So Having A Week Of From Work

So having a brief interlude from the night job, I set myself the task of getting as much writing done on my various ongoing projects as I possibly could during the course of this week.

However like all or many thinking or working processes I can at least CONSCIOUSLY often find myself struggling to know at any given moment how ordered or otherwise the various bits and pieces that find themselves within my noggin are going to come together into a more cohesive combination of threads and weave.

So with that in mind and having spent the morning drawing and scrawling various ideas down I decided I would simply go for an inspiration walk. Like many a person who has grown up within any environment be that a village or town or city or larger city suburbs we can any of us find ourselves having an unconscious over familiarity with the territory that constitutes our day-to-day existence.

I have of course mentioned this previously whereby whilst I can walk from one end of town to the other from any given starting position I can typically struggle with all the minor detail as to street name or route that I have taken.

Typically of course this probably goes hand in hand with some of the Virtual Reality Ideas that are being researched within some realms as to how do we know that we are in a true reality versus a fake reality.

I am unsure if you know though carrying out a quick research and so on as to present technology usually demonstrates that you can get head sets and body suits and so on that enable the user to step into alternate created realities at the push of a few buttons and clearly that is akin to the idea presented within the matrix movies (for instance) whereby the technology and so on was so advanced that non or few of the occupants realised that they were merely existence pawns (so to speak) feeding some intergalactic monster within some giant matrix of cocoons that they were being harvested within.

Okay so that model perhaps a little extreme in the sense of demonstrating good guys versus some alien villains or monsters. However the model of reality can be demonstrated for anybody exploring mental processes and imagination to be true.

This then is often where the given model projected back through time and space ideas can become troublesome. What happens or occurs for instance to people who in simply investigating the concept of multiple realms and dualities are constantly and repeatedly placed in unwinnable solution scenes and scenario’s and so on.

Ok so clearly it can be demonstrated that I typically within my own research model of what I believed I knew at that time, followed a path of cutting out the so-called middle-man. Eventually of course finding myself once again working through the middle man teachings, learnings and lessons to answer questions as to what is truly achieving this Summit versus bypassing and given puzzle conundrum in order to answer the level of questions that I had within my noggin at any given point along the time line.

Clearly having an ah-ha is quite easy, though then putting in place mechanisms and models to test theory against cause and effect equilibriums is far more challenging. This idea of the classic model of a triangle whereby confusion and conflict at the two lower point corners causes you to experience entropy and reach some apex point or a new level of clarity, it might actually be suggested that when you carry out a zoom in on your apex point that you are once again finding yourself within a new level of triangle that has exactly the same bottom two corner points and an apex that you are seeking to achieve. The only benefit that I can think from this scenario is clearly that we can conclude that you are following one thread based string of enquiry and we can clearly see that we can think well this sector or thinking pattern has worked up until this point, I have however failed to follow this other triangle life thread realm over here, think of the classic “Graphic Equaliser” model whereby we often could change the base, vibrato and tremolo to some predisposed set point that would improve our music and sound for a given type of musical selection, pop, rock, orchestral and jazz and so on and so forth.

So clearly then we can carry out the same principle in cross-realm theory as to linkages across seemingly unlinked modules that we are seeking to enhance or bring to the fore within any given mental architectural model or framework.

So typically I spoke on how Music was matched to colour and of course I have spoken on how we can then expand upon that model via seeking to go from realm to realm identifying the components that historical models provide and so on.

Clearly it has also been demonstrated over and over again also that many of the so-called greatest theorists did not benefit from there industry during their lifetime, very often people not getting the so-called ah-ha until they were already deceased and so on. Clearly whatever model we are personally working from we perhaps want living or existing recognition for what it is that we do.

As much as we can claim to want reward in heaven or hell, the only guaranteed place is of course what we know within our present pomp and circumstance now.

So anyway I went out and about and of course various models or newer methods I have sought to idealise have perhaps been those that have included useful intuitions or models of reality of upward mobility and clarity of technique and so on.

So I walk and walk and walk and am looking about typically trying to see what new unconscious mechanisms might occur as trigger, silly little details that I can include within my writings, I walk by the Cathedral and see a discarded blue and white handkerchief and I think, what is the story that the handkerchief has to tell.

Clearly a label of a shape and form that is somewhere within many a person’s noggin somewhere, likewise it can often be SCENE or LOCATION of the object that gives greatest benefit to any given PUZZLE CONUNDRUM, a handkerchief dropped on a path has a differing story to tell perhaps than a handkerchief folded within someone top blazer pocket or a handkerchief at a crime scene and so on.

So Whether we like such things or otherwise we can follow the clue trail as to what is occurring on any day and within any given SEEMINGLY random sequence of events.

That is important because some of those most attuned to the teachings and courses and threads and processes I have set about learning and so on often say that there superstardom happened by ACCIDENT.

I was at this party talking to this individual who gave me the inspiration to speak to a friend of that persons who set myself up with this job and so on, lucky breaks versus SYNCHRONICTY, COINCIDENCE or SERENDIPITY.

We do not have to have a reason so much as a desired RESULT, what was the positive outcome from this encounter or indeed what was the beneficial seed or process thread that came about for myself from these events.

Strangely I was so lost in daydreaming as I went about that I bumped into a chap who was stood in the street, and he recognised myself from childhood and we had a walk and talk chat as we traversed the city and again whilst it was random and we perhaps live lives in differing circles and mental realms and so on, I could identify similarities within our conversations, typically divorced, catching up with long time no see peoples and persons and reminiscing about how the City Geography had CHANGED whilst STAYING the same, That place there used to be the old cinema I found myself saying and likewise, whilst it is now multiple other shopping facilities, the truth is that in SPACIAL or GAP or process terms it is EXACTLY the same as it always was. All the aging and changing and TIME parameters and so on are within our own mind, not the mind of the Greater Going on of it all.

Difficult to get across to those who have not explored such theory and concept. This idea that space and time and so on are all pretty much contained within your noggin or indeed that you could be like one of those stationary cocooned creatures feeding some monster from the future.

So yes interesting and indeed given that he mentioned his profession I thought ah-ha that must be interesting as to how it is portrayed within the media versus the day to day reality and so on.

So I have a few ideas spinning around as to how I can remove the so-called blindfolds and so on as to my working principles and methodology.

What o I mean by that, well typically we can point at it, and describe around it, and all the rest and whilst it might suit some folks to think in terms of being a Psychic I actually prefer the idea of having a more integrative theory of everything, that can demonstrate accessibility of the techniques and teachings and lessons and learnings to all-comers at all ages whether young, middle-aged or elder.

Clearly the Societal wide models work well for some folks better than others as to teachings such as The map is not the territory, though likewise I have it can be demonstrated written and written and done course after course for some 10+ years now with little reward beyond finding greater understanding of having your own voice and identity and demonstrating the failure or flaws that many models of existence contain.

Clearly we can introduce option and choice at every level though likewise unless you get particular click click click sequence of events occurring things can sometimes require leap of faith-bridge the gap in your awareness-much like my going to the source and then returning to the middle man idea.

Yes in writing you start with a blank page and then of course seek to best express whatever is coming to your mind at any given point in terms of the intersecting timelines and differing cults of personality and so on.

We look for the similarities within 2 models and look for the disparities between 2 models (or more I say 2 as an example rather than an absolutist model).

I mentioned recently the Proust questionnaire and it can of course be looked up within wiki and indeed be found as a regular feature of Vanity Fair Magazine (as I understand it).

That of course one of those clue trails that we can jump along from point to point in linear or indeed non-linear fashion and manner without realising that the answer we wanted for any given conscious thought processes may have been given within the broader scheme of seemingly non-conscious events within any given second, minute, hour, period of time in general.

So I spoke on the idea of cascading tumbler drums all hitting an x marks the spot, x marks the spot kind of winning lottery jackpot system, though clearly we any of us still require better understanding of how these communication systems occur within the labrinth’s of our left hemisphere and right hemisphere of our brains.

So enough for today, I have sort to encourage and equip peoples with ideas as to translating any given idea or what you see into another format and that is true irrespective of the formula that you presently have as being comfortable with.

Typically I said write and write and write and then apply all of what you have written to a given chosen sport based on the nature of the colours and inspirations that you are getting and so on. Clearly some think they already have a best established practice though I have come to see from some of the very best thought leaders that the ground is always shifting and new concepts and theories introduced that can keep us on our mental toes and indeed understand debates as to nurture versus nature, if all was nature you would not require learning anything, if all is nurture why is so much emphasis placed on unlearning what you believe to be presently true within your present realty mapping and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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