How Can I Utilise The Principle Of Starring Cascades

Okay so this is an obvious like question and if you are an imaginative soul you can perhaps see that a cascade effect or principle can operate at multiple levels and tiers of a given model at the same time.

We are of course hearing from Science as to Super symmetry and investigations and explorations into newer theoretical particle models and so on.

I of course being a nosey beast thought well I could create a Future Mapping of that IDEA and then ask how can I break Super symmetry? That is a styled or fashioned turnaround in the manner that you kind of have to know all about what you are breaking in order to know whether you have a theoretical result occurring or otherwise.

Anyway typically I thought again along the lines of scales and measures and clearly any given set of instruments that we seek to identify some “thing” with whether alternate dimensions or the existence or otherwise of linear time and space versus non-linear time and space versus integrated time and space.

Clearly I can say that within my cartoon explorations, that photo cells giving the impression of movement were run through in some sequence of Frames per second whilst at the same time some metronome would likely be ticking and voice artists and music and so on would be seeking to gain or attain some “being in sync” with the moving pictures model.

The same can of course be idealised across many visual realm models. Though we are more interested in gaining some kind of INTERSPACIAL CONTINUUM HARNESS.


Well when we read a book, if we put it down we use a book mark and likewise a pause button for DVD and Console Games and so on when going to make a cup of tea and so on. So I spoke on this idea that we often Stumble on the truth of greater realities before losing it all again in some kind of great frustration model before reaching breakthroughs of ideas and concepts such-as Harnessing yourself in some fashion to the Continuum.

Of course such thinking is potentially exceptionally highly hazardous, akin to a trapeze artist circus performer not having one of those safety nets. Especially as suggested or stated in an earlier post you have a somewhat locked in mental model of the World and Universe and life in general.

Clearly from my own understanding of all the various models-it might be suggested that your greatest harness is your ability to breath, giving you an extra moment to consider all the varying demands being placed upon yourself and so on.

So returning to the dominoes model we could of course fashion our dominoes in pretty spider web like patterning’s that you might find on curtains and carpets and so on or indeed go or the so-called classic Macintosh interweave like patterning’s seen on classical Scottish Kilts whereby your Kilt identified your CLAN.

So each and every domino might be considered an ELEMENT and your element can be any substance that you want it to be, so your first element might be oxygen and your second hydrogen if you wanted to talk gases or likewise you could say this domino is a colour or sound or you could suggest a metal and so on. So the dominoes whilst all looking the same are in fact a multitude of coagulating labels and combinations thereof.

I think I posted a picture some time ago now of one of those gaseous glow ball type things whereby you could wrap your hands on it and the interaction of chemicals and energy electrics within the glow ball would actually somehow demonstrated to move according to where you placed your fingers or hands.

You internal brain architecture modelled as this?

You internal brain architecture modelled as this?

Or A Better Understanding of the utilisation of this?

Or A Better Understanding of the utilisation of this?

I often liken those things of course to the SNOW SHAKER that many of us experienced during young childhood, the snow shaker principle might also of course have been the model in use for the basis of the film “The Truman Show” AH-HA for some people, still not fully getting ideas as to you are surrounded by you, because with so many potential you about the World and so on and what I was referring to as the like attracts like model, it is easy to understand why so many of us shut down during childhood and so on and why some realms within the lower tiers of Society are full of bully boy types potentially operating non-consciously from models from childhood in determined fashion to make reality fit the intransigent model that they are working from instead of themselves getting used to the idea that greater realities exist and you are better being in FLOW with those things than otherwise. Typically we can list a multitude of negative conditions and side-effects related to holding on to long lost undesirable patterns and so on and so forth.

I think what is found within the realm of Learning Strategies for instance are a suite of tools and utensils that are generally geared to helping anyone gain some greater awareness and indeed releasing old ingrained patterns and cycles or create a physical or mental SPACIAL GAP between what you are writing and internally experiencing versus what is occurring within the outer World.

So typically some ask well why do you want to go on and on about this subject or that subject and I am actually gearing people up toward ideas as to how we take in information and how we take out information and indeed how we can perhaps re understand our information in a more unified way.

So I spoke on once experiencing having to load computer programmes from a tape, and those tapes would typically squeal and hum and makes lots of noise and then computer would run programme, as a progression those programs were typically compressed in some fashion of SAMPLING, so a sequence was created that enabled creator to take a sample and load a sample and an interpreter would take the raw data and translate into the various components of a given programme. Typically the same method is taken for granted now in modern gadget terms, though the thought and ingenuity that went into getting some supersize programme into a computer processor and memory and so on was quite startling.

Clearly the same fashion and techniques are used in everyday life and in knowing that this is potentially what occurred for many a person we can come to see that it might not be such a bad think to have some system of reorganisation and self-regenerating framework and architecture that is geared to shaping and forming itself into those appropriate questions as to what is going to be of most benefit now and so on.

So lots of long winded ness though yes, in visualisation terms we could think like we are in some futuristic Medical Healing Scanner and imagine our ailments and so on being pulled out of our bodies or indeed that we ourselves are expelling those things pushing them out from our bodies and so on.

Yes it can be quite startling as to what level of ideas and enlightenment any one person wishes or desires to stay at though I have found more and more as I have advanced that I find long lost interest in particular realms and models returning to the forefront of my mind and that can be a good thing in knowing I have some shift or movement within the interaction of non-conscious versus conscious models that are held within oneself.

So we can seek to expel anything and everything as I initially started to do or we can say well I cannot just reject and jettison all the accumulated knowledge and learnings from throughout my life and existence so I may as well seek to benefit others from what I can explain and describe and so on in as simple a methodology as is possible.

The point about those loading programmes and so on was that they were software not hardware and were designed and crafted to make best usage of the architecture that they were being transported into. Clearly it might be suggested that the cleverer souls are those who are designing and crafting both hardware and software that makes and generates or is geared toward the next best model or trend or expansion of breakthroughs and so on.

So we thought we had old and ancient and redundant architecture when in fact it can as neuro plasticity demonstrates be reawakened and geared and directed toward self-improvement and self-actualisation and ever greater heights of OMG “I SEE THE LIGHT” and so on and so forth.

Yes that Proust Questionnaire asked what statements and wordings do you use a lot within your day-to-day life and language and whilst I am not typically a verbal tourette’s sufferer of some phrases and so on, you do come to see the beneficial effects of answering truthfully to third party questionnaires and so on, typically highlighting things that you may or may not want to utilise or indeed let go if some terms and phrases contained within some lifestyle models and attitudes are simply those that you have picked up from being around others within society that you would not necessarily choose to be around beyond the requirement (for instance) to be working and so on.

Yes I may well go and run through the questionnaire again and see if any new thoughts and feelings come up for inquiry though typically I can at least be thankful that despite tears and remodelled brains and synaptic communication systems, many things I would like to retain have in fact been retained, unsure as to why given the releasing and letting go model, perhaps that is what the harness is, whereby a memory or trace memory of your various mental organisational threads will always exist for as long as you exist, however many of the repeats and repeated building blocks are made redundant through better usage of simply perhaps having retention of one of everything.

Interesting theories to get ones head around, though I can clearly see why society often rejects hardball computing models, and indeed why Artificial Intelligence has spent so many years seeking to test itself against the so-called Turing Test, can a computer convince a human that it too is human. Likewise we could of course ask can an angel convince a human that it is human or can a super symmetrical particle convince Science of its existence and so on. Yes the self-fulfilling prophecy model has a lot to answer for, for many peoples and persons (In my opinion) so clearly we want to always e looking for the positive and uplifting and rewarding within any given life sequence of events irrespective of order of merit and your typical ingrained scorecard.

Yes I actually went for a walk within the Cathedral yesterday to see what I could see and very interesting both Historically and Architecturally it is too, even if I am not fully convinced of the merits of any one given model of existence.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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