Al-queda or one of those Yemeni like groups is actually being funded by Mr Illuminati.

Likewise of course the TRUST BETRAYAL issue also comes to the for, anyone wanting to disrupt a City would target infrastructure and likewise anyone wanting to simply make Political Statement is not going to care about any given RESPONSE, so The Wild and Mad Gunman in Trafalgar Square with his strap on bomb is a differing kettle of fish to what is occurring elsewhere, interesting of course that talk is of coordination and choreography of emergency services, fire and ambulance and so on, though again whilst they may have helicopters and so on and eyes everywhere in terms of cameras, many of those facilities can be disrupted and such things can be utilised for misdirection, much like that fire was said to have been utilised by the bank raiders jewellery heist gang.

Yes it does not of course help that I have already suggested that in Which Mapping Terms, London is of course the backside (so to speak) and whilst I am sure those who live there may well disagree, that opinion is one often strangely shared by those who are not capital obsessives. The days of having to be in London are of course over in terms of Communication Systems enabling people to not have to go to larger Cities and so on, likewise of course HERD Behaviours and psychologies are often utilised by Bombers and so on abroad and can be expected here also, without speaking greatly on the issue I have strangely seen within my note taking over recent years a popular trend of cyclists with pouches and so on on the read much like horse saddle bags and indeed those often suggested as being used by the Foreign Office (in days of old) when take Diplomatic Papers from one sector of a location to another location and so on, very often the hidden in plain site IDEAS ar operated upon for a reason, so as much as London proudly proclaims being a Multi-cultural International Hub you do of course see that flaws can be picked within each and every area that an Organised defence force might seek to operate upon.

Returning to that bombing issue how many times do you see a small explosive go off, sending crowds straight into alternate bomb positions for instance, much like those Wild West Canyon traps and so on.

So In reality Large Cities such-as London and indeed smaller Cities such-as Hereford often operate on the Goodwill and behaviour of the populations rather than otherwise, that is why when the French Union’s Rush to Revolution, the Governments KNOW they are in trouble.

Will Greece Go The Same Way? Have you got chills? Are they multiplying? Are you losing control?

Yes strange though true I suspect that Greece may well opt for pulling out of the Euro and given the so-called International History of Law and Rhetoric and so many other areas and aspects of life allegedly beginning with the Greeks, one can wonder as to TRUE INTENTION.

Yes so Will Hero public step forward to save fellow man unaware that events are an exercise, will real life bombers decide the exercise is an opportunity not to be missed, will CRIME SYNDICATES seek to take advantage of the distracted counter-terrorist units?

Yes one giant leap for man, one humungous clusterfuck FUBAR for those at the sharp end of the excitement, possibly, depending of course on whether you have a better to burn out than fade away attitude to life or whether you have the intention to grown old and grey and so on, yes technology of course is another MAJOR DYNAMIC to take into consideration.

American Forces for instance are well known or it is suggested to be well known that they OVER RELY on technology, and likewise us Brits have a tendency to over rely on brutal training regimes and in reality I think all those at the higher levels of their game and so on probably can find a balance and equilibrium between what they know and trust and otherwise.

Of course I say that as a third party observer though apparently the last exercise in 2012 whilst regarded I think as a success, was exceptionally BORING from the News story point of view. The TV Film and Movie industry has done such a great job of crafting realities with gaps interchange here there and everywhere, so that we do not know where the continuity is coming from or occurring that when faced with reality, the waiting and waiting and having to be patient and so on ca really be PLAYED upon, especially when it comes to the Psychological Aspect. I recall from childhood vague stories of Terrorists on an Airplane and indeed of the Famed Embassy Siege, though likewise modern following of those sorts of events seemingly lacks the INTEREST SPIKE that we may normally get because we have been so oversaturated by those industries.

So yes what might make those activities more interesting from a public point of view is the releasing of details of what differing groups are supposed to do, quite simply so eggheads can pull apart the plans and intentions and so on and see that for any given quality planning and application of planning, you are always going to have those who operate in win at all costs and achieve this goal and those who will have a change of Heart given some NEW criteria or information and likewise that keep it simple sweetheart planning can make all the difference in the World, when you have been around the block a few years.

Yes I was trying to think of a new angle or perspective that some clever criminal or organisation might come up with though typically, all the seeming best IDEAS have often already been devised in some fashion and whilst some are surely FEASIBLE others are at this moment in time best left to those of future Generations to sort out, yes like anyone could create an Electro Magnetic Pulse and release nano bombs in the water systems and poison gases in the air and the mind boggles.

That perhaps security services best defence, keep themes and outlines and guidelines simple, and implement according to best knowledge and pre-existing knowledge until things occur to wipe the smile from ones face.  Yes if everything is within and without the mind then it really perhaps is better to be without many a psychological definition of now.

Yes good will comes in all shapes and forms though given the events elsewhere in the World the Call to Arms or real Jihadis and others bored with life will likely be put off on these hot and Sunny Wimbledon Days, Or Will they, tune in for next weeks exciting episode of: Boring Boring London.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Bjorn On The 4th Of July

So I of course recall early Tennis Matches from childhood with wooden rackets and screaming angry tennis players. The top players that stood head and shoulders above all others during those years (especially to viewers of Wimbledon) were seemingly Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe in the male tournaments and I can really when thinking from my own memory of that time period single out one female Star who again was so more advanced than her competitors that t can be wondered as to why they showed up, that was of course Martina Navratilova.

Of course that was when I first encountered tennis and a year or two later by the time I was able to take up the challenge of playing myself, other stars such as Boris Becker had come to the fore and so on, so during our lives we often have an interest developed through an ability to see or monitor an activity and as I suggested, Sky TV effectively stole just about each and every sport from Terrestrial TV effectively wiping out entire generations of British youths ability to watch and view and learn and develop interest in such things. Yes TV is not the only source that interests can come from though for many especially in younger years of life they (TV’S) are a dominant feature of many a household.

Anyway that once again a digression. I saw a brief headline that I did not read further suggesting SECURITY BEEFED UP for American Independence Day and thought Ah-ha I can combine that one with that one, though of course a Bjorn Borg reference is meaning less to most modern youth or game watchers and so on. Likewise unsure if I spelt the name correctly because I did also think of the SINGER BJORK at one point, you was the lead singer of an indie group I followed at one point and she later went on to record and make one or two albums in her own name. She was one of those quite abstract or possibly regarded as avante garde in her approach to music though did manage to make some highly memorable pieces of music, the one that sprang to mind was IT’S OH SO QUIET, though I do not think a SHHHH was involved.

So what do I know about American Independence Day and does it have me singing Underground, Overground, Wombling free. Yes strange though true I like the movie that Will Smith starred in and have never seen the Tom Cruise portrayal of the title. Though did recently see an article or mentioning of Dianetics and that was of course another one of those Rob Hubbard Scientologist like systems of thought and teachings.

What I have actually found as I have studied across the realms of religion and science and the various ideas as to what is best is that a certain amount of overlapping and so on takes place give or take a phrase of terminology. Likewise of course it can be suggested that all incoming information whether as in the Game of Charades Book, Film, Theatre and so on, can be regarded as data or inputs and outputs of information that we all typically send and receive and broadcast as to like and dislike and all the rest. Likewise is does very much seem that some modalities do kind of assist in reformulating all that mixed and confused and conflicting information into some kind of understandable ORDER, and likewise I think Sam Horn in her books and works demonstrates such things over and over again.

Likewise of course having studied some Hypnosis materials early on I was somewhat upset by some of the reactions I experienced and so on when demonstrating and explaining the knowledge to others, the general reaction being that you have to be a part of this cult group or that cult group, very often based around words used to refer to peoples of sexual deviances or non-standard practise and relationships and so on. Eventually I was relieved to happen upon Holosync that made the entire System of Enlightenment easier to understand for everyone irrespective of a starting position of belief and so on and likewise as suggested on the centerpointe Research Institute Website, it brings any given user of the Technologies to an awakened state and likewise perhaps enables the release of thoughts feelings and ideas that you may or may not prefer to have, typically the idea I suggested as to contagion can act in both positive and negative fashion, though whatever your current viewpoint you very often come to loosen ideas as to going to war with this group or that group and indeed obsessions as to extremist ideas being all that important in the greater scheme of things. Likewise you come to see that just about everything within your mind, body soul and spirit and so on can be kind of reformulated because much of what you have collected and collated are akin to machine systems.

Yes of course ideas as to how anyone wants to be can be a toughie when you might simply want to investigate what all the fuss is about though again some folks perhaps have lived blessed lives whilst others amongst Society, have constantly found ourselves at odds with how externals want the World to be versus how we ourselves very often come to see how it really is.

The classic quote perhaps one of “You can lead a horse to water though you cannot make him drink”, likewise as also suggested when you come to see that just about everyone is a performer of one description or another without exception, usually going through a variety of strategies and skills and so on; accumulated through-out one’s life you do come to see that extra pause positions or indeed breaks can be inserted to slow down and consider your actions prior to embarking on what may or may not now be an appropriate strategy.

So Yes I began writing simply because I saw a headline that linked American 4th July Celebrations to Wimbledon in what I considered to be an uncommon manner, though likewise it may have been common when Bjorg was at the height of his fame, I of course too young (at that time) to know what American Headlines were, without investigating Historical Newspaper reports and information’s and so on, and likewise I think that something that often gets pointed out about all these INTERNET and WORLD WIDE WEB TECHNOLOGIES, they the TECHNOLOGIES themselves are generally like the UNIVERSE in being somewhat NEUTRAL and it is then a choice as to whether you regard something as personal or otherwise or subjective or objective and so on.

Though again you do come to see that as mentioned within multiple courses (I think) all these Global Communication Systems have really only come into being in a relatively short space of time and we can perhaps see that the World is IRONING OUT THE ROUGH SPOTS.

So plenty of Clues in the Headlines (I personally think) for peoples and persons of all Generations, though likewise once some INTRANSIGENTS set in, it can be somewhat troublesome without appropriate lessons and learnings and stimulations to move on from those positions and beliefs and all the rest.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

So I Have Been Thinking Heavily On 3 Points Of Interest

And whilst I had intended to speak on all three when I sat own to write about it at least 2 of the points of interest kind of disappeared from within the noggin.

Anyway I have of course been doing The Write Fast, Write Well, Write Now course hosted by Pete Bissonette of Learning Strategies presenting in a kind of interview questioning and answer fashion the teachings and expertise of Sam Horn.

So what is on the mind at present is what Sam Horn Described as The Uncommon Way.

Typically the idea as interpreted by myself was suggested as being doing a common thing in an uncommon fashion or manner perhaps, so typically I then thought well do I know how to distinguish what is a common way versus what might be an alternate system of thought or process or methodology.

It is in fact potentially an area that I need to go into greater depth upon, in the sense that whilst I might think or call house or BINGO as to some system I suddenly find myself utilizing, it could well be already heavily used elsewhere and I am just unaware of that as a fact. How many of us explore beyond the Local World Boundaries or Country Boundaries or Various and inter sorted intercontinental Boundaries. The same of course can be said for what is occurring within the hemispheres between our ears.

Anyway I decided that the problem I nearly always seemingly have is not so much finding information, or indeed utilizing information and strategies, it is more seemingly getting the results that I believe myself to want and indeed effectively using anything that comes up in such a way and manner as to be able to continue to build that system or methodology into a trusted working tool.

Here is a strategy that is tried trusted and true and will gain you the results and outcomes and so on that you desire or wish and so on.

I still struggle with the IDEOLOGY that we chose this life and World and so on for ourselves, and likewise knowing is suggested to be the booby prize hence I investing heavily and concentrating perhaps in getting those sometimes small and subtle shifts in the percentages or fork in the road that can potentially make all the difference in the World to those thoughts and feelings and actions that we take and so on.

Anyway I recently thought about this IDEAS Game of six degrees of Separation or Kevin Bacon (as it is nicknamed) and imrpving the mental model and pathways and opening up long lost subterranean mental realms and so on.

So I was researching on Wiki some detail about Altringham, unsure as to why Greater Manchester was playing on my mind, though that town name appeared in the Noggin and I chose to follow a clue trail, again what do I want to know? Kind of questions and so on, typically of course it is up North and My Mother is from Crewe in Cheshire and I happened to note a link reference of some description so followed it, yes you can wiki hop forever and this touch screen gadget can annoy at times, jumping to some link when I wanted to simply scroll the page I was reading.

Anyway I thought ah-ha I shall have a look at Crewe whilst I am at it, I having not been there for many years though did visit as a child and younger teen and so on during my youth. So I read through and see that Bill Bryson (well-known popular Author) referred to Crewe as the Armpit of Britain, Crew was actually named after the Railway Station and not the other way around, I think it had become a kind of central community hub for the peoples and persons building railways and indeed the Station itself is known to be a so-called (Historically at least) major transport Hub within the rail network.

Anyway I like to, when wanting to think a little bit go for a walk and one place I will often go and sit is at the Castle Green, strangely of course knowing the names of inner city fields and parks can become somewhat confusing, I struggled with the name so though google map, and presto no name is presented. So Castle Green is just slightly north or the River and said to be the location of where an old castle or fort was built, it is now a square patch of land just north of the river, where another seemingly giant patch of land is divided into two names, The King George Playing Fields, and Bishops Meadow, divided quite simply via a path that traverses the sector.

Anyway Castle Green has a very nice Bowling Club and Lawn within the site as well as a Central War Memorial and you can see the River and Cathedral and so on from that location as well as a rather large group of Squirrels that live around the area, it having been shaped or crafted and sculpted and the outer section is a kind of mini woodland with paths taking you to the interior.

So anyway, when going up North to Crewe and visiting Grandfather, he seemingly belonged to a number of working men’s clubs and so on, and we used to do mini tour circuits of those clubs, it is hard to describe to a Hereford Person, who hasn’t travelled beyond the region, because those clubs were usually quite large (bigger than any place I have been to in Hereford) and fulfilled a wide range of Community like activities, everything from Bingo and card nights and various table game teams such as Dominoes, and indeed several all had rather Large Bowling Green’s and again whilst it is often shown or thought to be an old man’s like sport, we did often go and play games of Bowling, and in many ways it is a bit like golf in that fashion of trying to get these bowls as close to the jack as possible (the jack being a nickname given to the target ball).

Yes so anyway that a digression though the game of Bowls has been on my mind perhaps and likewise in 6 degree’s fashion I happened upon this chaps name as being a famous guy from Crewe https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jimmy_MacDonald_(sound_effects_artist)

So that is potentially for myself a strange anecdote as to an indirect linkage to Mickey Mouse, I of course several years ago had Mickey Mouse “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” from Fantasia as my Facebook Avatar, I think I was tired of photos and so on, so opted for something differing and widely recognised.

So anyway I mention that just as a strange 6 degree’s like link that occurred for myself, I can also comment that he has a remarkable resemblance to my deceased Grandfather. Yes so I opted for the Mickey Mouse, because I had purchased one on a trip to Euro Disney at the same time as the Disney Wallet and a few other Souvenirs.

Anyway perhaps somewhere within the Psyche or hemispheres between our ears (so to speak) is an unregistered ability to distinguish regional language accents and variants that we are somehow familiar with and more importantly that DISTINCTION or ability can occur irrespective of a voice being Disguised or altered or however in some fashion.

I think you perhaps in modern language terms find such things related to the idea of memes though I think classically or historically such things were linked to engrams.

Another topic or research area that came up was in relation to a couple of names I mentioned over recent days. A chap called Garner wrote a book entitled Red Shift that mentioned Engram’s and likewise I as a youngster found myself watching “The Rockford Files” James Garner, who was said to have punched Glen A Larsen for theft of IDEAS and so on. Garner of course also played Gambler Brett Maverick and typically Poker, so lots of closer links and triggers can be gotten at when you continue so to speak to research and push through those walls block and barriers so to speak, of course if you are able to do it with direct relevance to your own life in a positive fashion (such-as my Mickey Mouse link above) all the better though likewise time line explanations and proceedings and preceding’s are still not fully practiced and rehearsed as much as one would like.

Clearly we all know more than we think though finding or deciding what is The Uncommon Way?, versus otherwise. So 6 degrees perhaps a common way know though getting those strange inadvertent points of interest coming up is again an encouragement to think, what or how can I use this present information in a rewarding fashion and manner and so on. Likewise repetition of some teachings of course carve out or widen and broaden mental pathways and routes and structures within the noggin and of course given very many prejudices and bias’ that one can accumulate throughout your life, they potentially open up those long lost realms whether memes or engrams or other recognised inherited systems and so on that you may have going on somewhere within your noggin.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Was Aaron Spelling That Compelling

So typical of a child of a particular generation, it seemingly became so that many of my immediate peers and friends and indeed myself watched and viewed the TV works of peoples and persons such-as Aaron Spelling and indeed Glen A Larson, unlike now where a popular observed behaviour is people rushing out of Cinema when titles begin or where many a title sequence is obscured or rushed through at some ridiculous pace on TV, I typically used to enjoy listening to end section theme music and reading the titles and so on and the very many names of peoples and persons who in coordinated and choreographed fashion brought such shows and realms and so on to a semblance of life or versioning of speculated upon futures, dependent of course on the categorisation of show.

So yes whilst I can state or claim to have watched entertainment materials of a broad and wide category, in reality those American Hero like shows whether as a group or individual did seemingly become part of the TV mainstream diet and so on, typically of course we have seen the same effect over and over again whereby some proclaimed NEW idea is brought to the fore as a must watch, I think Game Of Thrones on Sky? Is one I have heard referenced on several recent occasion, though could never comment beyond possibly having witnessed the occasional advert.

It appears to myself to have developed out of a combination of Hammy Acting (typically broadcast day time) Soap Operas and those Channel Five generational shows such-as that Warrior Princess type style show they used to have. Not good in my opinion given the ever seemingly decreasing quality of script and so on, effects have appeared to take over within the TV industry, and it is only longer term type experienced crews (for multiple shows) that are bringing any semblance of quality to the Broadcasting Realms. The same sadly true of many a former popular characterisation and indeed associated actors and actresses.

So we can of course understand that more choice and more options are available for all-comers to watch though likewise some titles and shows standout for all-round quality whilst others perhaps particular audience segments that anyone can complain about though do demonstrate the audience figures to be given a return on investment or ROI as Sam Horn calls it.

Yes so I have in fact been thinking about Poetry once again and despite that have somehow felt a kind of impulse of been there, done that and went unrewarded for that, typically of course we are told that what does not serve you will fall away, though likewise many a Teacher gains audience through a variety of Extremist actions and quotes depending upon where attention is being placed and so on.

All well and good for themselves though likewise as I suggested previously, many people in many walks of life who took up some of the modalities I recommend have often concluded in like-minded fashion that whilst we cannot escape impermanence or suffering one can at least learn to not be reactive to stirrers and troublesome individuals when over the longer haul we all come to see that choice of prejudice or indeed otherwise is just that, some folks often suffer through boxing themselves into extremist conditions and positions simply through an inability to see the wood for the trees.

I typically wondered what had been making myself ill or left in pain in more recent times and another modality suggested it may well have been the Environmental Energies that I was finding myself within, kind of sleeping along Ley lines and dangerous energy interference channels. Strange though true despite having an inkling during younger years to that kind of issue, more recently it had not even occurred to myself, clearly wrong given what I know about modalities such as those of Marie Diamond and indeed that perhaps why I do make those course investments.

The difference perhaps between having inkling intuitions and so on as to supernatural abilities and various circumstances that you can find yourself in and perhaps becoming more coordinated and choreographed in a trained manner and fashion with the developing and evolution of those skills and so on irrespective of the CHOSEN or IDENTIFIED CHARACTERISTICS of a Given or named PROP. Remember all things begin within the mind so all attributes and values and characteristics and anything else in between with any given TOOL (or prop as they are known) are in fact possibly or potentially pre-existing already within your being or personage (given the lifetimes worth of sources and so on that we all grow up accustomed to having). So Dumbo for instance a famed Disney Elephant was given a “Magic Feather” to convince him he could fly though in reality all the associated thoughts feelings and abilities for the Action were already IMBUED (so to speak) within he himself as a character, much like keeping a “LUCKY” Four leafed clover, as I used to carry at one time within my Brown Leather Mickey Mouse Wallet purchased at Euro Disney, I loved that wallet, despite it perhaps more befitting the image of a la-di-da. So whatever possessions and materialistic items you have, whether intentional or otherwise can be given over to having positive or indeed negative associations and typically of course, some folks have possibly lived a life of wanting a hard life and rack of prejudices to cast about themselves, whilst more moderate among us wonder as to what all the fuss is about, if I as an individual person of this name and identity and so on want a Disney Wallet, what has it got to do with you? Can be asked of a million and one ideas as to the way of the World, conflict and confusion and “Major Bullshit Jockey’s” versus a self-referenced more welcoming and open arms attitude to all comers, where ever any of us originate the one thing that seemingly everyone has in common are those suggested within the Film Four weddings and a Funeral, though unsure as to why the Birthing Part was left out, the writer was probably from some fascist cult that thinks he/she does not identify with birth. Of course most men do not because we do not give birth (though I think some fictional realms and science have sought ways and means to change the ground or perspective). We do however just like the female populace have the ability to claim having been given birth too, that is important, because it potentially demonstrates where some STRANGE IDEAS originate and indeed why deep within everyone, irrespective of wanting to change things or sculpt reality to some extremist position of not having this group or faction involved within your reality you will likely suffer for your own sins in some fashion or manner.

I do think the one teaching that is mentioned in many a course and topic is this one of starting position, have I started at the middle, end, beginning or some random point along a squiggly line, though it can often be those more non-linear thought process like ideas that give you further ah-ha’s or indeed take you of on wonderland trips with Alice or indeed other Fantasy realms of The Light Fantastic.

We as a race can often reject many a topic of debate or positon, some through sensible and well-reasoned and thought through questioning strategies and some indeed through irrational strategies and non-linear approaches. It does seem to myself that far too often we get caught up in circles or idiocies, not of our own making and then the choice can of course be to remove ourselves or indeed remove the obstacles in some fashion. Very often some things do strangely resolve themselves through the actions of those better positioned perhaps to take that action and of course that brings us back to gratitude and appreciation like topics.

I am more than happy to show and demonstrate gratitude and appreciation to peoples and persons who have taken up the more life rewarding and life enhancing and life empowering philosophies.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Did You Go Through A Chewing Gum Phase

So I recall that as a youngster at some point I went through a chewing gum phase and as silly as it sounds, I can imagine people claiming no such thing, we do very often go through a phase of this favourite food or habit or whatever and of course some folks stay with some habits and move on from others, unsure as to the cause and effect though in high likelihood I think I found that making bubbles with chewing gum was tougher than bubble gum though likewise they perhaps having differing audiences.

I mention this for unknown reason really, I think once again I was reminiscing you see I recently saw a headline related to some clothing item called skinny jeans and then some work colleague mentioned them and I have a distinct recall of excessively tight or skinny jeans and so on from my youth or younger childhood and in honesty you would not get myself near some of the more extremist fashion trends for love nor money. Thou I do recall having a phase of squeezing into some super tight jeans and so on as a youngster. These days of course super stretchy fabrics are often used to create the illusion of that tightness effect, though believe me when I say tight clothing, designed as tight clothing without all these modern stretchy fabrics is a whole differing ball game. The only thing worse than seeking to squeeze into a pair of super tight trousers was trying to get the things of again, peeling yourself out of them and so on, often involving the potential dislocation of ankles, the trend as I recall was also often paired with very often heavy and clunky footwear, this was prior to all the Trainer Wars that appeared late 70’s early 80’s when very many “comfort” clothing became fashionable. So clothes perhaps once regarded as a TOOl to cover yourself with, was also given a new purpose of designers and creators seeking to make them lightweight and air conditioned and comfortable and so on.

Yes fashion perhaps regarded as being at the sharp end of Trend as to what takes off and what does not. I actually joked and laughed because we used to have one chap working with us who had what was for most people the most ridiculous of personal like dress habits of so called straight pulled up socks, and typically now one of the younger generation crew members seemingly has it as part of modern fashion, though in reality his “Modern Fashion” looks like a 20 year old dressed as a 3 or 4 year old INFANT.

What else, well we are of course having an Armed Forces Day here in England and the United Kingdom and typically this follows a day of infamy in many ways with various French related Countries experiencing ISIS troubles and tribulations. Yes you do have to check history to know the French Connection, though likewise a million and one other Country connections can be made elsewhere, the French One perhaps an obvious for Tunisia and indeed France whilst the Kuwaiti France link is less obvious, though reliable information suggests that the Law System in Kuwait is based upon the French Model.

Yes so go to war or otherwise, and likewise I think I suggested that in order to change the map or attitude (of let’s have a war and send lots of people over the wire to their death etc.) they (whoever they are) decided to give so-called rights to various minority groupings and cults and so on and typically one such cult group is having its annual London Pride Parade.

Yes pride is another one of those multi meaning words of course, you used to have a Pride of Lions in the Wilderness and so on, though typically more seen in zoo’s now and for most people a well-known quote is “Pride Comes Before A Fall”, so you can of course demonstrate an alignment with a million and one “Models Of Reality” and existence though likewise you can very often find a scale or associated measure, the EXTREMIST factions very often from differing Models, and to those who can see such things very often falling into the same shades and areas that most moderates (I have found) from all quarters have little interest in. Of course it might be suggested that Extremism for one person or group is anything but, to another group, though the more research and turning around and reframes and going through stepping stone models of learnings, I have carried out, the greater distance I find having to be bridged as to real reality versus what some of the more extreme like peoples claim, you can in fact take some groups “Favourite quotes and saying” and return them to those peoples themselves in all honesty.

So of course I have commented upon topics and issues that probably do not fulfil my “Worthy Of Attention” Criteria following the “Does this subject Matter and Topic Put Money on the table and food in the belly?” I can suggest of course that 2 very distinct Models are highlighted though beyond that, no they do not really fit where I could (as a more advanced studying meditator, place my attention).

Of course all information from any source can be regarded as having seeds of enlightenment within, though early on you can find yourself being pulled all over the shop as to where attention is most appropriately given. I typically of course suggested the simple methodology of Identifying a Sport that you desire to follow and identify the Terminologies and names of items used within sports and then see what relational links you can find within your World already, so if you purchase particular Magazines and Newspapers and you viewing of TV is dominated by particular Channels, always seek to identify themes and linkages from what you are already at present following, that perhaps a possible better way than adopting some HEADLESS all over the shop doctrine of switching and switching and seeking and seeking an never finding and so on.

Another Major Annual Event as present is now seemingly Glastonbury ( A MUSIC FESTIVAL) and of course that is or has fallen into those realms of camp in some muddy field, queue for hours to try to get a decent position to see a stage from, or queue for the beer tent (if there is one) or queue for the toilets and yes strange though true I have not gone to those sort of events in recent years though did happen to go one or two when younger and typically FACILITIES are claimed to have vastly improved at many such an EVENT over the years, though likewise the TRADE-OFF is often that, is wanting to listen and see and hear a favourite performer? (whom-ever they are) worth the trade-off of the other so called coin that such festivals and so on can throw up. Typically of course some events are well organised and managed and so on though likewise, you can always find groupings and idiots to demonstrate to yourself that some generational behaviours and annoyances and so on, never go out of fashion.

We can perhaps think of such things in the fashion of a RELAY BATON that gets handed down from generation to generation and just as one group of individuals have found more MODERATE opinions and lifestyle choices and views from the mountainside to view greater realities or indeed zoom in and focus on smaller narrow focussed detail, you often find the Head of The Hydra Syndrome always appearing across many realms also.

So this a “was it worth typing or reading” kind of post though in witnessing terms and having something to actually link back to from a later point one of the wise option may well be to keep on going and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

3rd Rock From The Sun

Yes strange how weird and wonderful the mind can become when you begin some meditation and learning and so on, even if much of what is being carried out stimulus to mental systems and subsystems that you may or otherwise potentially already have in a bringing then online consciously fashion. The premise often of course being that some systems are so unconscious after years of repetition that they may no longer be serving yourself as to the occasion where you may have previously learnt a behaviour or attitude and so on.

Anyway this morning I listened in to the most recent Future Mapping teleseminar which was the 3rd of a Group Of 3 Teleseminars filling in gaps and questions that people may or may not have in relation to this particular course, again one perhaps based in getting 120% Happiness for your chosen people or persons to make happy.

Anyway I was unable to listen directly live due to working the designated Teleseminar course time though did listen at the earliest opportunity just to feel and think that I have taken it in a generally live fashion, give or take a Planetary Clock zone and so on.

Anyway I of course listened and then typically thought right get some sleep and write later, I however often prior to sleep now opt to use my Floating Meditation CD’s and I did that prior to then seeking to fall asleep, though strangely find myself somewhat wide awake though tired in a sort or yawny fashion where the body and mind are perhaps slightly at odds with one another. So unable to sleep I thought get up and carry out some writing and so on and strange though true whilst meditating the title above popped into my head.

Whilst I think the lead bloke was more famed for a role in Big Foot and The Henderson’s possibly I strangely found myself thinking Madeline Allbright and I think she was the woman Teacher that the lead guy portraying an Alien was chasing in some unresolved and rather comical crush fashion, though the reality for many a person when not comedy is possibly that one of being stalked.

Anyway when any such things pop into mind always a good idea to make a note hence this note. What else well I was thinking about the death of Patrick Macnee also, I mentioned a couple of shows of course though in reality you can pop to wiki and see some vast list of films and shows that he was linked to in some fashion, again one of those working actors who seemingly never really stopped.

Now strange though true I have not mentioned another actor who appeared within mind recently and that was the chap from “The Men From Uncle” I think it was Robert Vaughn and he seemingly has been creeping around the noggin for a week or two now so perhaps I need to think in terms of following those links.

Of course more recent links in terms of lcaol and national news and so on, well we were told that the chap who was stabbed was traversing through a bridge like tunnel though it perhaps already dark and likewise nationally the United Kingdom was having reports of a Channel Tunnel shutdown between dear ol’ Blightly and our friendly neighbourhood Rioting Frenchy’s as they are often portrayed when going on strike. The French Culture of Revolution stills holds sway as a National Identity in many ways though when we hear the reports year after year it is usually Farmers and Transport Network Drivers so I was a little surprised I think to hear that another differing group had taken to the streets. Perhaps like that old adage of seeking to cut of the head of a Hydra and finding multiples popping up all over the shop. Yes those kinds of things from my own recall were originally within films such-as Charles Bronson’s Death Wish produced or written or something by another famed British rebel type Michael Winner.

What else well I have once again been told my hours are being changed once again so I no longer have as early a start on Friday though likewise do not have as late a start also. Who comes up with all these chopping and changes strategies I do not know though very often some change in one sector of a process requires or creates a knock-on effect elsewhere, much like squeezing into some old clothes and finding you have slightly outgrown them or indeed finding that some clothes placed within a tumble dryer were not tumble dryer friendly and have shrunk to some less than size as to what the standard size is supposed to be.

So yes exceptionally cloudy and grey over Hereford, England, United Kingdom this morning though it is forecast and indeed again on Sunday I think with a possible interlude of hot sunny Saturday (assuming of course that the Supercomputers are getting it right, which they very often do these days given that many a person makes their own mind up based upon the presented graphics, you can of course look at a Weather Map and turn the Volume of and still perhaps see the date time and hours as the super speed accelerated graphic whizzes through a couple of days forward.

What else well I recently stated that the Future so to speak was not set in stone though likewise also suggested elsewhere recently that you could play a game of chess with an undesignated extra invisible player (gad, universal energy or however you wish to describe such things), so that of course creates something of a kind of confusion or paradox for many a person, and I though well okay so prediction is never an exact Science, though likewise enough Historical Patterns are on record as well as possible predictive patterns to play an exceptional game of PROBABILITY PERCENTILES or PERCENTAGES.

That of course requires a couple of things, one clearing out much mental flotsam and jetsam so that you can actually acquaint and see the various patterns and cycles and so on and indeed LET GO of the very many INTRANSIGENT BIAS that we may or may not be carrying and likewise you then also require perhaps getting those mental linkages and tunings and systems working in greater alignment with those that you personally wish to monitor and be better attuned to whether following sports or whether keeping tabs on your Business Empire or the Markets or Economics and History and Favourite Colour Schemes and all the rest, choices are of course never ending though likewise we can say that given a choice between taking this stepping stone and that stepping stone that the clues or PERCENTAGES are better geared for this direction or that direction.

So that may or may not of course mean that whilst nothing is set in stone you have the capability for instance to mentally compute some ridiculous 0.0000000 to the Nth point of calculation’s that events will happen or occur according to this particular pattern or TREND that you personally can see.

Likewise of course everyone perhaps has to put the work in for themselves as much as possible as many of the Lessons are Learnings and so on are highly personalised however much we like to think otherwise, we can say well this teaching master has taken myself this far with this capability and capacity and this teaching master has led to this transformation within my life, though likewise whilst it can seem negative at times it is often suggested that those are the points of taking the necessary action or indeed otherwise, I have heard a reference to Chuck Yeager on several occasions and I think it was along the lines of focus on RESULTS above and beyond the risk’s that may or may not get you there, likewise I think most of us can concur with those kind of quotes (they can be look up as can many a daily inspiration quote) for most peoples I think you have to decide what laws of the land and knowledge am I personally going to abide with as genuinely true, and what are simple IDEAS that when dissected or taken apart are typically soundbites that may ring true though clearly are not.

Yes most of us can see that law and order and some direction is well advised as to good and well fashioned intention and the idea that your property is your property and your life is yours to do with as you personally script and choose as long as those things are done in accordance with what might be regarded as acceptable. Clearly some behaviours can clearly be shown to be unacceptable to differing populations about the World though likewise acting in accordance with Laws of the land and so on is not really a big ask is it, I actually think that so-called REBEL COUNTER CULTURES that many a Generation has sought tome come up with has simply run out of steam for many a Westerner brought up in the United Kingdom and USA and other European Countries, that perhaps why Extremism is on the rise. I also read recently on Winston Churchill and he was not so well known for his knowledge of History though wrote some works that I may well seek to look up at some point, they are well regarded within a non-politicised fashion despite him perhaps being most famed as a war time leader.

Yes it is easy to see why so many of us fall into so many pitfalls and traps in life though likewise wisdom of course is supposed to come from gaining ah-ha’s from such experiences.

Anyway that is enough I still require an hour or two and shall see if I can gain some now. Yes I have heard complaints that Society does not have the INFRASTRUCTURE for immigrants and so on, interesting that the same people saying that are often those most dead set against infrastructure in a very often Not in my backyard fashion and indeed having to potentially pay for infrastructure through or via the United Kingdom Tax System and so on, yes we are seemingly having in Political Terms a return to the 1980’s in many ways though likewise no one is seemingly left to strike, perhaps the sad truth of a British Populace that simply has no one to GALVANISE a large populace into ACTION and more ACTION to make themselves heard. Yes UKIP do to a certain extent though I personally prefer the Scottish Nationalists when it comes to those Austerity Dealings and likewise the European and Greece nonsense is dragging on in the most ridiculous of fashions, seemingly serving no one but those with vested interest in European Parliaments and all the ridiculous factions and squabbling’s that we see there at a higher level to that which we see at a National Level.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

The Angel Of Islington, Isla St Claire and The Blue Rizzla Packet

Yes strange though true, I did within my note taking exercises take to recording even the most seemingly innocent or ridiculous of items and the various routes or areas that I carry out such exercises with often go through various stages, the clean state, the mowed lawn the cemetery full of litter and so on.

Anyway you often can see random items appear and disappear and some are perhaps more interesting than others, though knowing or separating clues trails and links or indeed getting yourself in an inspirational like zone is again perhaps dependent on how you are able to relate any given item to your chosen sport.

I typically in suggesting gambling linkages (for instance) suggest that no matter how indirect the link may be, that a 6 Degree’s of Kevin Bacon like game can be brought into any given realm and scenario, to validate or indeed invalidate any thinking lines that you may be working along.

So yes, I of course a smoker and indeed have on occasion gone through stages of being a loose hand rolled Tobacco smoker, quite strange though true they actually sell differing weights of rolling papers, hence the differing coloured packets. I can honestly admit that whilst I have gotten into a habit over the years of asking for red or green papers or even so called liquorice flavoured, the one paper I never went to was so called blue papers, they I think the finest or thinnest and so on. So I see a packet abandoned loose papers and think ah-ha.

Few people who do not smoke perhaps potentially do not know the trouble you can get in finding yourself short of a packet of papers, you can either have papers and no tobacco or no tobacco and papers.

Anyway I mention that because I saw a packet of blue papers along a route and strangely found myself making those link connections within the title, Angel Of Islington of course a place on the Monopoly board a game I have not played for many years though also apparently some place in London, Isla St Claire (I think) was a Generation Game Hostess or TV personality during my younger years I think typically appearing with Bruce Forsyth.

Yes so I could then of course ask do any teams play in blue, or is it simply a question of going through a sequence of that CONVEYOR BELT game of trying to recall or remember all the prizes at the end of the show and what of course is relevant about the Angel Of Islington?

So that is of course for the London Board game and not any board for other Nationalities, though the position is next to a Jail Cell Position/just visiting and a Utility Company position, yes so weird though true you can of course go on and on with those kinds of exercises, though extracting useful information of course can be more troublesome.

Likewise I spoke on some local murder issue a day or two back and news is now apparently that an arrest had already been made, so Amateur Sleuth Dave is clearly surplus to requirements and can maintain a focus on more important issues and uses of the teachings (at least for himself), people in that Community or indeed the Local Constabulary beating anything or however that Dave could come up with to the punch line, perhaps, yes an arrest is not a sign of guilt so much as helping with enquiries, though some areas and sectors of some Cities and Towns might be regarded as being akin to making an arrest in Prison (everybody already their having been found guilty of something already).

Yes I think I mentioned a Not The Nine O’Clock News sketch a year or two back in which an Officer Rowan Atkinson was told of by his line chief for arresting an individual for “looking at me in a funny way”. Yes Comedy of course one of those ways in which many a person enables or allows themselves to come to terms with some of the very real horrors that can present themselves within our lives.

Yes so another topic that many a person faces as they grow older can of course be that one of only being as good as your last job or employment and so on, and likewise of course despite the demand for qualifications that we experience within our younger lives, you do often find that they are perhaps only important (potentially) from a point of view of being a demonstration that someone can work within some given set criteria over a period of time to this standard, etc. typically of course exams can be much like that one shot race, where you might have a cold on the day or have had a family member die or something similar to that. I in fact seem to recall that some such event did occur whilst taking exams and yes I know they can be resat and so on, though likewise who wants to do any kind of exam twice (in honesty) unless the exam of course is in your specialist arena of you passion subject.

Yes strange though true we have of course seen some really strange titled Degree subject Matter Headings and titles in recent years, where the Magnus Magnesson’s among us wonder as to whether those taking such warped titled studies might be better of getting out the Schooling/Education system and gaining useful To SOCIETY employment.

Yes we hear a lot about how Graduate Unemployment is at an all time high though they Rarely tell you the break down of figures for those peoples and persons in terms of subject matter studied. Is a degree of Posh and Becks or Personality Study Based Degree that we have seen a huge rise in recent years valid within this Graduate related industry or Business Role and vocation and so on.

THE UNIVERSITY OF LIFE is perhaps the one qualification that anyone at any level of society can claim to have and in many ways may well be regarded as a truer qualification than many of the latest generation of whingers unable to gain employment with a degree in “Favourite Toilet Roll Studies of the Lesser Fascist US Southerner” or whatever.

Yes so again of more interest from a childhood perspective is that Actor Patrick Macnee has apparently according to the Flashing Bar recently died, he of course played Steed in classic Avengers TV series and often the Suave like English Gentleman kinds of Roles, I actually also recall I think he was in the classic Version of Battlestar Galactica or provided the voice for some characters possibly something like that.

Yes these actors and actresses all look the same to me is one of those kinds of phrases can can upset and cause hurt feelings though in all honesty, you do find that GENERIC popular models (of how peoples fashion and style themselves) do appear that seemingly blur into some kind of one dimensional monster.

Yes so they do say to take any and all attributes and ideas that you may have about yourself and how you personally prefer to identify yourself and life and then ask those self-inquiry questions, I have on occasion historically of course spoken on ideas as to “Take A Weapon To Work Days”, those kinds of days clearly perhaps related to “Major Bullshit Jockey” days, tough much like that Prison cell Estate idea above some other environments may find themselves crafted or steered into similar like thoughts and feelings and so on, some had such thoughts and feelings about school and likewise some working life realms can seem that way, or indeed home life realms, if you are growing sick of the four walls that you live in or however.

So I mentioned Swansea recently and I did actually visit the place at one point in relation to possible study at Degree Level Electronics, they offered a course more in alignment with my Electronics Engineering studies at lower level and whilst I eventually opted for Computers the Robotics AI side of things was the hook, or TRADE-OFF in the decision making process. I cannot do exactly what I want though can do a course that has a cross-over section that covers some of the same materials.

Yes Trade-off might well be a term or phrase that everyone knows though does not think of consciously in terms of decision making processes and how you go about things in life the Universe and Everything. Is getting sucked into Trading Blows in nonsense and bullshit better than otherwise.

So returning to the themes we can often think that a particular person is responsible for the cause and effect of a given scenario and then later realise that it was in fact Originating from elsewhere, and one or other idiot was simply stirring or getting innocently involved in subject matters and so on that they no nothing off.

I can of course say that I did make a comment on the Write Fast Write Well Write Now page and it was typically related to the themes and threads that a particular young woman on the course was choosing as her Facebook posts and so on.

Typically of course, I promote or have a basic Pre requisite IDEA of Money on the table and Food in the belly, and that of course comes down to seeking to extract any useful information and turning it into a Wealth of some description, money of course a “Means of Exchange”.

Typically what that for myself usually means is not getting dragged into FUTILE nonsense and debates as to war of the sexes or indeed ENTRAPMENT, entrapment is often akin (in my opinion) to those no escape claims that some peoples and persons think they have in false branding an labels, though clearly anyone who meditates can see that those positions are often simply GROOMED INTRASIGENTS, and the best position for anyone of any bearing or stripe to operate from is one of not being extremist, yes extremists might have more fun, though you likely will ALIENATE large percentages of any given possible AUDIENCE, the VOICE you wanted is disregarded because you have not made a case in the fashion and manner that a given grouping can relate to.

Everyone often of course only relating to the World within their own head and not other peoples heads, that important because you can see that particular peoples and persons may well be more susceptible to some events than others.

The best way to stay centred and grounded is perhaps asking though questions as to is any given interaction going to put money on the table and food in the belly (those questions can be utilised across many if not all realms), or is it better to ignore dismiss and move on from, likewise if you feel turning the other cheek whilst being TARRED and STAINED by character assassination from some TOXIC INDIVIDUAL is worth the burden.

I historically of course suggested that Management REFUSED to deal with INHERENT CULTURAL ATTITUDES (within work for example (historically) because they themselves were part and parcel of the CULT that established the TOXIC Nonsenses in the first place, right’s of passage bullshit again.

The protecting an IDEA for a friend versus what you and your own body knows of itself and so on, so I can typically be polite courteous respectful of most people’s irrespective of many a presumed CHARACTER FAULT or FLAW, though likewise when you know some folks refuse point blank to respect yourself then you can be better of going elsewhere or indeed simply going to the LAW or HIGHER POWERS, if you are aware of their existence and presence. (Sounds like hunting down “The A-Team”.). Though in truth many a taken for granted attitude and culture within environment often starts with someone seeking to be in alignment with a nonsense that they have no real vested interest in being in alignment with. Likewise whilst I have seen many a colleague move on over the years, I have also seen replacement like for like individuals come in and start some nonsenses all over again, typical CONTAGION issues, the debate then is “Get Sucked in” or ignore and maintain focus on more important issues and topics that most can really relate to, wonder where the next pound, dollar, euro and so on is coming from.

Thank you for reading and it is quite true that no one is perfect, though we can all have aspirations that a realisable goals above and beyond stretch goals that themselves are beyond achievable.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well, 😉

You Are The weakest Link Goodbye BZZZZZZZ

Yes so like many a person I have those occasional moments of signing up to claim the prize that I have won only later finding that the link and statement lies, and if the advertisement is a lie then the source of the advertisement must also be a lie is surely the most obvious of conclusions to make, so when the source happens to be the local regional newspaper website, you can clearly see that they must not check or validate, who they sell advertising space to or indeed must in some fashion be a vested interest.

So I mention that of course because many of us opt for “rightly or wrongly”, for associative avoidances. So I typically having claimed a prize now some months ago still get phone cold callers from telephone sales “experts” telling myself that I can get money back and that they are the only ones’s who can claim such moneys back on my behalf, for a fee of course. That is often it seems to myself in requirement of banning. Or as the title suggests, I need a button on my mobile that says the title presented abpve, followed by some super electric shocking system to the person on the other end of the line, granted of course that only works as a truth or false system, so if I have misjudged what I am being told no harm is done whilst if they “salesperson” are lying through their teeth and trying to convince myself of some scripted set of lies, they are CHARGED for wasting Dave S Perkins time, yes charged of course something we like to do to batteries for energy efficiency, though it must surely be feasible to develop such a system.

Yes I wrote this morning “MAJOR BUSLLSHIT JOCKEY’S” and whilst I do not always know what they may or may not involve when writing such things, I did note the presence of such an individual at work this morning so that perhaps related to some long lost missing historical trigger, the individual concerned having had his departments hours and shifts changed, has predominantly been taken out of the circulation that he was in previously, one in which I found myself unfortunately, though an occasion annoying irritant presence is preferable to a daily dose of his kind of nonsense, likewise of course having written such a thing, I do often find myself experiencing those cold call sales peoples and persons and indeed waking a night worker who sleeps with phone nearby though can find sleep more difficult to achieve during Summer months, is not something that you want to do unless the matter is one of EXTREME IMPORTANCE, things that come under the label would of course probably be related to FAMILY/FRIEND EMERGENCY’S and not people playing the cold calling numbers game with some script.

Yes I did at one time work briefly for a door to door double glazing sales company and the work was considered commission based on top of a minimum wage like payment, perhaps incentivising workers to achieve sales, the downside of course that those kind of cold calling industries have historically fallen fowl of what they are and are not allowed to say to in order to get sales and so on, the Company was not a pleasurable one to work for and indeed seeing the telephone call scripts that they used simply made one more intransigent as to belief in truth and honesty and so on from sales companies.

Yes so what else, well I have contributed on multiple occasions to the Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now, Facebook page though as suggested it is seemingly not used a great deal by many a person, or if it is not in a fashion that I myself can see, I think I mentioned previously, so anyway when or if I felt a requirement to make or publish a post I often did, though likewise I do have to admit to a certain level of resistance appearing given the lack of feedback or indeed seeming peoples and persons willing to interact, that investment of time and energy versus otherwise.

I mention this of course because one chap wrote or published mentioning a song “It ain’t necessarily so” from Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess and I mentioned in a post of my own, quite honestly, that I was more familiar with another song from that musical/opera HYBRID entitled “Summer time”. Anyway further to that of course some things kind of give you those linear and non-linear stimulus triggers and one such trigger that I had strangely enough was for Disney’s “The Jungle Book”, it was in fact from my recollection one of the Earliest Film’s that I can remember VAGUELY going to the Cinema to see and typically contained within it a Song “The Bear Necessities” or something like that sung by Character Baloo? (I think, whatever the Bear was called). Yes I think I wrote previously how one of the few Disney Films daughter rejected when offered a purchase was that one, much to my disappointment though in reality I could of course have simply purchased it anyway, though if you are finance or money conscious then you typically come to see or EVALUATE as to whether a purchase is a good long term investment of otherwise, EVEN IF THAT IS IN MANY WAYS WHERE WE CAN GO WRONG, it not necessarily being about money and so on, though a position many of us of course sadly find ourselves in at various points within our lives.

Yes I think I mention the Money issues because I saw an article on Barclays Bank and some dispute that they were said to be involved in and having to pay some fine. Likewise of course I am more than happy and believe myself to have written previously that the Company (whilst still my main bank at present) is a Criminal Organisation, who unless you have fallen fowl of them would probably think they are wonderful.

Yes I many years ago had a credit card debt and upon losing job and unable to meet repayment schedule and plan, found that debt being SOLD on by that Company to other so-called Loan Shark and Bullying Bailiff like Companies, it often claimed to be a standard practice within the Banking Community, though clearly I am quite sure I cannot be the only person to have experienced bad attitude & service from the Banking Community, all well and good phoning and making demands week after week and threatening or sending out bailiffs and so on, though the pressure once again can send you into negative life spirals rather than upward spirals, not being able to find work through external employers often of course can become demotivating after various periods of time. Likewise then when you have History of such experience and do find employment you want new employers to be operating from above board practices and behaviours, unfortunately many a realm uses questionable attitudes and behaviours at all levels simply seemingly being through peoples and persons having not been around the block.

Yes I recently wrote on that “Better the Devil You know” debate and can well appreciate how some folks on leaving school or however opt for “PUTTING UP WITH” rather than moving on from some Questionable environments, The Army of course Historically said to “Break you down, to build you up” simply via the training schedule and routine, that may well be said to be differing to how some other environments operate in a break you down to keep you down in enslaved fashion manner, though typically choice and options are of course always available unless you already feel past some designated point of no return, somewhere I am sure many of us have felt at various ages and with some events within our lives.

Well I have of course now had some sleep after this morning’s post on some local news, and the subject has not stayed with myself so can move on, though can perhaps mention that I did have a look at a Google Map of the area to remind myself of the shape and form of the area and see how such things CORRELATE to my notes, I typically make notes along particular routes and journey’s though have often IMAGINED that they are on one of those OVERHEAD PROJECTOR like sheets that can be OVERLAYED on Maps and so on, typically all you often require doing is IDENTIFYING some feature from a particular sector of a route and then having that as an IDENTIFIABLE FEATURE, so for instance I spoke as to being spooked on the Saturday at a Particular POINT along my route and when I looked at the Hereford City Map was able to see where along the City map that spooking (so to speak) occurred, I typically walk through areas that are well lit with other peoples and persons passing through and other sections that are not, though strangely where that occurred did not even in CORRELATION terms equate to the Hunderton estate and was in fact on the other side of the River North, more in fact perhaps Whitecross estate.

Anyway I did that to put my own mind at rest and have perhaps now done so.

Yes strange though true of course, I wrote and many examples of peoples can be quoted as saying that no matter what level of society you regard yourself, some issues and topics and so on always come around for folks in some fashion.

Elsewhere of course the NOOSE NEWS continues apace though the turn of tune out thoughts and feelings also can have an appeal beyond of course looking for inspiration for your writings and SYSTEMS and so on.

Yes I just realised that another individual has posted another related writing site, within the Write Well Facebook Page and may well ask a question in relation to that.

Yes I shall leave this for now and I can also say that I mentioned local Constabulary in a recent published post because I on a morning walk home from work encountered a chap at a garage in Uniform, this was on a diversion from my usual route, he in discussion regarding being a Rugby player with some other Welsh chap getting some early morning petrol along Commercial Road and they were seemingly in conversation as to South Wales, Swansea area I believe.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

So I Am Strangely Feeling Quite Shocked This Morning

I typically of course work through the night and then journey hope and make some notes as to what I have witnessed along my route, typically of course you can often fall into routines of reporting similar scenes to yourself day-after-day and then often start thinking I need to see something else and so on, although several modalities do suggest not being overly concerned because your non-conscious can often take in far greater detail and awareness’ than you may be recording consciously, so my notes are typically conscious high lights of my travels and whilst I did at one time record them as private within this blog, I eventually began simply jotting things down in note pads and not carrying out the so-called transfer to blog because the repetition can be quite time consuming and indeed so can filling in gaps that you find within your recollection-hence many a teacher and so on suggesting making notes as you go about your walks and life and so on.

Anyway so I typically get home and make notes and think I’ll check news and I check local news as well as some of the international news and of course it is in fact the local news that left myself a little shocked.

Yes apparently a murder was committed here in Hereford on father’s day (Sunday) and this morning was the first that I had personally heard about the murder or indeed any kind of details and so on. So typically such things do go on from Town to Town and City to City though typically such Violent Crime Deaths are quite low when you turn to population figures and counts and so on. Anyway I saw a headline in the local press and then saw a video clip that apparently was released on regional news and so on, so I perhaps inadvertently kind of rubbernecking.

Whilst I have never heard of the victim and so on I was kind of shocked by some of the detail and indeed an interview with a local resident. The murder or crime was a stabbing of a guy on his way home from (we are told) visiting his daughter on “Father’s Day” and along his route, he has been stabbed. He continues on his journey into a street addressed location where he knocks door to door shouting and asking for help because he has been stabbed, eventually apparently collapsing by a friend’s house and eventually passing away in hospital. Anyway of course what is shocking is an interview with a women saying how shocked people in the area are and complaining about all the blood that the residents had to clean up of their doorsteps etc. (At least that is how it came across in interview).

So they all rushed to call the Police or Ambulance in neighbourly fashion then?

Yes Society should perhaps have a competition to see what area or region of your town has the highest rate of NIMBYISM “Not in my back yard” or doorstep according to the reports I have seen this morning, of course it is easy to rush to judgment on such issues though unfortunately the area these events took place does “Rightly or Wrongly” come with a reputation all of its own, I in fact whilst having never lived there did spend a great deal of time in the area as a youngster going to the local primary school and indeed having friends who did live there I used to visit and play on the streets and old railway lines and riverbanks and so on.

So the local nickname for the Estate is of course Shanghai, though in fact it could well be suggested that multiple so-called South side estates have gone through regeneration like processes, though at the same time, housing policy seeming and strangely did have a habit of using particular areas as so-called dumping ground’s for peoples and persons of particular “Stereotyped” backgrounds and indeed I think many a person when applying often asks for places where friends and family and so on already live, so some estates also have “rightly or wrongly” a certain amount of associated NEPOTISM or NARCISSISM, is probably the best way to describe such things, and also of course any kind of PREJUDCE or JUDGEMENT learnt from a young age as to areas and social classes and all the rest can go on to become something of a lifetimes worth of baggage.

I do think whilst many of us have struggled with such things that when you have access to technologies that can potentially super boost your way out of some of the negative life cycles and so on you are often better of taking those opportunities, though likewise you can only ever make recommendations that others follow suite and so on, most of us from perhaps lower class working family backgrounds perhaps know the so-called value of money more than those perhaps used to always having money and so on.

So anyway of course I note that they are appealing to the Community for help and probably want friends and family to fill in background kinds of details to see if any premeditated motive may have existed or whether it is simply one of those RANDOM like events, some communities may well often be regarded as more closely knit than others, though likewise if not the community various groupings and families within some communities. I am quite sure that some folks down that way (for instance) use some of the techniques and technologies and strategies I have recommended to improve their lives and family and friends lives with, though likewise you also potentially run the risk of “other people’s perceptions”. That perhaps that age old issue or

ADMIRE and ASPIRE, versus Negativities and jealousy and putting people in there place bitterness’ and so on. As I suggest once you can see cause and effect and greater bigger Picture schemes through meditation you often pay less attention to these negative events though someone, somewhere is always about to remind you that they can occur and exist in the World however much we want to shield ourselves away from such things, FEAR of course is perhaps in many ways related to those layers and layers I have often spoken upon, though clearly some fears are sensible and others are perhaps perceived though not real.

So what are the big issues then, well typically I started taking notes and so on, long after I started meditating and wish I had done it far sooner, quite simply you can come to trust your own mind in what you are thinking, feeling and saying above and beyond what others say to you, I typically mention that because on return to Hereford and gaining employment one of the MAJOR issues was finding myself surrounded seemingly in the land of BULLSHIT JOCKEYS, people whose lips you typically can never trust anything from and indeed simply in confused and conflicted fashion gradually erode your own mental capacities to the level at which they are operating from, fine and grand if you are rich and living in some mansion on a hill, not so great if you are borderline starving close to homeless and being abused on topics and issues you know nothing off.

That is of course predominantly historical now, though the question remains, is anyone likely to step forward with their INTUITIVE Capabilities usually dismissed within Society as a Whole as LA-DI-DA and say they can help the Police with their enquires.

I typically as suggested above know that I take notes every day and witness materials and can put clues and triggers and points of interest together quite well along both linear and non-linear trains of thought, though that is of course as an AMATEUR SLEUTH who has grown up watching and viewing a million and one crime thrillers and detective shows and police dramas and so on.

So anyway I write upon this because I do have to admit that on leaving work on the Saturday Morning (a day earlier to this murder) I did find myself being somewhat spooked along the route, and it must be stated that I have taken similar night time cross City Journey’s for quite a few years, much of the time things are fine though Saturday morning was different, especially given the levels of Threshold and so on that I become somewhat accustomed to have, and no I am not just saying that, I did write such detail within my notes, so spooky as Supernatural like whispering on the wind and noises from the darkness can seem they are all part and parcel of that greater cycle of the World in terms of patterns and so on that go on and it can be useful even for macho man blokes to record such things.

Yes exceptionally creepy and further to that of course was my Joker Reference Titled post on that actual day of those events, so given how well attuned I have seemingly become to many of these cycles and triggers and witnessing of the assorted and very many kinds of patterns and so on, I am damned sure that many other folks must also be making or keeping similar kinds of records.

The problem of course is that everyone in courts of law and so on wants SCIENCE hence forensics and DNA testing and so on coming to the fore, given the stabbing one can assume that DNA from blade is probably within victim’s autopsied body and so on, though separating the victim’s catalogue of DNA and such things from potential Attacker is another debate to be had probably.

Yes what kind of motive and incentive might exist for anyone to carry out those kinds of attacks, my brain is strangely whirring on that one, though I shall hopefully have a sleep and move onto other things, the problem is of course that I and others who have taken up these technologies often know that all things are relevant all of the time, and therefore any of us (who have taken up these teachings and technologies) in VOLUNTEERING ASSISTANCE could run the risk of INTUITING things that only the attacker or murderer and so on might be expected (within the normal run of things) to know. We have of course also seen quite scary Horror like stories reported on those topics and issues also, I think one such film or movie was “The Eyes Of Laura Mars”.

Anyway I have gone on and on just putting thoughts on paper, of course one would like to help though one feels that one would have to do so off the books in some fashion were one approached or indeed asked, otherwise typically fear of reprisals for being regarded as a LA-DI-DA spring to mind, given that whilst I know I am normal and correct, and regular guy, bloke etc, Society does have strange and weird views as to how you are supposed to be in order to have any super intelligent or intuitive capabilities etc. Yes strange World indeed, I am half tempted to start writing up my private notes online again, though did feel that feedback wise it was not worthy of the given time investment, doing it all twice and so on, only hackers or more advanced peoples and persons knowing of course what I may or may not have been recording.

Thank you for reading, and apologies for anyone I may have mislead into thinking that the Netherland Ladies would go through, shows how much I know about Women’s Football really, Japan World Champions (WTF?), had I known that little detail beforehand it would likely have influenced what I myself was gearing toward, typically of course that a demonstration of how differing perhaps the Women’s international rankings are to the Men’s in similar sport and competition and so on.

Thank you for readin, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Yes So Sometimes I Look At The Daily Headlines

And simply cannot make any sense of the themes that are running through them at all. Today of course we are seeing some exceptionally contrasting news and as always such things are dependent on where your own focus is being placed.

This morning for instance I saw calls to remove the “Rebel Flag” from South Carolina or something like that, and I of course have spoken of classic western’s and indeed growing up watching The Dukes of Hazzard, the famed classic car from that show “The General Lee” sporting the flag in what may or may not have been regarded as holy innocent usage, beyond of course the family often running into trouble with the somewhat shady goings on of the local Constabulary and Landowner.

So that from my point of view a distraction that does not deal with the issue being presented, much like telling people to remove Jamaican Flags with Bob Marley or Flags with Fidel Castro and his buddy Guevara (or whatever the name was).

So should any or all signs of youth rebellion counter culture be swept under the carpet because one youth took such things to level of extremism, it is not dealing with the actual issue, that is perhaps required in separating wheat from chaff and so on.

Elsewhere the Queen and Phillip are visiting Germany and we have seen a great deal being said “Historically” as to the Royals of course historically changing family lineage names to “fit in” with British Culture, they often despite serving and leading our Armed Services for many years being lambasted for being Germans in disguise, Harry of course famed for his fancy dress causing outrage at one point “allegedly”. Yes it is impossible to please all of the people all of the time as someone somewhere can always highlight a potential ERROR or perceived SLIGHT.

What is more interesting about the visit is in FACT of course the relation of Germany perceived as being at the highest level of Control of Euro Finances and the Greece issue.

Likewise stories regarding the French are once again coming to the fore, so anyone who makes their own notes and meditates for a year or two can generally come to see the patterns and cycles and come to see things with greater CLARITY than they may have done previously.

I have of course spoken on being somewhat under pressure and such resistances of course can come about through particular mind sets running through any given grouping or environment or however, and very often are related to prejudice of one sort or another.

Strange though true how some folks operate is often on an out of sight, out of mind basis, though I have generally found it better to clear or release many of what is in mind hence my mentioning that Proust Questionnaire like strategy and so on. Some folks often through repression of one description or another layer alternate prejudice on top of regular ones. Typical examples are of course related to how many a person learns to think within given groups.

So whilst one person might consider themselves to be overly objective others might find that further inquiry demonstrates that they are over subjective, strange though true that is why I have in multiple ways rubbished the so-called COMPARISON aspect, because we potentially want a kind of UNIFIED Comparison point and comparison in traditional terms is often considered an Objective Strategy,

Using a strategy that you know is of one hemispheric dominance to seek to give yourself some kind of equilibrium is of course SKEWERED, that is why so many of us go wrong early on within our enlightenment paths and courses.

We have to use or do something, being that get some motion or movement going mantra. So the visualization aspect of some EXTERNAL point such as that of the Wizard or Witches hat can help in removing inherent hemispheric bias.

What else, well Machette Killer and Sex Predator seem to be heading the regular news, one chap a Lord of the Labour Party and the other a Female Headmaster, whilst at the same time some new 50 Shades book or variant is grabbing headlines. I think it perhaps safe to suggest Mr Machette is doing what is often done in classic Literature Separating Head from Body, though as to cause and effect, only he perhaps able to say what was occurring within his own mind.

So how do any of those things make sense when transferred to more immediate realms of our lives given the “inside outside” model, well clearly that is where METAPHORICAL and ALLEGORICAL meanings perhaps come to the fore, even if people are not acting such things out in a physical sense, there may well be a non-conscious transference or behaviour going on at another level, very often that only those who meditate for a year or two can see (in all honesty).

This why the finding your own voice can go hand in hand with knowing your own mind and how it operates and works and so on. Typically within any given working life realm (for example) we have to align ourselves with working practices and that is generally acceptable to most folks, however it can often of course be demonstrated that such things are given with a TWIST, and that is of course akin to the famed Hollywood “Casting Couch”, (perhaps for the ladies) whilst for blokes can often simply be agreeing with points of view that may well return to bite you in the arse at some future point or date, so what are ACTUAL Company Policy (for example) and what are a given INTERVIEWERS or EMPLOYEE’S personal SPIN on the Company Policy, finding that separation or gap can make all the difference in the World to operating from a point of integrity, many a Multi-National Corporation for instance is known to have hung groups of Managers and abusive individuals “out to dry” when they have been HIGHLIGHTED for abusing positions of Authority and so on. Yes many a topic is potentially swings and roundabouts related, though finding CLARITY as to topics of Subjective and Objective and so on can make all the difference.

Likewise of course writing regularly whether you like writing or otherwise can REVEAL non-conscious Communications goings on within a given noggin.

That is why I often typically say you do not have to read in classic word after word fashion and can go up, down left, right diagonally and so on to break through those mental locks and TRADITIONAL HABITS that we give ourselves that on meditating we come to see are NONSENSE’S and potentially often highly detrimental when working and living outside of so-called Learning Establishments and so on. (I think), yes given the PERCENTILES of those with awareness to those seemingly without awareness, it is of know wonder, that knowing who is operating or otherwise from a position of truth honesty and integrity and so on versus otherwise can be a continuing debate.

As I have suggested previously most folks when they realise HOW MISGUIDED some points of view may well be, often opt or choose more positive and motivating IDEAS to work from, likewise of course you will always find HEAVY DUTY STICK IN THE MUDS, it perhaps all comes down to how you are affected or otherwise (perhaps) by a given realms influence and doctrines and or WHAT YOU INTEND TO DO ABOUT IT!

I have typically stated for several years I have a go to work do a respectable standard of work, go home again and collect the wage at the end of the week attitude, and that falls outside of what some people seemingly need and require, they wanting to know that I too am a racist fascist or indeed even though I am not that they can portray myself in such a fashion.

One of the most difficult positions for anyone to shift from is that of playing VICTIM, unfortunately especially in some roles such as Management you are often going to have that VICTIM PRESSURE POSITION placed upon yourself “The Rock and The Hard Place” in decision making, yes most of negative consequences can be moved from when you understand what and how some such things are occurring, though shifting does often seem to be somewhat GRADUAL, because for every new AH-HA or position or Manoeuvre or realisation you have, you will likely ENCOUNTER some NEW resistance that you may or may not have considered, typically especially early on with Meditation and depending on how PASSIVE or WARLIKE you already are, you may well find yourself seemingly among high levels of


Now I know a classic saying is keep your friend’s close and your enemies closer, though do not mean that (having WITNESSED 2 Mafia Empires Swapping Factories over the last couple of years) so much as folks potentially thinking they are well meaning or operating from a standard best practice, seeking to maintain some “Status Quo” that may well be keeping a Company STUCK or not gearing up appropriately to MODERN TIMES and all the very many irritations that Law and Order and External Auditors and so on can muster.

Yes the reality that many a person in aligning themselves with a Company Policy is failing to realise is that most of these rules and regulations and best practices and so on are MADE UP and therefore not OBJECTIVE, they are all SUBJECTIVE, and when you advance with meditation you then often shift from the SUBJECTIVE position also, hence I suggesting that both are typically made up positions that do not stand up to SELF-INQUIRY at HIGHER or MORE advanced LEVELS of Meditation.

I saw an Open abandoned UMBRELLA this morning about my travels and of course that is a strange thing to see on a dry morning as you rush home to write what you have seen though typically I can of course perhaps also mention that a great deal of NEW GRAPHITI has been appearing about the City Zones I have traversed suggesting that some want to be ARTISTS have moved into the zone or Region.

So I do have to of course Wonder if I should be crying out to some Computer System “OPEN THE SHUTTLE BAY DOORS HAL!”

Yes Space Odyssey or as suggested by Sam Horn AIR ODYSSEY could well be the KNEW FRONTIER.

Thank you for reading and remember whatever your focus and point of interest “YOU ALREADY KNOW MORE THAN YOU THINK!”

God Bless and Be Well 😉